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  1. OK, so on the last update there was a fix using a hex editor that allowed you to carry on playing from saved games that were broken from previous releases. Does anyone know if that will work again, and if so, what I need to change? I was totally at the endgame!!!
  2. Hey fellas, I get a CTD on the Artic mission against a crashed Carrier with Caesan and Wraiths on board. It crashed on initially starting the mission, and several times throughout the mission for no apparent reason. Has been really stable until this mission. Always happens on aliens' turn though, although I can't discern any particular pattern. Cheers
  3. Bro, where did you find these? I can see my save games in my mydocs/xenonauts folder but they're not labelled as yours are. I too was on a roll, and nowt is more annoying than updates that break saves. I've still never come close to finishing the game. Is there a way to roll back to the last update so I can finish it? The new changes aren't worth giving up the game for . . .
  4. Guys, do you really have to delete all our save games every time you update the game? Is there any way around this? I was about to finish the game and it's back to square one.
  5. Repeatable CTD whenever a tank crushes things like chairs or troughs that are items of cover.
  6. I don't know if this has always been the case, but I think I used to be able to walk & shoot through the hedges that I'd blown up with C4 or a rocket, like you can with a wall. I can't any more. Is that fixable?
  7. For some reason the sprites for Buzzard suit wearers that are descending from on high occasionally disappear for the rest of the mission, even though the actual soldier is still there and usable. Also, quite a few apparently random CTDs during combat missions after movement.
  8. Yeah, I get this too. And it says the magazine holds 12 rounds, rather than 9 for the laser rifle, and 6 for the sniper rifle (even though it'll only actually load the correct number when you do load it). Later in the game, on deployment anyone with a laser rifle had no magazine loaded, even though it was loaded in the load-out screen.
  9. I'm not a big fan of many of the balance changes. It seems the aliens can see for miles, shoot amazingly accurately (even with reaction fire, which they seem to do abundantly; even the sebbies, who are meant to be a bit slow) and slaughter my hapless troops before I've finished getting them off the chopper. The reduced APs are ok, but TBH I much preferred the previous iteration. Also, the weight thing sucks; as soon as I put Jackal armour on anyone, all they can carry is one weapon and one magazine. Lame. Oh, one other thing - if you're behind a bit of cover, you should be able to stay behind it and shoot around it from in cover (ie not have it be 100% blocked).
  10. Yeah, I've lost all my saves too, which is a DISASTER
  11. So, hotfix installed and now it refuses to see my saved games. They're sat in the save folder, but the game refuses to acknowledge their existence. Please don't make me start over!!!
  12. Chaps, Is there only one terror map? Only I get the same one over and over, and even the aliens spawn in the same place. Also, although this version is generally pretty stable, I get a regular CTD maybe 20% of the time I click on the soldiers' kit tab in the geoscape. Nice work. Cheers.
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