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  1. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 April Update

    @ VitaminK: I think they are working on the next Beta Version 13. This should come 1 or 2 Weeks ago, but a good Version of a Game need time. But doesen´t matter, we Betas need a little break too. And one more thing, that are not EA News, they are Development News what is comming in the next Version of the Game. Like an little Patchlog with the Mainimprovements, Reworks and such.
  2. We will see. It comes in the next Beta. After testing it we can say something about, not before. We all only know that special Missions are comming and Stun will be a Main-Part for the advanced up to the superior Research & Development. Everything else is an absolutely unnessecarry speculation.
  3. Alienkiller

    What's the late game looking like?

    @ ooye: That I would not say. Many things are already in for the first 5 to 6 Month of Play, that´s true. But they aren´t ready for public yet. Like Max_Caine said, this all need more content. There will be comming more in Beta 13. If the Nerve-Bolters get lucky an Early Access could be ready around in Winter. But we have to see. Like I said before all is WIP and many things could change during the Development for the Base Game. I have seen many Changes in Early Access Development (the last Early Access I remember was Squadron 303) and that we like to reduce to a Minimum.
  4. Alienkiller

    Supply Requests

    Yes it´s planed, because not every Promise and Idea can get in the Base-Game. Chris mentioned that. So the Betas have enough to to for a looonnnggg loooonnng time. You can compare it to the Community Version for the Predecessor. But the DLC´s will get in missing Implementations, Refits for some Parts and much more, which is realy realy needed. But for now we try to get in the Main-Things for the Base-Game and test it. Some of the Base-Game-Things are modified / light reworks of the Predecessors to get an Working Game. That are hopfully only transitional solutions for the Moment.
  5. The Research is good and gives you many posibilitys to get your first Upgrades. But I agree with you to upgrade not so fast with Alien-Tech (like the Alien Alloys). There should be a Step between used Human Tech and Alien Tech. You can upgreade Human Materials with lightweight Materials and much more Protection against Bullets. You can upgarde your old Cevlar Vests to Spider Silk Vests. The Idea isn´t new and get testet in the Industry. Spider Silk is lighter then Cevlar, gives a little more Protection and is more flexible then Cevlar. One more Thing is speaking for it to. It´s harder then Steal, which can be an protection Upgrade for the Aircrafts and your Transports too. And you could create a new Fighter / Transport as a Intermediate Step on that Material, like the Racining Cars which uses not erverydays Material in special Area. The Idea with the new Tungsteen bullets are cool too. That could be combined with the Alien-Magnatic Technology. For that you reduce 1 normal Alien Weapon which are mostly in your Storage (like Pistols, Rifles). After you have done the Upgrade for your Standard-Weapons incl. the Aircraftgun to that new Standard, which are not fully Gauss Weapons, the best Weapenupgrade for normal Guns are done. For fully Gauss Weapons or Coil Guns you need the Alien Alloys like in the Game involved. But not only, you have to interrogate Soldier Aliens and Technicans for more advanced Research of the Alien Magnetic Weapons. That´s the higest Ballistic Weapons you can build for your Soldiers and for the founding States. Coil Guns use Ammonation from Alien Allios, which are harder and more effective like Tungsteen and are build up from the full Magnetic-Alien-Weapon-Technology. Laser Weapons are the next Upgrade-Step like now in the Game. They are more effective than the upgraded Standard-Weapons about the high burning Laser Beam, but not so effective like the Gauss Weapons. For the Laser-Technology you need Advanced Ballistics, advanced Safty-Materials (Spider Skil Vests and Armor), Research of Laser Weapon Documents from the founding States and Laserweapon-Prototyps from founding States, which are worked on them. You can upgrade them later to a better Variant, which have a little bit more firepower with new knowledge of the Alien-Power-Tech and Materials. That Weapons can be called Laser Weapons Mk II or similar. They are still under the Power from Coil Guns, because of Safety-First-Device. After that the Gauss Weapons or Coil Guns get availible after the requirements are done. Plasma Weapons you can research at last, after you have done all interrogations, prevouis Weapon-Techs, prevoius Armor Techs and so on. After that you can upgrade your existing Laser Weapons Mk II to Plasma Weapons and build new ones. Plasma Weapons require all the Knowledge you can get from Interrogation, Laser-Weapon-Research, fully Alien-Plasma-Weapon-Reserach and Power as well as Materials from the Aliens.
  6. Alienkiller

    What's the late game looking like?

