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  1. @EurekaSeven Let us concentrate on the Game and it´s Features which we important People [Devs, Founders and in that Function Betatesters, Freelancers which help the Devs] do with heart for the Community to make an Game which overflow all others [old X-Com, old UFO-After-Row, new XCOM, Phoenix Point, Xenonauts 1 and in some Parts the UFO ET-Row] only in the Basic-Variant. We and I personaly get toxic, if such Elements (Troublemakers) have only to grumble on everything what the Game or the important people belongs. I have with such Elements a lot of patient. But not more when they kick under the Belt-Line, which they sadly did [Game-Features / important People]. And esp. are not interrested in an normal Explenation / Discussion. Similar Elements are doing that with F1 Manager 2022 and other important cool Games which are no 08/15-Scrap.
  2. Exactly Kamehamehayes. And such Alien-Projects, Orbital Bombardements, making Alien-Terraforming or whatever gives piquanzy in the Game. And that have to be hardcoded, like it is in the UFO ET-Row with the Mothership and his potential, in the UFO-After-Row / old X-COM the Specials or in Phoenix Point with the Nebula. People which can´t handle this can play Ponnyhof.
  3. That belongs on the Storyline the Game have. In the new XCOM-Row I give you right and in old X-COM after the 2nd Game. In UFO ET it´s completely Secret, in Xenonauts 1 too and in Xenonauts 2 we will see.
  4. We don´t play an Standard-Earth-Army Game, where such Things with Tactic-Groups and an TV-Team nearby are normal. You play an organisiation which are unknown to the Public. There you don´t have official help, YOU ARE ALONE WITH YOUR SOLDIERS on the Battlefield and on Geoscape with your ORGANISATION. Only your Enemys and highest official Sponsors know your Organisation. Like in old X-Com-Series, new XCOM-Series, UFO ET-Series and Phoenix Point. The others have no Clue that you and your Organisation exist.
  5. First Thanks for the new Info Chris. If the V 24 come in Oktober or November it´s fully OK for me. The Team should take the Time they need to make the Beta as best usesable and testable they can. The Early Access is set for February and there the Groundwork have to be as deeply done as possible in all Parts. @geno: Nope, that seems to be canceld. If that would be done, the Early Access would be overnext Year (2024). @Kamehamehayes: Therefore the People get an new Demo. I remember back to the old Times, where you could go after School to an Computer- / Game-Shop and there was an PC where you could play the Demos for X-Com or whatever. Then you decided after the full Product come out to buy or buy it not. But sadly the most of the Community on Steam are "Troublemakers", which kill for the nice as well as friendly Community the Game itself [Features etc.] or blaming the important People for Xenonauts 2 [Devs, Founders, Betatesters, Freelancers ect.]. So they have to pay for the Game. I personaly wouldn´t give them an Demo, that´s alone is already to much.
  6. Nope. It´s get selled in Steam as well as GoG. Evtl. too in Epic-Store.
  7. Then Cheat if you want, we others play fair.
  8. Komandos, then you have not understood the Buildup from this Game. It´s give Humans as well as Aliens Strengh & Weaknesses. That belongs in Weapons [Range for both are excellent, while the Aliens have an big Advantage to Humans], Armor [Same like the Weapns], the Human Body and Eyes [that what you mean], the Alien-Species [all have Differences in Day / Nightfight] and much more. If you change that very good ballanced Parts again, then the Game won´t come out before 2040.
  9. Summarized is to say: Most of us like the new Features which can implemented since the 2010s. Others life in the Past with Features from the Stoneage and don´t let new Features in. For Xenonauts 2 it need new Features to overflow the Predecessor. And that is such an Feature as well as the Modular Armor / upgradeable Structurs etc. We already have some good old Features from the Predecessor here in the Game, which are Refited / Reworked to fit in Xenonauts 2.
  10. Komandos, Xenonauts 2 is an Game with an big Decission. Either you make too many secondary Parts (UFOs) and loose the Game after a while the Primary Parts (Terror-Sites, Traitor- and other Special Parts) don´t get done. Or you make only some secondary Parts (UFOs) and concentrate more on the Primary Parts when they show up (Terror-Sites, Traitor- and other Special Parts) and beat the Aliens / Traitors f. e. later on. If you don´t like the Gameplay from Xenonauts 2, then the Gameplay from UFO-ET-Row is more for you.
