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  1. Ground mission with my first downed UFO, Sebillians. During fight at the UFO, me outside they inside, there is one un-armored Sebillian among lots other that is moving around to get into a better position. Wenever it does it drops halfway into the ground so you can see only its head and upper torso. At the end of the move its back on ground again. The other Sebillians don't seem to have this problem. recording_5.rec
  2. The first time I played since the release on Steam. Total failure on my side of course, squad dead with first UFO crash site, but I wanted to see what is new. However I found the same bug with my soldier couldn't leave the Sebillian corpse square.
  3. thixotrop

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Now Live!

    Backed as Captain. +1700 backers now...numbers are rising while watching..."that escalated quickly" I would like to vote, but will never use G+ or anything like it. You got my list before you closed that one thread. I wish you a great success with that campaign!!!
  4. This. I could write dozens of such silly news feeds, internal black board messages, lavatory scribblings or locker notes. Even to tell a sort of succession of events...damn my mind starts already.
  5. A variant to Dagars proposal: The backer is allowed to name a vehicle, a squadron or something else after him/her or chosen expression. Maybe a callsign like, CH-48 "Thixotrop" or X-37 "Dagar". Backers name to one of the staff characters that occasionally appear in the communications between the commander, the science guy and whoelse, like: "...oh and by the way, as I mentioned the new Plasma Rifle test, engineer Thixotrop has messed up again as he tried to use those Alenium charges on rechargng his mp3-player. As soon as he moans about not having a bed anymore, remind him that he may not have a job anymore very soon too. We still have to try to get all the greenish glowing metal pieces out of the concrete walls of the canteen that is on the OTHER SIDE OF THAT WALL." Don't know if this works for more than a couple of people though. Maybe have to switch some tiers here.
  6. One mission with fullscreen: 1920 x 1200 Quality: Fantastic It seems the time issue of multi-shots has been solved. Blood is shown correctly now again, no white blood or aliens and humans anymore. Faces of the soldiers are not in 8-bit style anymore. In general: Still an issue: Camera/View: - Camera pans to black areas in hidden/friendly movement, this is quite annoying because the camera doesn't move back to the soldiers. - Also the camera doesn't move back when one of my soldiers is hit by an alien out of the black. This is not good, as it is impossible to assess where the shots came from. - It would be more convenient if the camera would pan back to last used soldier after hidden movement, i.e. at the beginnung of the new turn. - The pan of the camera is too slow when following a bullet to its target. - Now it is possible to pan during hidden/friendly movement, is that intended? Pictures: Left: Soldiers and Aliens can shoot through walls and roofs. Middle and right: The wall changes with damage state. For me, this becomes more and more annoying. The shooing through the wall is just bad. "Leaning to the side" without showing it (as this was discussed some time ago) is no easy way out. Show that or it is not possible. If the wall is damaged more, the bricks may fall off completely, at least this is what I think is intended to be shown here. But the holes in the wall cannot vanish then. It just looks logically dumb. recording_3.rec
  7. thixotrop

    New forums online!

