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  1. So, what I was thinking was something along the lines of say having two charlies and having both drop troops on the same objective at the same time, maybe in different areas sometimes. I just think it might be cool
  2. Hi, my dropship got recently shot down, and i am cleaning up the mess but i get a strong headaches because i can not figure out a lot of things. 1, Dropship got recovered, and stays in my hangar with 1% health. It has passed 20 days, and nothing changed. I do not see any option to manually repair the dropship anywhere. 2, Some of the soldiers got recovered, but on the loadout screen it says their health is not 100%, but somewhere around 90's of percent... i have med center, it has passed 20 days, but nothing about soldiers health changes, they still show up red and without full health. I did not find any option to manually heal them. Is there any proper manual (not just that quick start guide in the launch window), so i can find these things out without posting on the forum everytime i get headache out of non self-explanatory features of the game. (Which is of course a big mistake because user interface should be always self-explanatory enough)
  3. Hi, First up, I love this game. It is a shameless rip-off of the original X-Com, and for that the devs are roundly applauded. BUT there are some changes that would make this game more awesome. 1) Allow the player to send multiple drop ships and/or have more units per dropship. You could do this in Apocalypse and it was great. I prefer games that let the player do what they want (ie minimum rules imposed by the devs) 2) Add a "prone position" button. As an ex-infantryman, all soldiers know you are safer (presenting a smaller target and harder to see) and can shoot more accurately on your belt-buckle. It would be great to have that as a feature. It was in Apocalypse also. That's all I have for now
  4. I was playing earlier today and I ended up painting myself into a corner of sorts when a terror mission popped up. I took my dropship there and completed it without any major problems, but straight away after finishing it and returning to the geoscape I ran into an issue that didn't feel like it was my fault and also felt like something I couldn't have done anything to prevent. A couple of seconds later a UFO appears right next to my dropship and it is instantly shot down. Reloading and trying to fly in a different direction couldn't do anything to change the outcome. No matter what my dropship would be instantly downed and I'd lose half my troops without any chance of escape or being able to fight back. The only way it feels like I could have prevented being stuck like this would be to have an escort of interceptors lead my dropship to the terror site to deal with any UFOs trying to shoot it down; however it wasn't possible for me to do this as all I had available at that point in the game were Condors, which didn't have enough range to reach the terror site before having to return to base to refuel. What made me feel somewhat cheated by this is the fact that realistically a situation like this would be very possible to avoid. Simply land the dropship somewhere in the area and engage the hostiles on the ground. It doesn't sound very hard to impliment; simply give us the option to land the dropship and make any pursuing UFOs trigger a ground battle instead of just shooting it down outright. Also I wouldn't say it makes things much easier. It just gives players a way to fight their way out of an otherwise unwinnable situation.
  5. So, when you put your guys in position on the chinook, it would be nice to dictate which way they will be facing when the mission starts. @RussicherZar for the idea.
  6. V19.6.HF2 Recently I have found really annoying feature. Chinook and Shrike both have same range and it's not enough to reach anywhere on map where you need them. My base is in Middle East. Alien base is in top-west America. As I can't transport soldiers and chinook to another base that is closer (CTD while assigning soldiers to transport while they are not in first base), I can't reach that alien base. It's sucking money out of America and I can't do anything to stop it. The same problem would be with terror mission or crashed UFOs. And relocating people and transport to different base just for single attack and then relocating them back would be pain even if it worked. The obvious solution to that is increasing transport range so they can reach anywhere on globe. So far, they can reach *most* of it.
  7. Dislike this intensely. I get to 'place' my troops i.e. get the first go, then there's hidden movement (and I usually end up with dead troops). Ignoring bad placement and the number of troops you can take, what exactly is the benefit of this plane? Currently with the others I get to go first and that's actually better than the option provided by the Valkyrie. In short, it sucks.
  8. Hello! I see the missing step between two first dropships (while in interceptor branch we have Foxtrot step). I'd advise to use tiltrotor aircraft concept (represented in present times by V-22 'Osprey'). The first prototypes were developed in Germany in 1938. The first actual model in Soviet Union - in 1972. American models such as X-22 was developed in the same time few years earlier (1966-1968). http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/thumb/4/44/X-22a_onground_bw.jpg/300px-X-22a_onground_bw.jpg So This is not unreachable technology in game-time. The speed can be much faster then Charlie's, while these prototypes may be unable (for example) to carry tanks. That's just an idea. You know... In my game in February game-time I think twice to build or not to build Shrike *expensive and hard in man/hour aspect. While my engineers make 1 Foxtrot in 24 hours (and I supplied each of my 8 bases with 2 of them). I understand that it will cause additional graphics for landing craft, but may have real sense.
