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    Xenonauts-2 Base System Discussion Thread

    If the new Baseconcept from Goldhawk works good then Goldhawk find a Market Gap. But it must pass the Betatesters first. The Chance is 50 / 50. If we say, we will use that, we will use it and then we all closed a Market Gap. If you get lucky it will have not much Modifications / Chances. But if not and we say go to the prevoius base design then we will play with the previous one. Then you will have to live with that. The Betatesters are the ones wich are doing the last big decide for the main Game (Bugfixing, Graphicsmodifications, Designmodifications, Gameplaychances, etc.).
  2. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    Maybe you get the full modding support, if the Money raises like the last 4 Days to the Stretch Goal in the last 24 Hour-Kickstarter-Programm. Only 20.000 Bucks are missing to the Goal.
  3. In September / Oktober we will get in the Betatest for the Game. 3 or 4 Month later (consits on the Bugs we high founders from Kickstarter will find) the Early Acces will start in January / February 2019.
  4. Yep I like the Medals and Ribbons in Xenonauts 1 too. That was a great thing and so I played it for a very very long time. Integrate it again in Xenonauts 2 with more boosts.
  5. Hm... the Story don´t change from the first Xenonauts (and the integrated Storybook there were very nice to read), but in Xenonauts 2 you get more information as well as an more detailed story. And what we heard from the Developers the Aliens have infiltrated us already incl. humans are working for them. So the Titel I would chose from the voting sytem are only 2 possible: Alien Infiltration and Enemy Hidden The Second sounds the best, because we already have enemys under us which are working in the shadow and hidden against us.
  6. You can Upgrade the Transports and Fighters in the Game, if you have the reaserched Tech. And the Transport is used for getting Supplys, transport buyed Equipement, bring new Personal to Base etcpp. The Transport is used for much more things as only for transport your soldiers to a Mission. But back to topic: The soldier inventory today has a Backpack too, because it transports your other Materials for the field. In Xenonatus 1 and 2 you have there secondary Amunation, the First Aid Kit and if needed some Explosive Agents in the Backback. If you make it right, your soldier don´t loose Time Units, you have only to watch the wight he / she can transport. More than easy. I loved it in the first Xenonauts to take a bit more Ammo or have an Explosive with me for stronger Enemys which where bulletproof at the beginning. After the explosion you weaked them and could get them down after a while. And my soldiers had every time full TU´s.
  7. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 Base System Discussion Thread

    I like the sidebase more, because you have animated People, Monitors etcpp. (the Pionier of that is the new XCom-Series). I played all old series with top down views of that gerne (all old X-Com Games, Ufo Extraterestials, Xenonauts 1 as well as the ofsetgames still in Development UFO: Alien Invasion and some more I forgott) and must say, take the Side view. The old Games with that top down view were good for her times, but if you wanna Peploe play the Games take the Side view with animated people which are doing her work, making sports etcpp. now. I don´t know what View Mr. Gollop uses for his new game (I forget the name every time), but I think he will use side view too with a little rotation of the camera.
  8. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    The first thing was to integrate the missing Points from first Xenonauts: - the now unlocked things as well as the new feature which is replacing the canceld things from Xenonauts 1 - if I could vote (but I couldn´t about the sh..... Googlething and woulnd´t about it) i had voted for the Ochestra as 5th Goal - Moddingsupport had normaly set after the Weathersituations and Rieper Hives, because the last 2 Things give the Game more action But it is what it is now, and Chris said on Kickstarter that if the Early Acces Sells goes well we will get more of the Stretch Goals from Kickstater later. In my Opionon it will be: Weahtersituations, Rieper Hives and extended Modding Support; if we get lucky a better Music and Soundtrack too
  9. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    We all hope that more Founding Money for the Game is comming in. In the last 2 Days the 2 Day Backers get 2 more 500 Bucks and 10 more 200 Bucks Foundings open. So I think some of allready Backers will grap this or the 12 additional high Foundings will graped as in the first 24 Hours. But we will see.
  10. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    I didn´t noticed that on UFO Afterlight. Had played it for a long time, but never noticed. If it were tested the first time it was a quantum jump in that Gerne. The new XCom series had only the first 1, not the 2nd, build in. But that´s all snow of yesterday. We will get the possibly best of that 2 Points in Xenonauts 2 and Phoenix Point in some month.
  11. That sounds good. I loved the Backpack in Xenonauts 1 and that´s a Standard equipment for every Soldier. Today we use a Backpack in every Army since it comes anything new.
  12. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

    That system is better than the old one. You can like it or hate it. The old 2D System like in the old X-Com Titels and UFO-Extraterestials / Xenonauts 1 is out of date. With the new System "Endersblade call it Clone" you have more and better posibilitys to integrate Updates / Upgrades etc. for the Rooms and so on. And the Cargo Vehicle is upgradeable to get higher speed, better protection etc with the Alien-Tech. And if you get more new Techs you build up a much more Modern one like in Xenonauts 1. The old style has extremly disadvanteges, so the Devolopers are makeing Xenonauts 2. If Xenonauts 1 hadn´t extremly disadvanteges in the Base Builing etcpp. the People would play it for the next 100 years.
  13. I think it will be like in the new XCom / XCom2 Series with following differences: a) You have Armors which are upgradable with more protection (instead of a normal Slot from XCom / XCom 2) b) You have Weapons which can be upgraded to a better version every time (XCom 2 uses it in an another form, wich you can´t use it anymore without a Bonus) c) You have Slots for a Medipak, a Pistol and / or Grenade or Grenades (like in XCom / XCom 2 only better) d) other things I have forgotten
  14. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    About the technologys i have a question. Can you only research 1 of them or can you research all of them? I ask, because I like to equip my soldiers in a mix of all and the upgraded Variants of the Standardweapons will come to a point of useles in the Game, like in other Games.
  15. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    Yeah Stretch Goals 1, 2 and 3 are done. The 4th is coming in on Kickstarter. We will get now following objects in Xenonauts 2, which aren´t / couldn´t implemented in Xenonauts 1: - Modular Weapons / Armors (Stretch Goal 1) [the feature which is asked mostly for, esp. for big Mods which are played in Xenonauts 1; XCom / XCom 2 brings that in; in all other UFO-Games of that art not / not good enough] - Geoscape Situations (Stretch Goal 2) [next interesting Feature to bring in unforseen events in Xenonauts 2; an other asked and missing Feature in Xenonauts 1; XCom / XCom 2 already has it in an other form] - Locational Injures (Stretch Goal 3) [a very interesting Feature, which isn´t inplemented in all existing UFO-Games of that art today; Xenonauts 2 will be the first game which implements that in] - MARS Weapon Platform & Sentry Guns (Strech Goal 4, which will be ready financed in time) [a very good compromise for the canceld Tanks / Vehicles from Xenonauts 1] The other Stretch Goals 5 [Additional Community Edition & Modding Support], 6 [Weather Conditions] and 7 [Reaper Hives] will be integrated in some way. Maybe it will be updated from the Early Acces and normal sellings with big Updates and Patches like in the first game.