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  1. Yes, I noticed that too. Maybe the Text or new Text isn´t ready yet.
  2. Alienkiller

    Flashbang Captures

    Yep Flashbangs are only for Desorientation. Like in Reality they don´t stun anyone, only disorient with Sound, Flashlight etc.
  3. Defenitly X-Devision. Some of that improvements are already in the Beta (like Magnetic Weapon-Upgrades), but the improvements for the Vests are still missing.
  4. Alienkiller

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    The Game have good graphics. Look at the Screens and Vids on the Webpage. The same with the Graphics you could say for Xenonauts or Xenonauts 2. It´s not the Graphic what the Game make a Game. There are other things, which are more importent, because the best PC / Console or whatever dosen´t work with the highest Graphics (I know that, because I belong such a PC) if the Game dosen´t have the following Points: a) A good Storyline which tells the full Game (like Xenonauts, Xenonauts 2, UFO ET, UFO2ET, X-Com-Series, Wing Commander-Series, KotoR 1 / 2, Doom and many others) from the beginning to the End b) If it´s a Game without a Storyline you need a fully open World-World Concept (like GTA, World of Warcraf and such) / a historian Concept (like Hearts of Iron 4) as well as many DLC´s c) most games have a mix of them, where you have a good Storyline and Open World Components / histoian Concepts, which you can pause the Storyline and make many Sidequests (like Battletech and the still in Development Squardron 42) d) good Sound (Speech, Explosions etc.) and Music which belongs to the Game (Hearts of Iron 4, Doom, World of Warcraft) e) the Game have to be Modable if possible (like Hearts of Iron 4, Motorsport Manger, XCom 2) with it´s good Soundpacks, Musikpacks, Gameimprovements which means the Modders help the Devs and reverse f) good playability with Mouse, Joystick, Keyboard etc. g) 90% or more Bugfree in the Points above mentiond You see Graphics get needed, but are on second or third position. We all have seen many Games which gets the best Graphics but weren´t playable. Such Games get called: "Shopkeeper", because they are nice to have but not played about unplayability. And it dosen´t matter how much small, medium and big Patches the "Shopkeepers" get, they are still unplayable. Such Games I have too at Home, but Good thanks only on CD´s / DVD-Versions.
  5. In the final Game it would make sense to have automaticly Cards for the Biome you fight (Landingsites for UFO´s, shot down UFO´s, etc.). For the Beta-Tests they are enough atm to test the Groundfights and such. But for the Early Access and for the Final Game more Cards from the Bioms should be there. Every Groundfight should be a Challange for your Troops.
  6. Thank´s Chris for that Fix. That should make the Groundfights fair.
  7. Alienkiller

    [6.2 - Battle] T-Posing Wraiths

    Yes, that the pink things I meant in the other Pink-Panzer-Threat!
  8. Alienkiller

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    TrashMan that´s not only in UFO AI. UFO Extraterestials from 2007 and it´s Gold-Version had the Same. Before you could get UFO-Technology you had to dissasemble the UFO´s first. But there it is a normal Research Project. After that you can Research the internals like UFO-Structures (Walls, Engines, Weapons etc.) and Electronics (Computers, Wires, Pipes, etc.). I find your Ideas good. That would bring in more cool Geoscape Stuff what the Game need. There are similar Geoscape Missions already build in (Kill Infiltrator, Recrut Scientists / Workers or get Money instead, etc.). Why not, we could test that researches in the last Beta or an early Early Acces Status. Belongs on the Devs how they could bring that in. Btw. We could get an other Rival too, because UFO2ET isn´t dead yet. Only one Version of the Game (Chaos Concept worked on 2) is canceld. The Game is called now only UFO2Extraterestials: Battle for Mercury! Release should be this year too, if the Information on the Website is correct.
  9. Alienkiller

    (6.1 Ground Combat) Pink Panzers!!

    Yep, there are Pink Areas in Version 6.x. Had that on a Scout UFO-Site last time.
  10. Alienkiller

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    They are only 5 Persons and worked on 2 Versions of the Game. But with only 5 People that´s impossible. The normal Version from UFO2Extraterestials: Battle for Mercury is a much better Version from UFO Extraterestials playing on Earth. There will be new Graphics, an optimised Playstile, Special Weapons, Help from the Police and Armyforces etc. All that things, which couldn´t implemented in the 2007 Game UFO Extraterestials and the Gold-Version. The second Version with more implementations called UFO2Extraterestials: Shadows over Earth is announced to be completly Canceld. For what Reasons we don´t know. There should be come im more implementations for the Soldiers, more Army- and Navyforces etc. My personal Thinking is, that implementations were to much and overfilled the oversight for the Player. If the Release-Date from Battle for Mercury-Version (UFO2ET) is correct it will come in the same Stage as Xenonauts 2 Early-Access in Fall or Winter 2019.
  11. Alienkiller

    UFO design

    Yep such Weapons have to come in too. One Game gets such Weapons in too, called UFO Extraterestials. If I remember me correctly the Explosives could penetrate the UFO Hulls too, esp. the Big ones from Alien-Tech. And if UFO2ET is coming out (have seen that Fall 2019 is on the Webpage from Chaos Concept as the latest Release-Date after 13 Years of Development), more such Weapons will come out like Grenade Launchers and such.
  12. Alienkiller

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    You can do that, but then the interresting Part of the Game goes away. The Player should choose the Research-Projects. When he / she will Autopsy the Aliens to get Stun-Weapons or better Ammo, etc.? Or resarch an UFO first to get better Parts for Fighters and Soldier-Armors, etc.? Or first better Human Technology to upgrade your existing Technology first? Like in old X-Com / new XCom and all other Clones from that like UFO Extraterstials we have played, we ever could choose the Resarch-Path. The most interresting thing is a Research-Combination (like in X-Com Terror from the Deep) where you had to choose the correct Reserach Way to get better Technology. If you choose wrong, you had to play from beginning on or an Save which is untuched. But for what we have I-Net today. 1994 / 1995 where TftD was comming out you had to use the Try & Error-Way. But you could ever choose the Research manually.
  13. Alienkiller

    UFO design

    That would be very interesting to get 3 Armor level of UFO´s. It´s the same Material but advanced. That could makes the Research & Development much more intersting. Light Armors (but only with X3 breachable): Scouts and other light Ufos Medium Armor (you need 2 X3´s for Breach): medium Ships like Destroyer, light Cruiser, Transportships Heavy Armor (Heavy Guns and new Explosivs): all heavy and superheavy UFO´s
  14. Alienkiller

    UFO Recovery & Dissasembly

    Kaiphus_Kain UFO Cores were normal Research Projects in X1 and in the not timed-limited Beta-Version for X2 from 2.x or 3.x since 6.0. After that UFO-Researches and Autopsies get automated in X2-Beta. Since the Betas comes out the Backers can test the Game. So I like the Autopsy-Research and UFO-Research manualy back again. But I think it was automated for other Tests and will be manually again in Early-Acces.
  15. OK that´s a good Point for the LMG and Sniper. Then you should have more TU´s to get in a new Cover after you shot with your Sniper. What the LMG belongs there should be more Shots in 1 Burst and 2 Bursts for the TU´s about the lesser Acurracy.