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  1. Hey i got my blessing from Chris that it is okay for me to make a fan film about xenonauts. and we will put some production value in to it and i am making it before my first feature film because i have actors and some props i can use then. and the camera will be i hop a RED CAM if we can get hold of it. and don't worry it wont look like a student film we are going to work with effects and sound a lot. (oh and if you are a film student and wanna work with movies here is a tip for you work on the sound a lot nothing worse then a student film with bad sound). but i will put my own money into this fan film and it will be free only a idiot charge for a fan film and i think that person breaks the law when he does it. but i don,t know when it will be done but i hope in December i have something to show you and i will put up some concept art. i am not going to show the aliens that much because my budget to reach that far. oh and i will try to put up a little tiny teaser image on Friday ps. my god.....its full of stars
  2. We need to have a chat mate, and your inbox is full. Cheers!
  3. YUP time for personal questions! So who music group/musician intrest you?
  4. Keep safe, and hope to see you back on the forum when it's all over.
  5. Hi, i've opened a german xenonauts forum. If you want to join visit www.xenonauts.de
  6. Cheers all. It was year 1997 when i laid my hands first time on the UFO:Terror from the Deep, needless to say my summer was ruined and i got hooked with TBS-genre. After i managed to win the game (that took very much time and nerves) i finished the original UFO: Enemy Unkown, Laser Squad for the Amiga and tried X-COM: Apocalypse. There's also spot in my heart for Soldiers at War. After the "golden years" of TBS i've been mostly playing Football Manager series and occassionally tested potentially good turn based games, like Silent Storm and Altar's UFO-series (those were pretty entertaining). I remember few bad games too, like awful Squad Leader. But what i've been really waiting is good updated version of the original UFO. I got somewhat excited when firaxis announced the "remake", then i learned that it's going to be watered on some parts and lost my interest. Couple of days ago i was looking for upcoming TBS-games and found this one. For me, this is the most important game currently in development. And i like to say to developers--> Thank you for making this, it's going to be hell of a game when released. -Tunza-
  7. Greetings! So I am new to the X-COM franchise. I had always heard about it- more through nostalgic recollection and seeing it on "Greatest Games" lists. I am 25... so that puts me right around.. 7 when UFO Defense came out, ha. I have always been interested in strategy games however. I work as a System Engineer so I suppose I am an analytic person and tend to drift towards games of Chess rather than Checkers. Upon seeing XCOM: Enemy Unknown a few months ago I was pretty excited. About a month before XC:EU released, I purchased UFO Defense from Steam and downloaded the Util program that fixes some bugs. Honestly, I didn't think I would like UFO Defense due to the almost 20 year old graphics. While I found the interface to be very overwhelming- the game was great at immersion. Naming soldiers after my wife, our pets, our soon-to-kid (my daughter is due Jan 11th- first kid! Very nervous), inlaws, etc all made up my initial platoon. My inlaws made great RedShirts/Fodder. All in all, the game was enjoyable regardless of how dated it was. XC:EU released and honestly, I really like the game. I know- I am going to get lynched here for saying that. But for what it is- it is a fun game. It was never promised to be a clone/identical copy. It took inspiration from the X-COM universe and went in its own direction. I can see why people looking back with nostalgia would be upset. It isn't a direct clone and those expecting such are disappointed. The 2K forums are crawling with "but in the original game!" posts and that is okay. People are allowed to not be satisfied and voice their opinion. However, I still find the original game enjoyable and the new game enjoyable. I have continued to play both after release of XC:EU. Is it blasphemy I could enjoy both games? Maybe. But they really are different takes on the same thing and both have their selling points. I think people who just claim the OG is superior in every way are just as intellectually dishonest as those who defend XC:EU relentlessly despite some glaring faults. Both extremes are not good for this niche community and both extremes do not help at all. I prefer to be in the middle and enjoy both games for their differences and what they are. I saw a few posts mentioning Xenonauts on the 2K forums. So... I decided to check it out and here I am. I think this game is what many people assumed XC:EU was going to be like- an updated clone of the original game. An improvement on its core mechanics, etc. Honestly, this game looks like a hell of a lot of fun. It is neat going back and looking at release notes and seeing this game grow and change based on user requests/inputs. I plan on spending quite a bit of time around here and can't wait to get my hands on Xenonauts
  8. Hi, New forum member and original Xcom player here! After reading the reviews of the new Xcom it did not sound entirely pleasing to me as the original Xcom. A member at SimHQ and boardgame geek both mentioned this game called xenonauts and here I am! This game sounds much more satisfying than the new Xcom so I will buy the premium member package to support the devs!
  9. Hey guys, I was thinking about a number of us just chatting away on any sort of conference device (TS3, Mumble, Vent, etc.) You know, we'll all be chatting about how those darned civies keep jumping right back into the fire, until someone starts screaming about "F*CKING CRYSSALLIDS" burst r*ping their entire team. Or....you know...just swap XCOM/Xenonaut horror stories. We can do that too... Anyone think this is a good idea?