    No Endgame yet. The Betas can test about 6 or 7 Gameplaymonth of the Game with any implementation are already in. The Game is still WIP and will be for a longer time. And it outstrip it´s predecessor in most Parts, that we can say already. In the remaining Parts it´s in big WIP to not have the old and boring X1-Feeling. We all (incl. Beta-Testers) aren´t knowing what the Devs give us as surprisses on the way to the Endgame and in the Endgame.
  7. Alienkiller

    Supply Requests

    Nice Idea Coffee Potato. Could be implemented in the Base Game (if it´s easy to implement) or in the first DLC (if it´s harder to implement). The most important thing is that the Kids on Steam get silenced (maybe with a silencergun ). But Jocking aside, we should bring out the Early Access Version with all working Stuff first, before we implement new Ideas. The first 6 Month should be Playable for the Public, like for us Beta-Testers atm.
  8. I dind´t votet too. Because we Betas know the Status of the Game. We try our best with the Devs to make an stable, playable and cool Early Access for the Public. But we can´t Magic. If we get lucky this week the next Beta will come and then we see how good it is in the Basemanagement, Geoscape, Missions, Research & Development. We (the Devs and Beta-Testers) don´t wanna have gap fillers in the Early Access state for the Public. Like said before in the Forums, the big Changes in some Areas from Xenonauts 2 get a loss of time about 4 to 5 Month, where 2 Betas could be done and the Game nearer to the Early Access state. But 1 big Change which were wished from the Public (also you Waiting Gamers) were the older Basebuilding Management from the Predecessor. The Voting, Discussing etc. cost us about 2 Month and the rework about 1 Month. And there are 1 or 2 Things more. Fact: We lost about 5 Month Development and Testing about the Public. And the People wanna say us when the Game should be ready? If so, then play half-ready Electronic Arts and similar Games, which make 2 or 3 Patches and let going scrappy, to make money and give the Financers a dividend. They don´t bring more Patches and DLC´s for existing Games, instead every Year a new scrappy Version like Racing-Sims. Other Companys like Paradox, Firaxis, HBS for example are overworking existing Products with small and big Patches as well as integrating new or missing Features in DLC´s. They show how to involve the Betatesters, Modders etc. correctly. The same is doing Goldhawk. They give you a Platform to Modding for the Predecessor and an Community-Version. They are involving you there. And the Sucessor isn´t ready yet for Public. We Betas and the Devs from Goldhawk need more time to involve / testing the Missing things which are promised for the Base-Version for Xenonauts 2. Then we decide together when the Game is ready for Public. If the Public has to wait until 2021 then it will be so.
  9. Yep, there I aggree fully. As an Beta-Tester for Xenonauts 2 I can only agree that a the Basegame has to be Stable and Public Ready for a light Early Access Version (like the first 6 Month playtime with everything was coming in and Placeholders are fully overworked), while we test the next Upgrades for the Game. That´s the Way, nothing other. Half-ready Products like Electronic Arts and similar Companys bring out every Year is the best Example what´s going wrong in the Game-Development. If everyone would work like such Companys the World would be in an Atomic War because of boredom. Of Courese there are Exceptions which show how to do it correctly: Paradox with HBS (the new Battletech-Strategy-Game and good going Paradox Games [after Pdx announced that Beta-Testing is very important] Step by Step), Blizzard, Firaxis (with its new XCOM-Series and the good old Civ-Series), Chaos Concept with UFO Extraterestials and in an 13 Year Development for UFO 2 Extraterestials as well as Goldhawk Interactive with in Development Xenonauts 2. They are Examples how to correctly Develop a Computer-Game, esp. from the Second on!
  10. They are working on Beta 13. Chris said that this or next Week the new Version will come. But I think next Week we can beginn a new Test with many improvements and nice Surprises on the Geoscape, Basemangement and Missions.
  11. Alienkiller

    So, who wants more cool aliens?

