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  1. Alienkiller

    Suggestion - Secret alien operations

    Such a Mission-Type is in the last Betas implemented for a 3-Men / Women-Team on the Geoscape in an easy ground-form as an placeholder. Your Idea to give it more Potential is very good and I agree, that X2 need more of that.
  2. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    Let´s test us Betas the next update, there we will see what´s possible and not. And remember the Budget we spended and the Devs already brought in is limited. They bring in what they can as promised like Night-Missions, Special Operations, small Xenonaut Outposts. And some Parts of the Game have to be redesigend for Stability, Playability and such. Some of that 2 or 3 Times (like the Ground Maps, the Airfights, UFO´s etc.) and promised things are comming in and get playable. Don´t expect that such unnessecary things will come in again, which already get tested and canceld like the baublery for the MARS / ARES here.
  3. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    John Kee the MARS get tested as mostly everything you said. To make it more special and rare the Devs overworked it for the final MARS / ARES a last time. The MARS get as Main-Weapons / Main-Parts following in the last Betas incl. Beta 13: - Main Weapons: Rockets, Gun, Mashine Gun in several Variants [Normal, Laser, Avonium-Explosive etc.] - Main Parts instead Weapons: Shield (after Research) and Stun Batton / Stun Weapons - Secondary Weapons: Sub-Mashine Gun (MP) - Secondary Parts: Rangefinder or Smoke Generator Im happy that we have the MARS like it is now, which is Upgradeable from a light Ground-Vehicle to a light flying Vehicle. To minimise the all thing-Vehicle the Devs will eliminate some of that things (Stun Weapons defenetly). What more we see after Beta 14 is out. The Armor-Part get to light (Scout-Variant) and heavy (Fighting-Variant) which can be changed / upgraded any time at the Base-equipment-Screen to get Armor-Points before the Shots of enemy / friendly Weapons get to the Health Points. If it´s going to it´s Life-End you can switch to the ARES-Conception with has more Stability, HP´s, Movement and such then an up to date MARS. 2 things are clear for that Vehicle since the Development startet: 1. We won´t get a Ground-Transport-Vehicle like you think John Kee. The MARS / ARES are light scout- and attack-Support-Vehicles for your Soldiers. 2. Only 1 can be with your Soldiers in the Transport. The Pilots needs full concentration on the MARS / ARES so no other baublery will get in. Yes we will get upgrades for the MARS / ARES, but only such which are usefull.
  4. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    Such Elements like the Orbital Bombardement is a must have. I remember on UFO Extraterestials (2007) where the Aliens get an very big UFO / Station to Earth Orbit and subdude the Humans. The Aliens did it fully and any resistance get swamped out in the finisch Part. But they had a Problem, which get told in the Named Game and have to visit the Colony Planet from the Humans called Esperanza. An other Example is the new XCOM-Row and in an similar form like Xenonauts 2 the old X-Com-Row. Without that Elements such an Game is not good and get borring (see Xenonauts 1). The good thing on Xenonauts 2 is too, that the Devs finish begunn projects from her rivals. Like the MARS-Vehicle, the Airforce or the Soldiers with more Equipment-Posibilitys / Refit Posibilitys. And the more Possibilitys which we get in Xenonauts 2 (like Panic-Reduction with Technology-Sharing, smaller Outposts, special Missions and much more), which we don´t have in the Predecessor and rival Games. On the other Hand I agree in some Points which Emely F and others said that Xenonauts 2 get more and more an Copy from Xenonauts 1. Some of the Rework-Points are debt to the Stability / Playability to the Game, but the others aren´t unlock to me. Let´s see what the new Version brings to us.
  5. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    Not only you have that Feeling Emely_F. I have it too and we both said it several Times in other Words.
  6. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    The MARS is good as it is. You can have a Rocket-Launcher, A heavy Mashine Gun or a Cannon. Atm we can intodruce a Smoke Generator, a Sub-Mashine Gun or an Targetthingupgrade for better Accuracy. As well as you can upgrade it with Steal-Armor and after the next upgrade with an light Steal-Armor for Armor-Points, which get the first shots before the HP´s are reduced. What we can do with the MARS after the Refits in the next Beta-Version we will see. But one thing is clear: We won´t get an Mortar for that thing! The Reason is easy: We have already an Mortar for the Infantry which is not good. After Reworks, Refits etc. in the last 9 or so Big Betas with all smaller Hotfixes we Betas and the Devs decided not to bring in an other Mortar. That´s an 1.000.000 % Decission.
  7. Alienkiller

