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Found 16 results

  1. I like the community edition better, but There is a very annoying bug that cuts the burst fire animation short. The soldier points his/her gun at the target, then the gun cuts back to the idle sprite and the bullets appear in thin air. It also does this with longer firing animations like sniper rifles. I've just beat the game on vanilla/ veteran difficulty, and would love to start a new modded play through. I tried disabling all other mods but the community edition itself, but the bug was still there so it must be a CE bug. Any help would be much appreciated.
  2. I have started implementing a Viewer (Java application with graphical user interface), which is able to replay any sprite animation of this game. At the moment the application is able to open an xml and play/pause the animation. Also it is possible to change the animation speed (time factor). Furthermore each frame of an animation can be exported to a single image file. I will post the application here as far I get the GUI finished. The next step will be implementation of useful editing features. like editing sprites of particular frames. Also I plan to implement a layout editor to pack several sprite images of a single animation into a png file. There will also be some automatic layout strategies to reorganize the images in order to get them tightly packed.
  3. IDEA - Аdd to the game animated trees, palms, shrubs, tall grass ..? ====== How about greater diversity in the animation of smoke and fire ? (more types of animation) -- another idea - add chunks of flying debris, dust, sand ... (wind simulation) it will add "liveliness" to picture .. *Possible some flags...(or other cloth) - twine on the wind ... ====== and of course the hardest part - idle animation for - (dream) 1.) solders with all type of armor & weapon... (as in ja2 game) 2.) for aliens of course .... 3.) for civilians at the end .... == p.s. may be open kickstarter project ? plans for 5k to 50k$ .... (for example) ________
  4. I am not sure what particular use this would have, but I would really love a small animation every time you send your interceptors in for a fight.
  5. Chris, a few monthes ago you mentioned that the current placeholder animation for the usage of medikits/advanced medkits will be replaced with its own animation instead of the grenade throwing one. Just thought that you guys might have forgotten about this
  6. I literally have no idea... how much work is it to build these troopers and animate them? I've seen several threads that go 'yea, that would be neat but that would double or quintuple the sprits...' How many man hours per spite or % of total project is this work?
  7. I think the walking animations of xenonauts are a bit off. The units seem to "float" and "glide" and not have a proper connection to the ground. I think it's because of the animation speed is a bit too slow compared to the speed the sprites are moving. Fixing this little thing (either by slowing units a bit or speeding the animation, or a bit of both) should make a world of difference in grounding the units in the game world. Maybe there could even be an option to alter unit movement speed
  8. A slight pause in the animation sequence (the frame before shooting) depending on different firing mode (e.g. No pause for snap shot, 0.5 sec pause for normal shot and burst, 1 sec pause for aimed shot, etc., something like that, so not to slow the game down too much) would be a nice touch. It would give a visual difference between the modes and make each mode feel a little more unique. For aliens (I assume they use different firing modes, or will) you would be able to know what kind of shot it is attempting, and add a little more tension. Current: Crap, he's shooting at me, I hope he misses. Proposed: Crap, he's going for a norma... wait, an aimed shot, I'm screwed.
  9. Now that we've been teased with the animated launcher movie, it would look awesome and a lot more dynamic if every xenopedia entry picture was animated in some way.
  10. Hello all. I have been watching this game for a while now. Still no pre-order though, but it will come! After the disappointing Firaxis X-com game, all my hope lies with Xenonauts Some questions. I have only played the kickstarter demo. 1. Will the maps be random or is it a set number of maps in the game? 2. In the demo I noticed that I could not change the name of the soldiers. Only the call sign. I have always named my characters after friends/family and sci-fi characters. I would miss that option. 3. I noticed some graphical bugs when trying the demo, like walls and such was "drawn" over the soldiers. I hope you understand. I'm wondering if that will be fixed or if it some kind of engine limitation? 4. Will diffrent weapons have diffrent death animations? Right now everyone dies the same. A nice added touch would be if plasma melted your poor soldiers and so on. 5. Will the game be big? Might be a strange question, because the original X-com could be completed fast. Just wondering if it's going to be on the same epic scale, if you are going for 100% research and so on. I think that was all. Might have more questions later Thanks /Thomas
  11. From what I have seen of the game, so far it looks great! just one suggestion, all the combatants are totally stationary when not in use in the battle map, in XCOM that is understandable due to the graphical limitations, however that’s not a problem with Xenonauts unless it’s impossible to do due to coding, what I suggest is a very little bobbing/movement of the gun while it’s in the combatants hands, preferably a up and down movement(must stress only a slight movement). I think it would make huge difference to the overall look. Xenonauts graphics look so good that a combatant looks strange when standing totally motionless.
