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  1. Nice Feedback from you all. Where I agree is that the Riflemen / Riflewomen and Infantry look the same. But what´s the Alternative? I personaly don´t have one with the Equipment we have at the beginning availible. Evtl. later on when the Tutorial get fully implemented. Atm. I change 2 Riflemens in Grenadiers and 2 in Shield-Protectors. Where I agree too is the Combat Ballance. There are very much missing Bonuses (Crunch, Lay-Down, Closed Combat for Shotgunners and Pistols). I have played X1 too, but I personaly confer it with the direct Rival the UFO-ET-Row, which is the only Game on the same Leveldesign in our Timeline. The Devs there have integrated that Bonuses direct in the beginning or End Alpha-Phase. Where I aggree too is that for Missions with Alternate Rules are missing some Info-Upgrades. Where I agree too is that some Features should come first after Autopsys and / or Interrogations. Like better Weapons-Research (Gauss, Plasma, Fussion), advanced Armors, Fighters etc. as Equipment and Helping for the Ground Combat. The Base-Missions are fully OK for me. I don´t like to much Terror-Missions and Base-Defence / Base-Attack-Missions or to much Loot-Missions, where the Team don´t have Time for R & D. That was the Problem in X1 and UFO 1 ET Standard / Gold and is one big with new Phoenix Point. That new XCOM soluted much better, where you have to time for R & D, Upgrading your Troops etc. The better soluted Way from XCOM is getting in for X2. The Airfight is nice too. It´s an upgraded Variant from X1 and atm the best we have testet with more cool Features. But that´s only the beginning to make it more interresting and more Features like Clouds or such are planed and evtl. come in for the next Versions. Otherwise the Airfight can be done like in the UFO ET-Row, directly on the Geoscape. The Day-Feature with the 24 Hour-Clock is an Ballance-Thing. We had to much Problems with the normal Date-Screen. Evtl. it get changed back later after the big Problem there get solved. With the Day-Feature the Game runs fully normal. What the R & D- etc. Points belongs, there are most which are in Rework / Refit / Finialising and in WIP. There are coming more Content / Bugfixes etc. Step by Step. I have many on my List, which get checked with every new Version if I get to the farest Point I have reached in an Prevouis Version. Short said: Not fully done!
  2. I find it not unrealistic, if you try to make your Weapons better (Rockets, Guns, Grenades etc.) for your Soldiers / Vehicles / Fighter-Aircrafts. Why not with the Ammo too. Like said, there are new possibilitys since the last Decade (2010+), which get XCOM 2 with the Extra-Ammo an big Upgrade as well as UFO 2 ET an immense success. And that´s only the beginning, so why not here too to give the Players more cool easy to implement Chooses.
  3. That´s true Emily_F. You and some others are real Bughunters in that Part and others in differnt Parts of the Game.
  4. Yes it is and can´t be paniced. That Problem we had in prevoius Versions too in the Betas after upgrading etc. some important Gameparts. It´s something more complex to finaly getting it fully bugfree, but with an Hotfix it was gone.
  5. Yeah Chris, I can understand what you mean. That´s not easy to ballance and to bring in. But more advanced Ammonation for the Standard- / Gauss-Weapons were good. If I have that correct in Mind in the competitive Product the Upgrade is atm in 2 Steps. An similar Rework it´s doable for the Standard-Rounds. For Example the following Thinking: 1. Step: AP-Breaking-Head or other Upgrade for an better Standard-Ammo as Prototype or so (to advance it with the Weapons-Upgrade); you can still use the normal Standard-Ammo if you wish 2. Step: advanced Standard-Ammo with Poison- / or similar Refit to give normal equiped Soldiers an Chance (that one which can´t equiped with more Advanced Weapons yet [Laser]) On that Research for the Standard-Weapons the Gauss-Weapons get more important, because the Lasers incl. their more advanced Versions have some Disadvangages (like the Engery Cell, not so good AP-Breaking or whatever), that the Gauss-Weapons get the next Step until that Problems get solved. Combined with Interrogations, Basic-Researches, Plans from the MIB-Agents and so on that Research-Part could be very interessting. Not only there in other Parts too (like UFOs, Scanners / Radars, Base-Upgrades, Fighter- / Transport-Refits in the Ground-Structrue to advance them and whatever I have forgotten). Then the Aliens use Plasma / Fussion-Weapons and you have to upgrade yourself again Step by Step in the Weapon-Tech / Defense- etc. Tech.
