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  1. Would it make sense if a soldier who fired several consecutive shots at a stationary target (or even one that didn't move that much), would get increasingly better accuracy with each shot they fired? Logic being that you pop off a shot, see where it hits, and then correct your aim based on that shot?
  2. There was a post on the Steam forums that got me thinking. With most games, the accuracy system just uses a "dumb" RNG that will be correct for sufficiently long playthroughs, but can still result in streaks of good or bad luck that last for most/all of a mission (if not longer). While the streaks of good luck are nice, they generally don't seem to alleviate the frustration caused by the streaks of bad luck. My question is thus: Is it hypothetically possible to override the accuracy calculations in order to create a "smart" RNG that prevents streaks (both good and bad)? If so, where would be the place to look if I wanted to attempt to write such a "smart" RNG? The algorithm itself probably wouldn't be too hard to get working on a basic level, but I'm not familiar with modding Xenonauts, and have no idea where/how the best place/way to get started is.
  3. I've experienced multiple situations where within a certain, seemingly random turn, nobody (any of my units or aliens)manages to hit anything regardless of high to hit probabilities, even from adjacent squares. When this occures, the bullets tend to hit targets feet (ground in the same square) without any impact sound(?) which looks always kinda cheap regardless of the situation - I think most missed bullets should fly past it's target.. Anyways, when this kind of turn happens, my whole squad might miss their every shot no matter how easy and after that, aliens do the same. Next turn everybody hits with no problem. Posting a save doesn't help, because after loading everything works fine. I have a feeling it could happen when shooting from one submap to another or near ufo (from outside to inside) but can't say anything for sure. This is the single most frustrating bug in the game! Has anyone else experienced the same, or am I making this up in my head?
  4. Hi all, So first off I want to say Im relatively new to the game but I absolutely love it. I watched a streamer play through it on V19 stable and I have been playing through it on v20 stable. This post is about how smoke grenades work in V20 stable and my thoughts. I apologize if this is the wrong place for this. I think the way smoke currently works (100% miss all the time) is A. easy to abuse and too forgiving B. breaks the immersion in the game. A) Currently you can pop a smoke grenade and advance 1 or 2 troops into the smoke. From that position they cant be harmed (except by an alien grenade which I have not yet had happen when completely surrounded by smoke). These two troops can then unload your choice of frag, C4, stun, or what have you. This will take out the alien with 0 risk to your troops. This tactic is highly effective. I was able to complete 3 missions ( scout, corvette, and landing ship) without firing a shot and capturing every alien. If you have made a wrong decision you can pop a smoke and almost guarantee the exposed solider will survive. I actually find it harder to kill an alien than capture one. That should definitely not be the case. B) I have a hard time believing that a solider 4 tiles away from an alien with a single tile of smoke between the two cant land a single shot from a lmg. The animation even shows every shot landing. Could I hear some thoughts on why the change was made to the way smoke works from V19 to V20? I am really enjoying the game and think the developers have done an amazing job but I would really like to see smoke go back to the way it used to be. I think there should be an accuracy penalty when shooting through smoke but the idea of smoke being completely impenetrable is a poor choice in such a well thought out game. It is smoke after all. Not bullet proof armor. Thanks for reading. TL:DR Smoke is not armor and should go back to being an accuracy penalty similar to V19.
  5. Just an idea but I think it would be more realistic if there was a bigger difference between an aimed and a snap shop in terms of both TU's and accuracy. A snap shot should be quite cheap to do but unlikely to hit anything from a distance - i.e a shot from the hip where as an aimed shot should (as it is at the moment) cost most of the turn and have a far higher chance to hit. At present a new solder can obtain near 100% hit chances at the max weapon range whilst sniping which feels unrealistic.
