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  1. so it seems the game will crash if you give it more custom sound files to load than that set limit....but...why ? its not like it has run out of resources, wish there was a "shut up and load my files" option in the game engine. anyone knows a way to work around this issue or plain kill it? it realy buffles me why it crashes =(
  2. yeah AND_great did over a dozen balance themed patches over on the russian side for his version of xenophobia, he has a thing for sniper rifles though, personaly I rebalanced some of the weapon classes to be more competitive to said sniper rifles (for example the smg's...damage is all good but with the range of 3 that damage realy does you little good espacially if you can just pick up a sniper that does the damages and has the range~ imho weapon classes still need some balancing in this version but he did fix all the nonesense roflstomp weapons of the original compilation)
  3. phantra

    Tutorial - how to add a new weapon.

    flaming chainsaws? oh please. were in the 21th century. we're all about the AC-130 mounted tank catapult!
  4. I've decided that the injured/dead .ogg's will be a hybrid of voices from newnew-xcom and effects from bf (blood and other brutalities/falling body/falling weapon effect etc) this due to females needing a voice and ja2 ones are already used in another mod. might use the death scream echo from bf if i learn how to replicate it for female and other voices.
  5. phantra

    Website Malware Warning

    no warnings detected via firefox and google. I think its over!
  6. phantra

    Website got injected

    hopefully it is resolved, google and my browser are freaking out whenever i try to get on the site.
  7. I see...I guess adding new ones is not as easy as I originaly thought.
  8. sadly while a pretty clever workaround to the lack of support for mortars and grenade lobbing devices, it will act like a rocket launcher rather than a grenade...
  9. uhm Im not sure how I feel about a crossinternet hug but I will give you this from the weapon_GC of xenophobia: <Weapon name="weapon.m79" bulletType="rocket" emptySound="Empty Click 1"> <Ammos> <Ammo name="ammo.ballistic.40mmGrenade" type="incendiary" damage="50" stunDamage="0" mitigation="0" isOverdamage="1"> <Projectile spectre="projectiles/grenades/grenade_frag" speed="1000" showAfterDistance="60"/> <Impact spectre="particles/smallgrenade/small_grenade" radius="1.5" sound="Weapon Frag Grenade" fireChance="40" smokeChance="33" gasType="GrenadeFragSmoke" /> hopefully that helps solve the sillend grenade problem~ i've put the relevant parts in bold~
  10. I mean...the sprite files in the game folders consist of one single PNG file...how does the game break it into parts and play it ? it kinda buffles me at the moment
  11. Hold on....Xenophobia has m79's in it..those have a firing sound and explosion sound when the projectile hits~ maybe u could see how that works and if its possible for your weapon aswell !
  12. as tempting as that sounds I still have alot of work on this mod~
  13. neah, I got a few idea's i want to try out with the voice thing but first is changing just the injury/death sounds (that is the plan for beta 0.5)
  14. yes, that is most unfortunate. =(