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  1. "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." Arthur C. Clarke, 1961 If you would go back to let's say ancient Rome and pull out a flashlight, what do you think the people would take it for? Technology or magic?
  2. Finally could play a bit. I really missed this. Fullscreen: 1280 x 800, Quality: Fastest Maybe some of the following things were mentioned in the former public release, but I cannot remember if me or someone else did report those. Just take it as a reminder then. In general: - The master volume in the menu of the game does not consider the music. It is loud. - Weren't the keys mentioned in the menu somewhere before? I couldn't find them, took me sometime to use the Medikit. How to stop the soldier from moving down path? It isn't Esc or Space. - Nice: Soldiers can mover over the seats in the Osprey to go out the other side. Also: Osprey! - Also nice: Climbing animation looks great. - During the Hidden Movement, the screen moves to movement place, so you roughly know where something is happening even it is still pitch black. - The hidden movement also takes quite some time to finish. Didn't know with black screen whether something happened or if the game froze. With visible enemy during hidden movement I could see that the game just waited for some time after the enemy/friendly unit moved. - Also while hidden movement seemed to stall, it is possible to pan the map by moving the mouse to the edges. - Missing a height level indicator to know where I am. Couldn't select my sniper on the boulders until I clicked the unit icon and realized the map jumped up a level. Maybe something like the original game had, but only when the unit is hovered over to know this. Or even simpler, just let me select the unit I hover over. - Missing the hide-roof-button. Especially when moving a bit away from the Osprey and the whole upper part becomes visible again, it is hard to see which soldier I have selcted or where he/she stands inside the Osprey. - The hit-stuff-in-front-problem is still an issue: - Grenade Launcher can't shoot straight and hits rocks/sandbags in front. - Thrown grenades are not as problematic but still are way off. - Autogunner only hits the door frame he stands in while shooting an alien at the opposite wall of the room. - Sometimes the weapon selection doesn't work: Rifleman. Clicked grenade to throw but was too far. Clicked on gun again but couldn't change the %-values by right-click. Clicked grenade again, then gun again. Left-click threw grenade. Other soldier worked fine though. Now some pictured things (as usual from me): Dust/smoke of grenades/grenade launcher linger in the air and sometimes jitter around. Grenade Launcher cannot hit properly Targetting through walls Text in second image is a bit misleading: The shotgunner spent the TU correctly on first alien. Targetting second alien just to show that it is possible although he shouldn't be able to see it. And here is this: recording_3.rec
  3. A citizen of some country finding himself in the midst of a ground combat scene between Xenonauts and some aliens. Hiding in fear of the battle taking place between the two unknown groups around him/her. After the battle he/she crawls out of the hide-out and sees the known surroundings changed by heavy destruction. Human and strange-coloured blood can be seen but no bodies (Xenos have taken their fallen and all aliens with them). He/she finds an overlooked alien device, grabs it and flees. In his/her home the tiny device in the pocket is forgotten. He/she dwells in after-shock for some time, having nightmares due to the combat as it seems. But over the next few days he/she sees visions of strange origin, with aliens and humans and some obscure feelings of dread and terror of things to come without knowing what this all means. After some visions have passed he/she is growing the need to tell somebody about the found device and the visions of strange seemingly ill-intended aliens and so tries to find out about the Xenonauts as they seem to be the counterforce to the aliens. He/she is studying the yellow press about strange encounters and occasional battles the regular press and the government seem to ignore or hush-down. After finding out that some famous scientists and well-known technologists have been gone missing for some time (recruited by Xenonauts), he/she can trace their last steps towards some unknown organisaton named Xenonauts. This aroused suspicion of the Xenonauts and he/she is observed for some time and finally captured. Then after some time of custody and intense interrogation he/she is urged to work for the Xenonauts as he/she being the only one to be able to have visions in the vicinity of the found device. Thus becoming the very first psychic human in the team of the Xenonauts research section.... I imagined the overall story as seen from the personal view of the citizen, going through horror after the battles experience and the dreaded visions going near insanity before realizing why the visions are happening. Further then, trying to find out why all this happen (tin-foil around the device are stopping the vision to get a clear head and overcoming the dread) similar to the protagonist in H.G.Wells "War of the Worlds".
  4. You mean the Gameplay Trailer? It looks really good for me. The camera moves a bit odd, I cannot really say why. The game will look amazing in VR I guess...damn that I can't use that with having glasses. I still wonder why they sub-titled the game "Dasein" which means in German "existence" in a kind of poetical way, while the developers are coming from Serbia. Maybe because there main inspiration is coming from the works of H.R.Giger who was from Switzerland?
