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  1. It´s similar to the old X-Com Storages. But the Alloys are better managed 5:1 (Xenonauts) instead 1:1 (old X-Com).
  2. It´s like the same what Terrorists do in our real World too. Such Terrorist People ignore Local Forces, Police, Military etc. and attack the Civilians, which are the least. In Terror Missions the Aliens have the Mission to kill Civilians and Police / Local Forces. They ignore your Soldiers, so you have to hurry up to save the Local Forces as well as especially the Civilians.
  3. Had played it about the new Storyline and the Half-Destruction from Earth at the End, which gives Parts for 2 more sequels. TftD was an similar Continue-Story to X-Com EU. The Timelimit and Publisher made the Game a same Gamestile as the Predecessor. Yes, it show Fights over and under Water and such. But what made TftD more angry to the People was the Resarch (if you done a mistake in Research you had to start the game complete new) or you had a correct save, which was impossible without the printet Research-Tree-Solution. If you had to beginn 40 or 50 Times, then your Love goes away. That had to be to about 70 or 80 % to the People which buyed it. The others may love it, but what a price they had to pay? So you mean UFO: EU which love the people (the first Game) on what Xenonauts bases on.
  4. The special Recruit Missions on the Geoscape, where you get Scientists, Workers or Money aren´t stable anymore. 3 Days before Mission ends the Game brakes and make a CTD. No Crashlogs in the Gamefolders. The Problem comes out again in Version 7 and 8 slowly growing. Now it comes back again completely. Had done a Repair and Check from the Datas on Steam already. Nothing found. If I remember me correctly we had the same Problem in an older Version (Version 5 or 6) after the Geoscape Missions get in the Game.
  5. emdersblade: if you think so, then play the Predecessor. X2 have to be an much better game and not a clone. In the 90´s you could do that, but not 2019.
  6. X2 have to be 1.000 % better than it´s predecessor. And it looks like now it will be the same like it´s predecossor with some little improvements. ATM it dosen´t make a difference if you play the predecessor or the new version downgrade to the old stile. And this is not a good development. There are the promised improvements needed which get founded on kickstarter. That´s the Minimum we need to get an improvement to the old game. If the downgrade-Development goes onward, Kickstarter will stopp that because they monitor the Development too. And personaly I see that comming.
  7. Alienkiller

    Base Construction Question

    I don´t know it anymore. But it´s the same system atm like in the original Xenonauts.
  8. Trashman, I don´t say 1 super-special base. The Mainbase have to be special with all Workshops (Production for Parts of every Description, Weapons, Armors etc.) Laboratorys (Research of Everything), Coordination (Everything from Missions, UFO-Interception, etc.) and so on. All others Bases are Cannonfodder, because they are Front-Bases. There are the Main-Interceptors, Hangars, Technical Personal, Radars / Scanners, Soldiers. Upgrades on Interceptors and the Buildup from in-house development-Interceptors / Troopships will be fully completed here from the produced parts of the Mainbase Workshops. What I mean is, that the Frontbases don´t have Workshops and Laboratorys. What the Airfight / Intercepton belongs we will see then. It should come out with the new Version (V.9). I have only raise concerns that X2 will be only a small Modernised Version from X1 with the Things come in again without changes. Best Example is the Base-Buildup Concept without the Change as Main-Base (Atlas-Base) and Cannonfooder-Bases with Buildup-Limitations (no Labs, Worshops).
  9. Alienkiller

    V8 Balance thread

    Balance isn´t given in the get Engeneer / Scientists or Money Mission. The Game crashes at the final 2 Hour Countdown with an CTD and without Info. It was balanced up to the last 6.x Version. After the 6.x Version that Bug came again in Version 7 and is still there in Version 8 follwowing.
  10. Dagar, yes we know that the Airfight isn´t easy to manage. But it has to be one that can be handeld. And the old one can´t be handeld or you have broken fingers. That´s why an other system has to be implemented or that system has to be changed. I like the X-Com Fighter-System or that one from UFO: ET. There you have to watch for your Pilots / Planes and say what Weapons they have to use as well as what Attack-Mode they have to fly. Then they can use the old one system. But not a Arcarde-Shooter-Thing. That´s one Point why the Predecessor isn´t played again from me and some others.
  11. The Question from cardbpardMike is entiteld. And the Answer is yes to many things. Some are Good, others are Bad. The good ones with upgrades bring a better gameplay and / or eayser Base Managing. To bring in the older Base layout as a interim solution is ok too, until something better get found. But be warned, the Basebuildup-Screen looks exactly like in X1. The Main Bad thing atm is that the Main-Base isn´t a special Base anymore. That did UFO: Extraterestials much better. That the Devs are thinking to bring in the old Airfight again (the one which you break your fingers), it´s an absoulutely no Go. Only acceptable, if it´s done as a strategic / tactical Gameplay and not as Arcarde-Shooter.
  12. Alienkiller


    Since Test-Version 7.x and 8 the Game makes CTD´s without an Error, wherever you are. It dosen´t matter what you do (equip Soldiers, Research, Build something or only waiting on the Map with the Timerunner). Is the stability broken for bringing in new Features faster than normal? My wish for Version 9 is to stabilize the Game like in the Test-Versions 1 to 6 before. It´s impractical to test the Game with this CTD´s comming without warnings and Errorlogs. Personaly im not very pleased about the old Things which comming back from X1 (esp. the old Bases ), but some other modernised / upgraded Features from X1 are good. Like the better Managment for the Crew / Soldiers. Esp. the automatic fillup for Sicentists / Workers and the lighter Soldierrework / Soldiertraining were a very good Idea. That I could test out since the unstability CTD´s were comming. We will see in Version 9 what have been done to the Aircombat and some other Parts of the Game (like Research-Texts etc.) Hopfully the first Graphic Changes to the Bases-Screens to 3D like the good old ATLAS-Base will come next. With that Base-Graphics-Buildupscreen you get Eye Cancer.
  13. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    V8 Beta will come, but delayed. So we have to be patient. It´s better to have a stabilized Beta than a CTD-Beta about the new / changed Features. And the news here about stability Fixes etc. are good, that´s what the Betas need with the reset to some old features without changes to X1 (like Basebuild ).
  14. Sorry Max_Caine. I don´t wanted to blame you or the others. But I´m still angry about the Base-Downgrade to old Standard, which leads the Storyline down. It has exactly happend what the Backers said, which looked and financed a new and Full Game Concept. Now it dosen´t matter anymore if you play X1 or X2 now, because it will be the same Procedure like in X1 again (esp. in that Case). About the Dropship / Workshop Management you don´t need so much changes. An Andvance for the other Baseuses are only needed. A big Change or Downgrade (like the Downgrades from the Bases to X1-Standard) isn´t nessecary. The system now is nice and something new.
  15. I like it as it is now. Downgrade-Changes like for the Bases (which aren´t limited for Secondary Bases) to X1-Standard since Test-Version 7 were the Result of our last Q & A. For what then we need a discussion about this, if the Result is Clear already?!