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  1. Sorry Leute, ich musste mich zwischendurch um andere Angelegenheiten kümmern. Demnächst setzte ich die Arbeit an der Übersetzung fort!
  2. Sorry people, I was wrong and it is all right about the image. These are the steps to take in exact the order as shown in the image when the soldier feels attacked by a psion and should act immediately.
  3. So jetzt ist die Übersetzung zum großen Teil ähnlich der französische Übersetzung von Arnonymous restrukturiert: X:CE Balance Adjustments (DE) / xcebalance (DE) - vollständig übersetzt X:CE Settings (DE) / xcesettings (DE) - vollständig übersetzt X:CE Base Mod (DE) / xce (DE) - Skripte wurden aktualisiert, kann jetzt mit X:CE 0.34 benutzt werden; ist noch nicht vollständig übersetzt Lore+ (DE) - fast vollständig. Es fehlen lediglich 4 Einträge in Xenopedia. Armoured Assualt! (DE) - vollständig übersetzt Xenonauts (DE) / main (DE) - Übersetzung für Xenonauts 1.59; eingerichtet aber noch nicht getestet Jetzt weiß ich erstmal nicht, was mit der XNT-Übersetzung gemacht werden soll - die Texte dafür waren, glaube ich, noch nicht wirklich übersetzt. Falls diese benötigt wird kann man den 'develop'-branch extra dafür abzweigen. Ähnlich steht es um X-Division hier kann man ähnlich vorgehen. Bis dahin steht noch genügend Arbeit an . Lore+: Text auf den Bildern vollständig übersetzt. Es müssen noch vier Einträge in Xenopedia übersetzt werden und die bereits übersetzten Einträge kontrolliert werden. Danach richte ich meine ganze Aufmerksam Xenonauts (DE) und X:CE Base Mod - da wartet noch mehr Spass
  4. You could be right, drages. Maybe I should do some more tests to find this out ...
  5. I've got some questions concerning the following excerpt from an animation xml file: <timeline name="main" frametime="..." totaltime="..."> Now I am not sure what the 'frametime' really means. I first thought it specifies the duration of a single frame and totaltime the duration of the entire animation (however this is very rarely used). But after playing with it I got confused . Need some clarification from experts here. Are there some restrictions for possible values for 'frametime'. Also most animations go too fast when playing the game (e.g. machinegun animations). Sometimes the element 'timeline' is not specified - what (default) value for 'frametime' is used in this case.
  6. While watching the animation cycles I've noticed light source rotating with the soldier changing directions. This is probably a mistake made during rendering the sprites for different directions by rotating the light source together with the soldier's model. Actually the light source should stay stationary.
  7. Looks really cool, aajs. I've noticed, you have a knife in the inventory on one of the screenshots above - is it possible in your mods to use knives in combat?
  8. Thanks, Max . You called it by the right name. After I got the program to successfully run particular animation files my next Goal would be implementing of the following ideas concerning the workflow. It is not really handy to upack all necessary *.pfp archives and copy all animation data to some particular directory. This is why I would like to organize the workfow as follows: When we start the program we specify the working directory (same way we do it when working with "Eclipse"), the program can remember this. For a particular working directory we could then add all folders containing the animation data (incl. *.pfp archives) that should be considered in the working directory (not copying them!) The user can replay any animation he want by selecting one he is interested in. When the user wants to edit an existing animation the program creates a copy in the working directory. In this case the program splits a spritesheet into single images for each frame and stores them in the working directory. After the user has finished his work he can recalulate a new spritesheet and export the animation back to its original location. Creating entirely new animations or new animations based on existing ones could work similar way. Q1: Instead of unpacking the *.pfp archives I would like to make lookups for animation data. But to get this accomplished I need the specification of the *.pfp files. I am not sure if this format uses any compression. Q2:The other question is, is there any known program that can be used to combine several frame images into a sprite sheet. If not, I've found some useful ideas/algorithms, but implementing them will cost more time than reusing an existing tool from inside the program. Got the answer for Q1 concerning the specification of the PFP format last night, the archive begins with a 4 byte signature 'PFPK'. Immediately after that there is an int (4 byte) telling the number of files which are in the archive, followed by the file allocation table. Each entry of the table starts with a byte indicating the number of characters used to store the file's name, followed by the the name itself. The next two int values represent the address of the beginning of the file and the length of file in byte respectively. I am also pretty sure there is no encription or compression used by this archive file format. The code to make lookups for particular files is also accomplished by now . I suppose the most challenging part would be implementing the algorithms to solve the "rectangle packing problem" which is equivalent to sprite packing problem. Feel free to make further suggestions concerning interesting/useful functions The following screenshot shows the AnimationPlayer (sub program) in action. It would be a good idea to draw the tile area in order to highlight the position of the sprite on the map.
  9. There should be no problems when translating the X:CE version of the game. Checked this for Xenonauts.mvec, however I am not sure about arial.mvec. I suppose this works as well.
  10. It were interesting to fight assault missions on this type of UFO in space or somewhere in stratosphere with the space ambiente in the background. We could make this UFO a really huge one -- maybe as large as the base in vanilla game. What do you think about it, drages? However it would require manufacturing a spacecraft to get the xenonauts/x-division soldiers to the space.
  11. I've currently noticed that the model you used is of the different soviet hellicopter (Mi-8) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mil_Mi-8. The hellicopter on the image above is the soviet assault hellicopter Mi-24 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mil_Mi-24. The soviets called it the "Crocodile", because its front part looks like the face of a crocodile. Nevertheless the Mi-8 was also capable using missiles.
  12. I have a little question concerning the <img>-tag in the animation xml files: Do anyone know what the attributes regx and regy do affect? I've already figured out what the equally named attributes do in <frame>-tag, they determine some kind of a fixed point(pixel) for all the sprite images when positioning them relative to each other. This is currently not relevant for the viewer, but will certainly be when the app. will be extended to become an editor for editing or creating animations
  13. Great job, aajs. Adding a soviet transport helicopter capable to fight in an air combat.
  14. <p><p>Hi Causabon, my friend <img src="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink.png" alt=";)" srcset="<fileStore.core_Emoticons>/emoticons/wink@2x.png 2x" width="20" height="20" /></p></p>

    <p><p>Regards, Xenohunter</p></p>

  15. Hello people, currently it is possible to open a particular animation xml and work with it. I am thinking about making the app. able to set a root folder and displaying all the animations availabe in a hierarchical view. What do you think about it? Otherwise I could add this feature in the next step and keep the application as simple as possible for the moment.
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