  10. Some free market research for Chris!!! http://forums.2kgames.com/showthread.php?127031-What-age-are-my-follow-XCOM-enthusiasts-here Edit: Just to throw some wood on the fire, I've added a Xenonauts version to this thread for a laugh, and to see if it can be done right... Though statistically, we probably won't have the numbers...
  11. I've been thinking, what do you guys think about starting a community IRC channel? A lot of people still use IRC and it's a good place for discussing things in a much more efficient way over say a forum with people of the same community. A lot of developers also use this as a tool where they can get quick and efficient feedback directly from people and it also helps build community spirit. I would love to see an IRC channel where you could sometimes see the developers drop by, if you read this Chris feel free to add your thoughts on this and if you are interested. What form this channel would take could be anything, be quite active and interact with the people a lot? Mostly idle and sometimes say something? Just drop by now and then to say hi or just on special occasions or something. Whatever would fit. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts on this and gauge interest, I would definitely be in a channel even if the devs can't be there, what about you all? Also for those that don't know what IRC is it's a standardized chat network you can connect to with a variety of clients.
  12. I’ve noticed there are quite a few people who are either active serving members of their military, or who have served in some capacity within the armed forces. I’m curious to know how many people there are on this board who have served. By “armed forces”, while I do mean are part of a “conventional” military force, such as army, navy, air force etc. I also include if you did it as national service, or if you train regularly with a state-recognised militia (such as the Territorial Army here in England). You don’t have to say in what capacity you served (certainly if the laws of your country forbid you from doing so!) although it would be nice. Incidentally, I’m a civvie through and through.
  13. Hi there, what about a mapping contest? Maybe every creator do 5 maps. At the ende the best maps go into the final version of xenonauts Good idea? is that possible? ty
  14. Just found out about this game a few days ago, from a post on 4chan. Holy moses, this is just what I wanted. I had played the original xcom in a steam sale about a year ago and loved the game as a whole. I'd always thought to myself after i beat it "***t if someone remade this with better visuals, this would be bank" Lo and behold I discovered xenonauts. Threw in my premium preorder you guys got my support. I will be eagerly awaiting the final product. God speed and best of luck with development, -Chris
  15. I've seen quite a bit of oldie game revival news messages pop up, just to have my enthusiasm break down after a few developer/publisher switches, to have it shattered when it finally gets cancelled (JA & Duke, to name 2). I'm not that old a gamer to have experienced the original XCOM, but have enjoyed JA2, Fallout (the real ones) and MAX, to name a few. If you enjoyed these games as much as I did, I assume we all felt left in the cold the past decade when reading almost solely about cashcow franchises and casual cr*p. Seeing the effort you guys already put into this project, and the level of functionality for alpha/beta development, made me pre-order right away. Too bad I did not notice the Kickstarter before or I'd have placed my cash there. 15 minutes remaining on the Desura download timer, can't wait to start! For a game that's probably as complex as I'm assuming - which is how I like my games - it will take me a bit to sort through it and the info on the site/boards, I hope I can be of use to the community after that. Any advice on where to start or what to read would be much appreciated. So, this post is mainly a cheers & respect to the devs & community, and a general "hi from the noob". One small remark : the site seems to load quite slow for me. I'm Belgian, that places me close to UK (where I assume the Goldhawk web server is located); what's up with that?
  16. Never thought I'd say this about England, but it's too hot to sleep. Heck, no one else in the area seems to have gone off to bed till now. Anyone else at Rezzed (except Chris, who I expect is completely knocked out from exhaustion), or who knows where to get grub in the wee hours of the morning?
  17. Basicly the title says it all, i would like you to criticize the video and how i could have done it better. This is my real first introduction, the other was just smashing stuff together, this one took me 2 hour to build up, ( i knew basicly nothing with that new program and i took over 45min to search a decent music background royalty free ). I hope it suits everybody P.S.: El Chialeux will be my new youtube name im switching back to french because well, my english isnt good when comes time to talk, it doesnt sound professional. It mean "The ranter" basicly, but with less negative background than ranter.
  18. There are many people on the forums, providing bug reports for me. So maybe we could play something together. Don't expect me to tell you secrets about the upcoming features or the development process , but still we could play something together: Coop games, Shooting games, Strategy Games or something, I'm sure it would be fun. We could play on steam or something free to play game. Anyone else?