  5. One game so far, but will do more later. Played with Fantastic Settings at 1200x800 fullscreen. - The tree visibity issue still exists. - Throwing grenades is still bugged as before. - When the snow boulders next to the road are hit by bullet or beam it sounds like rock or Ufo wall. - The new highlight method looks a bit weird with its moving scan-pattern. It is visually not on par with the rest, at least in my opinion. - Sometimes reaction fire of the aliens happens so fast, that you can't identify where it came from or which Alien/Soldier did shoot. - Grenade launcher sounds like a rifle. New highlight mode in action: Top: The front wall is targetted = OK. Middle: Rock at the side = OK. Bottom: The wall next to the rock is targetted from the inside = not OK. This seems to be the cause for the next issue, see below. Here my shotgunner can't target the Sebillian, but it can hit my soldier through the wall again. Maybe the gun of the Sebillian protrudes inside the wall or the wall has gaps or the alien cheats. Either way = FOOO. The aliens gather here for quite some time and don't come out. Later they are fleeing (?). My soldier in orange circle comes around and is killed. Now none of my soldiers is selected and all soldiers are shown as enemies. As soon as I select one soldier no alien is visible and no head icon is on screen anymore. This strange view is not appearing when you deselect with ESC, only when your selected soldier that sees the aliens dies. My log: recording_1.rec In this mission only my sniper survived the battle, and he had to search for the aliens around the UFO to kill them as they were fleeing. Once he opend the door he was shot and bled out the following turn. Damn, thought I could do a Rambo mission.
  6. Two games so far: - Grenades are still as weird as before: If an alien will be hit, the damage sound comes like a bullet hits it and it screams, then a click-sound as a bullet hits rock, then throw-animation of soldier, then explosion animation, then damage numbers on alien and scenery. If soldier fails and the grenade lands between his feet, explosion (mostly no sound then) and no damage in 50% of the cases but TU is spent anyway. - The grenade-launcher seems to get the hang of it though, the cover could be shot over anytime. Maybe I was extremely lucky. Hitting the target or the its vicinity on the other hand seems to be a complete new concept for the Launcher-Solider ...dunno where he learned to shoot this thing, maybe shooting in the general direction of away was good enough up to now. *sigh* - Reaper seem to love the UFO floor or hate outdoors. Or they aren't allowed to get out of their house-shoes as they didn't bring their outddoor shoes? However, they stay inside even when UFO-door and walls are destroyed by my precise Launcher guy. Does the "stay in UFO" logic for these aliens is too strict here? - Dead aliens get damage number by explosions or strayed bullets. And pictured issues: - The tree-rotation problem: This tree was visible/invisible with rotating the map as mentioned before. However, I also experienced that the rotation angle of when it is visible/invisible changes when ALT-Tabing out of and back into the game. Also, when the level height visibilty is changed with + and - the whole map changes the height now (this wasn't so before or?) and the visible/invisible angle changes too, so that the tree is visible/invisible at complete other rotation angles. - Some tiles cannot be reached. - Healing problem still exists too. - Alien shot damaged street. - I guess I still don't understand when an alien is visible and allowed to shoot at or not. Afaik, red means visible by the selcted soldier, and orange that it is visible by another solider. But I have seen multiple times now that the orange aliens could be shot at with good percentages. Otherwise aliens shouldn't be visible at all as they were behind an UFO wall then. Is this related to the Alien-can-shoot-through-UFO-walls-thingy? Here some examples (sorry cropped away the Alien Head Icons): Red arrow alien was orange, green arrow alien was red. Who sees the orange alien when not this soldier, there is no one further to the left? Red alien is OK I guess: Both aliens were Orange Headed for this guy. In general OK, although the one shouldn't be visible at all (see above), but shooting was possible with percentage values. The bullets were stopped by the walls then. Only the left-most Reaper had a Red Head, strange but OK. The left-most Caesan should not be seen by anyone as mentioned above. The two on the right are OK, as the top soldier could see them. - After reloading the LMG the ammo numbers stayed red: And my log: recording_8.rec Edit: Now this gets REALLY annoying. Again as I have finished this post here, I was logged out, although this page didn't say so, but I couldn't save the post. Opened "home" in a new tab and could see that I was logged out. Had to log in again, copy my whole post with pictures and paste it in again. I have talked with Solver about this in the past and he said this shouldn't happen, but it does for me. And it was now the sixth time or so.
