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  1. I and the others don´t have that problem. Seems only yours. Check for Virus, newest drivers, upgraded Windows etc. If there is no Virus / Hack you can go to the next step. After that try a repair from Steam. If it finds nothing (wrong or missing file normaly) make a normal or new game. Sometimes your saves are damaged. If that won´t work (and Step 1 finds nothing too) then you have to delete the Game completley [and all saves etc.] that there is nothing and I mean absolutely nothing is left. Then make a completely clean and fresh install. That´s all what you can do.
  2. From the Belt the Quickslot is useable. But the Feature from the Backpack manually get it to the belt is fine. I love this, because it makes the Game much more realistic.
  3. Yes I know, you have manually change from the Backback to the Belt. It´s no Bug, its a Feature, because if you were in the real Army you have to do the Same if you have Dynamite, C4 or Grenades in the Backback. That Feature is RL and is good integrated in the Game.
  4. Alienkiller

    [V 3.0 Alien base crash]

    Yep I have the same Bug. After your first turn in the Alien Phase it Crashes. No Save or something else can be offerd / get by, because there is no mission saves implemented yet.
  5. Alienkiller

    [V.2.1 Ground Combat; Save in Ground Missions]

    OK thanks for the Info. I was very confused about it and get very angry to start the Ground Missions again and again.
  6. Alienkiller

    The best things of X1 are abandoned

    The Airfight / Sub-Fight from X-Com 1 (Enemy Unknwon), X-Com 2 (Terror from the Deep) and X-Com Apocalypse were the best. Played many Games of that Gerne (UFO Afterlight, Aftermath, Aftershock, UFO Extraterestials and some spin offs) and the new XCom Titels with XCom EU / EW has the Dogfights, but no one come to the cool Air / Subfights from the Originals. Chris and his Staff of Developers are trying to go back to that cool fights of the Basic Games from that Gerne. And that´s what matters. The Fights will be hard enough with the new old upgraded system. But most important is the tactical convenient to the rest of the Game.
  7. Alienkiller

    Youtubes new copyright claims

    If someone make a playthrough from the Game and shows how he / she is doing it to manage (like in many Games today) there is no Problem. Haven´t seen it yet, but many other Playthroughs from X1, X-Com, Motorsport Manager and much other games.
  8. Alienkiller

    The best things of X1 are abandoned

    Thanks Chris, Beta 3 is comming up.
  9. Alienkiller

    Air Combat

    No it won´t. It´s will give the Player more Stress and Angry to hurt anyone real life than anything else. And it was everytime the Same. You lost and the Aliens won, esp. with bigger Ships. If you wanna have such a fightmodel play Xenonauts 1. But not in Xenonauts 2. A mix from the new Form combined with the tactical Fights from XCom or the Old X-Com Series are supportable. But not the old Model like the Devs said already.
  10. Alienkiller

    The best things of X1 are abandoned

    Yes it´s not finished yet. But the things which were to complex are done better, like the Airfight. The old Dogfightsystem was more stress then anything else. For the first 20 Ufos was it fun, but it repeated every time, every time and every time again. Between a Terror Attack. That was all. No special things or something else. And if you wanted something better you had a fully research to do (like Armor, Weapons). That´s why the Devs said, we need a fully new Game, we can´t go on with that. So we get Xenonauts 2. You don´t know what´s done better in being Modified / Overworked or completely new. Therfore you must be a Betatester. So don´t blame something you haven´t tried or played yet. For that I like to give a cuff on your ears. After you got the Early Access and played it from beginning on you will be happy that the Game gets more and better features then it´s predecessor like the Atlas Base. And much more, we get missing Features from the Predecessor in (upgradeable Weapons, Armors and much more). The Devs could have said we aren´t interested to do anything more. But instead they give us Xenonauts 2. A better Ground fighting System, everything in 3D, a much interesting Starting Base and many things more. I read here and in Kickstarter and show the Vids the Devs will give us. And the Concept is correct. Or the Concept from XCom (or the old X-Com), which belongs on the same. So if you uninterested in Xenonauts 2 you can play the old Xenonauts. But then don´t cry about missing features and a every same Gameplay / Playthrough. That´s why I don´t play the orignal Xenonatus anymore and therfore I supported Xenonauts 2.
  11. Hi everybody, I have found a Bug that we can´t save in Ground Missions. Not at the Start of the Mission or elswere. If you come Home try to test the Beta and you are tired about the hole day and wanna save in a Ground Mission then you have to play to the End. Why? In every Game is a Save in the Missions or you can save Manually. This is defenetly a big big Bug. You should have 4 or 5 Saves for Minimum at the Mission (Beginning, 1/3, Half, after 2/3 or such for example) or you can save manually with some Save Slots for the Ground Mission. Atm you have to play the Mission to the End and therafter the Game get Saving automaticly. Fix that Bug and then the Test can go on.
  12. Yepp the same after my first ground mission. It was the special Mission (light Terror Mission) in the Harbor. I will try a new Game, and if it carshes Again, I look to find the Log and attach it.
  13. Yep It´s a very good new Version after the first Buildup. Now you test much more which is very very good. Much more fun to test then the first Buildup after the Game is now increased in Playtime. And one word to the Main Base: Let it in the new Buildups. The Player / Tester has to use it´s eyes and brain where the Fighter-Base he / she had buildup. You can see it in differnt Colors too.
  14. Same seen on my Testings. All other Researches after that are working fine.
  15. Have tested it too. Airfight is working fine, same in the Base for Research and Production. Haven´t seen there a crash or whatever. Haven´t had a Ground Mission yet, so I can´t say anything to this. Will test the Inventory System for Soldiers in the next Fix / Update and get hopfully an Ground Fight too.