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  1. Alienkiller

    First Terror mission CTD

    From what Version is that?
  2. Alienkiller

    [16.1] Geoscape] New research

    It´s a nice research and the Info from it is very good. Evtl. we can use it as a Technology Profileration or something else.
  3. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Bayonett12, that could be. But my Expierence in the old Games 30 to 14 Years ago of that or a similar Gerne (dosen´t matter you play on MSDOS or MSWindows), were that you don´t get rewarded. But Xenonauts 2 will have Steam-Rewards. One we Testers have already (Welcome to Earth). There are atm 17 Steam-Rewards, but ingame Rewards you won´t get. I and all others never get Ingame Rewards in X-Com: EU, X-Com: TftD, X-Com: Interceptor, X-Com: Apocalypse and the Shooter X-Com: Enforcer (all of them are that you don´t get ingame rewards) as well as in UFO: Extraterestials, UFO-After-Row, the Fanproject UFO: Alien Invasion and other Fanprojects like Open X-Com / Open Apoc. I´m sure there will be an Steam Reward for the Gamers which play with Looting, with Safety and with a mix of Both like in the new XCOM-Row (XCOM EU / EW, XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC and XCOM Chimera Squad) as well as Phoenix Point Steam Rewards.
  4. Alienkiller

    MARS Missing SMG?

    Exactly MrAlex. There are 2 Options for the Mars: 1a) The Main Gun and Smoke (Standard) 1b) The Main Gun and SMG (Refit 1) 1c) The Main Gun and Rangefinder (Refit 2) 2) The Rocket Launcher and Smoke Generator (Maximum Rocket-Refit)
  5. Alienkiller

    Laser Rifle Balance

    I tested Lasers after I had it. They are better then the Ballistics or accelared Ballistics. Yep the first laser Generation is not so hard then the second Generation, Plasma or the other Weapons between.
  6. Alienkiller

    Found few game breaking bugs on terror missions

    Without the Version-Number the Devs can´t work. Is it V.15. to V.15.x, V.16, V.16.1 or V.16.2?
  7. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Bayonett12, in all similar Games I have played before the new XCOM-Series and Xenonauts 2 that was the only Playstile. There were other hardcoded Limitations in it, which you can´t see. So the Stress-System for Xenonauts 2 as well as the new XCOM-Series / Phoenix Point is a nice and overall better Option. It´s readable in an In-Game-Description in all of the Games. And in Xenonauts 2 it get explained in the Tutorial when the Tutorial is ready. In the old X-Com-Series (esp. X-Com: EU, X-Com: TftD as well as X-Com: Interceptor) and UFO Extraterestials that was only Looting as much the one and only Playstile. Esp. in the Midgame / Endgame you had to sell Things to balance your Money. In the old X-Com-Series (the first deputy of that Gerne) the Money Defizit / done Points in the Monthly Reports was an Hardcoded Limiter too, because an other Explenation ins´t possible. In the 14 Years old UFO Extraterestials it is the Energy-Level from the Alien-Mothership over Earth, which the smaller Ships (and the Battleship is one such a small one) have to earn on the only other Planet where the Humans get feet on. Only in one of the old X-Com-Series the Devs tested an upgrade to that (X-Com: Apocalypse), but the Limiters were the same. Either you won the Game or lost it. So I could explain your thoughts without getting agressive. Now about 20 Years later (+/- some years from the last official Games in that Playstile UFO ET / X-Com: Interceptor), there can be done more in the Refits from the Originals. With the maximum 3 Playstiles I have anounced the Storyline can better integrated. Therefore I love the new XCOM-Series, Phoenix Point and Xenonauts 2. Here you see the official Limiters (Panic / Alien-Plan or such) directly from Beginning on. And in Every Game you have a Stress-Level integrated. Either in the direct Confrontation (you can´t move and die etc.) or in the inderect Confrontation (like here or the new XCOM-Series / Phoenix Point).
  8. Alienkiller

    [16.1] Geoscape Incorrect descriptions

    Yep, atm we don´t get an penalty for overstoraging. But that will change during Development like other cool things like the must have Break-Times for Soldiers and similar things.
  9. Alienkiller

    [16.1] Geoscape Incorrect descriptions

    That´s with your Storage Capacity is . In my Base it shows xxx / 1.000 Storage used. 1.000 is the Maximum from 1 Storage-Building.
  10. Alienkiller

    [v 16.1 Ground combat] Army of Reapers

    Hope that´s fixed in V.16.2. Because if you destroy the Cocon (like in XCOM 2 / XCOM 2 WotC) the Reapers in there will die. That was mentioned from the Devs here too if I have that correctly in Mind.
  11. Alienkiller

    Night Vision

    Yep EurekaSeven, there will come more Gameplayparts, Upgrades or so earlyer or later in the Development (like the Tutorials and so on). Don´t worry about that.
  12. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Thanks EurekeaSeven. Good Explained from your sight. We don´t wanna punish a Gamer or Reward him / her for doing more officially. The Gamers should have the possibility to navigate the Storyline, esp. in the Midgame and Endgame with that more or less. Like I said with the right ballance everybody wins and there could be several Routes to win the Game with it. The thinking from that will be the following to make the Storyline for all types of Players more interessting: 1. The Hardcore-Players which will do an rotating Crashsites-Recovery of X1 without delegations. Let them do it if they want. They get more Material, but have a big Army-, Transports-, Vehicle-, and Fighter-Cost every month. Evtl. they ballance with selling Artifacts (like in X1) the monthley Costs a little bit and can with evtl. produced Equipment make use of R & D for the own Soldiers. But they have then low Money for the Buildup, Upgrading etc. from more Bases / Outposts. 2. The careful Players [like me] which not doing every Crashsite to hold my people back for Important Missions (Alien-Bases, Terror-Sites, Special Missions etc.) and get more Money with Delegate some of the Missions (belongs on the Stress-Level) from small, medium and big UFO´s. Therefore the Player can Buildup more Bases and Outposts as well as produce more Upgrades for the Soldiers, Vehicles and Bases. 3. Maybe there are Hybrid-Gamers too, which uses both Alternatives in a very good ballance. With that 3 Types of Gamers the Game get more Playability and Options to navigate the Storyline, esp. in the Midgame and Endgame.
  13. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Good to hear Chris. Everybody wins (you can do every Crash Site if you want, or goes the new Way) that give many differnt Options for the Middle and End-Game.
  14. Alienkiller

    Research Queue

    Some Researches of Living Aliens are in the Game already (Sebillians and Cesans).
  15. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Aircraft & Air Combat

    After playing the new Versions and upgrading the X-25 Angel Interceptors an Idea is rising. Is it possible to refit the Aircraft-Hull etc. in a newer Version then desmiss the Aircraft and Pilot? Like X-25 to the next better Version of such an Multi-Role-Aircraft.