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  1. Memorial Screen would be very good addition to the game. You could add some statistics too how many missions soldier survived etc. Best idea for ages! There can't be too much stats
  2. Tunza

    Omerta - City of Gangsters

    Yea, at first i thought it could be decent game. Then i noticed it's from Kalypso, and that's why im not touching it. After disaster called Legends of Pegasus and how Kalypso Media handled the aftermath im not supporting the company in any way, ever.
  3. Tunza

    Mission types

    Bomb missions and escort missions are very bad and cheap ideas, hopefully they will not make into game.
  4. Tunza

    Build V17.5 Planned!

    Dont mention Legends of Pegasus ever! I wonder what the people behind that pile of sh*t are doing today, does anybody know?
  5. Tunza

    More weapon types.

    Whooo! I checked, and im surprised what i found! Fantastic!
  6. Tunza

    More weapon types.

    The regular rocketlauncer is indeed too overkill. There could be option to have lighter RPO-variant at the beginning of the game and heavier rocketlauncher later. The RPO is singleshot device and comes with different "loads". Like incendiary, thermo and smoke. So there would be some choises to make when selecting which versions you take to the field. Ofc, later in the game it could be cool to research RPO-rocket that stuns the enemy with gas.
  7. Tunza

    More weapon types.

    The only weapon i would replace from the starting "deck" is the rocketlauncher. And good substitute for it could be either automatic grenade laucher or RPO-style launcher which is little lighter than fully grown rocketlauncher. It's only my opinion
  8. Tunza

    The X-FILES

    I loved the character of the Cigarette Smoking Man, he really made the show. Also the character of Deepthroat was very well done, and actors for the CSM and Deepthroat were both top class. There were few episodes where they had screentime together. I dont remember what the episode was where they argued which one has the "privilidge" to end life of extraterrestrial being, but i do remember the scene was made very nicely and it had a feeling that the real men in black are back in the business Many of the non-CSM episodes were good too. Like that human tubeworm monster and that squeezy guy Tooms. There was also weird episode including hyperspeed aircraft and roadside café. Im not sure was the café homage to the last episode of the Sapphire and Steel.
  9. Tunza

    The X-FILES

    The show had it all. UFO's, abductions, shady organizations, one of the greatest villains tv had to offer and kick-ass main storyline all the way up to sixth season. It was the tv-show of the 90's. And to me playing UFO EU was way cooler after watching the nights episode of X-Files. Do you guys have warm feelings towards X-Files? And if you do, let me know!
  10. Tunza

    Alien autopsy pictures

    I want some pictures of mutilated cows too!
  11. Cheers all. It was year 1997 when i laid my hands first time on the UFO:Terror from the Deep, needless to say my summer was ruined and i got hooked with TBS-genre. After i managed to win the game (that took very much time and nerves) i finished the original UFO: Enemy Unkown, Laser Squad for the Amiga and tried X-COM: Apocalypse. There's also spot in my heart for Soldiers at War. After the "golden years" of TBS i've been mostly playing Football Manager series and occassionally tested potentially good turn based games, like Silent Storm and Altar's UFO-series (those were pretty entertaining). I remember few bad games too, like awful Squad Leader. But what i've been really waiting is good updated version of the original UFO. I got somewhat excited when firaxis announced the "remake", then i learned that it's going to be watered on some parts and lost my interest. Couple of days ago i was looking for upcoming TBS-games and found this one. For me, this is the most important game currently in development. And i like to say to developers--> Thank you for making this, it's going to be hell of a game when released. -Tunza-