  6. I did try to enter a large scout ship a few minutes ago and it went terribly bad. My soldier were having less than 20% on their aimed shot ( sniper included ). I think the worst was to see the alien doing some burst at a high distance and kill 1 trooper every turn. So I wonder if the only "safe" way to clear the alien ship are to just use rocket launcher and grenade ? You launch a rocket to suppress them. Then you throw all the grenade you can. Repeat as long as needed. Why ? Because the accuracy of our soldiers is so bad in the beginning. I mean, you have 3 to 4 alien behind 50% cover with gun that 1 shot kill your soldier. You have weapons that take around 3 to 4 shot to kill an alien but you have less than 20% ... I would like to know what do you guys do to clear the large scout in the beginning ?
  7. Hi. I just tried build 20. I only play one mission when a build is released and i do not finish it. I'll play when it's released. But the range of weapons so low! I had to get really close to the mobs to have any meaningful %. I also expected cover to Work like enemy unknown. I Have to get out of cover to be able to fire. Thanks.
  8. Lots of people seem dissatisfied with current level of weapon accuracy in the ground combat missions. I'm not necessarily convinced this is a problem, but I would like to have a play with the accuracy values and see how higher ones feel in the game - in order to test this I have made the following changes: all alien weapons and the human ballistic weapons have had their accuracy level increased fairly significantly, and the "close range" accuracy bonus has been doubled. I am testing these changes locally (note they will NOT be in the next experimental, they are just a test) but I have also uploaded them in an archive [LINK REMOVED AS THIS IS NOW VERY OUT OF DATE] To try these changes extract the contents of the above archive to the "assets" folder within your Xenonauts directory, overwriting 2 files when asked. Then give the game a play (don't go too far as I have only changed the ballistic weapons for humans) and post up how you feel the altered accuracy changes the fun/pace/challenge of the ground combat. (I would suggest you only do this if you are on experimental build 4 and know how to use Steam to verify your game cache to revert to the old files when you are finished testing the changes) So, thoughts?
  9. I'm going to refer back to another X-Com-ish game in making this suggestion, since it helps make my point more clearly than otherwise. In Hammer and Sickle, (which is basically the same thing as Silent Storm,) I tended to play a fairly paranoid game with my sniper main characters. I could crawl on my belly, sneak around to position myself without being heard or seen, and then take two turns just aiming my sniper rifle at a target (usually another sniper hunting me) to get the accuracy I needed to land a killshot in one blow before moving on to avoid the roving "sweeper" fireteams that moved as a unit with assault rifles hunting after the sounds of the last player shots fired. I know that "being true to X-Com" is a vague goal of the game, but it really frustrates me that precision rifles have these 60 TU requirements, even if my sniper has only 58 TU per turn. Even when I have tons of TUs to spare, the notion that running in one turn, then firing (only) in the next has no accuracy penalty, but taking one step before firing in a turn doesn't is also a bit game-y, breaking turns up even more. Hence, I'd like to see something like Silent Storm/Hammer and Sickle's aiming mechanics, where you can spend TU on aiming, trying to mitigate accuracy penalties, and "bank" them for a turn or two so long as you don't fire or move, letting a sniper take one or two turns to get a clean shot off, even at a target almost entirely behind cover. In a similar vein, I think the game could be made a little more "natural" if it included a concept like a "firing stance" - that is, character usually drop their weapon from firing position to run, and put it back into firing position when firing. Moving between positions chews up a little TU, but in return, once in firing position, you fire with less TU, making it more possible to fire multiple shots in succession. It just seems a bit silly to have that pulling the weapon up, aiming, firing once, dropping your weapon back to your side, then pulling it back up again going on. If you're willing to go with the complication, there might be a button to stick to whatever stance you are in, and one to change it. Hence, crouching while facing a corner, you can go into firing position to wait for something to come around. If you tried to move while in firing position, you spend far more TU, while hip-firing from out of firing position means drastically reduced accuracy. So, alternately, you could hip-fire a shotgun if you are at point-blank range, and don't need the accuracy of firing from the shoulder. [EDIT:] I forgot to mention this originally, but: One of the things that having "bankable" TUs would mean is that, rather than having heavy weapons that are inaccurate if you move in the same turn, they just start inaccurate, and you simply pay more TUs to get into firing position or pay more TUs to further mitigate penalties. [/EDIT]
