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Website Malware Warning

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A number of you will have noticed that the website is flashing up warnings about malware if you try to access it from Google or are using Chrome / Firefox as your browser.

It appears this was triggered by a javascript script on the site that links to a german site that sells gaming bots. This isn't a new problem; it's been there for a while and I suspect it's a legacy of the times our site was hacked via wordpress vulnerabilities a few years ago when I was (inexpertly) doing all the web stuff myself. When Solver (who actually knows what he is doing) began to admin our website for us, he left the script in place because he assumed it was something I'd added myself.

Anyway, the script has since been removed and as far as I'm aware there's no security implications for continuing to use the site, nor has there been any recent successful hack on our systems.

We've requested a re-review of the site from Google that will hopefully get the malware warnings removed, but their system for doing so is extremely uncommunicative. The warnings are still showing 24 hours after I requested the re-review but I'm not sure if that's because they checked and we failed or because they haven't checked yet. I don't even know if they've put us in a queue to be re-reviewed or not - basically, I've filled in the form but heard nothing back.

It's entirely your choice whether you continue to use the forums while the warnings are flashing up; nevertheless I'm expecting them to be gone and everything to be back to normal in the next 24-48 hours. Difficult to tell though, given how unhelpful Google are being at the moment.

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Fixed for me too.


Please dont become a big games developer of AAA tiles.


Because your customer support is awesome and getting too big always seems to change that.

I'm pretty sure even a big company would get rather concerned if their main website got flagged as containing malware, but thanks :)

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Hi, in my experience, most small companies are just attacked by bots, or small groups that want to pretend that they have many internet computers under control. Google (with 50k employees and I am not one of them) doesn't have the resources to check every website, you requested a review, it will come. From automated systems, and that will take its time. You can't have thousands of computers checking peoples claims, you will go bankrupt quickly (you can have hundreds, but there are millions of claims).


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Having google responsive to any king of events, it is like trying to redo x-com in modern age ....

This is not completely impossible, but it would take long ages before done !!!

BUT, OMG, WAIT, Chris, you DID redo x-com ... so maybee you will have google responding to your request ....

Of course, kidding, but ..... one days. far far away ... in the galaxy ... humm loosing myself here

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