  7. Another combat. Same settings as before, no crash now. - Haven't mentioned it before, but all red caps have dissappeared from soldier heads. - When the Shotgun is clicked to reload, the ammo is not refreshed, ths reloading sound is there. You have to swicth to another soldier and back to see the 8/8 again. - The thing that aliens can shoot through the walls is really mean inside the UFO when there are more than two. Had four aliens inside the core room and they slaughtered my guys from the inside. Other things: - Ground tile has graphical error after shooting. A similar thing but a bit larger happened on another tile, also after shooting. It seems to be bonded to the small stone wall or the street itself when one of them gets damaged. It vanishes with the turn or when the map is panned away and back. - Alien is visible...invisible...visible again (see picture texts). - Small wall is hollow Tried to throw a grenade, it landed on soldiers feet *sigh*. Small wall is hollow. (I moved the soldier a bit after the grenade fail.) - Soldiers and Aliens can shoot over different objects? Tried the Sebillian from the other side, see picture texts. The Rifleman could kill the Sebillian from the green position the Shotgunner could shoot before. - Dust Tent build by Grenade Launcher (see picture texts). A frag grenade explosion inside the UFO will also build a dust tent, although the dusty ground is covered by UFO floor. And my record log: recording_6.rec recording_6.rec
  8. Could play a single combat. First time with X2 for me that the game crashed. Played with Fantastic Settings at 1200x800 fullscreen. After an annoying combat, see below, opened the door of the UFO. The usual guy stands at the door, hit him with a burst, he turns but nothing else. Killed him with a target shot. Way is free now, see alien behind an UFO structure. Threw grenade, the little click sound comes as if the grenade lands in front of the soldier, the alien hit sound comes, the alien screaches, the throw animation comes, the explosion comes and takes away some UFO walls. Game freezes for a second and is gone. Was amazed that the grenade didn't got stuck on the door frame, but the other result is not better now. Other things: - When switching from soldier to soldier the tree view level is always switched back to 0. I don't know if this was so before, but I would like to have it keep my settings. - In 90% of the cases grenades and launched grenades can't get over cover in front or past rock least this is my feeling of it. This picture represents a couple of things: - Sniper at the bottom right hit the cover in front of him (yellow circle) twice and the soldier with the red circle near the bullet path towards the alien once. - The Launcher next to the sniper at the bottom hit the cover in front of him (yellow circle) twice or thrice. It worked great in reaction fire though. - LMG at left edge had one burts on target, hit the rock in front of him and the soldier (red circle) too, killing the poor chap. Nothing hit the alien. - Three Sebillians at the origin of the blue arrows shot at the two soldiers but luckily hit the bushes in front the most of the time (Ok, the right guy died later). The hit sound of the bushes is the hit sound of rocks and are withstanding. - The cover-problem continued until the UFO door was opened. And here is my log file: recording_5.rec
  9. Explosion Logic sounds good to me to make it a playable and somewhat realistic feature. Sure thing only gameplay will show if it "feels" right. Do you intend to use a ballistic arc to shoot over obstacles, mainly the large rock formations, with the grenade launcher? I mentioned this in post of the last version. Let them take their holidays, don't rush. Better have a good game than an early and buggy game.
  10. Two games with different settings: One thing I noted is that if you have a download going, like Steam updating games for me, X2 has tremendous stuttering problems independent on settings. I switched those off for the games here. Though I guess this will be gone once the development games are switched off. Fastest with 1920 x 1200 vs. Fastest with 1280 x 800: "Fastest" settings seem not to help me here; the stuttering, bullets leaving the muzzle with odd angles (although not as drastic and often as before), burst and LMG fire slow and laggy and the errors when throwing grenades are still there (although sound is not out of sync anymore). Changing the resolution is more effective; stuttering heavily reduced and bullets paths mostly OK. But LMG fire suffers still the same lag. Grenades still have same stupid effects mentioned before. Other things: An alien was in view. Soldier could target and shoot but missed. Alien vanished from view. Another soldier approached a bit and alien reappears on same spot. Some trees vanish and reappear when rotation the map (from 1 to 4). In the four images below the tree next to the selected soldier is not visible, then it is visible for some rotation and then gone again for the remaining rotation. Other trees of this model have the same problem. I have mentioned this for an earlier build before: When helaing the heal cursor jumps and locks on terrain tiles. It depends how the cursor is approaching the targe, i.e. the passing tiles, where it locks itself. Rotating helps to avoid these sticky terrain tiles. In both images the soldiers hit the dead alien only. In the left image the (here dead but still standing) Sebillian moved along the blue arrow. Was targetted by the near shotgunner in overwatch, but only the dead body on the street was hit. In my round the other soldier also only hit that body and not the Sevbillian. In the right imagethe soldier only hit the two dead Reapers at the door (no they couldn't pass the door before they died), and the Alien inside hit those too when backfiring. A soldier had to go near the Reaper corpses to hit the living Alien. Dead still standing but dropped their weapons: This soldier can't end his path in the marked tile. And further things: - In most cases grenades cannot be thrown over the obstacle in front. Sometime they explode, sometimes nothing bhappens at all. - Alien always go to the spot where another alien died. Even if they are in a perfect kill zone then. - Aliens still can shoot through walls when a soldier is adjacent to it, when standing or walking past it. Soldiers can't. - Doors and Reapers don't like each other. And my two logs: recording_3.rec recording_4.rec