  9. I recently ran into the problem of having a terror mission spawn beyond the range of my chopper. I had a small outpost with a hangar but no living quarters. I was hoping that my chopper would be able to fly to the base, stop for fuel, then continue to the terror mission, but if that's possible I didn't see any way to make it happen. As far as I can tell I would have needed living quarters and I would have had to transfer my troops and chopper there in order to extend the range. I'd love it if small refueling posts could be established around the globe to extend the fighting range of my troops, particularly early on when I don't have the resources to construct fully armed and staffed bases all over.
  10. Hi all, Long story short, my Chinook was unable to reach mission site in Russia - from base located in USA. IMO it would be better to have worldwide reach for Chinook - simulating ability to refuel in flight or use military airbases for refueling.
  11. Hey, I was reading through some cool helicopter stuff, and I found this webpage: http://www.soc.mil/160th/Chinook.html It talks about the MH-47 Chinook, which is used for SpecOps missions and the like. It's got a simple cannon on it, and I was thinking that it'd be cool to have a simple cannon on the Charlie. It wouldn't be as powerful as a regular autocannon, but it'd just be there. I think it'd be fun to try to take down a light scout with a trio of chinooks, personally. Just make it so that it can only have the weaker cannon, maybe call it a light autocannon? Of course, it'd be upgraded with laser, plasma and mag, just for consistency (going up to light magstorm, or maybe miniMag haha). These weapons would unlock along with the regular autocannon replacements with no new researches being required, and would cost less than the regular interceptor autocannon would. It should only be available for use on dropships, and there should only be one weapon pod for that. I don't think it would affect balance very much at all, since they're not designed for combat, and therefore it would make sense if they sucked at it (in fact I'd appreciate it). Even if it's not going to do much, I just want to be able to defend my dropships, even if it's ineffective. It'd just add another interesting tidbit to the game, allowing the chinook to actually defend itself a bit. Thoughts?
  12. I was under the impression that the Charlie range had been made unlimited, but there is currently an alien base that I cannot get to, as my charlie runs out of fuel first.... I miss something there?
  13. Is it possible or will it be possible to fly multiple charlies together? I would imagine this would be difficult to balance against and it would be rough on the UI but I would like to see something where I've got two dozen personnel sweeping the field. Just a thought
  14. Did they not make the Charlie have a global range? I swear they did, but it just crapped out on me 2secs from anchorage form the middle east.
  15. Maybe add a small button right next to the plane icon to go directly to drop ship management screen? Won't add that much space and will be a nice little addition.
  16. I didn't play for a while and now i got Version 18.3.1 Question is: Why do have Chinooks only space for 8 Soldiers? It feels a bit strange. Perhaps because i am used to more. But also if i put myself into somebody that is completely new to the game it seems strange, that i have a big heli and half of its cargo space is empty. I also didn't found an iG descrition that explains how many Soldiers/Vehicles you can put in a chinook. Perhaps i have just overseen it what leads to my second comment. I think most font sizes are way too small. It is very hard for me to read Xenopedia articles and the desriptions in Geoscape/Base. I don't know if it is just my hardware. I play on 1024*768 resolution and a 15 inch monitor.
  17. I did like in OG and maybe TFTD? that there could be extra weapons/ammo stored on the transport. It kinda makes sense, and as long as it was limited somewhat it would give greater flexibility without having to rearm everyone. If you are into that kind of thing. I mean, sometimes I feel like 8 guys with rocket launchers. Sometimes I get there and see a lot of civilians... Sometimes there are fewer civilians when I am done.
  18. This isn't me complaining that some things aren't in the game (I know it's in alpha), but rather, some things that I've seen and maybe you guys might want to do differently. A) The chinook having a VERY limited amount of fuel. So limited that it can't reach very far terror sites. I don't know if you did that intentionally or not (to be more considerate of where you place your base?), but it's going to make it very hard to get anywhere not on your continent. B) I don't know if this is a bug or not, but my game keeps crashing when three fighters try to ( I assume; all three of the little triangles are over my base) I guess, base assault? I'm going to start a new game and see if it's an isolated incident. C) The way the chinook lands sometimes restricts the armored car from leaving the craft. Maybe make those side doors big enough for it to go out? Or maybe make sure the chinook lands more than 3 tiles away from the walls of the map?