  12. Hi all. i am new here. I am seriously thinking about preorder the game and probably it will occur when the new alpha 14 is available. The game is going better and better and the graphical direction of 2d drawings is something I love. But I have three basic features I´d like to see in game although probably some of you will consider them not important things. First of all: a shadow under the tank. It can be considered a nonsense but graphically it is something that make graphics more solid considering the that the rest of entities in game have shadows. Something that should be more time consuming but great, should be animated soldiers and civilians/aliens when they are static. I mean, the sprite watches left and right in a loop or moves slightly the body. It would show a lot of quality in the game. Drawings in movement. And finally I think soldiers should be capable to watch the corners, of course, wasting movement points. This last one is more gameplay than graphic feature and could be very tactical. Greetings.
  13. Hi. This weekend I started to create some graphics to my "fan-art"/Mod for Xenonauts. To make sure that everyone get the same experience of the graphics, I have made a small software. The file is 90 Mb and I have compressed it with WinRAR. You need a screen resolution of 640x480 pixel or better. Tested for all Windows-version, not tested on Mac or Linux/Unix. Installation: Extract the file "animation-demo.rar". Start the "demo" by running the file "animation-demo.exe". To start the demo, press either 0 (no armour) or 1 (flak jacket). You can press 0 and 1 to change the armour at any time. Use the numeric key's (1,2,3,4,6,7,8,9) to change the direction of the animation. Use W for Walking Use S for Stop Use R for Running Use D for Die (note: after a short period the figure will start walking) Note: I know there are an error in flak-jacket in the animations "Walk" and "Die". This first demo contain only male soldier, with M16. Download link Preview: --O--
  14. The modeling of projectiles at present is like in the original X-COM, which seems to work pretty well. But I somehow can't wrap my head around the fact that it's a slow moving white streak. The advantages of this seem to be that this tells us how accurate the shot was, and allows us to trace the path and observe any obstacles along the way. (I'm referring to traditional bullets from traditional arms, of course. I don't know about the alien weapons, etc.) Have the devs checked out the gunfire in Frozen Synapse? Fast projectiles with trails that clearly show the spread/accuracy, bearing and collisions. In addition to being informative, it looks great and much closer to a realistic depiction. Just throwing the idea out there. If there are other specific reasons to prefer the existing design, I am curious to know. As a side note, are there any plans to add muzzle flash or (better) firing animations?
  15. I just watched a video of V9.0 and I just wanted to say how much I like the animations! Running and hopping over fences looks incredibly smooth and watching someone get shot actually reminded me a lot of Fallout 1 and 2! Just looking at the screenshots made the game seem a bit static, especially with the hand drawn style. Seeing it in action it all looks very fluid though. I really can't wait to play it! By the way, .
  16. I know that vaulting over cover is planned for the game, but I have been playing a wee bit of Gears of war 3, and one of the things you can do in that is vault over the cover, and if there is someone on the other side you knock them back, Then shoot them, hopefully... This could apply to Xenonauts as a valid tactic, as it would not the enemy out of cover, and force them to stand up. Granted it would be done cautiously as your man would be on the wrong side of the cover, but if you're having a hard time killing an entrenched enemy... Animation wise, well I don't know, perhaps you could just try running the 'get into cover' animation backwards? Maybe with a bit more staggering perhaps?
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