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  1. Yep had the same Problem after the Harbor-Attack (light Terror-Mission). There my MARS destroyed themself too.
  2. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    @stewpidbear: That Worldsituation is what it is. A normal natural selection from Mum Earth to reduce humanity to a normal level. Mum Earth is only doing her natural Selection. That she has done in 1919 with the Spanish Flu or the black death in M. A. I´m in Home Quarantene too for the next 2 Weeks because I came from a Cruise Trip which was canceld. So I know your Situation very good. And I know many People which can´t work, because they have a company or working in a company which are not primary (like Healty, Police etc.). Some of us working in the secondary (like Recycling, Game Devs, News, TV etc.) which can work and Game Devs can work from Home Office if possible. Paradox for Example is doing Home Office if Possible. The Rest is working in the tertiary (like Massage Salons, Fighting Shools, fashion Stores etc.) which can´t work or only with Live-Videos / Online Bundle-Sells. Most People I know are working in this Part. So I know exactly what your fear is. We all don´t know how long this is going. But Fear is the worst Case you can do now. Chill is the best you can do now and that brings us back to topic. Chris and all the others from Goldhawk have to decide the next Step of Development. We will get Beta 13 as a big last Version only in Beta. And the Game will get DLC´s with not implemented things yet in the Main Version. We all can only give Tips to Goldhawk, but what you are doing is raising only Panic. And for such we don´t have time and Nerves. Bring in Ideas / realy significant proposals for the Game or shut up.
  3. Alienkiller

    [V.12.1] Beta

    You can´t scroll the Archive-Texts. After the List on the left side is full, you can´t read the new Text-Files after Research anymore. A Picture will follow, after the Bottom is reached.
  4. Alienkiller

    Geoscape Strategic War

    Yeah, that´s what the Game need to get a good playtime for it. The already implemented Geoscape-Things like the Signal Uplinks and extra Buildungs for them to control more are great. That´s exactly what I mean in the March-Update from the promised things to lash the predecessor Xenonauts 1. And don´t forget the cool Stuff in Basebuildung like the transfer from the Mechanics from Workshop to Hangar, Training Center etc. / Scientists to Sick Bay (Hospital) and such Base-Buildings they needed. Such things will give the Waiters a Reason to buy the Game and esp. in Early Access Mode to bring in more Money for Development.
  5. Suggestion 2 is something that was good in the Predecessor. That´s an Thing we all would accept from the Predecessor without . Suggestion 3 would be something new and maybe the best thing we could use for Xenonaut 2. Personaly I would have the 3rd Variant. Variant 1 is the worst Case in the Beta. You can only equip Soldiers after you have a Second Dropship for that. Variant 2 we had in Xenonauts 1, which was nice and good, but it was to easy.
  6. Alienkiller

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Hi Chris and Goldhawk Team. Very Thanks for the new Gameversion Beta 12.1. I Play and Test it since the World Trips (which I was on 1) were fully canceld and all have to go home in their own 4 Walls. I like the Version and esp. the new implementations on the Geoscape. And it´s very good to hear, that all of you working on the Game in that World-Corvid-19-Crissis. That the best thing we all can do not to get and . It´s nice to hear that you Chris get new blood in your family. A Child is something lovely and stewpindbear is right, because the first 2 or 3 Years are very sleepless. I see it by my cousine and my niece. Now 2 Things in your March Update I and some others will disagree. First: Don´t get a Publisher. They are only Moneymakers and you wouldn´t get your game fully finalised. See Electronic Arts and her Games (like the newest one Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order). Soluton: Better ask us Betas for some more Money, if you need it. Or you will go to Early Access after the Game on Geoscape, Basemanaging and Ground Fights are working fully stable. Second: Don´t go back to the old UFO-Designs. We already have enough X1-Refits and many People are saying that X2 is the same as X1. The Base Management and Basebulding is such an example. At the Moment we Betas can explain some things on Steam and other Forums where Xenonauts 2 get discussed, but not for long anymore. Solution: Get in the promised Things from Kickstarter and on the Website here like you announced. The new promised Things are like the new UFO-Design we play or the new Geoscape Options we test already. And not to forget the new Basemanaging things (like we testet before Verson 9 following) with the Managenent of Personal. It has to come as fast as possible before Early Access beginn. The Base-Solution-Change from the cool looking Atlas Base they accepted in the Discussions, after some of us could explain that to them in Steam and other Platforms. But don´t take a toll on your luck for that, because many of the Waiters are thinking not to buy Xenonauts 2. That´s whay if only more refits from X1 are comming (like the UFO-Change to the old Design Goldhawk thinking of) the Early Access get not the wished effect. And the Publishers will give you the same Answer. They know what Goldhawk promissed and if they give Devs and Money for the Project they will bring in the promised things. Maybe some more new Ideas, if you get Lucky. In the Worst Case-Scenario the Publisher gives Goldhawk the Order to make a complete new Gamedesign, which means the 4 or 5 Years of Development already and all the Beta-Tests and Beta-Versions were for Scrap. Sadly to say that but that´s the Fact. Both Alternatives are risky, but if I were Goldhawk I would take the Early Access Option after Beta 13 or Beta 14 with the new Geoscapethings and an useable Base-Management incl. Personal Management.
  7. Alienkiller

