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    Xenonauts-2 July 2021 Update!

    Thanks Chris for this new monthly Update. Sounds good again like all Monthly Updates before. Yes, it have many Jobsites left, but I personaly think that the new Beta-Version V.21 will be an big Hammer for all of us with many Refits, Improvements, cool tested Stuff like the Orbital Bombardement etc. and secret Stuff we don´t know yet. Therefore I can wait longer, dosen´t matter how long it took. I personaly can´t understand why the People don´t wanna have Quality. Like some on Steam, which have only Newspapers in their Brain [one of them is blaming UFO 2 ET too, which is there in the Base-Game-Variant]. Instead they wanna have Quantity and then they are disappointet if they have to use 20+ Patches and buy Minimum 5 DLCs which make the Base-Game-Quality and 6+ DLCs to get an Refit in the Base-Game-Quality. You and your Team are doing a great Job and I´m happy to be a Part of the Founding- and Beta-Testing-Crew. That the Game looks finaly better then in the Protoype-Kickstarter-Pictures [which is the same since longer Time for U-Boat], is fully natural. If you need for an perfect Base-Game 1 or 2 more Years incl. Cloesed-Beta, Open-Beta and Early Access, then take the Time. It´s better to have an Game with Quality, high sellings and lesser Patches, like the UFO 2 ET-Devs / new XCOM-Devs did it in the Base-Game-Variant, then to have a 2 or 3 Year programmed Quantity Game, which is unplayable.
  2. Alienkiller

    Should I buy a DVD player again?

    If you buy something, much more an Blue-Ray one, which can use both (DVDs and Blue-Rays). Some of the good nostalgic Movies you don´t get on the Stream-Services (Netflix, Prime, Disney+ etc.). Sky is an Alternate, but if you use all Parts it can be very expensive. I know that, because I use all 3 Streaming-Services for Series, Movies, Dokus etc. and Sky Sports for Motorsport.
  3. Alienkiller

    [20.1 Shield] Assault

    That´s not unusual in Beta-Versions. But if a buildable Shield / Shieldupgrade were already in, then that Bug have to be corrected for the next big Version.
  4. Alienkiller

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    The Reviews are 50 / 50. I like the new Stuff which get in UFO2ET, as the Stuff get in Xenonauts 2. Both Games bring in serveral new Features, which the Competitors don´t have in their Games. The Differences from both directly comperable Games are in 2 Points not much (the Upgrade from Planes with Weapons and Shields or the Upgrade from Ground-Vehicles with Weapons and Armor), in other Parts however very different (like the Armor-Upgrades for Soldiers or existing Weapon-Refits). Where do you think the Similarity from all that Games come from? Yes from the old and new XCOM-Row, which brought the Ground-Base. All Games of that and other Gernes take the best of the Groundbase and overwork / refit / change them. If not, we wouldn´t have Games since about 25 Years. I don´t have a Problem with it, because Competitors activate the Business and the Brain, esp. in the Game-Industry. I know too that some People say that UFO2ET isn´t good with the Ground-Base, but it have secrets in it, which only have to be done fully from the Devs. The Problem was / is, that UFO2ET need minimum 2 more years to integrate them, but the Gamers wanna play the Base-Version. In that Case the Gamers have the Base-Version and have to life with it until the DLC comes out (either as a big one or several mediums step by step). But therefore the Devs work on the Platinum-Edition for UFO 1 ET [which get played and buyed very often, but still have many Problems in the existing Versions (Standard and Gold)] with the new excellent Features from UFO2ET (an modernised R & D-Tree, more Enemys, better Groundfights, better useable Secondary-Bases, upgraded Graphics etc.) incl. Modernisations for the Win 10 / 11 operation System with 64 Bit, which will be for all of us the Systems we have to use earlyer or later. The older Systems, but not officiall Updated Operations Systems from Microsoft anymore (Win 7, 8, 8.1) will be still assisted, but then only the 64 Bit Version about several Reasons.
  5. Alienkiller

    Game Stops Spawning UFO's

    Like said in an other Post, the Game have the Beginn-Part and first Middle-Part done. The second half of the Game is in WIP and comes when it´s ready. We can playtest until August / September / Oktober or so, then your Testrun is done for the Moment, esp. after you done the Alien-Outpost. That Test-Limiter will come earlyer or later in that Month-Time atm, until more Game-Partes are ready for testing.
  6. We can playtest for a limited time [August / September or so] then the UFOs don´t spawn up anymore. That the Devs already mentioned. After the second half of the Game is done [the secondhalf Midgame-Part and full Endgame-Part] then a fully Playtest is possible.
  7. Alienkiller

