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  1. Sorry, just the once. Probably not the best tester: I go missing for years on end :/
  2. There was a horrible pause at 4% when I tried to load a game, but it did eventually load. The only other problem involves the relays: I did 2 and got the rep up to 70 and then it just vanished along with the relays so kinda back to square one with no chance of getting out of it. Unless you're only meant to go to them when the bombardment starts (?). I do like the MARS, but it got improvements (TU and a.n. other). Should it? It's also ranked captain!
  3. In answer to Androns. Yes. Do please look at the human behaviour in the terror missions. I'm sure you're aware of it, just wanted to make sure it got some attention. Thank you.
  4. Cruiser you can do by the following (takes 3 foxhounds out though) : Set them all to full speed and to head downwards at 90 degrees to where the cruiser is. Set the bottom one to then head out and release its payload, let the others move down because the cruiser turns slowly. Once 1 has been set, wait a couple of seconds, pause and set the second off. Then repeat for the third. As soon as the missiles are released, pause and set that plane to abort. That way you do actually hit with all 6 torpedos. The second time around repeat and you'll take it out. It isn't fun and it didn't give me any good research at the end of it. I've left the game for now and will return in a few months because it's just been very time consuming and the way the game is set you have to reload a lot (see ground missions, base missions, everything) or you just lose territory very quickly and then the game ends.
  5. Yeah. You need to get the Foxtrots out early and lose a couple even to get the Carrier and Bomber down otherwise the clock is against you. At the moment it pushes you very quickly to have to deal with Battleships and I would have thought they were much closer to the end given I've probably done not even 25% of the research, etc.
  6. Thanks. I have exhausted all research but I'll try the tactic you've suggested. I'd just lke to be able to get into the swing of things and see how the game goes. Only found a couple of bugs and they were ones that others have found anyway.
  7. Oh and this one seems to have stalled too in terms of a release date. I believe the 'proper' beta will be out in the next 3 months (sorry, forgot to reply to the above in the above).
  8. I haven't yet downloaded PP though I have a key as a backer. I've heard it has a few bugs even though it's 18 months late (from date of initial planned release) but what is so bad about it? It did have potential and I did very much like Apoc.
  9. Try taking them on when you do an alien base mission. Big bangs, little space. I hope at some point we can take them out electronically. They shouldn't walk through the hull though, just as bullets shouldn't really make bit holes in it. So yeah, unless you've decided to stick with this model, it be changed please?
  10. Thank you for the patch. Have now downed 6 or 7 destoyers and 3 observers. And still no research so the cruisers, harvesters and even bombers are killing me. 'enuff said.
  11. I can beat that. Moved my troops out of the 'copter. Game over. This happens a lot, as does 78778899758917851550750495572897589157171895751854 aliens all rushing you at once. The screen was full of little red alien faces.
  12. Second run through. Still can't find this phantom (sic) research. What do you have to do to get it? I attended every ground mission for those UFOs I could take down and it's early March and it's game over. That's just the air combat bit of the game, the rest is equally painful. (I'm being polite there although I'm not sure it deserves it).
  13. I've just had this. Started in W Africa. Went off to the US for base 2 and part way through (some time after my first ground mission) this happened. It is painful: research dies, soldiers don't heal, can't manufacture. So I think it needs to be looked into please. If you can tell me how to get you a saved game, I'm happy to ping one your way.
  14. Phoenix Point/Snapshot Games (rapidly going downhill) use XSOLLA. It isn't something I'd choose and they do seem to create their fair number of complaints. Just in case you weren't aware and wanted to look into them a bit more if that's important. That said, I have no idea of the overall proportion of complaints: otherwise satisfied geeks (aka we lot).
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