    There are cool Ideas which Xenonauts 2 could use from XCOM2 WotC and Phoenix Point. Robotic Aliens we have already in Xenonauts 2 and many similar organic to X-Com / XCOM2 too. What´s the Alternative? I personaly would like to have some Guerilla Groups which give you a additional challange. The best Example is the EXALT-Group from XCOM: Enemy Within or as atm newest Example the 3 Factions from Phoenix Point. But such things we should only implement in an DLC or if nessecarry in the Early Access Development. But before everything from the Game and Main-Parts we test in the Beta-Version must be stable and the Nerve Bolts on Steam have their light Early Access (max. 6 Month playtime like we have in Beta atm) to have Quiet again for more Development and Beta-Testing.
  12. Thanks Max_Caine. To end this Discussion, yes the Game will be a Mix from working Elements from X1 and completely new Elements with many surprises for the Xenonauts 2-Baseversion. This have to be done to get not a to big Time-Difference to the originally Plan. With the Reworks of the Base and testing several Airfight-Systems the Devs lost about 5 Month Development and 3 more Beta-Versions with new Gameelements for an working Early Access. In my Eyes (after I could test Phoenix Point and play XCOM EW / XCOM 2 Wotc) I can only say that Xenonatus 2 is the perfect implementation from both big Competitors. And that is only the Baseversion for Xenonauts 2. With planed DLC´s some of the makeshift things (like Base-Building) will then be overworked. The only thing is, that UFO2Extraterestials comes in the next time, which will be the latest comparision, because XCOM 2 WotC gets slowly old for that.
  13. The Problem is that we only can understand only the tech which workes like ours (about 50 %). The other 50 % devides in totaly unknown and guessing, because we don´t know the font and most importantly the use itself. If you look to the new XCOM-Series with Dr. Vahlen / Dr. Tygan and the Researchers we can only use about 60 to 70 % of the Alien-Tech. The same is here. But we have a huge difference to X1, because X2 is implementing Armor-Uprgrades step by step. It´s working with the 2 Suits you get (Kevlar - and the Alien-Variant). For the others (medium and big ones) we have to see, because the Game is still in Beta-Phase and the implemention from Armor-Upgrades is in the Beginning since a while.
  14. Alienkiller

    Things that I'm hoping to see...

    Most of that Points we will get in Xenonauts 2 or are implemented already which is still in Beta-Status to test them out. Esp. Point 1 in an other form, 4, 5, 9 and 10. Point 2, 8 I aggree too, esp. after the Beta-Tests. Point 6 is good as it is now, because the Devs have integrated some Specials in Xenonauts 2, which we Backers test already in the Beta. Point 3 is already implemented (there you can choose you wanna secure the UFO or destroy it completely). If you choose the first 1 you and your team get new Ressources, if you choose Point 2 you will destroy the UFO completley but get money. Point 11 and 12 aren´t nessecary. The Devs wanna have Point 11 more realisticaly like in the Real Army. And on Point 12 I aggree with Ruggerman.
  15. Alienkiller

    XCOM-Chimera Squad

    Yepp, in 5 Years it´s amazing. But 5 Years can be long or short. Belongs on the Side you show it. I played XCOM: Chimera Squad too on the first Weekend it comes out. And yes there are some things too I don´t understand, esp. in the more Human-Looking-Aliens. Sektoids looked like more Humans in XCOM 2 already. And the DNA-Upgraded Mutons, Archons as well as Vipers. The Questions I have after XCOM 2 WotC and XCOM: Chimera Squad are: 1. Why the Elders haven´t downgraded the Berserker with Human DNA? It´s the only Alien I have seen which haven´t had the Hybrid-Thing. 2. Why Dr. Moria Vahlen experimented with the Archon, Viper and the Berserker and esp. on the Berserker? 3. Where are the 2 Masterminds in XCOM: Chimera Squad after you have finished the Final Mission? 4. How could it be that you have more Hybrids on Earth in the time of Chimera Squad then normal Humans, because normal Humans get an transformation with Alien DNA too (see the Martial Arts Woman of your Squad)? 5. The Commander and the XO (Bradford), and Lily Shen got mentioned very often. Do we see them again in XCOM 3? 6. What has happend with Dr. Moria Vahlen, Dr. Tygan, the still online Underwater-Base and the Avanger? 7. In the Museum you see the the Skyranger and some other things from the first and Second War against the Aliens. Are the Skyrangers and other things obsolet now? My speculations about that are in a prevous treat. My personal meaning is that we stay on earth and make a more buildup of the remaining Citys and have to fight the Elders again. But we can only speculate about that atm. With the Storybord from all previous XCOM-Parts incl. Chimera Squad we get an new Terror from the Deep-Part. But the Question is where. It could be Underwater or in Space. What do you think, but with all the fact´s my personal Meaning is Under Water. And one more thing which is officiall announced. The Storybuildup for the new XCOM is the following: - XCOM Enemy Unknown (not Enemy Within, which is only a alternate Side-Story to give the people more until XCOM 2 get out) - XCOM 2 War of the Chosen (there you fight the beginning of the last battle in City 31 and then you fight under water in the Alien Home-Base on earth [I call it T´Leth which were called in the 90´s]) - XCOM: Chimera Squad (there you fight in City 31 and on the End you can think of where the last battle will be??)