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  1. Hi! I was looking at an extended backgrounds mod and i found that the link to the latest version was broken and the guy that made it is nowhere to be see.
    Would you happen to have a copy of it i could use. Could you upload it?
    Thanks in advance

    Edit - I have found your new mod, but it does not work. there are only default nations

    1. Pinetree


      The link at the bottom of this post works for me, however this is the latest version that I did and has none of Ogaburan's (who took it over) changes in it.


    2. desert hamster

      desert hamster

      thanks for the quick reply. i have installed it but i seem to be only getting default nations. i only got one brazilian after a few tries, but a bunch of hungarians and fins that were not that numerious in comparison. how do i change spawn chance?

  2. Just giving this a cheeky bump as I've updated it for 1.65 + XCE 0.35. Enjoy :)
  3. As this mod seems to have died and appears to be unavailable, I've decided to re-release it. I've converted the mod so it can be used in the Mod manager. This does not incorporate any of Ogaburan's changes so this version is as it was for V.22 (pre-1.0). I haven't added any flags for XCE. I probably won't do any more work on this mod, I'm just making it available again. Download link is at the bottom of the post. Enjoy Original text below: The purpose of this mod is to expand on the backgrounds of Xenonaut grunts, add more names, and to add some more nations. Parts of this mod have been incorporated into the official game: *denotes nation that comes with the vanilla game. The nations included in the mod are: NATO: United States* United Kingdom* Canada* West Germany* Greece* Spain* Italy* Portugal Norway* Netherlands* Denmark* France* Belgium Turkey Iceland Western Allies: Australia* Malaysia New Zealand* Japan* South Korea Warsaw Pact: Soviet Union* East Germany* Hungary* Bulgaria Czechoslovakia* Romania Poland Communist Bloc: Vietnam China Cuba North Korea Non-Aligned or Neutral Nations: Rhodesia South Africa Israel Egypt Sweden* Finland* Ireland Brazil Nigeria Kenya Morocco Philippines Indonesia Mexico Thailand Chile Argentina Austria Switzerland Yugoslavia I've also expanded most nation's available regiments and/or made them more "elite". This represents the nations giving the Xenonauts their best of the best. The combat experiences are all historical wars from the 60's and 70's that a soldier's nation was involved in but you will get the occasional non-historical result due to there being no relationship between a soldier's age and previous combat experience when they are generated. e.g you might get a 21 year old veteran of Vietnam. Here's the full list of nations with units and possible experiences: Special Thanks: ResFu for helping out with the Polish names and units. jamoecw for U.S. unit experience. llunak for correcting Czech names and adding Slovak names. steelgonads for correcting Portugese names Xtended Soliders.zip
  4. Pinetree

    Xenonauts 2 - Public Build Date Set

    I think an Evil Alien Shed is in order.
  5. I usually chuck my first base in Greece, as it covers the most land mass, and name it Sparta.
  6. Pinetree

    Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds

    Are you using the download link from this thread? If you are, that is an old version and you need to go here: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/10970-v1-07-Xtended-Backgrounds-Mod-(v0-7) I no longer develop the mod and Ogaburan has taken over the reins so that thread is where you should look.
  7. Would it be possible to have soldiers that have been hired but have not yet arrived appear on the soldiers list? I ask this as the current game I'm playing, my troops are dying like flies and I find it very hard to keep track if I've hired troops or not when I need to replace dead troops as there is currently no way to check. The most straightforward implementation I can think of is to have the hired soldier appear on the soldier management list as soon as they are hired but have their assignment as "ETA-2 days" or something like that. It would be nice to have the ETA count down as well.
  8. These are rank symbols inspired by the insignia on the Xenonauts uniforms from the title screen. Install using the mod launcher. new_rank_images.zip
  9. I vote for no, as it'll make for more tactical choices if the scout is suddenly made immobile.
  10. Pinetree

    Memorial Wall - Help Needed

    I would keep the British flag for all the respective home nation and the gurkhas as that is the flag they previous served under.
  11. Pinetree

    [v1.07] Xtended Backgrounds Mod (v0.7)

    I'm not sure what the values are now but in the original mod the values were based on political lines and from game lore that said that Xenonauts were primarily a Nato and warsaw pact organization. USA and Soviets were chance 10, Nato and Warsaw Pact nations were 8 iirc, Western allies and communist bloc were 6 or 4 iirc, all other nations were 1. If a nation had a sizable minority I usually assigned them a 1 as well.
  12. Pinetree

    Memorial Wall - Help Needed

    Also have you checked out this mod for Open X-com: Soldier Diaries 1.0. Something like this for Xenonauts would be awesome..
  13. Pinetree

    Memorial Wall - Help Needed

    I added a lot of new nations to Xtended Backgrounds after Goldhawk incorporated an earlier version. Ogaburan has added Iran and split the British up into the different Home Nations since he's taken over. Maybe have a template so modders can add their own flag. This idea gets my vote..
  14. Pinetree

    [v1.07] Xtended Backgrounds Mod (v0.7)

    I'm away from my pc at the moment but You'll probably find it's also due to there being 2 instances of the regiment name being in strings.xml. When Goldhawk incorporated an earlier version of my mod into the game, all they did was append them to the end of the file and not delete the old ones. My guess is when ogaburan updated strings.xml he probably overwrote the original regiments and left the appended ones in.
  15. Pinetree


    Try the tool in this thread: http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/9872-Tool-Xenonauts-geographic-tool The google maps part of the tool no longer works but you can still manually enter coords to get desired result.