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    That UFO 2 Extraterestials have some Problems is well known. All Games have Parts which get working better or worser. It get 2 small / medium Patches already for the Base-Game. If you would have read my Post before yours then I said already that Chaos Concept (the Devs from UFO 1 ET [Standard, Gold and after the Refit Platinum Edition] and UFO 2 ET) make DLCs for UFO 2 ET after the Refit from UFO 1 ET. UFO 2 ET features many Things that were 5 Years+ from all Competitors unthinkable. Like Upgrading our existing Ammonutions-Technology and like Xenonauts 2 shows up Upgrading our existing Weapons- and Armor-Technology for Example. And UFO 2 ET brings in more Content, which is much more Realistic like the Attack- / Defensive-Systems from the Bases and Ships (realtime Fights with the Fighters / Helis). And that the Aliens are hard to beat with our Technology is well known too. See Indenpence Day and other Movies and in all Games which are there already. Chaos Concept had more in already in the 8 Year+Test-Versions, but like it is in Xenonauts 2 or other Games the Alpha- and Beta-Testers show the Devs what is working and possible. All other Things will get cut or if they get lucky outsourced for DLCs and / or bigger Patches. To say it´s a bad Game makes me and all others very angry. If I and others read such an Comment about Devs which work realy hard and with heartbeet on such a Storyline-Project, we would like to catch that writer (doesn´t matter male, female or Gender) and knock the Head of the Writer with fully power on the Wall to activate the intellectuall Power. The same upcomming angry I have too about Movies about real Happaning (like Miracle Season: her greatest win or what is it called in English) which brings Sportsmen and Sportwomen Tears in the Eyes about the Tragedy, not only the Normalos. There I read an similar Criticsm from an so called Movie-Expert and get . I wouldn´t like to be in his / her shoes.
  8. Alienkiller

    [V20.1] - Missing armour after combat

    Short said: It’s become one with the Soldier. Like a hot T-Shirt with your Front and Rear Torso.
  9. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts 2: Soldiers & Vehicles

    The Game is still in Development and not all Features/ Implementations etc. are in yet or the already Tested ones get upgraded. We Betatesters announced the same suggestion with more Ammunition-Variants for the Weapons, especially the Standard, Accellerated and Gauss. Yeah good Eyes. The AI is in that not where we wanna have it. The Devs and Betatesters working on it with several other Job-Sites.
  10. Alienkiller

    [V20.1] - Missing armour after combat

    The Armor get destroyed fully when a Soldier dies. It’s the same Feature like in old and new XCOM. that get announced in the V.20-Version-Entry and was somewhere in the Forum from Chris.
  11. You mean something like in new XCOM-Series. There it make Sense, but not in Xenonauts. Maybe there come some Weapon-Upgrades like Grenade-Thrower, Night-Vision or something, which is doable like the Upgrades from Standard-Human-Weapons to Accelerate ones.
  12. Alienkiller

    Alien lethality possibly too high?

    That’s realistic what happens to your soldiers. I have no Problems with them. Use cover, kneeling your Soldiers, use the MARS-Vehicle, light and heavy Armor and different Weapons. Then all Parts of the Game can be done very easy. You will have casualties with wounds or deaths. That’s fully normal, doesn’t matter you play old or new X-COM, Fan-Projects, Xenonauts 1, Xenonauts 2 in all Versions, Phoenix Point or such. It’s not the Game, it’s the Player on the Control which decides life or death.
  13. When it’s ready for open Beta, which it isn’t yet.
  14. That´s an old bug, we had this several times too in several Month-Changes (Jan to Feb, Feb to March etc.). Will be done in an Hotfix in the next time (hopfully). Or the Devs working on the next bigger Version (V. 21 with several more bugfixes already).
  15. Alienkiller

    Ground Combat - Will UFOs Land?

    That UFO ET / UFO 2 ET have already, with the Damage in UFOs, Ground, Buildings etc. on Crash-Sites. As well as some Surprises more. I don´t have played the new Version of Xenonauts 2 yet, but from what I read and hear it goes in the right direction.