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  1. Yep Mid 2021 is a good estimate if the big Problems the Game have be solved and the Betatests don´t find out more big Problems. The new Maprework for everything incl. combining with the Geoscape and Geoscapesecrets incl. Basemanagement, Soldiermanagement etc. will need much more time. There are big Job Sites to be done in the next 1 or 2 Betas before the smaller and faster ones can go on. We Beta-Testers wait too for a new Version to test out for making it to a stable status for the next Step of Development. But the new complete rework / overwork and refit will take more time then expected for the Devs and all the Helpers which can Coding, Painting, Mapseting and whatever. Alone Goldhawk need for a Maprework (dessert for example) 1 Week for the basis before it´s being send over to the Helpers for finishing it. That means we still have the Beta-Version from June with the Beta 13.3-Version and waiting for Beta 14 with the full refit, rework and overwork incl. the new things which get implemented. So the Public have to be patient for more time. The Public isn´t the Betatester like some big Companys think (EA for example). Goldhawk can ill afford to bring out a not runable game as a small or max. medium Gamedeveloper. An other good example is UFO 2 Extraterestials from Chaos Concept. That is a small to medium Development Studio too and dosen´t bring out their Game after all remaining Bugs and Problems get solved for the Public. The Betatesters and Devs here found over 2.000 Bugs before release, which they decided to make an release End September and not in May this year. The 2 Examples from Goldhawk and Chaos Concept shows exactly how to do it correctly. The Game comes out when it´s ready.
  2. If possible we show you pictures from the new Version and the refit / rework as well as other improvements which have been done after Beta 14 is stable as possible.
  3. Oh belive us hard working Betatesters. Surprises and many Type of variable Missions you will get enough. Not only like in the predecessor shoot down UFOs and getting Artifacts to research as well as Terror Missions. There will be Missions like save him / her (politican, Soldier and so on), investigate an unkonown location, arrest an interrogate an human Traitor (Mind Controled or Voluntary) and so on to the normal Missions you have (big Terror, light Terror, UFO Crashsites, landed UFO´s, Alien Base and Defend your light to medium build up R&D and Soldier-Bases as well as the fully Main Base). Then you have surprisses in the Ground Missions if you are to slow after doing some special things as well as in the Geoscape (which are announced in an other Dev Diray some time before). Like said your Ressources are very very limited against the Predecessor so you have to decide wisely for what you use them. Build up better Weapons, Armor or the Tank / Airforce first after the Standard Upgrades for existing things are done at the beginning? And more surprises for the R & D-System as well as for your Bases comes too. It´s more then a refit from the Predecessor. Everything the Devs couldn´t bring in in Xenonauts 1 is now in Xenonauts 2 as well as more Ideas and not finished thingkings from competitors. If we can show the Public some Vids with the frist new Impressions then you all know what we hard Working Betatesters and the Devs mean. That means too, the Game need more Time of Development, because many more or less working things have to be reworked / refited and upgraded, like the fully Maps and the Mars / Fighters and UFO´s for example.
  4. Yep Windows is the System for Gameplay. If you wanna Play Computergames you have to use Windows or play on Consoles with a CD / DVD / Blu-Ray like the Playstation. To import such Games for IOs or Linux is to heavy and costintensive, because you have to reduce contents or Graphics if you lucky. If not you have to rewrite the complete contents for IOS or Linux which no Devstudio will do, esp. the little and medium ones. Firaxis tried this with the first XCOM incl. DLC. XOM 2 isn´t for Linux and IOs. You see what I mean. It´s easyer to make a Game for PC and Console about the same Programming Code. So you have 2 decissions now: 1. You use a Console or a PC with Windows for Gaming. 2. The other way you can do is that you make on the same PC an Linuxpart for Working and an Win10 Part for Gaming. I did that long time ago, to play Games which were running in Win XP and Games which better run on Win 7.
  5. Therfore the Game is still in the internal Betatest and not for Public. There are many Job Sites to be done, refited and overworked. The first big overwork of Groundmaps, UFO´s, Transports, Bases and much more get done in Beta 14. As well as the Special Missions should get playable which are atm only automatic. The last 2 DevDirays here an in Kickstarter are very interessting and the complete Rework reduce the Problems the Game have at the Moment. If we get lucky an new Betatest with all new refits and overworks can start this Month, but from what I read it could be next month. The Game has big differences to it´s predecessor. 1. You have less Materials to work with, you have to decide more to use upgraded Standardweapons (light Magnetic) / Magnetic Weapons / Standardlaser (Engergy Weapons) / Upgraded Laser (improved Engery Weapons) or Plasma Weapons (best Weapons at the End). The Same with your Armor, Vehicles and so on. 2. There are new Special Missions which more Materials, Snitches (Human / Aliens) and other things to find. Belongs on the Mission to eleminate or Caputre. That Mission are atm automatic. 3. You can help the Founders to reduce the Panic with special things (which I don´t name about the surprise). The new and secret Alien-Space-Station raise the Panic with her Orbital Bombardement. 4. Terror and light Terror Mission get overworked to come in more Eras. That will be done with Point 1. 5. You have Outposts which gives you Personal and more Money on the Geoscape. The Outposts have to be in Range of a Base from you with Aircover and have to be build up which costs Money and Time. 6. And many more which is comming, esp. for Research Reports, Production, Basemanagement and similar things. Most of that we could test, but with the third refit / rework of some Main Game Elements we Betas have to beginn von 0 on again.
  6. The stable versions are on the last stable Beta, so you haven’t the refits / reworks / improvements etc. the Real Betatesters have with the newest but unstable versions. The latest Beta is 13.3, but it’s unstable so not for the second Row of Betatesters to use. In that case you play with 12.x Stable, where auch problems still active.
  7. Alienkiller