  6. Gauss Weapons are the next Step from the Standard-Upgraded-Weapons. That is explained in the new XCOM-Series (XCOM 2). Why not for Xenonauts 2, which are an later Upgrade for our Upgraded-Standard-Weaponary as an Refit with an longer R & D-Phase like we have now. They have to be much better then Upgraded Standard-Weaponary (lesser weight, faster Ammo, higher Penetration etc.), but not the Main-Advances like Lasers (accuracy, high heat Penetration and so on). That are for both Laser Types Standard and Modernised. From what I have heard and read is that the Worldwide Military with the most Budget are working on both Weapontypes since Years or minimum 2 Decades. An cool example is the old Star Wolves-Row I play. There you have 4 Weapon-Types: Standard-Kinetic-Guns (Standard, Advanced with up to 4 Types in SW 3); Fast-Fireing-Rotating-Guns (Standard, Advanced with up to 4 Types in SW 3); Lasers (the same) and Plasma (the Same). You get them earlyer (Black Market) or later (Trading Post) in the Storyline. The same is here or in other Games of that Series like Xenonauts, where you get such Equipments with R & D. All have advanced and disadvances (accuracy / fast firing or lightweight / heavy weight etc.).
  7. Oh I know now what you mean. You mean that Function in the tactical Screen. That not Fish / not Meat Function is fully OK for an Game where you have no World Geoscape and only an big Terretory (like in JA 1 incl. Add-Ons and 2 incl. Add-Ons / JA 2 New Version on Steam). There you need an fully Real-Time-Game on one big Map with that Function (f. e. Stellaris, the Mafia-Strategygame from PDX or the Jagged Alliance-Series). In an Strategy Game where the Geoscape and tactical Maps have to be linked together (old X-Com, UFO-ET-Series, new XCOM / Phoenix Point), which is nearly impossible that this work passable, the Whish you have wont work. There never an Game comes on the Market. Several big Comapnys / medium Companys tried it and lost completely since the Gaming Branch exists. So you have only the Options: 1. An Geoscape / tactical Map (like X-COM / XCOM / Phoenix Point / UFO-ET-Series / Xeonauts-Series / UFO-Aftermath-Series) with RT and TB or RT and RT-Parts 2. An big Map with the Main-Game-Features incl. tactical Features (like the complete JA-Row, Diablo-Row, Warcraft-Row, C&C-Row) where you can bring such an Function in. Either that or that. Nothing else is choosable and possible. Maybe it will be possible in the next 100 Years (2125 or so), but not in the 2000-Century.
  8. I haven´t played V23 much, only the Main-Version and Upgrade 1. Then I have been waiting to the Upgrade 5. What I can say from my Playthroughts with all previous and the first V23-Versions (Main and Upgrade 1) is following: 1. The Sebillians are Close-Combat Fighters. But I have to give Emily right, that the Sebilians are in some Points to good for the Xenopedia-Description (Shooting / Refelexes), esp. from the Distance. 2. Some Problems on the Maps aren´t fully solved yet. Esp. with the Explosions where it have to explode (Gas-Train-Things, Fuel-Train-Things ect.), where Emely is correct. 3. The new Armor-System seems to work correctly. I haven´t seen a Problem with it. But I could test it only short in V23 (Main and Upgrade 1) atm. 4. The Night-Fights against Cesans and esp. the Glowing-Aliens are nice and heavy to win. There you see the Advantage from them against your Troops and Vehicle. 5. The Ceasans, Drones, Robots and Glowing-Aliens seems to work correctly in the Day- / Nightfights. 6. The Sebillians work correctly in the not falling down to fast. They are Strong, good Armored and have the advanced Stem-Celles for Self-Healing (they are remembering me on Picollo in DBZ). 7. I had very seldom the Laser-Upgrade for my Bases and my Fighters / Vehicles in the Past Versions and Version 23 (Main and Upgrade 1). So I can´t say anything to the Base-Defenses or Weapons. I had to start begunn upgrading my Combat-Troop with Lasers (Sniper, Pistol, LMG etc.), but I couldn´t test them in V23. 8. From what I can say that the Rocket Defense works very good and shoot down 2 Attacking UFOs on the Main-Base (Destroyers). I have to say that I ever build up 2 or 3 Defenses like Emely did. That the UFO don´t show up on Radar is the sign that the Aliens don´t wanna get Intercepted before the Attack-Target is reached. The same you have with Terror-Sites (small / big ones), Alien-Base-Buildups and similar. That brings flavour in the Game. I hope that Chaos Concept (UFO ET-Series) brings in such Elements too in the Refit from UFO 1 ET and the DLC for UFO 2 ET. 9. The Stun Weapons from the Beginning work like they should. They are modernised Stun Weapons for the Xenonauts, which are in use for the Police / Military / Public (Stun Pistol / Stun Batton). They are perfect for Standard-Aliens (f. e. Cesan-Engineers, Cesan-Soldiers [male the smaller ones, female the bigger ones], the Brain-Thing, unarmored MIB-Agents, unarmored Sebillias). Therefore you have to research Alien-Specific-Upgrades like it´s in the Standard- / Gold-Version from UFO 1 ET to catch the more Advanced Aliens, which are better Protectected agains Standard-Weaponary from the Humans. 