  10. Take 'em or leave 'em, just figured I'd share a few ideas after having spent quite a few hours in Xenonauts. 1) Allow more info and a visual on soldiers when hiring. - I know this sounds silly and not all that important, but I know I can't be the only one who likes to hand select my recruits. I spent an ungodly amount of time (and funds) hiring recruits in the old xcom trying to get soldiers that looked a certain way or had stats I was looking for, and it seems I'm back to my old routine here in Xenonauts. It would be great if when looking at the list of soldiers we could see what the soldier looks like, it's nation/unit and all that stuff by hovering over or right clicking. I think this would be a good compromise for others who have asked for the ability to customize soldiers they hired in other threads. This way, there's not customization involved, just picking and choosing from whats available. 2) Tweak recruits accuracy just a touch? (Or remove the back-story stuff about the soldiers being combat vets.) - I'm an old school xcom player, and I love the difficulty, but sometimes it's just silly. I can't tell you how many times I have had an alien surrounded by an entire squad and every single one of these guys miss by a mile. I mean... these aren't supposed to be fresh recruits that were never in the military, their dossiers clearly indicate combat experience, I would expect them to be able to hit the broad side of a barn once in a while. Let me clarify, I'm not talking about the RNG, I'm talking about their actual predicted accuracy for shots that are only 3-6 squares away. Had a recruit earlier with a 65 accuracy armed with a rifle take aim and fire a single shot at an alien that was 3 squares away. 4% chance to hit. Alien was not in cover of any kind, and the soldier had a clear line of sight. Any soldier worth a damn would at least have a 30% chance of hitting a target a few feet away, but a US Airborne ranger? He would have never made it into ranger school. lol So please, either help the not-so-green recruits remember how to aim, or adjust their background to reflect that they are in fact raw recruits. 3) Customize base design at start - Another trivial concern that's more about preference/aesthetics than actual game play, but one that I feel makes sense and would probably make a lot of people happy. After all, you are in charge of the operation, why shouldn't you be given the ability to design your base as you want/need? When placing the initial base, allow the option to use a default base layout or to customize it. If custom is chosen, it takes you to the building screen where you're given the default number of buildings to place as you see fit. 4) Some of the buttons don't highlight in hovering over them. - I've noticed a handful of buttons, particularly in the troop screens, that don't highlight or change in any way when your mouse is over them. Normally that wouldn't be much of an issue I guess, but the alignment of the text and the actual button sometimes seems off by just a hair and it makes it difficult to find where to click on the first try. An outline for the buttons, or a highlighting mode like most buttons already have would be perfect. That's all I've got for now, going to go eat dinner and then play some more. Thanks for reading! (and thanks, Devs, for making Xenonauts!)
  11. The current mechanics allow soldiers to fire over adjacent cover. However, if a piece of cover is 2 tiles long, the further tile will count as obstructing their field of fire and will soak up bullets. Given that there is a lot of cover in the game that is 2 tiles long and that it seems unrealistic that a barrel just about one meter away will obstruct a soldier's field of fire, could it be changed so that soldiers can shoot over not just the adjacent cover, but also cover that is 2 tiles away? This may also be a game engine/coding problem in which case there's probably little that can be done.
  12. Okay, seriously, I just got the guy next to me? 90 degrees out of arc? Really?
  13. You know, the number of times I miss has to be at least two standard deviations out. How many 75-85% shots can I miss? It's way more than 20-25% of them, I assure you. More like the reverse, I make about 20-25% of those. I guess I should run the debugger all the time, to see how much it's actually lying to me. Maybe I should graph the shots or something.
  14. So...I think I've hit an alien on a reaction shot probably once, maybe twice, ever, in my entire time playing the game. In this base attack, I've seen the AI make two deadeye straight instant kill shots. One from through 4 different pieces of pieces of cover. If I shoot at something, any piece of cover in the way, and I get a massive penalty, which invariable goes wide (like 70 degrees) and hits one of my guys. And hitting a 93% shot? Probably more like 50/50. So is this bugged or something?