    Weapon Asymetry

    The Game is already build up that you have to upgrade the existing ballistic Weapons first. Some Time later you get the First Lasers which are self-Reloading, but with not much shoots per Playerround. Upgraded Lasers you get too, that we know already and could test it for the Public. The best Weapons are Plasma, but there could be human magnetic Ballistic Weapons too. But the Game isn´t finished yet and there can be some more refits, changes and similar we Betas don´t know too.
  8. Wrong Part of the Forum, it´s the old Xenonauts. Moderators please move the Question to the right Place. Thanks!
  9. Alienkiller

    August Update

    Nope you missed nothing. The Devs are working on a refit / rework and other improvements on the existing Beta, which takes longer as expected. That means Groundmaps, new Features for Bases, Geoscape, Soldiers and so on. If we get Lucky Beta 14 comes this month. If not next Month.
  10. Alienkiller

    [13.2 Icelandic Alien Base] endless Reapers

    Yep there are many Bugs in Beta 13. We had similar or much heaveyer ones in our Beta-Testing. The best thing is to wait 2 or 3 Weeks more then we should get Beta 14 with many refits, reworks and more surprises esp. in Ground-Battle-Maps and such.
  11. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 August Update

    @odizzido: Fully agree with you, that’s a must have for the Ground Maps. Shadows of Houses, Walls, Trees like it is now.
  12. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 August Update

    The new Update sounds good with the Rework / Refits of the Maps, Lightnings and such. More interesting is the Fact that Goldhawk has found an external Studio which helps with the Maps, Bioms etc. I personaly thought that the overwork from Beta 13 to Beta 14 will take longer then normal, esp. with the Map-, UFO-, Transporter- and Destruction- / Blood-Refits as well as the Overworks for Bases, Special-Missions and Equipments. Without the Help I calculated 6 Month, with the Help it will be reduced to about 2,5 or 3 Month. And they did much in the Time from the last Hotfixversion 13.3 in Mid June up to now the last Week in August. And the other small / big Bugs we have found in the last 4 or 5 Betas get fixed in that new Version too or will be automatically fixed then with the Refits / Reworks. I think we Betas will get work back in Mid September or beginning End in September. In that Time UFO2ET will come out after so many delays, so that we have an comparission.
  13. Sorry for the late Answer. Not for the internal Beta-Test, which are availible only for Backers. That´s defenitely sure. An Early Access for the Public it could be possible again, which will start (who it looks now from what we have found in the Betatest and other big Reworks) first in 2021. Looks like its more work then the Devs and her Helpers thought. We are waiting for the Beta 14 too. We Backers can´t look in the Future and know what elements are in or not in the Game when the next Beta and / or monthly DevDeray comes out. Only the Goldhawk-Team is deciding whats come next and from what we know it´s deciced to make an Early Access after the Game is playable and Stable enough, which it isn´t yet after first bigger refits.
  14. Alienkiller

    Over chrashing

    Good version? Let´s say it´s an bugfixed Version with some new Features etc. for the next big testing. For a good Version you think you have to wait much longer (Final Game). Beta-Testing is hard work and not playing like a final Game. You can be happy if most things work like they should. And therefore we are Testers. Beta 14 will come out if it´s ready for testing, because it´s the biggest changed Version since long time ago. If it needs this month to get ready, it will be so. If September then it will be September. We all don´t know when the next surprise Beta for us is comming.
  15. Alienkiller

    Over chrashing

    And can be fixed in the WIP Beta 14 with bigger Problems that were found in Beta 13.x. We Betas haven´t had that problems with the wrong directon Fighters get against an UFO and the announced Groundproblems with Grenades. The last one get Fixed in Beta 11 or 12, but if it comes again it´s good to know. The red Text we have too, therefore it´s a Beta.