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  1. Yeah, that I have noticed too. Xenonauts 1 have such an System, which show the Growth in Technology in Background-Pictures. That’s the only big Thing I miss in Xenonauts 2.
  2. Sounds and read very good. I will give Milestone 4 a big Test, after I give Milestone 1 a medium & Milestone 2 a smaller Test. Paused for Milestone 3, which is an advanced Milestone 2.
  3. Hi Mr White, when GoG have solved the Upload-Problem on their platform, there will be an Update for Xenonauts 2. There the Devs have no influence, like they have announced in the Patch Notes in the second Introduction-Line.
  4. Without the tactical Groups an Stress and Fatigute-System like in XCOM 2 can brought in. That get tested and it was not perfectetd for Xenonauts 2. I love the Stress and Fatigute-Level from XCOM 2 WotC about it´s easyness & individuality for every individual Soldier you have. There you don´t need the unnessecary artifical variable, which makes Xenonauts to complex.
  5. They will come when the Game is ready for them, which it isn´t for longer.
  6. Summerized I explain that it´s not easy to make an Game for Veterans / Experts and the populace normal Gamers incl. bring in cool Content / Features we Pre-Testers think that have to be in.
  7. Yeah, it´s possible. We Main-Beta-Testers have made an try with several Beta-Versions. The Problematic was and still is, that it dosen´t work good enough. It get out of the Game after that big Tests with a lot of Upgradings, Reworks and Bugfixes about to much Problematics. Maybe it will come in again with an very good solution for the Game, like it get done in XCOM 2 WotC.
  8. An other Option is to reduce the Screen-Size from that your Screen do maximum to an lower resulution-Size. I did that in Stellaris and Hoi 4 for example and can read the Texts.
  9. gG-Unknown, I know what you mean. The Accuracy-Problem is a job-site, which we Main-Beta-Testers (from first Beta on) and the Devs trying to solve since Ground-Fighting-Maps are out. That´s not so easy as it looks, but it get a lot better since the kneeing-Bonus and the Equipment-Thing-Bonus come in for the Ground-Battles. What the Hit-Damage belongs, that´s good as it is, when your Soldiers get hurt. If you make it harder as it´s now, nobody will buy and play that Game. You have to see that this Game is not only for the 5% to 10% worldwide Veterans / Experts, but also for the 90% to 95% Custom-Gamers. The heavyer you make an Game, nobody of the Custom-Gamers will buy it, which means that no Income can generated to hold it up to date. Example: You have the first Armor-Plate and the Warden-Armour-Upgrade or an better Variant from the Suit / Warden-Armor-Variant and get hit with an very precise Plasma-Weapon. With less then 4 good placed shots your Soldiers are in the happy hunting gronds. That´s for the Gamers hard enough and is like the old X-COM-Games. Where I agree is that that the Melee-Attacks could be much better in Accuracy with an Stun-Batton, Knife and other Melee-Weapons. And I agree too that the Accuracy could be more cooler with laying down, kneeing, standing and with Technologys for the Weapons, Armour etc. What I like in Phoenix Point / new XCOM is, that you can Augment or Cyborg your Soldiers to make them more effectivly. The UFO ET-Row, which get the UFO 1 ET: Platinum-Version, have done an big Mistake too as an big example. There only minimum-Refits get done and the Main-Points like World-Map, Cyborging / Augment your Soldiers, flexible Vehicles from different Types etc. didn´t get an Rework / Refit, means it still have the 2000-Gamestile and nothing from the more modern UFO 2 ET: Battle for Mercury-Concept integrated. Or Pardadox with the to heavy to play Strategic Games (f. e. Europa Universals, Hearts of Iron 1 to 3) up to about 2010 for only the 5% to 10% Veterans / Experts get the Custom-Gamers (90% to 95% worldwide) with an easy to learn and easy to play Stellaris / Hearts of Iron 4.
  10. I have noticed that last Soldier-Bug in the Tutorial too like the Comrade report. The remaining Tutorial works as it should.
  11. Hi cewamartin, you have very good summarized the atm outcome from the Game. I can agree with you in that Points, what the Cleaner-Part, the special Missions in the Cleaner-Part, the Upgrade- & Refit-Process in Weapons / Armour etc., and after the Cleaner-Part with the Standard-Alien-Missions belongs. Thanks for assist with the Ideas for different Bases, Outposts, the Main-Chars (Chief Scientist, Chief Workshoper, Operations Manager etc.) and important Parts for Upgrades / Refits as well as on the World-Map. That we Beta-Testers and the Communty say the whole time already. To get more assistance for bringing in more Features to make the Game more interessting and make an big Difference to the direct Rivals (UFO ET-Row as well as Xenonatus 1) is very good. I aggree that from the first Gameplay-Test to Milestone 2 (as one of the big Founders & Betatesters) the Game get an very good Step forward. It takes time, but the Quality have to go over Quantity. More Quality like above announced is important. If it would be in some Parts like X-Com Apocalypse or Phoenix Point (with the different Base-Designs you have announced) then an other great Step is done. Let´s see what the Devs, the Publisher and the Freelancers bring in for Milestone 3.
  12. You can create an seperate Post here for Modders, but from the normal Community and the Devs there isn´t something about that Theme yet. Like said, you can do it on your own risk, when the Devs / Publisher give an first Go for Mods. But then don´t cry when you have to start from 0,00 on again after big Updates, Refits etc.
  13. Modding-Tools will come, when the Game is ready for it. When it will be, the Devs and the Publisher don´t know about to much important other Things which have to finished first. The Game isn´t stable for Modding-Tools yet, what the Devs have explained several Times and the Testers can agree to 100%. The Modders don´t wanna have it like the Modders for Terra Invicta, which have to beginn from 0 on ervytime, when an big Refit-Work, Upgrade or whatever comes out. So it´s better to be patient and wait until the Publisher together with the Devs say you can beginn Modding.
  14. We get Milestone 1 and 2 this year with a lot of Updates. Milestone 3 is in WIP, but not ready for Beta-Testing / Prototype-Testing yet. We get informed when it’s ready for it. The Milestone 2-Version you can play fully normal until you get to the Hardlimiter (Days or Similar).
  15. Very good Summerized Ruggermann. Excactly that I have in mind with the 3 Points more or less.
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