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  1. everyone knows better than to get between a catgirl and cookies *'borrows' a hypervelocity gun from parasite eve 2 and goes alien hunting*
  2. COOKIE BAKING CONTEST??? (could be ground attack missions against landed ufos (not crashed ones, but ones doing a alien mission, and you catch them groundside), or ones to kidnap a specific alien (captains of larger ufos or bases etc) ) anyway back to the subject ... cookies... omnomnom
  3. hugs all of ya ...evil barn shaped cookies?
  4. maybe *cute look*
  5. i'll just have to keep you two as collectables then
  6. what do people think about cookies?
  7. i'm getting 404 error on the gallery when i try and upload anything
  8. i'm guessing that covers incendury granades, incendury missiles too? ooh will their be ....MINES *giggles insanely as she hides a few mines outside a doorway and taunts a alien to try to open it...*
  9. running sprinting would incease the soldiers movement, but drastically reduce his spotting range, leaving him very vulnrable to getting caught offgaurd, but would be nice if you left your medic further back and need him to rush up to a wounded soldier etc.
  10. i know the main way of capturing the enemy is stun batons, but what about stun or flash bang granades, talking about granades: smoke granades, lays down a smoke area for a few turns (or longer indoors) that hamper acuracy and spotting like smoke effect do now. the ability to ko as enemy at range longer than point blank even if their only single use items thatneed manufacturing might be good, maybe they can be a early (pre ufo shot down) research angle. eg: specalized explosives? (not actually sure if their not already in the game, if they are, YEH *hugs granades... (-that might be a bad idea-) *BOOM* )
  11. oh cooool tries to build a giant statue using the unlimited ammo *note is crazy*
  12. unlimited amounts of projectile pistol/projectile rifle and projectile shotgun ammo agailable from the storeroom, sounds like a good idea (it gets sent to the base from the funding countries when requested), youd still need to carry enough clips/shells etc on the troopers whenon missions and balance the weight/space fropr ammo/weaponry with the need to carry other gear (medpacks granades etc), having to conserve ammo and not just spray everything with autofire is i think right (with unlimited ammo laser guns in a earlier xcom i could tare down entire barns and hedges etc...), as for ammo for new technology i think they should have to be produced in your manufacturing facilities. though 1 bullet used = a clip expended at mission end is odd maybe partially used clips can be reloaded ps: i gotta add this Gazz... internet shaped cookies O_O hmmmm *tries to get them of gazz*
  13. would all recruits start as rookies, or could you hire (for more cost) more expeienced personel, maybe for example if you have high favour/funding with some of the bigger countries they could allow you to recruit some of their expeienced troops (maybe as a event or diplomance function?) also i was thinking about ground combat during terror missions, about the presence of freindly troops (local police/military trying to save the situation), at the start they would be a asset, but once the region takes hits (from ufo action) they wouldn't be present anymore due to disorginization and damage to the countries military, and of course as the game progresses the standard weaponry would become inadiquit and thed turn the defence entirely over to the player. On a totally unrelated point: alien bases would they become operational imediatly, or could you catch them during construction to try and prevent them becoming operational? and any options later with research to *soften* up a alien base with missiles? maybe making the base damaged before the troops arive... (maybe researchable/buildable icbm missile silos?) would base missions be just the troops entering the base or multi part battles where they have to gain acess to the way in by killing the defenders (and maybe base defences) on the surface?
  14. i gotta request this as its both silly and very heroic... the ability for soldier to fire 2 pistols/uzis etc simultaniusly... btw can soldiers run in this game?
  15. <p><p>ive already read a few of your posts and im looking forward to seeing many more! let em fly my friend! <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile.png" alt=":)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/smile@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p>