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    More vertical map design

    The Idea sounds good. And I agree with roxxed that Xenonauts 1 was to flat in the Ground Missions. So I played the Demo from Xenonauts 2 and must say it´s a big step forward. But the best Ground Comabat Cards were in the Orignal X-Com Series (EU / TftD) that´s absolutly true. The new XCom Series, UFO Extraterestials, the UFO-Afterseries and X-Com Apocalypse get an other way, which is good but not so exiting in the feeling like in the Orignal. I think Xenonauts 2 gets the middleway of them and some of us will know it in the next time when the Betatest beginns.
  2. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    @ Conductiv: The Air Combat System is completly changed from the first Game. And it remembers on the good old X-Com Aircombat (it´s a combined Air-Combat-Stile from X-Com EU /TftD and Acopalypse). But the Air Combat Model in Xenonauts will play quite differently. All big Kickstarer-Founders have to wait for the Beta to test it, because it´s still in big Developement with the other Parts of the Game. The Inventory system will be upgraded and make better, because much of the Founders and Players of the first Xenonauts played the Combat-Demo. The Reacotions about the Inventory Pictures up to now and the fully Ground Combat Demo from the X1-Players / Testers you will not know. That Reactions were the impulse to change the Inventory System back to the Roots. What you see now is the modified Development sytem from the first Xenonauts. New in this Inventory System is the changeability of the Armor and the Armor Plates. That was a big missing in the first Game (Xenonauts 1). Now it´s integrated and all Players will have fun now. The big difference to the first Xenonauts is the Recrutement System: you can only limited recrut new personal, so you have to watch for your People much more then in the Predecousur (Xenonauts 1). Also new are the upgradeable Weapons compered to the predecousur (Xenonauts 1). This uprgadesystem isn´t new [it´s already in older UFO Games like the Afterseries or in the new XCom-Series in a different / much more easyer form because they are older now], but like the Armor / Armorplates a big need in Xenonauts 2. And there are much more needable Improvements to the Predecusor (Xenonatus 1) and all comming / existing Games of that Gerne. I don´t know you have Founded on Kickstarter or not. But 2 things is clear: most of the Gamers have to wait for the Early Access to play the Game themself. The other Thing is that the Betatesters (and that are many big founders on Kickstarter) will have a big controll- and Testwork to do, which will be a big challange.
  3. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    That Alien remembers me to the Tentaculates from Terror from the Deep. Looks great to see such old acquaintance with a new look.
  4. As it looks not, but if you played the good old X-Com Titels (Enemy Unknown / Terror from the Deep and Apocalypse) you will get a flashback. You wanna play the Beta as fast as possible to check it out. But we have to wait 1,5 more Month to do that. I hope the Developers from Hoi 4 take themselfs time to make a very big new Patch (1.6) to fix all old Bugs / not correctly Features from all existing DLC´s / Patches and get the new integretaded features from the new Patch and DLC as bugfree as possible. So that we can concentrate on the Closed Beta for Xenonauts 2 and the cool playabilitytests for Squadron 303 with upcoming new features / missing features.
  5. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    I like that news with the new concepts for existing ones of the predecussor. 1. Armorplates: the big step from integration of variable and upgradable Plates are a nice new feature for your Armors (like the light and heavy cevlar at the beginning) and what the Game need 2. Armors: the big step for researchable upgrades for existing armors is a very good feature too (like the beginning suit which unlocks better suits with more or different protection) and what the Game need 3. Backpacks: there is nothing more to say, only that it´s good you noted / heard to the Community 4. Air-fight: looks impressive and well thought out; and you make the good old X-Com Veterans a big delight 5. new Aliens: YES, that´s too a big step forward and what the remake of the Predecussor needed Can´t wait to beginn the Beta from X2.
  6. I wanna see what the new airfight system can do. The old one from the pedecusor was good and very inovative for the first game. It gave it the last kick. Let´s see what the new system can do now.
  7. It´s a little bit sad that the Round-Timed-Geoscape was not working. If it had, it were a surprise to such Games. But the Realtime Geoscape have many advatages in such a Gerne. All others (the old X-Com Series, the new XCom Series, UFO Extraterestials and other branch Variants of that Gerne) worked with the same Geoscape [Realtime] and round based Ground-Tactic-Fights. The only Series which had realtime Geoscape and realtime Ground-Tactic-Fights had the Ufo Afterline-Series [Aftermath and Aftershock on Earth; Afterlight on Mars]. But I´m happy that we get the Real-Time-Geoscape back. Let´s see what have changed up to the predecussor.
  8. You can UFO´s bring down, that isn´t the problem. They are only Airplaines like ours and have their weaknesses. A shockwave from a hit can destroy the Enginepowerrelais or other light destroyable Systems. At the beginning of the Game this will be harder like in every UFO Game we played (like the old X-Com Titels / UFO Extraterestials). I say we should test the Game in the Beta and watch what we could change. To make a heat head about things we couldn´t test before doesn´t brings annything. But the Idea from Hank Readen is very cool. That could brought in.
  9. Alienkiller