    UOO-1 Fan Report

    Not everything will be practicable in the next 100 Years. There we all convinced about that. There I don´t disagree with the Scientists etc. But we need SciFi Games, Movies and Series today. If we don´t have them and the others with Visions (Books etc.) we all were still not there were we are now.
  8. Alienkiller

    UOO-1 Fan Report

    @Ninothree Scifi/Fantasy is in some cases not that anymore. Some of that could realised in the last 60 Years. Our Handys and Tablets focuse on the Original and Next Generation Star Trek-Series / Movies for example. An other example is the Space Flight in Earth-Orbit, to the Moon and the Space-Stations "Mir (after about 20 Years out of Commision)" / the existing one "Name forgotten". The next Step is flying to Mars and getting a growing Colony there. The Familys with all following Generations are setet for this Project already. It´s atm an one Way Ticket. Movies like StarShip Troopers or the Alien-Attack with the Wormhole on Earth (Name forgotten) and our Space Flights today since the 1960´s belongs on that Visionars and their Books ot the 17th, 18th and 19th Century as well as earlyer. Now the Problems on that Things (Space Flight and Changes in our existing World): The first Problem is for our Generation and all following Generations is the Fact, that we still use Coal, Oil, Atomic and similar to get Energy for our Cars, Planes, Rockets and dayly things. That Ressources will End earlyer or later. The second Problem of that use is the destruction of our Earth-Atmosphere. That´s why Companys and Politcans wanna have Alternatives again (Wind, Water, Geothermal, special Electric-Drive etc.). The Electric-Drive get the most unpracticable there. It uses more Ressources you need for other things (Computers, Printers, Portables) and have the same Effect like Coal, Oil and Atomic in Production. Secondly our Ground Water will used for that to get the Raw-Materials. In that case only the Hydrogen Fuel Cell is the long Range Alternative, which we use since the 1960´s for Space Travel. An other alternative is cold Fusion, which could be the next Step for Space-Travel and Energy-Production. But all that can only be intermediate steps until we find better Alternatives. And here comes the Visionars in Computer Games, SciFi-Books / SciFi-Movies and Series etc. again. Excactly that things you don´t like like Elerium, Zribt, Alenium, Mater-Anti-Mater etc. as Energy Cells. And if we don´t have such Ideas and using still the next 100 Years Oil, Coal, Atomic etc. we never life long expect the next 2 or 3 Generations. In that case such Ideas are a must have and come asap.
  9. Alienkiller

