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  1. 5th time worked for me, just had problems too
  2. Don't forget to post the release update on Desura *edit* added a review btw, +10. I'd encourage everyone here to post a positive review on Desura. With any luck it'll bring the game to attention of others, more sales = more cash for Goldhawk = more cash for better/longer development =)
  3. Maybe tie in the type of sounds with region relations / game progress. So in a region with good relations, you hear the ambient "human" sounds: sirens, train, cow, jets, shouting, machinegun, plenty shouting in semi distress). In a low relation area, you'd hear more deathrays, alien chatter, human screams in high distress, ufo flying over... Depending on how far you want to take this, you can add in human computer sounds when a Xenonaut enters a building tile, and Alien bleeps when a Xenonaut enters an UFO. Or, when the fog of war over the UFO is revealed. Adds some tension when approaching the UFO, but it fades whenever the fog of war goes back over the UFO. These should be background soundbits that blend in with the overall music score, so they can be "laid over" that score. You can add a percentage, eg 5 Xeno with sight on the UFO = 35% UFO related sounds, 3 Xeno inside a building = 15% building sounds, remaining 50% is generic sounds. Sound is often overlooked (overheard?), but it is a mighty tool to add tension.
  4. Yay, relase! Thanks! Aww too bad about the CTD, hope Desura is fast. Chris, how about the "detract expenses before income" issue, was anything done about that in this release? It's hard to juggle income mechanics when you constantly have to keep some cash aside.
  5. I was referring to the eventual final release. In alpha/beta stage we're basically here to find the bugs, so it's up to all of us to help achieve that bug-free state
  6. Hello Orumo, welcome! Can't relate about X-Com specifically, I've just missed the original games. Have played and loved the Jagged Alliance series though, especially the combat seems to be highly influenced by X-Com. And, based on what I've seen in the game so far, I think I'm going to love the final product! It's indeed a good year for those that love the classics and prefer gameplay over visuals. Cheers
  7. It's so nice to see the dev team keeping us informed openly and truthfully, even when the game is in this early state. I'd rather have a later but more stable release date then a rush to production littered with bugs. Still, eases my mind knowing about what's happening. Thanks for the updates Chris!
  8. Google translate has a lot to learn. Or I should learn Russian (or ask my buddy Igor to translate). Yevgeniy, I did not understand what you mean here. Do you mean "does it still not support unicode"? I'd say, keep this thread alive or PM/spam the devs Could we perhaps classify this as a bug and let it be mentioned in the known bugs thread? Then we can follow up the status there. Silver: The proverb is also "buying a cat in a bag" in my native language, Dutch. Why would anyone want to buy a cat or a pig in a bag anyway?
  9. I'm stealing this from the signature of an old forum friend, who has been using it since the turn of the millennium. It is in use by some Dutch armed forces (I just learnt by a google search), but everything has been used somewhere. Nunc aut nunquam. Now or never. Short and to the point. There is no "later", we kill them now or all of us get wiped out of existence. Ps: to the old forum friend, who might be looking here as Xenonauts is being followed on that other forum: I told you you've made a spelling error in this sentence, but as you pointed out, it has become somewhat of your trademark. If it makes it to the game, I hope you find it flattering that you contributed it
  10. Incidently I found the posts Gorlom linked to about half an hour after my post, made sense to look in the announcements threads. Why I didn't look there to begin with makes less sense.
  11. Thanks for all your effort Comassion! Anything specific we can do to help? I assume telling in this thread that one of the topics mentioned can change status (eg "point x is now repeatable, link here")? To the point: For the odd chinook behaviour bug (unable to load troops into it) I have a savegame that loads right into the situation. Mentioned here: Might be handy to mention the availability of saves for a bug in your list as well? Could help Matthew. This save also has a New York terror mission. I thought saving with present on-map missions crashes the savegame. I see there are a lot of bugs still listed as unrepeatable. At the moment, it takes up quite some time to start a fresh game, build up forces and income, to get to 2 bases and enough cash to simulate situations. Is there a way to get a lot of starting cash immediately? This could make repeating bugs a lot easier, coming down to "start game, build base A and building G H I, build base B and building J K L, fast forward 10 days, recruit 8 soldiers, move them to base B, bug scenario #22 is now applicable". Advisable to only be used for repeatability hunting, as bugs in normal paced gameplay may go unnoticed this way.
  12. I have a similar issue. Steps I performed: - moved a chinook to a new base (towards N-America), but did not unload troops in old base. - When it got there, I could not buy soldiers due to no recruits showing bug. So I did the workaround for that bug, recruited soldiers, bought a vehicle. - tried to load the Chinook. Did nit work, Chinook is greyed out. - Chinook layout screen does not show soldiers or vehicles - perhaps because they are at the old base location. I have a save that goes right into this situation. If the save is required please tell me so. An attempt to attach it now leads to 404 Page not found.
  13. There was a nearby Trekkie convention. Nothing to worry about. They'll get back when it's over, just be glad you can't see what they're wearing.
  14. I mostly have this when setting the game to full speed, but am starting to see how this might occur. I have 3 bases, with 5 wings of each 2 fighters. Often I have these 5 wings chasing UFO's at the same time. Setting the game to full speed makes the exact moment where they intercept less "sensitive", the time granularity decreases on this speed. So I guess this is another tactic for replicating the issue: Build many bases, send out a lot of simultaneous wings, and set the game to full-speed. You can give wings closer to an UFO then others a small detour to a patrol location on the map.
  15. At what speed did you set the game when you were intercepting? I've had this issue when I order my planes to an ufo, then switch the game to full speed. Other speeds didn't give me issues.