    training center

    Little Kids, which can´t wait. That´s the Reason why the World is going down, because they wan´t everything at once. I don´t know. I´m using 1 Base and the others are Interceptor-Bases.
  8. Alienkiller

    training center

    It´s noot working atm. You can buildt it, but it has no effect yet. In Version 12 missing or not working Features should cone in.
  9. That´s all BETA-Status, so we Beta Testers have Access. Until End of Beta Phase no Access for Public.Public Access gives it in the Early Acess Version, but that´s long in the Future.
  10. We will see. I´m enyoing every new Version of the Game, but one thing I miss very very hard. The cool ATLAS-Base with the cool 3D look from the Side. I hope that the Base-Build-System form the Predecessor which get brought in instead is only a makeshift. If the Beta-Testers don´t find anything the Devs made their job correctly and fixed everything we have found so far. Esp. the MARS-Vehicle which could still breach the UFO walls and some other things which aren´t working correctly, even though they should fixed already.
  11. Yes, Roxxed I aggree. But what you don´t know is, that some of the Systems we have testet in Beta 1 to Beta 7 or Beta 8 have done a lot of trouble. For example the Base had to be rotated back from the cool looking ATLAS-Base (and I love the new Design and missing it fully) from Kickstarter-Promise were tested from us Betas. In every small and big Patch the shown Kickstarter-Base (ATLAS-BASE) get upgrades, changes, bugfixes and so on. Nothing helped to solve the Problems. In that case the Community were asked and over 50 % decided to get an Base-Overwork. With that Overwork we get back the stable older Base-System (Base-Building and Base-Management) with new Graphics and the possibility to transfer Personal (like Scientists from the Lab to the Sickbay atm.). The fully possibilitys of that transfers we Beta-Testers could test in the former ATLAS-Base. Following upgrades to the old Base Managenment-System from X1 we could test in the prior ATLAS-BASE: 1. You can transfer your Personal: - Scientists from Lab to Sickbay and Back. Transfer Scientist to the Sickbay reduces the Healing-Time from Soldiers. - Technicans from Workshop to Generators as well as Radar and Back. Transfer Technicans to Generators give more Power and to Radar a better Radar-Functionality. - A training System for your Soldiers. 2. This transfer System we have for the upgraded old Base-Management-System too in Beta 9 and 10. Since Beta 11 you can´t see it. My thinking about that is, that there get more changes for that cool Implementation. Like more Possibilitys for the Technicans and Scientists. And the full missing Training System for Soldiers. Maybe we will get this in Beta 12 or 13 for a full Test. The Base-Management from the cool ATLAS-Base we saw in the first Betas were not the Problem. There were other Issues like Base-Attacks, Base-Defense Missions and such. Some Base-Management-System-Parts get transferd to the upgraded older and stable Base-Management-System (see Point 1). Maybe [only maybe] we will get such a cool announced Base-System on Kickstarter or an big rework on the now working Base system in an future DLC. The same Problem like the ATLAS-Base was with the Airfight-System, which should a completely new System like the ATLAS-Base. The Idea to make a Mix from the good old X-Com-Airfight-System or something familiar with some new Ideas were not bad. This system get upgraded, changed, bugfixed and so on like the ATLAS-Base. But the Airfight-System was to easy (because the Feeling from good old X-Com don´t came up) and the easy Micromanagement (like fast attack, long range Attack or such) were not there. You couldn´t say from where the Fighter / Fighters should attack, you hadn´t the possibility to attack the UFO-Backside and so on. In that Case the Devs decided to go Back to the older Airfight-System, without asking the Community. The totaly upgraded older fighter System is a cool feature and you can play it with the Mouse now. Maybe we will get an big overwork in an future DLC too. Last but not least the Geoscape and Base-Management. There we get the biggest rework from Development on, because the Devs have noticed the Problematic in X1 there. 1. Overtaken Things from X1: - Build secondary Bases over the World. Normaly you don´t need more then 4 if you build them up correctly. - Scan for UFO´s and Intercept them with your Fighter-Aircrafts. - Send your Troopship / Troopships from the Main Base to UFO-Crashsites and Terror Missions 2. New Things implemented for X2: - You have special Missions now, which you have to do in Time [atm only as Placeholder] on the Geoscape - You have now the new things [Orbital Bombardement, Signal Uplinks and 1 thing more] to get more Micromanagement for the Geoscape (atm Test-Phase). - You get in the Base-Management for Soldiers, Vehicles and Fighters the new Modular-Armor-System. With more of that comming! - You get in the Base-Management a new Research & Development-System [like Upgrades for existing Weapons and Airforce-Explosives like Rockets]. More is comming there too! - And much more I have forgotten in that new complete Development for Xenonauts 2. Missing Features will get in the next Betas and if all Main-Things (like the Modular-Systems, Special Missions and new Implementations on Geoscape etc.) workes correct and stable then we will get more Improvements of that in the Early Access-Versions. The Main-Improvement the Game get already is the Ground-Fight with a rotational Camera, a complete overwork of the Aliens, UFO´s, Soldiers, Transportvehicles and all other Subjects on the Maps. Esp. the Modular-System (wich will integrated to the AI-Helpers too), the new Improvments for the Fireworks (C-4) etc. and the new MARS-Support-Vehicle (and better Variants) are very cool. The Grenade-Launcher is a must have Weapon, which works good if it´s used correctly. And he is like the other Weapon-Tiers upgradeable (see XCom2).
  12. Alienkiller