  19. I just had a game where the Chinook was halfway across the ocean, running at best speed, and had to turn back. Right as it was getting back to base...the city was nuked. My troops could've handled it, the Chinook could have gone bingo and resupplied from friendly ground forces, but we had to abort. You can tell your interceptors to ignore the low fuel push, finish combat, and ditch--for the sake of one UFO--but you can't tell your dropshop to risk it all for the sake of an entire city. Suggestion: Pop up a box--ONLY when enroute to a terror mission, you wouldn't throw away your troops on just a regular landing--when the Chinook reaches 50% of its total range. "Commander, if we keep going--whether or not we make it to the city--we won't have enough fuel to make it back. If we push on and don't get there in TIME, I hope you have a SAR crew on standby." "Continue" / "Return to Base". If the player elects to continue and the nuke timer runs out: The dropship immediately turns around and heads to the closest base (if only one base, home base) until the fuel runs out, then it crashes. If this is over the sea...that's unfortunate. If it's over land, there's a chance of generating a crashed-dropship mission type--IF Xenonauts supports it. The country takes only half the usual financing penalty, because HQ did absolutely everything they could to get there in time, ending up sacrificing a squad of soldiers and a dropship...much, much more reassuring than "The bastards didn't even try!". If the player elects to continue and succeeds in the mission, temporarily give the dropship enough fuel to make it in a straight line back to the nearest base. It got there on fumes and favorable winds, it can get back in the same way. Apply a funding bonus. "They ran their equipment almost literally into the ground to get to us, thank $Deity they care." If the player elects to continue and is defeated, nothing changes. If the player elects to continue and aborts mission, treat it as a defeat. That dropship ain't moving, and the soldiers would probably be occupying the transport like the pilots in Blackhawk Down, trying to hold off the mobs until the bitter firey end. It just really stung having to see that 'you didn't get there in time' message when there was fuel (barely) to make it and time (barely) likewise. If players want to elevate the stakes--the entire squad against the clock / a funding bonus--that could be a valuable hard-choices option. What do you think, sirs?
  20. Two suggestions: 1) Storage locker inside of the dropship. That will enable you to take extra ammo/equipment on a mission and run back to the dropship to ressuply if necessary or if tactical conditions change. 2) Worldmap structures. If anyone played UFO: AI they know what I'm talking about The ability to build structures on the wroldmap. All of these minor installations are self-contained and can be attacked and destroyed by aliens (automatic, no player impute here) The structures could be: - Radar tower (smaller range than the base radar, but cheaper) - airstrip/fuel depot (aircraft/dropships can land ther to ressuply, effectively increasing their range by hopping from depot to depot) - UFO yard? - SAM site?
  21. This is a minor, but rather important quibble I have right now. Unlike the Skyranger, the Chinook doesn't have global range, which means in the first couple of months, there is a very high likelyhood that a Terror Site will pop-up in a place you can't respond to at all and it costs you a ton of goodwill from the funding countries. This can happen sometimes 4 times in a row. With the chance for air interception now by hostile alien fighters, Chinooks should be given global range and use the reason of in-flight refueling or stopping in airports or FOBs to refuel. If a player is willing to risk their team in a slow helo with no escort, that should be the chance they take.
  22. Today I was chasing after a landing craft with the F-17s (silly me) and a Chinook because it was landing every few minutes. Unfortunately as I reached it it took off again so I decided to engage to see what would happen. I lost. Then I lost the chinook. It struck me as odd that given it was me being the aggressor that the Chinook got shot down. I can understand it gets shot down when you are being pursued or attacked by the enemy but not the other way around. Its not a massive issue in that you can choose not to engage when the aircraft takes off again, but then it would be preferable if you could split the squadron into Chinook and F-17s first so that you can engage with the only the fighter aspect (which others have suggested) - tbh this would be achieved through just making it so that the Chinook remains affected by aggressive aliens and not passive ones.
  23. Just a quick suggestion/question Does the game have pilots for the transport craft? I really think they should also be able to participate in the tactical segment of the game as well - sort of like a last resort
  24. I hate to admit it, but I did notice that when your Chinook gets shot down there is a chance some of the special ops soldiers will survive. Very cool and realistic! Also, noticed that the hot fix fixed the not being able to buy personnel problem as well as the aircraft retreating CTD. Very nice. All I'm seeing is good stuff as the game matures.
  25. Since I started a thread on Chinook pilots/cockpit area and didn't want to highjack it on another Chinook/transport idea that I started to brew on during the tread, I decided to start this one and hopefully its worth the mention at least. Apart from dropping your troops off on their combat missions (and for the return run, hopefully), What other possible uses can the Chinook or any upgraded transports have during missions? Maybe a module for deployable flares? Great for night time missions if you've equiped the Chinook for it that is. Say it shoots out half a dozen flares 360 (or 180 at the ramp) at varying distances (but not too far) from the transport. What about on landing, if its equiped with a heavy weapon module, the Chinook can fire upon one (or if lucky two) alien at least 2 full auto fire (NPC event, can't manually pick target?). A 50 Cal would be nice. Maybe the transport could motion detect (if it has the module) for the first round in a large area? I'm sure there are a heap of ideas for usable (or NPC event) modules for the transport.
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