    UOO-1 Fan Report

    Haven´t read this threat fully. I aggree fully with Max_Caine that no one has the right to vilify someone. Normaly I would aggree Trashmans Arguments for our Standard we have today and in about the next 100 Years. Extraterestials are not only technological better then all Humans, they are lightyears ahead. So it´s not impossible that they laugh about us with our atomic warheads and deactivate them with direct laser Hits without an explosion in Xenonauts 2. But if we do enough R & D then we can find the Weakness and get there. Such Elements are a must have (like in the new XCOM the Temple-Ship and the second enemy Threat, in XCOM 2 the Avatar-Project and the Choosen). If we don´t have it Xenonauts 2 would like the Original with only new Graphics. I´m very exicetded how they wanna do an similar Element in UFO2ET, because in UFO ET the captive Aliens (Commanders) tell you that the Humans had damaged the Mothership badly with such Warheads and they need from the Human Colony the Energy-Cristals (like here Alenium and in the X-Com / XCOM-Row Elerium).
  10. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    Chris and his Team are doing a good job so far and give a complete new Gameplay from that Gerne. That´s I wanna say first which I like. Esp. the special Implementations and Things which get better and better and Ideas which dosen´t get finished from the competitors. And new surprises which are already implemented and more still comming. The best thing is, that X2 plays complete differently as the predecessor from beginning on. But there are many things too, which make us Beta-Testers Stommachache: 1. the come-back implementations from X1, which means the Base-Building-Concept and some things more 2. some of the Map Reworks we have read so far (like the reduction of the High and the comic-style) And if Beta-Testers say that they have stomachache with more X1-comebacks then it´s a warning Signal. So we have to wait what the next Version brings to us. Maybe it´s good, maybe not. That doesen´t mean that I personaly not unhappy with X2. So far I personally hope that some bring-backs we have from the Predecessor are only interim solutions. From what you both Rookies spoke means that you have only played X1 and have no Idea what X2 get in.
  11. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    We will see, but I have a bad feeling with the Comicstyle-Modification in the cool Maps we have already.
  12. @odizzido: Not everyone can know the full Main UFO-Titles (the full old X-Com-Series, the full UFO-After-Series, UFO ET with returning to save Earth and in Development UFO 2 ET where the history on Earth get narrated as well as the new XCOM-Series and the newest Phoenix Point) and the differences from 1980´s and 1990´s to the Mid 2k following of that Titels. I´m one of them, which played all with the strengh and weaknesses. You mean the good old X-Com: Terror from the Deep. Yep that wasn´t easy, because the Enemys are harder to beat then in his predecessor. Why you dosen´t played X-Com: Enemy Unknown first to come in? The Storyline from the old X-Com-Series was very good, sadly 2 more Games which were in Development and get the Gapfiller of the Storyline weren´t finished. The Storyline beginns with X-Com: Enemy Unkown over X-Com: Terror from the Deep, X-Com: Interceptor and X-Com: Apocalypse. Good, that was an momentum in the Past. Nice, that such memorys get back, if we are thinking things for Games of that Gerne today. But Back to Topic: Yep in UFO ET (13 or 14 Years old now), you have the Main-Base where you reseearch and build everything from fighters to Soldier-Things. Interesting fact is that you need everytime 2 Hangars free for new Fighters and / or the Troop Transport. The Soldiers every time housing in the Main-Base (in Xenonatus 2 original ATLAS-Base). Secondary Bases are Radar- / Fighter-Bases only with Self-Defense-Weapons (Ground to Air). What that title not have is the Bonuses for linked Buildungs of the same Type and some other things XCOM / XCOM2 brings in 5 Years later. In the new XCOM-Series you have a similar System like in UFO ET. But there you see differences to the first Title (UFO Extraterestials) which is going an easyer and newer Way then all his predecessors: - In the first Title (XCOM Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within) only the Standard-Equipment (Rocket-Launchers) for Fighters and Soldiers (light MG, Rifels, Pistols, Snipergun, Handgranade) is unlimited. - In the first Title (XCOM Enemy Unknown / Enemy Within) you get in the buildable Foundry only 1 Vehicle for Support, which is fully uprgardeable. - In XCOM2 / XCOM2 WotC and XCOM: Scimera Squad you don´t have fighter Crafts, only your mobile HQ (the Avanger) as well as your Soldiers, the Ressistance and getting later in the Game an Terminator (Robot-Soldier), which you can upgrade later. - You haven´t an seperate Storage Room, it´s already integrated in the Main-Buildings. We have to see how Xenonauts 2 looks in the next Betas and the first Early Access Version, but good Concepts from his predecessors (XCOM, UFO ET and Xenonatus 1) and new Ideas from us / the Devs as well as not finished Ideas from the competitors get in already. @ all The only thing in Xenonauts 2 which disturbes fully is the fact that your Bases aren´t reglemented in Buildings. Main-Base (ATLAS-Base) can get every building and all secondary Bases have to bee limited only for 2 things (like Research and small fighter Base, Development and small fighter Base, only a small fighter base and / or a secondary small troop and fighter Base). The Problem is that a Base (like I said already) costs following atm: 1 Million only for Ground-Buying, about 1,5 Million for only a small buildup (4 Hangars, 3 Radars, Access Lift, 4 Fighters with Weapons and 1 Satellete link or an similar Base) and 2 Millions for 2 fighters more incl. Hangars. Short said exactly the same procedure like in X1. Wtf?! If you wanna buildup big Bases and atm small Bases without Cheating you lost already. So we have only 2 Options for Xenonauts 2: - financed secondary Bases from your Founders with only small expandability as an: a) small fighter Base with Radar-Covarage (6 Hangars with fighters, Radar-Covarage and 1 Satellite Connection-Station) b) small research Base with fighters and Radar-Coverage (2 or 3 upgradalbe Labs, 1 upgradable Living, upgradable Radar-Covarage, 4 Hangars with Fighers) c) small workshop Base with fighters and Radar-Coverage (2 or 3 upgradable Workshops, 1 upgradable Living, upgradable Radar-Coverage, 4 Hangars with Fighters) d) small Troop Base with fighters, a second Troop and Radar-Coverage (3 Hangars with Fighters, 1 Hangar with Transport, 1 Storage-Room, 1 upgradable Living-Room, 1 upgradeable Training-Center, 1 upgradable Sickbay) - findable bases like in Phoenix Point with one small difference: ° abonded Xenonaut Bases which Buildings already in it, but you have to repair and bring online them first, which need some days and which you get for free from the Financers, which is the better alternative
  13. Exactly Ruggerman. I was in the Military too and know what you mean. For all others who dosen´t worked for their Country shortly said: The Team belongs on the Team Members, esp. the weakest.
  14. Alienkiller