  19. Taking a cue from Matthew's thread I thought I'd make a more general one. A thread were Xenonaut Commanders can share their online alias' if they want to play games with others. And who doesn't, it's more fun after all. Matthew's made a Steam Group where one can join freely. Anyway, I'll start; Steam: IceVamp Battle.net: Battle tag - IceVamp#2186 PSN: IceVamp I'm up for pretty much anything really, though my pc's getting old. I'll be playing Diablo 3 quite a bit I reckon. Other games I fancy: L4D2, Killzone 3, Battlefield 3, Team-Fortress 2.. lots. Though they are kinda split between PC and PSN. Would be cool to scrounge up a 4v4 l4d2 match! I like killing survivors.
  20. Hi, just went through my first run of V 9.2 and absolutely loved it. Still a bit buggy, of course, but the gameplay was great and the look of the game was just right. I just came from the Bear's Pit Forum and having noticed a thread about the Firaxis version of XCOM I advertised your game and website. For anybody that doesn't know the Bear's Pit is the big gathering of Jagged Alliance 2 fanatics that created the wonderful 1.13 mod that has kept that game going for 13 years. They are quite a large community and have recently been VERY disappointed by Bitcomposer's remake of their game. Many are XCOM fans and are looking for a turn based game with fog of war and no gimmicks, just solid gameplay. I thought Xenonauts fit the bill. Anyway, maybe you guys could drop a line in there and do some selling of your own. It couldn't hurt because I think there are a lot of potential customers who are aching for a great new turn based game.
  21. Just downloaded the game after reading through the site and I thought I'd say hello to everyone. Very exciting stuff so far and hats off to the hard work the team has put in! Been a big fan of X-COM since it came out when I was about 9 and cant wait to try this remake
  22. According to me great games are the ones you still revisit from now and then and that consumed you lots of time. (not in a particular order) mine are: X-Com EU / TFTD / Apoc Master of Orion 1 & 2 Heroes of the Might and Magic Starcontrol 2 Homeworld and Homeworld Cataclysm Supreme Commander Gary Grigsby's World at War EVE-Online Star Trek Bridge Commander Nexus: The Jupiter Incident X-Wing vs Tie-Fighter Baldur's Gate Diablo Warcraft 1 & 2 Starcraft C&C Dune BFA Minecraft Incubation (i will edit this list as i remember... back to work). Humm TOP 5 in order... hardest than i thought... ok, here goes. 1st: Master of Orion 2. Why? Countless hours that me and my best friend spent hot seating this one in the age of "internet multiplayer just for some" 2nd: X-Com EU Why? Countless hours i've spent playing this one, and is still revisit it after all these years 3rd: Total Annihilation. Why? Again countless hours me and my best friend spent dueling 4th: Stronghold. Why? I always liked to build defenses to withstand an overwhelming force 5th: Minecraft. Why? While recent it "looks" old and with that same playability value of games of old.
  23. Did you know that 2012 is the International Year of Alien Threat Awareness? Neither did I until I declared it as such some 15 minutes ago. Anyhow, in order to spread the word, I've set up fan communities for Xenonauts on two services I frequent, Last.fm and Steam. Have you always wanted to stay up-to-date on what your fellow forumites are listening to, or which games they are grinding away at whenever they're not busy squashing bugs? Take a look, and join in the frivolities!
  24. I'm making this post because I have a few funny stories of stuff that I've done, in frustration, victory or defeat, during a ground combat, and I'm interested to find out if anyone else has any funny anecdotes. Some of my favorites are I have accidentialy thrown my mug through the air spilling the contents, Mmmmm coffee, all over my laptop when my tank shot my five teammates in one go although it was aiming at an alien next to them. Another is i have inadvertently torn up some homework in suspense. So has anyone else got some funny stories? Or am I just an easly scared and annoyed noob ;P
  25. I've been spectacularly lazy at checking the bug reporting forum this week, as I have barely looked at it at all. However, this is not a problem as bugtesting is no longer my responsibility. This makes me a very happy man. Matthew has joined the team on a part-time basis. He works full time as QA and testing staff at a AAA game studio and now works for us in the evenings, and essentially he will have three roles on the project: 1) To internally verify the features our programmers are implenting to ensure they work properly before we release them. 2) The playtest the public builds of the game before we release them to the public. 3) To monitor the bug reporting forums and maintain our internal bugtracker. He's been around for about a week now, and has been checking the forums and the existing records on our bugtracker since then. He's not been commenting on the threads because he's still been getting used to the way we work, but he's now ready to formally take over the reins and that section of the forums. This is a very good thing for the project for a number of reasons. Firstly, your bugs are likely to get fixed quicker and they should certainly all get captured now there is a dedicated person looking after them. Secondly, the public builds should be a lot more stable. After spending hours putting together a build for release, the last thing you want to do is sit down and play it for a couple of hours - so I didn't, I just tested the biggest things. Thirdly, I now have more time to do other things (of which there are plenty, believe me). Therefore I'd like to welcome Matthew to the forums, and ask you give him all the help he needs to do his job. I'm sure you'll be seeing plenty of him in the next few months!
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