  11. Hadn't had the time to play 11.0, and only one game now with 11.2.: Grenade Launcher: - Two times the grenade sped at right angle from muzzle into nothingness. Don't know if it left the map as it was faster than normal. - As a grenade it should have an arc when shooting over an obstacle like a rock formation, even if it is into the fog of war. The solider should do that automatically. Yes like a hand-grenade but wth more range. - I think the grenade "bullet" is to fast for that weapon. - Damage is moderate as mentioned. Destruction of scenery seems moderate too, even bushes are unaffected. No suppression at all or? - Explosion animation looks great. Would like to have some lingering dust in the air that settles over time, at least in the sandy environment. But it should be able to move the soldier before dust has settled fully. Hand-grenade: Strangeness all over. - Almost always a sound comes in the beginning of the animation, sounds like a bullet hits a rock. But two times I had no sound. - Sometimes the throw-animation comes and then...nothing. No explosion, no damage anywhere, hand-grenade is gone. Once the initial sound did not come but the rest as described here. - Wrong order: Sound, targetted alien gets damage, throw animation comes, then explosion at alien position. - I never see a visible grenade in the air. In general the game is quite slow, the movement of soldiers in stuttering, sometimes more sometimes less. Aliens doesn't have this problem it seems. Burst shots are extremely problematic. Sound and bullet animation are out of sync. Bullets stay in the air before going on. I play on 1920x1200 and Fantastic setting. Here my log: recording_2.rec I will play more later the week.
  12. Gameplay review by MetalCanyon here. The only thing I don't like (at the moment) is the 2-action-combat system, although they have a bit more options here than in the "other game". Action camera and the GUI colours/design are also too much look-alike. Hope that get its own style in the end. Phoenix || Xineohp ---> Xeno f ---> Xeno. F. ---> Xenonauts Forces Hell, Yeah !!
  13. Similar to the post about Phoenix Point there is a new game to back if you want. The game is called Flash Point: Fire Rescue and it is also a crowd funding campaign of Fig. It is based on the board game of the same name, where you control a fire squadron to fight fire and rescue people in danger. No fighting and no guns, you may have to axe through walls and doors though... Game looks cute and a bit comic stylish. Just check it out. No I am not affiliated to any of this, just spreading the word.
  14. Also backed this as soon as I knew about... Yeah I guess (sub)sea warfare will not come with the initial release. Hopefully with a DLC or Patch(?). And I never have heard about FIG ...though I guess the majority of other possible interested gamers haven't too. I never have seen advertisment/mentioning of it at least.
  15. Again two games past and will report my observations. Funny that Skitso mentioned adding some half height ground tiles. There are some "quarter-half" ground tiles like sand and snow already there. The soldiers feet clip right through. Spilled blood hovers near/around the obstacles. Might look good from one perspective, but when rotating the map it looks weird (Maybe not visible with images). Also, all blood puddles are too shiny out of one viewing direction and turn white. Some UFO interior got visible between turns, but no soldier looked in that direction. Sebillian came near - never seen them move so near in one turn and not shooting first - and ended on top of a structure, i.e. higher ground. None of my soldiers could hit it for two rounds, not even suppressed him, and there was an LMG. The alien could not hit too. The Sebillian was killed o that spot in the third round. Is there something wrong with the hit calculation when shooter or target is on different ground levels? Self-healing works. But when a tree is in front the crosshair jumps away. Trees cannot be healed Shooting through walls when next to them is still possible, maybe because the gun protrudes into the wall? The spot near the start of the yellow arrow is not the gun tip, but alien blood splatter. Aliens also could shoot through the walls. My soldiers were not near the walls. UFO wall problem still exists. Reaper come near the door frame but do not cross. Inside this UFO the Reaper the visible Reaper is immobile, maybe it can't pass the hallway? By doing this the smaller alien couldn't get past it. After the Reaper was killed, a second Reaper appeared from the yellow circle, went to the spot of the then dead reaper and stood there too. It also stopped the smaller alien from moving. And now the record files: recording_1.rec recording_10.rec Wow, guess I haven't forgotten anything to report this time.