10. The Ballance from the Base-Costs and Base-Buildup are better then in the Prevouis Versions, but I hope you take the Idea with old Bases / Outposts from the Xenonauts over the World, where you have to bring the Bases Step by Step online again. 11. The Idea with the Sticks in the MIB-Bases are a cool Idea. Sadly you couldn´t go in all Bureaus to take them all, because the Reinforcements from the Cleaners are to heavy. Dosen´t matter what you do and how fast you do it. 12. The Geoscape is good, but more cool Features would be better. Atm. it´s looking like every 08/15 Geoscape (old X-Com / UFO-ET-Series). There the Outpost-Feature we tested are a must have (f. e. UFO-Analysis, Prototype-Development-Testing for new Fighters) and / or Features which bring in Firaxis (Support from Materials, Agent-Training-Centers or whatever) are heavyly needed again. 13. The Geoscape don´t get all Crashsites (Bombers and Fighters f. e.) to take the Materials like from the Drone and similar, which don´t need an Military-Operiation. 14. The Basemanagement is good, but the Features you have announced in V23 with more People send there to get an Boost (f. e. Radar / Powerunit / Hospital) or whatever I haven´t seen yet. If that comes in, it will be cool and give the Game more Pepper. 15. The Advanced R & D should have the interrogation from several Aliens (Engineers, Soldiers, PSI etc.). That´s the cool Feature from new XCOM and UFO ET. Here the Stun-Weapons are a big Point again. That is used in the UFO ET-Series / old X-Com-Series / first Game of the new XCOM-Series to get the Storyline Step by Step forward as well as better Equipment for your Troops, Vehicles, Transports and militrary Air-Fighters. 16. The Airfight with the Refit is an cool thing. But there the Rockets / Torpedos get shoot to fast. In Salvos like in Real it would be cooler (see old X-Com / UFO ET-Series / Star Wolves). Where Xenonausts 2 have an big Advantage to all other Games of that Gerne are the follwoing Points: 1. the Radar-Buildup-Technolgy: here it is with the classic X-Com on a similar line [Xenonauts 2: Radar, advanced Radar, ultimative Radar and later X-Ray-Scanner; classic X-Com: Radar, Longwave-Radar / Sonar, Longwave-Sonar and the X-Ray-Scanner] 2. the Weapon-Upgrade-Technology: here it is with the new XCOM-Game on a similiar Line [Xenonauts 2: Standard-Weaponary, Accelerated Weaponary, Laser-Weaponary, Advanced Laser Weaponary (an Upgrade from the already existing and used Weapons to make them lighter, more effective etc.), Gauss-Weaponary and the ultimative Plasma-Weaponary; new XCOM: Stanard-Weaponary, (with Mod Laser Weaponary before Gauss), Gauss-Weaponary and ultimative Plasma-Weaponary] 3. the Armor-Upgrade-Technology: here it is the new Benchmark, I haven´t seen something similar in all my about 35 Years of Playing Games. And I have seen everyting in that Part in Mediteranen-Games, Pirates-Games, RPG-Games or whatever. The new XCOM and JA-Row is going in an similar Direction, but what Goldhawk is doing is something complete new in that Part. They should get patented that. 4. the Aircombat-System: It´s the old one from Xenonauts 1 (which is the best we have tested for Xenonauts 2), which isn´t bad and brought in complete new / fresh Ideas. If the Specials there could brought in, it will be an great one which will be long time unbeaten. In similar seperated Aircombat-Systems other Devs are either Realtime-Based with lesser Options or Turn-Based The big but is comming in now! Where the Xenonauts Game integrate old with new Style as atm unbeaten Best of the Best, it have an small Deficit. Here the UFO-ET-Row make the Run: 1. Standard-Weapons and new Weapons can be upgraded with better Ammunition 2. Armors have different safety (Stun, Gas, Energy, Ballistic, EMP) and / or similar. I like both Games and some Differences are a must have (like Storyline, Enemys, Specials and so on). Evtl. there are Things here in Development and Ballance-Work with it in the Background which we Founders / Betatesters don´t know yet. More I haven´t seen yet, that´s from the Game-Status I have played as best I could get in with the Tests in Xenonauts 2 and the other Games [classic / new] I have played. But it seems that there is something in the Ballance-Things to do for V.24 / V.25 from what I read. I never had Gauss-Weapons in the Betatests. But they have to be much stronger then the Laser-Weapons (Standard- / Upgrade) and the upgraded Basic-Weapons.
