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  1. Alienkiller

    V21.2 - Dead soldiers return after mission

    Like said Ghhoeng, if you have build up a Hospital then the Soldiers have a survival Chance. The End-Result is that your Soldier was near Dead, but the play dice, which is about 35 % or so from the Standard-Hospital, give him / her the Survival Chance. That decicedes the Cubes with the Survival Chance. If you don´t have the Hospital build up at once from beginning on, then your Soldiers wont survive automatically if the 0 HP-Thing happens. It´s an other System like in UFO 1 ET, but similar. In UFO ET the Armor (like in Dune with the Water preperation) decides how long an Soldier will live with Critical Wounds in Combat, in Xenonauts 2 the Cubes from the Hospital Chance (35 % or so with the Standard-Hospital) and how good the Soldier get Managed from the Player. Something similar like in UFO ET is implemented in the Combat-Part in XCOM / XCOM 2 how long an critical Wounded soldier can survive without stabilizing or better.
  2. Alienkiller

    V21.2 - Dead soldiers return after mission

    Yep the Survival Chance is getting used if you have an Hospital. Had this too in the V.21-Tests already.
  3. Alienkiller

    Hanger Size

    Challange, there I´m with you. Like I explained many times I did tests without Cheating in that. The best solution is to have 1 Main-Base, 1 or 2 specialised smaller Workshop / Sience-Bases and 2 Reserve-Places if they needed. The refited Outposts are playing a big Part too [like more Radar- / Scanner-Ability, as Intermediate Stores, Hangars for secured UFOs [small, medium and similar], which can be upgraded too in some Parts. But we will see what comes out with more Refits, Reworks, Integrations etc., esp. with the Bases. The first things we see already show that the Team is on a very good way for bringing in such needed Features.
  4. After the Modding-Tools are in your artistic Freedom can come out. But the Limit is the Game itself and the Modding-Tool. X1 was easy to Mod, how it looks for X2 we will see. But one thing is clear. We will get more Ammunition for the existing Weapons [Standard, Advanced-Standard etc.]. The Devs here don´t wanna leave behind the Refited UFO-ET-Series, which have that in already.
  5. Alienkiller

    Throwing really needs work

    I don´t know exactly in what Era the Game playes. It could be the Cold War in our Timeline (202x) or earlyer. The Devs changed the Date-Timer (f. e. 01. January 2121) to a Day-Timer (like Day 1) for Bugfix-Reasons. That makes it harder to say in what Era the Game is playing (new Cold Phase, old Cold Phase or a friendly Phase where the Aliens play with Humans to get a War Human against Human again). You see the difficulty?!
  6. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    Yeah I agree with you Guys. The Integrations, Refits, Reworks and Bugfixes from the full Goldhawk-Team (and the Freelancers) beginning with the existing Beta-Version V.16 or such [it´s to long where the big Refit / Rework begunn] is realy great. Hope that already testet Features come Back in the one or other Form again (like Outposts, Special Missions and such). That for example the originaly Fighter-Swarm-Feature (if you look back to the beginning State in Kickstarter) comes with with an big Refit in the Game is great. Then the old X-Com Feeling comes back again incl. an super cool seperate Airfighting-Screen. If such an Feature can be done for the Air-Base-Defense too (either like in the Refited UFO-ET-Series or like the Airfighting-Screen) it will upgrade the Game much more. Other Features which were originaly planed and already tested (like transfer Scientists / Engeneers to Buildings in and outside the Base) to give them more Advantages (like Hangars, Rocket-Defense, Training-System and similar) have to get to full Use too. We get new Features and similar too in the Game already, but they are not fully devoloped atm. But we could test them too in Prevoius Versions [f. e. Special Missions, Outposts, UFO Hangars for R & D]. Hope to see more of that in the upcoming Betas and later Versions [like Early Access] after the Main- and Minor-Steps in the Beta-Phases are fully done.
  7. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 August 2021 Update!

    Good Point Erutan. That could be cool and brings in more feeling for the Backer-Soldiers to handle them more carefully. I have in my Test-Games some of the Backer-Soldiers in my Team and handeld them very carefully. The Standard-Soldiers were Cannon-Fooder. What the Game belongs, I like it and the Improvements coming Step by Step are very cool. Hope cool testet Stuff / Options will come in again after they work stable or get the Rework / Refit done. But that´s Beta and in UFO 2 ET there was put out some Parts, Features etc. for the Main-Game too, which will come in with an DLC again (after the Problems from some Features get solved).
  8. Alienkiller

    Real time passage mode please.

    You mean the Time-Stop-Button in the Time-Faster / Slower-Slider. Yeah that’s what I missing too. In Hoi 4, Stellaris, both UFO ET-Parts f. e. It’s in.
  9. Alienkiller

    Load times

    Don’t worry about that for the more Stable-Versions. In the Beta-Stable-Versions this should be done already. Sadly this Versions are based on the Previous-Beta (in your case V.20).
  10. Alienkiller

    [V21.2] Geoscape New Research?

    Means that therefore are no Research availible, but later on there is one. It´s linked to Pre-Researches which you don´t have done yet. Otherwise there are a Research availible, but not integrated yet.
  11. Alienkiller

    Load times

    You are a Beta-Tester, and that´s a big Privilege. Esp. smaller Companys like Goldhawk, Chaos Concept or the one which make the Game U-Boat have Founders, which are Betatesters or have Root-Betatesters. In Betatests, where the Game is in full WIP such Things like longer Loading Times are fully normal. If you don´t wanna have it, wait about 2 more Years for the Early Access or Full Release.
  12. Alienkiller

    V21.1 Cant build medical center

    Hmm... that´s strange. But I think it have something to do with the Hotfix. But don´t worry in older Versions very very long time ago that was sometimes too, that an Hotfix don´t let you go in the Game anymore or similar. In the Main-Version Beta 21 everything I testet (3 or 4 Combats, Basebuilding and similar [the only expection was the missing Reseacher-Buying-Thing]) worked fully normal. The X-25 was in Research when the Hotfix came up.
  13. I haven´t tested the Hotfix after the reported big Bugs / Failures, which come out with it. Wait for the second or third Hotfix to make a new Test. Belongs on how much more Failures get reported with Version 21.1.
  14. Have you the same Problem if you move in other Directions? Like left down to the Wall with the big Entry?
  15. Alienkiller

    [V21.0] - Aircraft screen

    The Release-Annoucements shows that many things have changed. More of such Changes will come in V22, V23 etc. In V21 you have to reasearch the Fighter first before you can build it. You see, no Bug. It´s a new Feature about the big Refits in the Game from Start on.