    New Damage / Armour System

    That System what Chris wanna implement sounds good. A similar System were in the old X-Com Series and if I have that correctly in Mind in UFO Extraterestials. And if you wanna have the newest Example for such a System play Battletech. The Difference in Battletech is that the Hit-Chance-System is the other way around. Let´s beginn with the Damage Randomisation vs. Locational Damage: I like it, because it shows the Reality of Organig and Robotic Lifeforms which are build like a Human or Organic Alien. The Randomisation of the Damage Modifier is very good, because you can crunch, lay down or standing normal as a Human and Organic Alien. That explains very good the low Leg and Arm-Damage-Modifiers (x0,5) realy good. The best Points are the Front and Back-Torso, which get the normal Damage-Modifiers (x1). Head-Shots are in reality a gambling, which get the highest Damage-Modifier (x2). The locational Damage (Head, Arms, Torso, Legs) are fully correct too. We Humans and other Organic Lifeforms are on a similar Level. The Only Thing I would Change the Hit Chance. Head 15%, Legs 10%, Arms 15% and Torso is ok. Then the Armour HP: Sounds very good, we should try that in the next Beta-Version (V.12). Here I don´t have anything to attach. Atm the Armour HP aren´t there to get a damage reduction. Then the Resistances: Sounds good, the existing system feels like the one of the first Game. Like you already said, the Rebreather and Closed Helmets give a 100 % Ressistances. I would say we bring in the following 5 Types of Ressistances. More aren´t needed and make the Game much more interessting. 1. all types of Gases (f. e. Smoke, Stun) 2. all types of Fire (nothing more to say) 3. Kinetic Weapons (Knife, Rifels, Pistols etc.) 4. Energy Weapons (Laser, Plasma) 5. Electrical / EMP (Stun Rods, EMP-Weapons) Weapon Level & Armour Level: I make an example with the Starting-Armors and the Upgrade as well as with the Starting Weapons. If I understand that correctly it should be like the follwoing example. Starting Weapons: Standard-Starting-Weapons (equal) / Upgraded with the light Magnetion-Thing (30 % Damage Bonus) Starting Armor [Kevlar Suit]: Standard-Kevlar Suit with heavy Kevlar-Vest (- 60%) / Standard-Kevlar Suit with heavy Kevlar-Vest (- 30 %) / Standard-Kevlar Suit with upgraded heavy Kevlar-Vest (- 60%) Is that an correct example you mean with that Levels? Chris, bring such a System in the next Version (Beta 12), then we will see how it works in the Game for the Fighter-Aircrafts (Airfights) and Ground-Fights (Soldiers / Vehicles). Therfore we only can speculate. If we see how the system Works we can optimise it in the overnext Betas (Beta 13 and Beta 14) step by step.
  13. Some more Geoscape-Missions for the Signal-Uplinks and Proliferations were nice in the next big Beta-Version. That all is still a placeholder atm, but I like it, because it workes.
  14. Yeah, I have read the Alien Fleet Research several Times too in Version 11. I like it as it is, but can understand Chris Problem. What about this Idea: You can´t see the Alien Space Station because she have an special Cloaking Field. She is big, like the Mothership in UFO Extraterestials / UFO2Extraterestials, where the small and medium UFOs from the Alien Invasion Fleet getting started (Probes, Scouts, Destroyers, Harvesters and such). The big UFO´s have the same Cloacking Field (like Carriers, Battleships) like the Space Station. Your Chief-Scientist and all other Helpers can´t see the stations like Chris have wrote in the Alien Fleet Research because the Aliens have the Cloacking Field and can manipulate our Satelites and Obervations so we can´t find them. Like with the Radar-Coverage against the UFO´s which