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  1. Surely time units should have very little variance between soldiers (we all share the same time) but be impacted upon depending upon the other statistics. What I mean is that, for example - weight currently carried should reduce time units modified by the strength value. If a character has better accuracy or reactions then they should get less of a TU penalty for doing those actions (reaction shot / aim) I understand that the way the system works, if you exceed weight then you suffer penalties but what this means (I believe) is that a soldier carry nothing can move exactly as far as one carrying all their kit but below they weight threshold. Soldiers could dump all their kit bar the med kit in order to cross a distance and treat an injured soldier. TU's are more level in this way but skills remain more varied then I believe it would be easier to keep soldiers skills more distinct further into the game rather than ending up with soldiers super levelled out and equal in ability.
  2. Valentine

    why no land mines

    I have wanted these for ages! Would be useful in terror missions and presumably pretty easy to program
  3. Valentine


    Or certain injuries that can only be healed using the advanced and bulkier medkit - should there be one.
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    yup exactly
  5. Valentine


    On this subject - if each subject gets a medikit, or at least the option to have one, then I believe there should be a bigger more effective one for the medic - as I don't really see the point of having a medic role otherwise.
  6. Valentine

    Interception and Patrols

    I wish refuelling took an hour and repairing took a day or two. Waiting for a refuelling squadron seems unrealistic and tedious. That way there could be an option to send a plane/s on a constant patrol just out of radar range in a ring until they automatically come back to re-fuel and then go back out again automatically until you tell them to stop. No option to change their course or distance just a ring around the base at a reasonable set distance.
  7. Valentine

    Personalizing your troops

    I am looking forward to this Chris - IMO I think that whilst soldiers improving their abilities as the game goes on based upon what they do is a great part of the game, I do think that naturally soldiers should have varying abilities that remain pretty standard. I.e. if you are naturally the strongest member of the team then you will normally remain the strongest member - likewise with sniping or speed. One of the worst parts of the original was ending up with a team of soldiers that had nearly 100% stats for all attributes.
  8. Valentine


    Just an idea but I think it would be more realistic if there was a bigger difference between an aimed and a snap shop in terms of both TU's and accuracy. A snap shot should be quite cheap to do but unlikely to hit anything from a distance - i.e a shot from the hip where as an aimed shot should (as it is at the moment) cost most of the turn and have a far higher chance to hit. At present a new solder can obtain near 100% hit chances at the max weapon range whilst sniping which feels unrealistic.
  9. I completely agree and was going to post something similar to the OP. Perhaps sacrifice one/two soldier position on the dropship for a storage locker - like a xenonaut that is immobile with x large capacity.
  10. Valentine


    assuming I have the correct name - I mean the purple things with the claws that turn your team into zombies? They cause so much damage at an early level - I think an improvement would to keep them as strong in close combat but make them much less resistant to firepower - especially at an early level. Having them rely on lurking then charging when a unit was in range. This would ensure you would have to leave TU's for reaction fire when entering areas liable to ambush. As it is they just charge you and even with 3 lower level troops they can't be taken down. Another option would be to have the reapers attacks take 2 turns to turn a soldier, perhaps with a 50% chance of the actual attack failing to work. I understand that the emphasis is to require upgrades to the teams arsenal to keep them effective but the 1st time you meet these things you usually loose the entire team and I remember in the original you would usually get some players surviving most of the campaign.
  11. Valentine


    Also I would like to see injured soldiers having greater stat modification (if any exist currently). Having a nearly dead soldier perfor as well as if they were 100% fit doesn't seem realistic, I think they should have accuracy reduced and movement etc (or one or the other) This would be fun as the soldiers when injured would have to lie low using grenades etc until healed or the battle is resolved.
  12. Valentine


    Sorry I went away. Yes most people have understood my vague OP. I think realism (as much could be realistically achieved) improves the experience and spending turn healing a patient only to have them run off and have a turn of their own doesn't seem very realistic to me.
  13. Valentine


    Could we please make the medkits reduce (or if easier reduce to 0) the patients TU's as well as the users?
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