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  1. MisterLock

    Xtended Soldiers Backgrounds

    Anybody know if this mod is compatible with the latest release?
  2. I don't think he added entries for the new weapons in the Xeno-Pedia...
  3. MisterLock

    Are heavy fighters too easy?

    Not only that but Max also tried a condor vs 3 regular fighters.The OP said Heavy Fighter so.......
  4. MisterLock

    Can't train privates?

    I don't get how people could ignore the big text near the Training button...I might sound a little harsh here but...How dumb can you be?
  5. MisterLock

    aboutbase defence

    Wut O_O Just kidding i get what you're saying...The Basic thing in base defence if you have more then 16 soldiers is just to have them all equiped with better armor(if I am not wrong they implemented a assign equipment screen when the aliens reach the base so you're Legendary soldier doesn't carry a M16 against Androns)
  6. MisterLock

    Can't train privates?

    I wonder why...was probably in the build they added the new Geospace and UI
  7. Simple.I seem to be either really blind or the button to put privates in the 10 day training course is just missing or it did not make it in the final release.Also when i click on manage soldiers it does nothing(even with soldiers selected)
  8. MisterLock

    Josh Eales

    Well he's been in the game forever.Guess what inspired my signature?
  9. MisterLock


    Thanks Parsons,And kabill that ain't a worry I always like to edit they're stats so they're not you know...the same
  10. MisterLock


    Hello peeps.For any that remember me,a while back i was one of the more major guys in modding.I played and fiddled around with v18 until i made it to my licking.Balanced the prices myself and everything,Added a new weapon(The Ak)and more stuff.Now the game has changed quite alot(i've played build 21 to some extent)and now that the game has been released I want to ask 1 question.Is the modding still the same?And if it is can some of the old dogs on this forum that still recognize me explain to me how to add stuff(I'm Particulary interested in the ak-47 again,and to be honest such long time since i messed around with the game files,I forgot all of it)
  11. MisterLock

    Khall's Carbines/Shotguns + Extras Mod

    is this mod up to date with the 1.0 patch?
  12. MisterLock

    Hello Again!

    Well...Booted up the game and already see alot of changes to the U.I...Nice to finally see this new spiffy U.I in place:DI agree the old one was kinda bland...
  13. MisterLock

    Hello Again!

    I guess it's worth a try,Thx chris P.S:I joined the forum in May around v18 release so it's not a year yet
  14. MisterLock

    Hello Again!

    So...Way back when I tried the game I did multiple playthroughs of My modified v18 build(yes I edited prices and balanced costs)...But after a while i felt acomplished reaching the end game stuff multiple times.Since then I haven't checked the forum to much...So I am here to ask you guys what's new and what happend while I was gone?
  15. Wow...I miss a couple of days on the forums and you already release a new version?Good Job dude!