  15. Start of combat. Sebiillian nine squares away, no cover. I have three guys in the end of the chopper. Sniper: 75% miss Assault: 56%, miss, 56% miss Assault: 56%, miss, 56% miss Just now, standing two squares away, 95% miss with shotgun. Next turn, kills my guy (of course). This is getting ridiculous. So am I being lied to? By say...50%? Because everyone seems more accurate, well, actually, no, just the aliens.
  16. I'm really enjoying the ground combat with the new accuracy settings. It feels like old X-COM. Soldiers getting caught out in the open and killed by plasma fire, sneaking up on UFOs, tossing grenades in then closing the door. Good stuff! I still think that grenades need one more square.
  17. So, here's a very quickly put together list of stuff, and I would like to know how close this is to the actual game. My quickly-formulated and not-really-researched-much-at-all idea: For shotguns: High damage, medium/low TU cost (20, 25, 30), medium/high accuracy, and short range. Pistols: Low damage, medium/low accuracy, very low TU costs (10, 15), short range. Assault Rifles: Medium/low damage, medium/high accuracy, decent range (between carbine/shotgun and precision rifle) and medium/low TU costs (20, 25, 30, 30 burst fire). Carbines: Medium accuracy, medium/low damage, short range, low TU costs (15, 20, 25, 25 burst). Precision: High accuracy, long range, high TU costs (40, 50, 60), medium damage with high armor mitigation (once hypervelocity is back in, it'll get better.) LMG: Medium Accuracy, medium damage, medium/high TU costs (40 burst), medium/long RL: medium accuracy, medium/long range, high TU costs (30, 35 fire, 35 reload), variable damage (duh). Again, just pulling stuff out of thin air. How close to the actual game are these numbers?
  18. So far less than impressed by gameplay in this title. The aliens all seem to be sharp shooters whilst your troops are appalling shots even at advanced rank. This has the effect of making the game play seem unrealistic and protracted. You find you load and save a lot, with dumb luck playing a big part in your success. Taking on alien bases, for example, is simply an exercise in frustration as you almost always find you are low on ammo or almost out with several aliens still to kill. Sorry don't mean to sound harsh but for me this is shaping up to be another UFO Enemy Unknown "wanna be", like Fraxis horrible XCOM title.
  19. If you change the weapon accuracy formula to the one I sent you these squad sight problems mostly disappear along with the close range fire being inaccurate problem. Even though a soldier could shoot at something across the map spotted by someone else the chance to hit it would be so low it wouldn't be worth the ammo. I know I sound like a broken record, but I have faith...
  20. Here s the situation. A sniper kneeled, not under fire and at full aim shoot at an Alien and miss, till there nothing wrong. The wrong part arises when this shot is so astray that it kills another soldier that was 5 tiles in front and 3 tiles side from the sniper to Alien LOS, AKA, intended bullet course. Now i wouldn t have a problem were it be a shotgun, a pistol, or any weapon under the snap shot / full auto, 3rb fire (since full auto, by the lack of accuracy, is a snap shot). But when this come with a full aimed shot in a calm situation for the shooter, especially that the shooter has a scoope and to shoot, the alien is supposed to be in scope, such deviation look and feel absurd. I don t know if the "QTT" of "astray" can be adjusted ingame, but if it can it would be a welcome adjustment.
  21. You guys may already have this in mind for future changes but just in case you don't...., The "Accuracy" stat in the weapon descriptions aren't needed. They are just redundant, more work for you when you change weapon stats, and I'm sure confusing for many players unless they've all modded the game and understand how soldier and weapon accuracy work together. To make things all-round easier, the only stat really needing a value shown for weapon accuracy and range is one that will differentiate weapon damage/accuracy drop-off ranges between the weapons themselves. I'd suggest an "Optimal Range" stat. Just change "range" to "Optimal Range" and delete the "Accuracy" stats all together in the weapon descriptions. Optimal range would essentially be "props range" in the weapon xml. That and the soldier's accuracy is all players need to know in relation to accuracy and range on weapons. Another nice thing is that you'll never need to touch the accuracy numbers in weapon xml's again(accept for fine-tuning if needed). Just like you have it now, you could just leave them all the same and only adjust ranges seeing as how it would help in keeping weapon balance in check too. If you all had this in mind already then just ignore this post. If not, then I hope it helps.