  9. That´s realy strange. If you set it correctly (Experimental-Beta) then you should have the V.23.4-Version. You did all what I would do in that Situation (the Hard-Reset for Emergency).
  10. The Version Number isn’t correct. I suggest you let the Steam Check fix it.
  11. Hmm... that will be making the Catching from higher Aliens much more complex, if you only have the Stun Batton / Stun Gun. There the Grenades were a big help later on, esp. if you had to catch an Reaper and similars allive. The Stun Gun / Stun Batton itself isn´t an Problem. It´s effective against normal Aliens and MIB-Enemys with no Armor (like the male / female Cesan Soldiers, the Cesan Technican, Cesan Commander and the MIB-Enemys). Later on the Stun Gun get nessecarry Modernisations / Upgrades to get more effective. The Stun Batton don´t have Upgrade-Abilitys yet to get it more effective, esp. to make it lighter and more powerfull. Now to the Grenades. I like them, because you have to use them very Tactical / Strategical. And they are not very accurate. That´s an Point which make them very interessting, means it belongs on the Soldier how effective they are. But they are more Tile-Effective with the Gas they send out. Grenades are very easy to Research about the Effect from the Smoke Grenade / Smoke Ammo you have from beginning on. The effect you can make better with nessecarry Modernisatzions / Upgrades later on with new Insights. When there is an Alternative or an Limitation to Equip your Soldiers for the Grenades, I´m not reluctnat to test the brought in Options. To cancel such Grenades is an Failure which Chaos Concept have noticed after UFO 2 ET Basegame come on the Market. In UFO 1 ET Standard / Goldyou had Stun Grenades, which get more effective later on with 2 or more nessecarry Upgrades. With that I mean only that or that is not constructive, esp. when the Features will come in that you need several Enemys to get better Resaraches and Upgrades for Everything (Soldiers, Technicans, Leaders and so on).
  12. The Stun-Research has changed in 2 (thats Fact) and with big luck in 3 Parts. The first and fast Part for Stun-Weapons are the existing ones with Xenonauts-Modifications (Stun-Gun and Stun Batton). The second and longer Part comes later in the Game between the Start- and Medium-Era. It´s an medium Stun-Weapon-Upgrade, where the Gas for the Grendade-Launcher and Handgrenades are ready for R & D. If I remember correctly the Stun-Gun get an Upgrade too. The third an last Part with the best Refit of Stun-Weapons should come in the Medium- to End-Era to give it later on an Chance too for the higher / highetst Enemys to catch & interrogate and to get better Technologys from the Interrogations. Third one is more Hope & Spec, because the high Medium- and complete End-Era we haven´t seen yet.
  13. Emily, that same Issue / Bug I had too directly the Main-Base set on the Globe and go in the Soldier-Equipment Menue. I had it with the Sani Packs and you have it with the first R & D-Armor. Hmm.... strange. I get fully out of the Game and restarted it from Steam again and that was away. Therefore I get the other announced CTDs then. Don´t sit on my Home PC now, will try to hang on my Data-Infos today night or tomorrow.
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