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  1. Nice Ideas, why not trying them. After the Game get some old light upgraded things back (like the old Basebuildup and the secondary bases are like the Main-Base) we need such new things. A cool Stuff would like that the Aliens could hit such a Secondary-Base with the Bombardement, which means that this base is took out for 1 Month or better 2 Month. That will give the Game much more Potential and make it exciting. The Main-Base should be where she was planed originally in Greenland and can´t found by the Aliens. Many such hidden Bases were in the 2nd WW, why not in Xenonauts 2. The Secondary Bases are the Decoys later on, esp. if they have to secure the Data-Links and such. I liked that in UFO ET, where the Aliens attacked the secondary Bases to destroy or overtake them to get the Raw Material they needed.
  2. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Yep BREXIT happend. The Worst Case UK could happen, because Scottland (the Moneymaker from UK) and the young Generation will go with or without Boris Johnsons OK like in the DDR. But back to topic.
  3. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Only the Premier Boris Johnson and the new Parliament in the UK over Christmas and New Year. And that means hard times for all people there.
  4. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Chris, I hope you and your Team had a nice Christmas and New Year Time with the Family. And I hope the bad Thing from the British Premier don´t hurt your Company to hard. @ Ruggerman: All we know is, that they are working hard on the new Version. Chris said already, that they wanna bring in many things which are still missing, esp. in R&D, Plots and such Things incl. Bugfixes / Reworks (keyword: Training Center). Sadly the Game have many Job-Sites left before it can go in Early Access State. So we have to be patient, drink tea and waiting.
  5. Alienkiller

    Questions about X2 (potential X1 spoilers)

    @ Col. Flanders: Your Questions are all fine. You don´t need to appologise for them. @ Coffee Potato: Yep, I have the same Information like you for Question 1 and 4. What Question 2 belongs, there the Devs said in the last DD´s, that they are working on the Vehicles and on the Modular Weapon / Armor-System. It should come in the next Version incl. the Vehicles (they mentioned that everything is already there, but not fully implemented). What Question 3 belongs, we have to wait for the Beta-Tester-Reports and new Infos from the Devs. But they are changing some UFO-Parts to X1 in UFO-Buildup and Recovery.
  6. Yep, the Game will be longer in BETA-Phase then expected. It has many reasons why. If you read the Forum you would know why. So Max_Caine has right. The Devs are thinking that the Game get Early-Access ready in March / April, but I think it will be June.
  7. That was my impression too after the ATLAS-Base was gone (the Base which is shown in Kickstarter) in the last Chances from the Beta-Versions. But there are much improvements already in the Game and many more are still comming. The Game won´t be 100% Kickstarter-Promised about things not working correctly which were sheduled for Xenonauts 2. So it will be 60% new (special Missions in the Geoscape, Upgrades for Weapons and Armor, Secondary Weapons etc.) and 40% overworked (Basebuilding, Airfights, Standard-Groundmissions). If the Game runs fine then, instead to have a unplayable End-Version (like in the most big Companys), it will be so. It´s better to have a 40 % overworked Game and 60 % new Things / integrated things, then a 0 % playable Game.
  8. Yep you are right. Weapon Upgrades like Laser-Pointer, Sights or such were a very nice Idea. The Armors get such Upgrades, why not the Weapons too.
  9. Of course there are young players, but cheating in a easy to learn / easy to play game? That´s a no go for an good AI and every player. If the young People use their Brain and doing a Learning-by-Doing process they don´t need it. And for what you have the Save / Load function in the normal Mode.
  10. If you don´t like it, don´t buy it. Frankly speaking I´m in some Parts not happy too about the Game-Change to some older Things with 3D Look. But if the Game is then stable, bugfree and everything works we can be happy about it. It´s better than an Game from a big Company which has everything new and you can´t play it. But therefore the Devs here tried new things, which were good but not stable / workable enough. It´s like the good old X-Com and new XCom-Series. Take that what is working and upgrade the Game with Missing things and / or Changes on the Geoscape, Airfight etc. Xenonauts 2 remembers me exactly on X-Com 2 Terror from the Deep, which get the good things from X-Com 1 Enemy Unkown and Missing Things / Changes. Actually it´s in Xenonauts 2 with it´s Beta-Version 10. You don´t have the cool new Base which were announced on Kickstarter anymore, but an cool Upgraded Base-System with 3D Look and other Features. It look like a mix from the new Base Concept (with some cool Features) and the old Basebuildup-Screen in 3D. If they have brought in the Limitation-Things which I said for the Secondary- and Tertiary-Bases (because the First-Base "ATLAS" is your Main-Base with Research, Attack-Soldiers etc.) then it feels much better like UFO:ET from 2007. The Devs then decided to use stable things from the first Game which are working without Problems, because the Beta-Testers are doing her Job great up to now. If the Beta-Testers say that and that don´t work after XXXXXX-thounsend fixes, reworks etc. then it´s better to use something older that works. And that has be done so far and will be done in further Development in some Parts. And the Base-Concept in 3D is going back to a Q&A-Thing from the Devs which were asking the Community. And I think 80 % wanna have the old Buildupbase-System back. That we have now in 3D, which looks cool. Same with the Airfight-Concept, which the Devs have to fix some things there to make it perfect.
  11. The Game isn´t ready yet and they have changed many things back to a working Process. Yes there are new Games which have a better concept or Programming, but this games are in the Future. XCom / XCom 2 and Phoenix Point are playing in 201x to 21xx. But there are only 3 Games which brings the Story to the real UFO- and Alien-Story-Beginning. Xenonauts and Xenonauts 2 is doing that with a tactic / strategic Game (like the orignal X-Com). And XCom: Bureau, which is a Shooter and a Prequel to the new XCom-Series. They are playing in that time, where the cool UFO- and Alien-Time was (from 1950 to 1980s). I wasn´t impressed of the changes which get in since the last versions too, but if that was needed to make the Game fully playable, then it has to be so. And the Community was asked about that. For that give the Community the blame, which botched that and not the Developers. But we will get missing things implemented (which weren´t in the orignal X-Com-Series and Xenonauts 1), overworked Standards etc. Next year I think Feb. / March all "normal" Gamers can see what has changed to the original Xenonauts and Games which Xenonauts 2 is constructed on. And how good the Beta-Testers did their work.
  12. I don´t do and need that. I take brain and my over 20 year-Strategy-experience.
  13. Alienkiller

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    I was thinking to test it, but after they made it for 1 or 2 years only for Epic-Store I´m waiting for Steam-Release. Same with MechWarrior 5.
  14. They are in, you haven´t seem them yet if you are Beta-Tester. 1. The Base-Buildup looks the same as in X1, but you can identify the Buildings much better now. And you can set Technicans as well as scientists to other Baseparts (like Workshop, Labs or Sikbay). 2. The Fighters get new Suspensions for Armor etc. 3. The Geoscape gets recruiting Missions for Scientists, Workers or if you are full you can choose Money. 4. The Geoscape gets spezial Missions too against the Aliens and spezial Alien-Missions which all are time limited. And much more you have to find. The most things are still WIP, but there are much changes in the Game already and others which will come in for more Beta-Versions and first Early Access Versions until the Game is finalisied.