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  1. TornadoADV

    Base Defenses?

    My Primary Base has 6 Hangers. The design I use let's me easily fit 3 defenses, but if you don't want to use vehicles, you can leave out the Garage and get your fourth defense.
  2. TornadoADV

    Base Defenses?

    4 Base defenses will kill anything except Battleships, when you get MAG, it'll basically cripple their attack and be a mop up when the mission starts.
  3. I guess the simple fix is to decrease fuel consumption speed in combat (as previously suggested) and to double onboard cannon ammuntion.
  4. TornadoADV

    Speeding up enemy turns?

    Late game Base Defenses are the worst, literally taking 2-3 minutes per alien turn.
  5. TornadoADV

    Removing Stun Gas Grenades?

    Using a Stun Rod should be the same as using them from Demolition Man. An amped up billy club. Plus, as far as the Gas Grenades go, you've already made it so alien units that have suits are practically immune and those that have helmets have a heightened resistance to it.
  6. TornadoADV

    crash site don't feel like crash sites

    Previous builds a long time ago had that. But it required a ton of unique art assets for each UFO on each map type. So it was removed.
  7. TornadoADV

    Shields and their effect on combat

    They make shields that can stop rifle rounds, but they are quite heavy and usually require rollers on the bottom.
  8. Wait, I thought Adrons didn't take cover/crouch? I've never seen them do that in my games.
  9. TornadoADV

    Shields and their effect on combat

    The Shields are made out of the same modified ceramic mix the Jackal vests use for their plates. The advanced Shields are basically slabs of hardened alloy plate with a handle. It makes sense in context.
  10. TornadoADV

    Impossible Terror Mission!

    Pile driving the player with all your forces isn't exactly brilliant AI.
  11. TornadoADV

    V22 Experimental Build 1 Released!

    Since you're rebalancing stat levels and psionics, would it be possible to give Medals higher bravery gains? That way, Combat veterans are properly much harder to panic/berzerk/mind control? It's rather silly seeing my Assault Colonel, veteran of over 30 combat ops against an unknown enemy with medals covering his base uniform getting spooked because some mass produced alien clone pokes his brain a little.
  12. TornadoADV

    Xenonaut Medals Question

    Of course, I think the game doesn't award a Crux if the Leader in question is knocked out from stun gas on any turn after the intial use.That needs to be fixed. Also, can you get the Survival Medal if you send out Xenonauts on solo ops?
  13. TornadoADV

    Anyone actually using Valkyrie?

    I don't build a Valk until I get the Sentinel Armor, full coverage view is needed to make the concept work. Otherwise, stick to the Shrike.
  14. TornadoADV

    Xenonaut Medals Question

    I've captured Leaders via gas grenades and never recieved a Crux Solaris.
  15. TornadoADV

    V22 Experimental Build 1 Released!

    All aliens regen 50% of their health they suffered in damage. This even applies to Xenonauts. Using Medikits causes a CTD every time. (bug report)