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  1. Actually, I'm an X-Com vet and have played all similar releases, including the Extraterrestials game and Ufo games etc. I still feel the same way as you did when you played Terror From the Deep. It's X-Com all over again and that's fine with me. Could never get in to Apocalypse, so I guess they went to far with the changes for my taste. That's not to say the weapon tiers could be more interesting when changed; I'm sure they could. The problem is that it might be changed for the worse, and then everybody would complain that it ruined the game. Like those blaster launchers were simply overpowered in the original X-Com. --- edit: just saw that the poster above me (Kabill) already made the point I'm trying to make
  2. Doesn't work for me either, I did pre-order.
  3. Changing the weapon tiers MIGHT have been an improvement, but can also go wrong. I personally haven't experienced the weapon tiers as boring. If I hadn't read this thread I wouldn't have even known that the weapon tiers only worked with damage increase
  4. I don't think so, but I just spotted another (score: 8): http://www.coffeebreakgaming.co.uk/pc-game-reviews/review-xenonauts/
  5. It's one of the biggest, if not the biggest in the Netherlands. (at least I think so)
  6. Gamer.nl has just posted their review of Xenonauts, awarding it with a 8,5! http://www.gamer.nl/review/485264/xenonauts-van-xenofobie-tot-xenofilie
  7. Nice, I guess i've just not encountered this behaviour yet Thanks for the info!
  8. Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but this is still an issue isn't it? I'm still in the beginning of the game, but haven't encountered any aliens opening a door.
  9. I just played the game for the first time, and I agree it was weird to just be thrown into the Geoscape. There is no 'setting the scene', so to speak. I'm very much enjoying the game though, glad I purchased it!
  10. Ufo Defence is the best one in my opinion. Other than that, I actually like X-Com interceptor a lot too, but I don't know how it has held up through time.
  11. Great news! Congrats Chris and I'm looking forward to taking a few days off from work to celebrate
  12. G-Bee

    Target Earth

    Sounds great! I'd be interested in hearing how it plays
  13. Just thought I'd let everybody know that Xenonauts has been mentioned in a presentation by Julion Gollop (29th of March 2013). It's mentioned at the very end, check it out here:
  14. I just tried the demo for the first time (haven't played any other builds) and I have a couple of suggestions for the sounds in the game. I'll keep adding sound suggestions as I find them. Perhaps this is something that's still very much in development, but I'll post them anyway: Base construction (facility completed): I was a bit surprised when I heard that harsh tone, only to see that my Living Quarters were completed. I think a lighter, more 'positive' sound would be more fitting to indicate progress. The harsher, more ominous sounds should be reserved for incoming threats and warnings. Footsteps: Too loud and too crunchy. Footsteps shouldn't be the forefront of the soundscape imo.
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