  22. Hi guys, Loving this game, fantastic work. Question on troops, my better soldiers (Captains, Majors) seem to be particularly poor marksmen. Maybe it's some sort of alien mind control thing? Even from point blank they seem to miss alot, then the alien will miss them! I have had firefights with a bunch of my troops standing next to a group of aliens (literally next to them) and everyone popping off rounds but hitting nothing. Could be a weird coding thing, but it's very funny Btw, any word on a window for release? So tempting to play properly right now, but I'm trying to hold back for release!
  23. Hi guys,second post. having a lot of fun right now but one thing I've noticed is that sometimes your soldier misses BADLY. I'm not sure because I'm not in the army but correct me if I'm wrong, if there is an alien 30 ft. in front of soldier A and another soldier(soldier B) 10 ft. to the left diagonally(barely at that) I don't think soldier A would throw the grenade and "miss" directly on top of soldier B. This and other instances with bullet misses that hit others that shouldn't logically happen which are similar to this makes me sure that sometimes the game makes it so that the soldier misses the alien and intentionally hits another soldier. Obviously the soldiers do sometimes flat-out miss and hit walls or floors but still, if a soldier is hit it in friendly fire should be if he's in front a soldier of or in the cone of shooting(?) of another soldier that gets bigger depending on the weapon of that soldier.
  24. Ok so maybe not cheating but WOAH ... What .. the Hell ... lol ... I just went to a downed UFO, Those Lizard men looking freaks, and i have two men hiding behind a wall ... I have roughly 17% chance to hit with max TU's thrown into an aimed shot ... bear in mind, I also have a 50% chance of hitting the Wall the lizard-thing is hiding behind, so all in all I'm basically screwed with aimed shots. My sniper is a little farther up the map, not too far, but has a 57% chance of hitting with full TU in aimed shot ... Turn one ... Everyone misses, Alien auto-shots destroys the wall one of my people is behind and hits another one. Turn two ... Everyone misses, Alien auto-shots "Two" of the shots kill one of my men ... Turn three ... Everyone misses, Alien auto-shots, Hits my other man behind the wall killing him too. So my question is ... What the hell is the alien accuracy with burst shot ... they never seem to miss, and two of a three burst connecting, even though with fully aimed shots I'm not topping 20% ... Whats going on here, I know there's meant to be a challenge, but when your soldiers are being wiped out because they're so blind they couldn't hit themselves, and fighting enemies that just cant miss if they wanted too, The appeal of playing the game really just starts to fade away ... To end it all, after losing 4 men in 4 turns I just turned it off ... If i cant hit them I may as well pack up and go home!
  25. So since the beta is out I've been enjoying it massively...Only had one crash mid combat...(Accepteble).But i find that aliens are very trigger happy...It seems like they do not think ''complex strategy's''.To me it seems like most aliens strategy is to be a camper and just stay there pulling incredible accurate reaction shots.Also once let's say I evade the reaction shot and i move closer to him(obviously kneeling next to the fence) and ending the turn...I know that aliens are supossed to be powerfull but they are to harsh at the moment like you are guaranteed that the alien is gonna fire a normal shot(if not supressed) and a burst shot...I don't even understand why are they having burst with a pistol...that just seems dumb to me...Not sayin the plasma rifles burst...I can take out cover in 2 shoots then the third will shoot your soldier and then you are left with a bleeding/20 hp men in the middle of the battlefield... I personally think that burst shoots should be more rare... Also Sathra you remember I had problems with power sources?I finally got one!! Also I'm interested in installing your mod but i hear the Xeno-Menu mod install is broken.So how do I install your mod and Xtended Soldiers?
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