    I guess your only chance if no one send it to you via PM is Steam: Lore+ on Steam
  8. I never played the large total-overhaul mods like X-Division or XNT Into Darkness and was more a fan of smaller mods: - Lore+ to enhance the immersion - Fire in the hole to get into UFOs the way you want it - Enhanced Crash Sites as it just looks better with a lot of debris and smoke around the UFO - I loved the True Laser Beam to have a more realistic laser beam - The small mod Blood, just because - providing the (for me) essential Select Nect Soldier button - of course all of Skitso's map macks and improved thingies - Cool for some time: The 3rd Flying Circus The Community Edition (CE) was in general a bit better balanced game than Xenonauts. I still think it is a huge thing that Goldhawk Interactive made it possible for the community to "overhaul" their game without any strong regulations of the content. The team of voluntary coders who put so much effort in that without any benefit - maybe fun and they had the chance to do game develoment, but I can only guess here - is still something I respect a lot and have to thank them.
  9. One mission with fullscreen: 1280 x 800, Quality: Fastest One mission with fullscreen: 1920 x 1200 Quality: Fantastic In this mission the time between bullets in multi-shots of rifle and LMG was definitely longer, otherwise no disadvantages. Grafics are really nice here. The alien muzzle fire in shadowed parts look great. In general: Still an issue: - Camera pans to black areas in hidden/friendly movement, this is quite annoying because the camera doesn't move back to the soldiers. - Also the camera doesn't move back when one of my soldiers is hit by an alien out of the black. This is not good, as it is impossible to assess where the shots came from. - It would be more convenient if the camera would pan back to last used soldier after hidden movement, i.e.at the beginnung of the new turn. - Humans spill whitish blood. Update: Although it seems to vanish immediately. Afterwards sometime red blood can be seen. Does the white blood drop below the surface? - The pan of the camera is tooslow when following a bullet to its target. - Some civilians / friendly seem to be invisible in friendly / hidden movement phase. Although I have soldiers facing the direction the camera moves with the moving friendly. - In the second mission (high settings) the faces of the soldiers in the UI were shown in 8-bit style. - Only now I have seen that the camera rotation mode can be changed in the menu, silly me. I prefer the free rotaton. Pictures: Soldiers and Aliens can shoot through walls and roofs. Friendly soldier and alien positioned directly next to each other. Alien corpse falls through the wall, doesn't look good. And my logs as usual: recording_1.rec recording_2.rec
  10. Three missions. Fullscreen: 1280 x 800, Quality: Fastest In general: - Fence seem to work now. - Can't tell about Sniper because too few shots. - Camera pans to dark spaces in hidden movement and damage numbers appear when alien or friendly shoot and hit. - Also the camera doesn't move back when one of my soldiers is hit by an alien out of the black. This is not good, as it is impossible to assess where the shots came from. - It would be more convenient if the camera would pan back to last used soldier after hidden movement, i.e.at the beginnung of the new turn. - Grenades cannot be tossed to an air position. Is that intended? - Humans spill whitish blood. - Rifleman has a problem with the change of weapons: Choose Rifleman, switch to grenade but don't use it, switch back to rifle and the target crosshair is the one from grenades. Soldier will use grenade although the rifle is shown in the selection window. Only if switching to Medkit and back to rifle the rifle can be used again. Pictures: Soldiers can shoot through walls and roofs. Left pic: soldier on the roof and the one at the walledge were hurt from the aliens inside. Soldiers can (sometimes?) shoot through walls. Middle pic: Right soldier could shoot the alien inside. Right pic: Soldier on left wall could shoot alien inside. After the shot the walls was partly destroyed, not the windowed wall. Is this still the gun protruding through the obstacles? Dead alien still shows live animation. It was killed with two shots of the grenade launcher as it was still alive after other shots. Soldier is invisible when coming frome the roof, this one was a shotgunner so it isn't alwas the sniper. NPC soldiers seem to be really really good shooters. Why are they not in my team ???? This one killed the two dead aliens and shooed away another in the dark without moving from his position over 2-3 turns. Every shot hit. Yes he was also shot at by the aliens. After that he moved off in the orange direction towards the fence and then stood there doing nothing. Maybe out of ammo? Game froze in hidden movement / friendly activity. The alien moved from window to window and then nothing happened anymore. I could pan the map by mouse to edges, not with buttons. Had to ALT-F4 out of game. My recordings: recording_9.rec recording_10.rec recording_10.rec
  11. Eventually I was able to play a public release again. Fullscreen: 1280 x 800, Quality: Fastest Not yet dared to play on higher resolution... In general: - Aliens are incredible acurate and tough. - Sniper is not really good at higher ranges. - Grenades by hand and launcher are much better now, the soldiers are able to throw even over fences (occasional not but that is ok) and hit the targetted spot rather nicely. - The camera rotation is back to 90° steps. Why? I want the free rotation angle back! - Changing the path of a moving soldier would be really good again (as Sisko mentioned above). Although "space" stops the movement, but still want it. - Large light posts are not covered by the fog of war in Hidden Movement phase, looks odd. - Sniper on the roof, view on ground, sniper moved and is half-invisible until the move ended. - The random number and start positiones of the aliens is good. - Had a crash once a shotgunner got on the roof of the large building in the north of the map and Hidden Movement started (I think it was recording-7, enclosed below). Pictures: Smoke looks really good, also the illumination effect on it. A praise to the animator who did that. But why is metal and glass smoking so long, feels too hollywood to me. (Yes a bit nitpicking here, I know) Something good here: The wall is destroyed and has holes. You can see through it and see the things behind it, great. Even better is that the same holes are there from the inside and you can look through them as well, fantastic. Hope once the alien walls are inside, the holes will go through them in the same way. Now the annoying issue of soldiers not able to hit with their trained weapon: 1) Alien in fron of the shotgunner. Best TU option used twice but he can't hit it. Alien kills him with one shot. 2) The shotgunner below missed two times after that alien came out and killed the one soldier (dead on the floor), alien was suppressed though. Rifleman got to him and shot with best TU option, missed. Then with second best TU option and missed again. 3) Two times the machine gunner has the chance to kill this alien, but legendary fails. *sigh* Here the recordings: recording_6.rec recording_7.rec recording_8.rec
  12. thixotrop

