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    Having google responsive to any king of events, it is like trying to redo x-com in modern age .... This is not completely impossible, but it would take long ages before done !!! BUT, OMG, WAIT, Chris, you DID redo x-com ... so maybee you will have google responding to your request .... Of course, kidding, but ..... one days. far far away ... in the galaxy ... humm loosing myself here
  2. sorry, was using the v19 beta ... my mistake.
  3. here is the two latest save .... https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71677791/xeaunots/betaattack.sav just after deployement https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/71677791/xeaunots/Autosave3.sav just before
  4. Just after the deployement phase, just after next turn button is it, the hidden movement panel come and ..... and ... and ... ... after 18H , the same panel is here ... and i am bored to hell ... seem no memory leak as the memory amount is fixed, not rising ... seem the .exe is up and running as win7 say it is ... the proc usage is between 01 and 05 for the last 18H. trying to restart using the last autosave game, nothing ... Bye ..