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  1. I have noticed that last Soldier-Bug in the Tutorial too like the Comrade report. The remaining Tutorial works as it should.
  2. Hi cewamartin, you have very good summarized the atm outcome from the Game. I can agree with you in that Points, what the Cleaner-Part, the special Missions in the Cleaner-Part, the Upgrade- & Refit-Process in Weapons / Armour etc., and after the Cleaner-Part with the Standard-Alien-Missions belongs. Thanks for assist with the Ideas for different Bases, Outposts, the Main-Chars (Chief Scientist, Chief Workshoper, Operations Manager etc.) and important Parts for Upgrades / Refits as well as on the World-Map. That we Beta-Testers and the Communty say the whole time already. To get more assistance for bringing in more Features to make the Game more interessting and make an big Difference to the direct Rivals (UFO ET-Row as well as Xenonatus 1) is very good. I aggree that from the first Gameplay-Test to Milestone 2 (as one of the big Founders & Betatesters) the Game get an very good Step forward. It takes time, but the Quality have to go over Quantity. More Quality like above announced is important. If it would be in some Parts like X-Com Apocalypse or Phoenix Point (with the different Base-Designs you have announced) then an other great Step is done. Let´s see what the Devs, the Publisher and the Freelancers bring in for Milestone 3.
  3. You can create an seperate Post here for Modders, but from the normal Community and the Devs there isn´t something about that Theme yet. Like said, you can do it on your own risk, when the Devs / Publisher give an first Go for Mods. But then don´t cry when you have to start from 0,00 on again after big Updates, Refits etc.
  4. Modding-Tools will come, when the Game is ready for it. When it will be, the Devs and the Publisher don´t know about to much important other Things which have to finished first. The Game isn´t stable for Modding-Tools yet, what the Devs have explained several Times and the Testers can agree to 100%. The Modders don´t wanna have it like the Modders for Terra Invicta, which have to beginn from 0 on ervytime, when an big Refit-Work, Upgrade or whatever comes out. So it´s better to be patient and wait until the Publisher together with the Devs say you can beginn Modding.
  5. We get Milestone 1 and 2 this year with a lot of Updates. Milestone 3 is in WIP, but not ready for Beta-Testing / Prototype-Testing yet. We get informed when it’s ready for it. The Milestone 2-Version you can play fully normal until you get to the Hardlimiter (Days or Similar).
  6. Very good Summerized Ruggermann. Excactly that I have in mind with the 3 Points more or less.
  7. Thanks gG-Unknown, now I understand better what you all means. Sounds interresting. I would make it more interesting too with the later knowleadge of the Reapers (Autopsys), the 2 Weakness-R & D-Projects as well as the advanced / automated Medikit. 1. With an normal advanced Medkit / automated Medkit you have a Chance get the Comrade, Civilian, befriend Helper to stop the Zombification in the first 2 Rounds (like it get done in StarCraft 2 with Sarah Carrigan after they get catched from her Boyfriend Marshal Raynor). They have then brought in an Contimination Chamber until an real medicine get found. Means that saved Civilian, Police- or Army-Helper or in Worst Case an Pilot or Soldier of yours are not useable. 2. With the Autopsy-Report you get more Informations about that Infection, but have to do more R & D to get an antidot (like Trellium-D-Poison and the Antidot in Star Trek for the Vulcans). There helps too the atm 2 Weakness-Researches from the Workshop-Resarch. 3. With more R & D in Interrogations, Autopsys and Experiments you find an Antidot against the Larvas from the Reaper-Alien-Race, which have the Baby-Reapers and the Grown Up-Reapers.
  8. I haven´t read the discussion fully, but I know what you mean with the Larva-Attack and evtl. Healing for your Soldiers. I don´t like that special Alien (I hate it in old and new XCOM and as other Variants in Phoenix Point). And I like the System in Xenonauts 2, that this Alien have an 20% to 30% Chance to infect your Soldiers with the first 3 Attacks. If they would have an bigger Chance (like the problematic in old XCOM and Xenonauts 1), you need an Atomic Bomb and have to destroy the whole City or whatever Map instead.
  9. Yeah, the Game is atm limited in Days, because the Mid- and Endgame are still in big WIP. For the Endgame the Devs wanna bring in more Content (see Kickstarter-Page). As an Founder and from beginning on Betatester I and the others hope too, that an variable Endgame will come like it was planed (not only the atm Standard Win / Lose-Ending). Therefore the Timelimiter have to be doubled as Minimum. Otherwise we will only get the already integrated Standard Win / Lose-Ending.
  10. Multiplayer isn´t not good for several very good Reasons (like destorying the Storyline, destroying the Game-Fun etc.). That destructions have been seen for very good Games in the Past, which get combined the Storyline and the Multiplayer and destroyed the Game or have to be outsourced completely in an seperate Game. For the 2nd Point the Devs don´t have time and the other Idea destroy the Game. Means Idea 6 is out (or have to be done like in the new XCOM-Series later, if there is time for it). From the Ideas (1, 2, 5, 7, 8, 9 and 10) you mention the first Betatesters and additional Betatesters go conform. Similar Ideas get Mentioned from them too already. That you and others come with that too is very good and helpfull. Idea 3 sounds very interessting too. Let´s hope that this is possible and give more cool Options.
  11. Yeah, in that Point we both are on the same Wave. It makes the Officers-Women, which is your left / right Hand to assist the Commander (which is the Gamer) more interessting. She have such an Analytical Department in the Background (she announce it), but it don´t show up in the Game yet. It would be then important for some special Missions (Rescue an VIP, Capture Enemy VIP, Rescue shot down Pilots, Rescue lost Soldiers, Espionage Cleaner & Alien Activity, Prepare Convoy-Ambushes to get more R & D-Materials, etc.) to give some more flexibility in the Game / Missions and your Officers-Women-Assist with their secret Field-Agents something to work. The Analytical Department have not only that important Job. The Analytical Department analyses the Strengh & Weaknesses (which atm. the Workshop and Reserachers do) as well as the secret Field-Agents reduce the Panic. That´s an very cool Contnent / Feature from Terra Invicta. The last and important Part from the Analytical Department and the Field-Agents is to look for small / medium Outpost for more Range of your existing Main-Base & Backup-Base.
  12. We will see what the Devs do for making the Cleaners more interessting. A lot for them have been done for them in Milestone 2. But I give you right, the Cleaners are an interessting Enemy together with the Aliens since Milestone 2.
  13. I like the Dialogs, they bring life in the Game. Some could be better, there I agree. If you look to similar Games of that Gerne the only one with similar Dialogs are the complete new XCOM-Series (Bureau as Beginning over Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within to Chimera Squad) and with an complete different Storyline Phoenix Point. Short said: There are only 3 Games of that Gerne which have such Dialogs. All others have nothing of that or only the 08/15 summary in the UFO-Pedia or how it get called.
  14. Pietje666, the Mod Support was announced and it was clear that it will come in at the End of Development-Process when the Game is stable, all Gaps are filled and all other important Parts are done.
  15. Nice Chris, that´s an big Step forward. Yeah, there are some Parts which need more Refit, Rework and / or Upgrades (and that are important communtiy-questet Features like an longer Gameplay then it´s originaly planed in the final Game, on the Airforce and similar). With the new Game-Designer-Version it will be much easyer, which make Sense too. If Milestone 3 comes out in December I will take an look. If not, then I personaly can wait longer. I looked too in the 1.12.-Versions and find them an very good Step in the right direction. Keep up the Good work.
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