  11. Komandos, you have in old X-COM an similar Timer too. You only don´t see him and get the Game Over without to know why. In the new Games you see the Timer (in new XCOM 1 EU and Xenonauts 2 the Panic-Levels from the Founding States; in UFO ET-Row and XCOM 2 the slow Enslavement from the Humans; and in the UFO-Afterrow / Phoenix-Point the special Nebula-Fluid which make live on Earth earlyer or later impossible)
  12. Yes, the Aliens have Research Trees too in all this Games which come up if the Player have reached an Special Point in R & D / Missions etc. It´s an complicated link. If the Enemy wouldn´t have R & D too, you would sit on the Techs you already have done and wouldn´t come forward in the Game [from Early-Game to Mid-Game and form Mid-Game to End-Game and then the Finals].
  13. Komandos, forgett the UFO-Missions and tactical Task Force. 1. Tactical Task Forces are for other Gernes [like upcomming JA 3, Standard-Military-Games like TF 1942, M1A1 Tank Platoon or 2nd WW Games], not for this Gerne [secret Anti-Alien-Organisation]. 2. UFO-Missions are the most Time secondary Objectives and the Decission-Making in that Games after they get better and better with important Features. Forget old X-COM and Xenonauts 1. They are in Gameplay and Features from the Stone-Age. That the Developers from Goldhawk and Chaos Concept have noticed already and Refit their Games to the newest Feature- / Gameplay-Standard. Short said for Dummys: You have an Special-Force which is not annoucned by the Public. There you have not much Specialists for your Fighting Troopers and they all have to work in Rotation to get the Stress Level of the Organisition (esp. Soldiers) down. The Main-Operations are to find out what the Aliens are doing, what Traitors they have under the Humans and fight out the Main-Burnings [Terror, Human Traitors and similar as well as doing Special-Missions against the Aliens / Human Traitors]. UFO Landing- / Crash-Sites [expect they are an Part of the Main-Missions and for R & D] are Secondary to hold the Stress-Level down. That can do the Army of the Founding-Nation where the UFO get shot down / landed, esp. after the Main-Important Missions get more and more. Hope that are Features to reduce the Stress-Level faster comming in. I play the new XCOM Row (XCOM 1 and XCOM 2 with all DLCs) too, so the Features from XCOM 2 to reduce an high Stress Level faster are nice to have. If you have played new XCOM, UFO ET-Row and Phoenix Point then you don´t need more then 20 Soldiers with upgradeable Vehicles to manage this Situations. And there is 1 other Point to remember: People costs a lot of Money, esp. if they grow up in Ranks and Experiance.
  14. I play UFO 2 ET since last Year and there the Devs integrated new Features too, which wasn´t possible until the first new XCOM came up. There the secondary Landbases / later after Research mobile Bases are the extra Eyes for your Main-Base. That Secondary-Bases are still Expensive, but have very good Limiters. There you can build up following: 1. Radar and Radar-Upgrades 2. Workshops 3. Defense-Turrets 4. Hangars for Fighters (Helicopter, Pursuit Planes, Interceptors) 5. Power Station That´s not the End yet, because the biggest Change to UFO 1 ET Standard / Gold is that you have Workshops for the Secondary-Bases now. We will see what the Refit from UFO 1 ET to Platinium will bring us in more Features and the DLC for UFO 2 ET. But more then such Outposts the Secondary Bases aren´t. The Main-Work get done in your Main-Base [Research, Personal-Management, Development, Infantry-Missions and so on]. There you have your Personal [expect the needed Personal on the Secondary-Bases wich you don´t see] to get it working. Means: In all such Games of that Gerne you have to whatch for your Costs every Month, which means if you are in red Numbers 2 or 3 Monthes, you are Jobless. The Country-Founders alone won´t cover it with the Founding-Money and that with the double of the Standard-Income. That´s why for secondary Bases less is more. Either we make such Limits in the Game like it´s done in UFO-ET-Row or we make them as small Outposts with Science-Hangars and Storages (like it´s doable in UFO:AI) where Engeneers and Scientists work together and 2 to 3 extra Hangars for Fighters with a small Defense and Radar- / Scanner.
  15. Komandos, yes it is already integrated in the Game for Beta-Testing. You can choose an Attack-Strategy before the Aircombat beginns. Testing with it works good, which means it will be an Main-Integral of the Game in the Air-Combat. Like all Prototypes (new Features) it need in the Beta-Versions before public Early Access some Adjustmenst here and there.
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