can only be seen with the Reflecting Particels on the Hull. But the Space don´t reflect about the non existing Atmosphere. After we get a special UFO in the middle Gamepart with his Crew (like an Harvester with special Upgrades or an fast Scout / Drone with special Upgrades) we get an Research-Improvement for our Radars and Observations. The Research Improvment will arise of the Alien-Crew-Interrogation, the previous technological Researches from UFO´s, Materials, Autopsies as well as Interrogations (the normal interrogations improves our understanding from the Alien-Language more and more). Oh one more thing. Chris you asked for more Research-Improvements. If you make Interrogations you could get from the Soldiers / Technicans Informations about upgrading your Weapons, Armors, Fighters, Transports etc. and from Scientists / etc. Informations about other Improvments I don´t remember. To get all this Informations and to make the Game much more interessting you have to capture some of the Aliens alive (Caseans-Scientist, Caseans-Technicans, Caseans- / Reptilian-Soldiers etc.). Here some Examples: - Like normal Guns, normal Guns with the light Magnetic-Upgrade, Laser Weapons to Magnetic Weapons on Alien-Tech (which will get the Farmers and all others too). - Like Starting-Fighter with the Modules, Foxtrott with same Modules as an replacement based on researched Basic-Alien-Technology; later we can research a new Fightertype after we get the Informations from the normal Aliens and other important Researches for that. My Opionion about that is the following: - Autopsies: You get the minimum Informations about the Aliens and the Classifications (like it is now) - Probe: Informations about the smallest UFO (like it is now); after segmentation you can research the Alien-Materials (like it is now); all other Objects get into the Storage, because you can´t research them yet (only with later interrogation-Informations) - Scout / Improved Scout: Information about the 2 light improved UFO´s like the Probe (like it is now); after segmentations you get the second and third research (like it is now I think); all other Objects get into the Storage, because you can´t research them yet (only with later interrogation-Informations) - Magnetic Weapons: Information about the first Alien-Weapons and the improvement for our Standard-Weapons (like it is now); with more R & D incl. Interrogations and the Help from the Military Forces and the founding Countrys we are able to build our own Magnetic Weapons which get the second big Breakthrough for Humanity in the Fight against the Alien Threat. - Laser Weapons: They are a complete new Technology for us. With the Help of the Military Forces and the founding Countrys we can handle to get Laser Weapons; they are between the upgraded Standard-Weapons and the much more Powerfull Magnetic Weapons - the R & D-Tree get more improvments. The normal and easy Upgrades / Things to produce we can keep like they are now. The medium to hard improvments we need are only availible if we interrogate Alien-Soldiers and Alien-Specialists. That makes the most sense to capture the Aliens and the cooperation with all founding countrys and their Military Forces gives us the already researched Prototypes for Magnetic and Laser-Technology, Modular-Armor-Technology and whatever else. And for the beginning Tech-Tree we may find something more too, like the Foxtrott which replaces or assist the starting fighter. The Foxtrott is more maneuverable, faster, better secured (because it get improved with already researched Alien-Basic-Tech like the Modular-Armor-Upgrade from the Kevlar-Vest) and have more Range. It has the same Modules like the starting Fighter. Something like that.
  15. Alienkiller