    Will Xenonauts be on IPad

    Most Publishers made the Mistake to programm a Game Multitasking. So many things are missing and you can´t play it on PC correctly. You can see it on the new XCom-Franchise, so I play the first Part if only nessecassry. And Handheld games like for IPhone, IPad etc. are the badest Idea for the most Games. If I see the good old Frenchise and this is gona made / make bad, only to port something for IPhone or so I could hunk. The best example for that is the new C&C Game, which doesn´t deserved the C&C before the name. Why do you think Motorsport Manager was done for PC instead with 3 or 4 DLC´s? Because the Handheld versions running bad, Playsport updated them to Mk III with the new contents from the PC-Version incl. DLC´s they could bring in. Looks better than the original MM-Version for Handheld versions and the People how have already the Orignal Version updated to MK II Version use it too. But it isn´t the runner on Handheld versions (Playtime to short, you can´t save etc.). Yea I had in the 1990s a handheld console too (Gameboy) and know what I´m saying about. We were trained to use it only on save places and not in trafficzones, restaurants etc. I would say nothing about it, if the Publishers woulnd´t bring in so much scrap (like Pokemon) on the market and the Children are better educated in using their Handheldthings like IPhone, IPod correctly. But instead they play in trafficzones or restaurants, coffees so that deadly incidents or a long time in hospital have to happen (angry persons which are nerved, kids not looking on traffic etc.). In my Opinion all the shitt Handheldgames are on Index for min a fully generation, better 3+ fully generations.
  10. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter completed!

    That´s right Max. Like Chris said, the Early Acces will start first in 2019, because there will be much corrections / chances in the Beta Phase for the Game and new / missing things will come in. So the Betatest will be running for a long time (4 Months minimum). First the Game must be stable and the most big missing things have to be build in as well as tested before the Game can go to the Early Acces State. If not, we all know what will be happen. We can see it by the most big Publishers / Game Dev Studios like EA which are bringing out misserable or bad Games since mid 2000. Because they think the big Betatest isn´t needed. Then they try to fix the Bugs with some big / small Patches and sometimes with 1 or 2 DLC´s. And the Game Dev Studios which are saying we make a middle to big Betatest bring out a middleclass or good game. The second Option is the Best, Publishers / Game Devs could have today (like Paradox with the Hearts of Iron Games, Firaxis with the new XCom Series or Sega with the Motorsport Manager) and get the Optimum from Modders. The Best Devs however are the indepentend like Goldhawk, because they can set the time for Tests and official Versions themselfs.
  11. Alienkiller

    Chris - Out of Office (& Mini Update)

    Congrats from me too Chris. Getting this all organised (Kickstarter, Wedding, Honeymoon) looks great and get a big resprect from me. That Man is a Organisation Talent. Have Fun and get relaxed on you Wedding / Honeymoon.
  12. That´s Bad. If I had read that right the Team said, that after Kickstarter all Backers should be availible for that Information / Reward. But maybe the Team is making a exception for you and all others which are for Work / Holidays on travelling.
  13. We will test that Airbattle-Idea in the Beta, but it looks great so far.
  14. Alienkiller

    Text is still too small?

    Then you have only one opinion: Take it in the Menue and everyone have to pick it up for its Monitor. Standard is 1.200x786. More than Easy for that question. If anyone don´t know it´s settings he / she and is not looking in the Windwossettings for the Monitor before has the Problem. Than he / she can´t say it´s not working, and it shows that the People are to stupid to read first. Point.
  15. You need the Backback for First Aid Kits and other bigger things like the big Bang Bang and then you have a second entry like in Ufo Extraterestials, the old X-Com Series, the UFO-Afterseries etc. which are showing what we can do up to 2080 and what not. We are not in the future like the new XComSeries that you can produce all thing in miniatur like a very useful first Aid Kit. The first Aid-Kits we have in our Car is max. good enough to hold up blood for some Minutes or to stabilise someting minimal like a broken bone. Soldiers have more to help. So a Backback is needed. And you can´t bring in a normal Dynamite upstaris in a Pocket or a Belt. Therfore you need a Backback too. A Backback is in the Game and that is not discusable. Point. We aren´t in the year 2250 like Captain Kirk in Star Trek where Dr. Mc Coy is using a small Dedector an say: "He is Dead, Jim!" We can talk about it in 2080 again if mankind is already there and have proven it to miniaturise the first needable things for a soldier, a Sani etcpp. that he / she can hold in in a Pocket or his / her Belt.