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  1. I imagine it's in the pipeline to be added, as there's one for X1, but I think it would be nice to have it sooner rather than later. There's been a fair amount of work done already on modding the game, while some of it may be outdated soon, gathering it all in one place would help people build upon the knowledge that already exists. To avoid the possibility for somewhat amusing confusion, this post is about modification of the game not the forum moderators.
  2. okay so.................................................... I have a profile picture but the picture is not showing up on my posts!! AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR DAT! Thanks for you help P.S this is an edit. I just realised that it is in the Xenonauts discussion, I'M SORRY
  3. Well............................... How do you put up a profile picture? Thanks
  4. Every single time I log in, I get the redirect to be logged in and then Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forums/forum.php on this server. I have to hit the back button a few times and then reload, and I'm logged in, It's not so much of a problem as I'm here and logged in .. more an irritation
  5. Does anyone else have trouble receiving e-mail notification of their subscribed threads?
  6. Question is in the title. Who are the mods for the forums?
  7. As our existing moderator (Sathra) hasn't been very active for some time now, I'm appointing a second one to help us fight the spambots and generally keep the forums clean in my absence. I have chosen Gauddlike because he's been posting here right from the very start of the project nearly three years back and therefore should have a pretty good handle on the way things should be run. Thanks for giving us your time, Gauddlike, and welcome to your new role!
  8. Every time I visit the forums, I get greeted with the following message right after I successfully log in and while the message "thank you for logging in" is on screen. It gives me the message right after it tries to redirect me to the actual forums: Forbidden You don't have permission to access /forums/forum.php on this server. Additionally, a 500 Internal Server Error error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request. If I refresh the actual page then I can see the forums normally, I just don't know why this message keeps appearing.
  9. What app/how are you guys getting your screen shots? I have some stuff I need post.
  10. As no doubt many of you have observed, there's been spambots everywhere over the past week or so. I am deleting the offending posts when they are reported, but new spam users keep appearing. It appears that they've managed to get around the security question I set a while ago, so I've changed that and it seems there are no more spambots registering. However there's quite a few accounts that were created before the question change over the past month or so that are being activated now and being used to post spam. There's not a lot I can do about that except ban them as they pop up and wait for them to run out of accounts. Please keep reporting the spam as it appears. Also, please stop responding to it if it's in another thread. Amusing as it may seem at the time, once the spam messages are deleted it just derails the thread. Keep calm, report the spam, and carry on.
  11. These spambots are driving me nutty. Could someone be appointed to the post of bot mod, so the forums are kept reasonably clean?
  12. I will post an explanatory message tomorrow as to what has been going on for the last week, but we're up again (thank god).
  13. Can someone kindly tell me how I get the Premium Alpha badge next to my name on the forums. Clearly I have purchaced said promotion etc. TIA.
  14. When at the Goldhawk Interactive webpage if you click on the forum button it goes to http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forum which gave me a 404 Not Found message.
  15. Clicking What's New? used to display a nice and useful list of threads with new posts. Very efficient at checking for new posts. When you click the same button now, you get a huge unsorted mess of posts with multiple listings even when the posts belong to the same thread. (when you click the first new post in a thread, you'd get to see the others anyway...) I hope this isn't intended but a "still broken" feature from the server issue.
  16. Hi. This is just a suggestion, but I think the "Goldhawk Announcements" should been closed for regular users to comment. I find it a hard time to see when there is a real announcement from the developers, because it is always filled up with a lot of comments that are NOT Announcements. Several times I have not noticed that there has been a posting about new version uploaded, announcements about kickstarter and more.
  17. I reinstalled Windows this weekend, finally moving up to Win7. (from XP) Using Firefox 12, the Xenonauts forum is the only one where I have the problem that I am not automatically logged in when going to the forum. User name and password are "remembered" but only insofar that Firefox will auto-complete both fields once I enter the letter "G". It obviously saves both values but it doesn't use them to automatically login without that step. Anyone have a clue? I sure don't.
  18. I tried to send a gif, and instead it sent me to this page: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/newattachment.php?do=assetmanager&values[f]=12&contenttypeid=1&poststarttime=1333913522&posthash=f6433787c27ba6f3d7dd5fbf91faf60b&insertinline=1
  19. Goldhawk membership has hit 2000. Do I get pie for bringing this to everyone's attention?
  20. is their a way to auto sign into the forum when you acess this sight? i keep checking in to see things and have to relog in each time. also is the forum profile gallery disabled for any reason or is it just a bug, i could understand if its to save memory. anyway good luck with the project... go xenonaughts.
  21. Upon loading Ground Combat I just noticed that the description says that the primary goal is collecting alien "artefacts" rather than "artifacts". This isn't really a bug though...so where to post it?
  22. Excited to get involved with the forums and would love to see Forum Runner or a similar addon to allow us to browse the forums more easily on mobile devices
  23. Hmm. Why don't the forums register that I've looked at a thread anymore? Its get especially weird when it tells me there's new posts in a thread, when I'm the last person to post in it
  24. Sometimes it takes me awhile to type something on the forum, especially if at home or work. Several times now I would type something and submit only to find I would have to log in again. What is the timeout set for and can it be increased?
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