    It's all gone quiet....

    Yep exactly what I told with the changes implementation. Xenonauts 2 will get a new Type of Game for that Gerne, because it does implement the begunn but not ended Ideas of competitors (like XCOM). But it´s not the only Game which is going that way, because UFO2 ET is going a simiar way about the Storyline from UFO ET. It´s in End-Development (big Bugfixing and such) and comes September this year.
  15. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    @Dagar: Mod support get integrated while in Development, if possible, from what I heard and read. The good thing is, that Modders can´t use it while the Game is still in full development with changes in every version. In that case all Devs (dosen´t matter from which Company) don´t give Mod support until the Game is fully ready for the down market / mass market (Public Full Version 1.0.0 or higher). That´s the normal procedure and an unwritten Development law. Everything else would make no sense. More Work for the Modders than it pay before the final Version comes out. That says allone the common sense. The other alternative is that you are getting an official Development helper (like in UFO2 Extraterestials) and work with the Devs and other externel Helpers on the Game. @Chris: Thanks for the Update. Hope we can get another Beta soon. It´s good to hear that Development moves on and cool new Stuff get implemented. What the first Post from me here belongs, so I hope that the third Part dosen´t make it like Xenonauts 1. That were a very very bad step backward in Xenonauts 2 and there you needed an magnifying glass to see what happens. The Maps we have now since the Betas up to now are very good and you can overlook very good and see what your Soldiers, Helpers (Police, Army, Weaponed Civilian etc.) and Aliens are doing. We have to see how good or bad the new Map Concept / UFO Concept will be in the next 2 / 3 Betas. The 2D Base-Buildup (which is hopfully only a makeshift) is at the moment o.k. for stability and such. Expect the to be testet refited UFO-Concepts and more stable maps in cool new Xenonatus 2-Style other Backsteps to an similar Xenonauts 1-Part have to be avoided. I and some others were very Unhappy with the makeshift Base-Buildup we have now again, but sadly Phoenix-Point have an similar system. And I belive UFO2 Extraterestials will have such an similar System too.