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  1. Short summary of intro: An alien attack have disabled most of Earths military forces. A group of political and private people have founded a new organization (X-Com?) that will be given almost unlimited resources to fight back this threat. The story start in the establishing of a base, at an international airport in South Germany. At the base there are a group of mercenaries that are hired to train new soldiers. During a test of an jet fighter they manage to shoot down an alien aircraft, but since there are no soldiers at the base, the soldiers are supposed to arrive the same evening, the merc's are asked to check the crash site because it look as the alien craft might not be too much damaged. The alien craft has crashed close to an abandoned military base and they will have to salvage equipment from this base as well. Mission 01 ("Baptisms of fire") is to check the area, eliminated or capture any aliens, salvage as much alien tech as possible and also bring back military equipment. They are flown out in 2 helicopters. Mission 02 ("Through these fields of destruction"): When they return the base are destroyed in an alien attack. It will be an search, rescue and salvage mission. Mission 03 ("Mist coverd mountains"): Establishing a new base in the nearby mountains. Search for the transports to the original base. Mission 04 ("Tales from the past"): Discovery of a WWII research facility that will make Me262 a early test of fighters. -- and more
  2. Alliance X: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/3621-Alliance-X Need more input for game design.
  3. Not novel, but a short cartoon (3-4 pages) that I am working on - "Seed of Life" and from this story 2 new stories have emerged, working name: "Adventures of Ahuramazda" and "The search for Ahuramazda". I got the idea (for "Seed of Life") from a comment in the British TV show QI (on February 10th) and I have to credit Arthur C. Clark for the basic idea. Progress so far (I am still working on the dialog between the "sisters"):
  4. Try to start a new game, not start a saved gamed that MIGHT contain some errors. And by the way, Windows 7 alone contain a lot of bugs, check Windows 7 too (I am running Windows 7 too, and it alone give me headache).
  5. No, support as in support It is from "AllianceX", where "Little Bird" is used in mission 1 "Baptisms of fire", as a support/transport vehicle (it might change color before final version) and there isn't expected to be any alien aircraft in the area. It will be more a support for ground forces. The "Little Bird" is used because the Apache helicopter is out on another mission, but even if it was available, the Apache can not be used for transport (2 people in Apache, 4 people in "Little Bird").
  6. I had to check, but as far as I know I have not uploaded this picture before. I made it December 2nd and as you can see it is a "Litle Bird" that is going to support an "Black Hawk" for a mission. Spooky
  7. After finishing mission 2, Farm Map, the world map was black; Base location and radar range shown. Chinook and fighters not show, only radar range of fighters. After Chinook and fighters had returned to base, I got COD. Note: This is in version 17.51
  8. Second mission, Farm Map, on alien move: the soldier carrying a Machinegun was able twice have reaction fire, even if the soldier had only 2 action points left after moving.
  9. On my second mission, Farm map, I encounter a shadow moving - no figure was shown and no enemy in sight. Tried to take a screenshot, but got only desktop this time too... I tried to use SnagIt to capture screen, but this also only grabbed desktop....
  10. After the research of Mig was finished I got a black screen with a close button down in right corner. I tried to take a screenshot, but it was only a screenshot of my desktop... The game continue without any error after clicking on 'close'.
  11. It was an attempt to make the figure more of the same "cartoon style" of Xenonauts - not the best And it is a fighter pilot, it is a G-force suit she is wearing.
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