    Xenonauts-2 Version 0.18.0 Delayed!

    Take your time. Better to have a valid version the community can test and report, than having test reports you can't really use because you have to change things that render those reports obsolete.
  13. thixotrop

    Xenonauts-2 February 2018 Update!

    @ Chris Yeah now you mentioned those I can remember those discussions in the forum. It is interesting what has been discussed and what is condensing its way into the game. My feeling of "what will be there and wasn't it discussed in another way originally" came from me not being active for some time. So I had some ideas and concepts in my mind that now seemed to be abandomed. But now I seen, maybe not everything discussed earlier will be there (or you haven't mentioned it yet) but they either have changed or are (may) be replaced by some new stuff. I would be interested in the ideas that haven't survived and why, but I am not eager to go back and read all the old posts to check what it was and then go and ask you... Yes, lazy me.
  14. Fullscreen: 1280 x 800, Quality: Fastest The first time I started the game it stopped at 99%. ALT+F4 to kill. In general: - Enemy human soldiers make the death moan of aliens. (unchanged from 15.3) Pictures: Can't remeber if this was before, but the pavement at the fence doesn't show the path tiles. The white target tile is not shown (left side image) and also not the green path and target tile (on the right). Whole stone structures is lighted for blockage, even the part under the ground. A minor thing I guess. Hidden shading also effects the dead. The red colour should be changed for dead targets, otherwise it can be confused with a living one. No clear indication where you can go. The white tile doesn't indicate that. Annoying that you cannot know if a wall is destroyed and possible to walk through. Left image: The wall segment in the yellow frame looks completely destroyed by the grenade launcher, but the soldier moved the blue path and opened the now invisible door. It may be better to show the path the soldier will walk before clicking it. Right image: Also the "not so much destroyed but see-through-wall" is completely intact from the inside. And the hole next to it is not there too. (still exist from 15.3) Also right image: My sniper shot the outer wall with her second rifle.The alien behind was suppressed. Not bad actually, but why didn't it get suppressed by the grenade launcher that (not-so-much) damaged the outer wall? Was it because I haven't seen the alien before and therefore the suppressed text was not shown? And as usual my log-file: recording_5.rec
  15. thixotrop

    Xenonauts-2 February 2018 Update!

    Thank you Chris for clarifying interception process and the actual combat. What I mean is that you talked about many ideas for X2 in the beginning - and also on the old forum. I admit that my memory might be tinted with the "other game that was discussed in pretty details before". But in the general discussion some have talked about mentioned features getting dropped although the majority thought them valuable. This post is tackling that a bit. To be more specific and from the top of my head: - Air combat: Squadrons of different jets (own or rented of the factions) in real-time mini-game OR choosing pre-selected tactics for the squadron only for the RNG-air combat result. - Perk system of soldiers: Originated from one forum member (can't remember the name) to have a sort of bonus/malus system for soldier experience. - External support during ground combat: With certain conditions achieved, you could call an air strike for suppression or to crack-open the UFO hull. - One base or more bases / radar sites: One base only - as far as I remember - but radar sites were discussed to enlarge the radar coverage. - Influence politics / try to stay hidden from Aliens and Cold War Factions: This or a more open that means Xenonauts are known but not taken seriously in the beginning of the game. - Staff hiring process: As bonus from mission outcome or as result of faction influence. I am sure there were more...