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  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I had the same Realistion-time for that highlited Text-Link. If it´s better highlited like in Civilization or similar Games it´s much faster to understand.
  2. Yeah, Autosave is strange in the Public Beta, esp. in the Ground-Combat.
  3. That´s strange. I didn´t had that Issues in my Tutorial-Game-Tests. Everything worked normal as it should.
  4. @Chris and Dev-Team: Very nice Public Demo. Esp. with the now integrated Tutorial and the whished Communication between the Main-Chars to give more Life to the Game. Very good integration: Tutorial. Tested it several Times and find that it works very good. I haven´t found Failures in there. Not so funny: In Ground Missions the Autosaves let you beginn in the Transport again. Dosen´t matter what Autosave you used. Not so funny: The Conversations between the Main-Chars are to fast and not readable. There have to be adjusted that the Gamer can pause them and read them in it´s own speed. That´s the Points I have found out in my short Testing.
  5. I like to use backer Soldiers too. You get more close bonds on them, which hurts hard if one of them die or get heavy wounded in Ground-Combat.
  6. Sadly Ruggerman, the Bot comes back with differnt Names. The only thing I can do is to inform, where it comes up and how many Pages it have taken.
  7. Haven´t testet that yet, but if it have that Effect, then it have already 2 effects.
  8. Tail UFO is usefull. In old X-Com (EU / TftD / Interceptor) f. e. that Option gives you the possibility to be in the Near and wait for Assistance. In Xenonauts 2 that Option have an similar effect. An big Effect that Option will have later on, after the missing Features from the Geoscape come in. The Tail UFO until over Land should be understandable from beginning on. That Option let the Interceptors wait to shoot the UFO down over Land either to make an Ground-Combat Version or getting Salvage-Money from the Country-Military.
  9. And that Asian (maybe Chinese) Bot is there again. Atm. it have 20 to 21 Sides of Off-Topic written with useless Stuff again.
  10. The Aircraft-Lasers are removed since V.25, therefore you will get the Gauss-Cannon later.
  11. Thanks asdfcyber. Exactly that Bots I mean. They have differnt Names, but create the same Post from what I can see.
  12. Skitso, without the Battlefield-Parts you can catch or look into, the Game would only half done. Not all is useable at the first look. But you can use it for anything else (like Tech-Upgrades, Weapon-Upgrades, Row-Materials or whatever later on). In UFO 2 ET you can use the Alien-Weapons after Research, but only that you find on the Battlefield. You can´t rebuild them. In new XCOM you get the Weapons as Raw-Materials (don´t remember the Name for it) to build up other Things or for Upgrades. In old XCOM-Row you can use the Alien-Weapons after Research and Rebuild them (OK it´s only Plasma or Sonic) but the Ammo is very limited. In Phoenix Point you have to make a good friendship between the 3 Habitats to get the Technology from them and Upgrade your own Technology with their Knowleadge (like Human-Upgrades etc.) Where I give you right is that the Main-Chars (Main-Tech, Main-Scientist, Main-Operator) in the Game come to short. We have to wait and see what comes in more from them. Chris said already, that there are Game-Parts which will bring the Main-Chars a big step nearer to the Player. The Tutorial is one of them.
  13. I wait for V.26 atm. Much have done in V.25-Versions incl. a lot of Bugfixes. Thanks to the Newbis, which have seen the Bugs and Problems we others have overseen or not noticed about the incapacity from long Testing from the first Beta on.
  14. Please stop the Bot. It has used 10 Sides and the End of that one from the Off-Topic with the same Chinese Bot-Scrap.
  15. The Maps sadly still have some Fields, which causes that Problem. You as Player / Tester can´t do anything to avoid that, esp. when the Dropship lands on such an Field. Then you can only try to finish that Mission with the remaining Soldiers, until the Problem is solved from the Developers.
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