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  1. For Kickstarter rewards: I backed wasteland 3 and one of their tiers was base game + a copy for a friend for a reduced price. So maybe 40 or 45$ for 2 copies? I'm not sure how that impacts overall profit but might be an option. I also like "add on items" that would allow you to customize your tier. So 15 or 20 for another copy of the game, 5 or 8 for the soundtrack on top of whatever tier you selected. This allows a little more flexibility for ppl to choose what rewards they are most interested in. Keep up the great work!
  2. @Chris Dunno if this is the correct place to ask but I was rereading the X2 website place holder and wanted to know if the plan is still to make air combat turn based? I know this is probably too early to have a final decision on but I would love for it to be turn based. The air mini game was cool in X1 but I was really bad at it and auto resolving wasn't optimal. Happy Holidays!
  3. Sounds great Chris! If we pre order right away on October 24th before the kick starter is live will that count towards reaching a tier in the kick starter? For example in your post you said the game would go for 24.99$ during development. So if I pre order for 24.99$ on the 24th and there is a kick starter tier I want (say having my own soldier in the game) that costs 50$. Would my 24.99 be applied towards reaching that tier? Thanks!
  4. Do you know if buying in during the kick starter will also give a steam code? I am planning on buying in during the kick starter phase (missed it for X1) but I like to keep all my games in steam if possible and would kind of prefer to not need to purchase twice. Thanks!
  5. HYPEEEE. I have never been so excited to give someone money Thanks for all the hard work you and your team do!
  6. Hi All, I know at one point there was a mod being worked on that helped ID the alien ranks. I skimmed through the completed mods and the unfinished mods sections on the forum but didnt see it. I cant remember the name of it. Can anyone link me to the mod if you know what Im talking about. Thanks!
  7. I collect the cards for the games i like. I buy cards by selling the cards for games I dont like. No real point to it. For sure going to get the badges for xeno though Also the Josh eales card is awesome
  8. What kind of Squad makeup are you using? Also the first few mission are challenging b/c your guys are complete newbs I use 1 shield, 2 rifles, 2 shotguns, 1 sniper, 1 lmg, and 1 rocket. Make sure you are using cover and smoke grenades. Dont leave anyone in the open. Try giving whomever has the most TUs the shotgun so you can get a good flank in. Are you having trouble fighting aliens in the open or in the UFO? For UFOs the best approach i have found is to line up several tiles away and use C4 to blow the door off its damn hinges
  9. With only 9 days left Im not sure introducing new systems and AI is the best use of time... Its bound to cause bugs/balance issues
  10. except with weapon attacks I can use cover, smoke, and suppressive fire to counter
  11. With the stealth UFO idea I would make it a rare occasion. Maybe 1 every other month or so. Enough to keep some mission variety but not enough to lose the game. The thing is if you give the player an opportunity to stop the terror/base mission most will be able to. Unless as mentioned you make it so the player has little/no time to stop it. Which is pretty much the same as making the UFO stealthy... Also I really like the idea of the aliens setting up shop in a region that leaves Xenonauts. But I also almost never lose a region (on veteran) Unless I get very unlucky with a air terror mission i cant reach or a terror mission at night (had a very bad experience with that once. There was one lucky/unlucky survivor left to tell the tale. Since then my troops go in daylight or push the red button)
  12. Honestly I would just have them appear... Not very fair or immersive I guess. So beelining seems good to me. As stated before. The aliens have extremely advanced tech. Having some UFOs be undetected until they accomplish their mission doesnt seem that unreasonable to me.
  13. Im not sure if radar jamming is the way to go but I agree with the overall idea of making the late game more interesting. TBH terror missions are my absolute favorite type of ground combat mission. While I dont think there should be an overwhelming amount of terror missions occurring, I wouldn't mind seeing more of them. Would having a few events (such as alien base/ terror mission) occur no matter how much air superiority you have be an option? Thus ensuring there is a little more variety to the end game missions without negating the players effort to establish air control.
  14. Caaygun that is awesome!!! How much of that was hardcoded? Any chance you can make it into a mod? That would add so much more to the character aspect of the troops which is a huge aspect of the game for me. Well done!
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