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  1. I will attempt to reproduce the issue, but this the information I have so far: Crash occurred when clicking through the mission after action review. During the mission, the only unusual behaviour noticed was the transference of the vehicle crosshair to a soldier if the game was saved while the vehicle was selected (and had been instructed to fire without sufficient AP). This was worked around by selecting a different soldier, or by saving again.
  2. Ah yes, that seems to still be in for me. Leading to some interesting winging of shots.
  3. While not nearly as amusing as the Buddhist Civilians thread, I've noted a potentially interesting behaviour that civilians could exhibit. I noticed one foolhardy citizen ran up to an alien's corpse, presumably for souvenirs. If this isn't deliberate, it was certainly a moment that drew me in. I was feverishly swearing at this almost B-movie moment where this complete idiot civvie runs up to a craft of aliens I can barely see to filch stuff from one of their former comrades' corpses...
  4. Sorry if the title is incorrect. Please see attached images as it's late at night, and I'm at a loss for a more appropriate description.
  5. Sunshard

    Three Builds to Beta!

    Extremely excited to see that building destruction is going in. That cheers me up immensely.
  6. Sunshard

    21st July Progress Update

    Hurray, nice to hear the staff problem is looking up. It's even nicer to have the website back
  7. Sunshard

    On the perils of Brighton

    Then I suppose everyone there was under-equipped
  8. Sunshard

    On the perils of Brighton

    Amazing fun. It was brilliant talking to all the people there, the devs making games and the journalists from RPS. Games for the most part looked good, and I got to see Chris and the tiling artist in the flesh. Also nice to see Androns in the build.
  9. That was a very interesting read. Heard anything about this Chris?
  10. Sunshard

    On the perils of Brighton

    Ah well. I found a convenience store in the end. Pleasantly surprised to find a one-man authentic pizzeria though.
  11. Sunshard

    On the perils of Brighton

    Never thought I'd say this about England, but it's too hot to sleep. Heck, no one else in the area seems to have gone off to bed till now. Anyone else at Rezzed (except Chris, who I expect is completely knocked out from exhaustion), or who knows where to get grub in the wee hours of the morning?
  12. Sunshard

    How many military types are there on this board?

    Well now, there's a lot of conscripts on the board. Guess we're part of Operation: Human Shield until the Xenonauts crew show up.
  13. Sunshard

    How many military types are there on this board?

    Jumping on the conscript bandwagon. I was an unremarkable ammunition storeman in the SAF.
  14. Sunshard

    Smarter AI

    As far as I can recall, the AI code Chris brought on board was discussing Hierarchical Finite State Machines, with plenty of options for requisite reactions to scenarios, etc. I suspect you should be able to get decent performance out of that. Unless you want to break out seriously heavy duty behaviour improvement tools (NNs, GAs), which would probably need some way of quickly repeating combat over & over.
  15. Sunshard

    the next big project.........

    I gather the previous conversations with cyllan remain at the forefront of the other posters' minds in this thread. ;; I would suggest abandoning this topic, to avoid another heated, and quite possibly personal argument.