    Ufo2 Extraterrestrials

    But the difference is that the Devs from UFO Extraterestials learnd. In the Original and Gold-Version they announced military help in an Military Base or Help from Police in Citys. And what you had? Nothing of both. They get in about 50 %, maybe 60 % of the Announcements, like Civilians in the Terror Missions, a Storyline like in original X-Com with Interrogations and such. But the Main-Things like Policemen / Policewomen in the Citys, military activitys in Military Bases etc. incl. Help from the last Ressistance-People on Earth aren´t included. And the special Armor which is announcend in the Gold Version isn´t there too. Such Things make my very angry. The Game was good in R & D, Interrogations for the Storyline, Basebuilding (1 Main-Base; all others are Secundary-Bases). The Gold-Version with the light B-Man-Modifications or the B-Man-Modification / UNI-Modification for the normal Game-Version gave the Game a good boost in Potential and brought it about to 65 or 70 % of the Potential it have. But the big Negatives were the not integrated and greatly announced Help from Police and / or Military (UFO Shoot-Down in Citys, Military-Bases or the already announced Terror-Missions in both Levels), the same Sequences in Missions, the same Mistake as it were in the Original X-Com Series and Xenonauts 1 on the Geoscapes, as well as the big Story-Ending on Earth. If that announced Things were included and more posibilitys on the Geoscape and Missions integrated the Gamepotential without the 2 Modifications were about 86 %. That Potential were missed very very high. The Devs from UFO Extraterestials have learned from what we can see on the Webpage and Vids. UFO2Extraterestials get the Missing things from UFO Extraterestials and much more. The Communication to the Community and Testers could be better, but the Devs used the 4 Years of Extra-Time to polish, overworking and bugfixing the 2nd Part of UFO Extraterestials with the Feedbacks from their Beta-Testers. We will see the Final Resault on 20. May 2020. Sidnote: The Devs from Goldhawk Interactive are showing the other Devs how Game-Development works correctly. Chris and his Devs announce something and trying to implement it. The best Examples are the helping Hands on Ground-Missions (like the Guards in Harbors, Farmers with Weapons or Police-Officers in Citys). All that is implemented in Xenonauts 1 and 2. If something in Xenonauts 1 or Xenonaust 2 can´t be implemented or has to get Changed about Problems in Interaction (like existing Bases and Base-Missions or Base-Management and Geoscape) then Chris or an other Developer is communicate with us. The best Example is the ATLAS-Base, which looks cool in the announcement on Kickstarter. But it had Interaction Problems, so the Base had to get Changed from the Kickstarter-Announcement-Picture to an very cool Upgraded Base-Buildung / Base Using-System from Xenonauts 1 with nice Extras as an replacement. It´s not perfect until now, but the Replacement is there. And the Devs from Goldhawk didn´t worked on it and said eat or die, they asked the Community and the Beta-Testers after much Tests with Repairs, Fixes and Improvements for the Original ATLAS-Base. The Result of the Voting were that we get the Replacement with very nice Extras. Such an Cooperation in an Alpha- / Beta-Stage is very very rare, esp. the Voting for such things with the full Community here in Forum.