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  1. With tanks gone, maybe there could be a "Fortnite pickaxe"-style weapon that allows soldiers to knock down obstacles like low fences (and maybe even walls) at the cost of time units? Something like a small handheld battering ram like the ones police forces use? Also, a good way to have tanks would be to have them be this "special" unit you only have in some missions. Perhaps these missions could be extra tough with more and/or better equipped enemies than usual or something to compensate, and you'll have some fun getting to use an armoured car with rocket launchers or machine guns. Base defense missions, particularly hard terror missions, what have you. Something that either makes X-Com go "hmm, yeah, we probably need some extra firepower for this one, bring in the armoured car", or where maybe local police/military forces commit vehicles like this and you get to assume command of them when you arrive.
  2. What Xenonauts 2 needs

    I totally forgot about that. Haven't played Xeno in ages, so had to fire up the game to have a look. He does indeed say "we'll build anything you want, comrade".
  3. What Xenonauts 2 needs

    Hearts of Iron 4 has a neat system where you can train divisions up to a certain skill level by holding exercises, but this comes at the cost of equipment and vehicles because ammunition is fired, vehicles break down, accidents happen, and so on. In Xenonauts 2, perhaps we could train troops at the cost of money and perhaps even some "attrition" from wear and tear to whatever advanced weapons, ammo, and equipment that you have in limited supply that you choose to use in training, and even the chance that a soldier could get injured during training. I don't mind the ability to train troops, but I do feel there should be a cost involved, and a max skill level. Would help lead to that "desperate defense of Earth" feeling when you lose soldiers and have to throw those poor recruits into the fray without proper training. As for the rest of the OP, as another poster said, I don't need variety for variety's sake. One of the things I liked the most about the original X-Com game was its unsentimental approach to weaponry -- it's one of the only games I've seen where a rifle is just a "rifle", not an "1337WTF-A2 Origami Syndicate Special Full-Auto Assault Rifle with pickles and scope", and they also unceremoniously threw in some strange weapons like the heavy cannon and auto-cannon because they just didn't care, it was a game about tactical combat with aliens. Edit: I sort of liked that the USSR was more in the background in Xenonauts. They seemed to cooperate, but still didn't trust each other. I know it'd be a lot of work for the devs, but it would be neat if you were playing as a Soviet or Western organisation based on where you put your first base, at least in the early-game. Gradually the east and west would cooperate and coordinate more, so that mid- and late-game content was more identical except from maybe some flavour names. Heck, maybe in the early-game the "opposing faction" would be reluctant to even allow you to fly inside their territory. Some diplomatic/political stuff like that would be cool. none of the countries really do anything in traditional X-Com.
  4. Correcting fire

    The turtling argument is a good one, but I'm thinking it will also encourage you to stay moving as you know that once you're taking shots from somewhere, whoever (or whatever) is shooting is only going to get more accurate. I understand it's a significant change, though. Didn't know others had used it to good effect already, so that's interesting to hear.
  5. Make both site playable

    The thing I want the most would be for other players to control the aliens when you play missions in single-player, for extra challenge . Also agree an alien campaign would be cool, strange that no one's done that considering how incredibly many X-Com clones there are. I suppose the goal of the campaign would be to sway all the countries in the world to your side or something before the humans accomplish all their main objectives.
  6. I'm going to miss them. Understand your reasoning, though.
  7. "Terror" mission

    I always just imagined that a UFO landed, dropped off aliens, and left again. Also, I'm with Chris here, we don't need more UFO assaults in Xenonauts. As a compromise, maybe you could have a UFO fly to a city to initiate the terror mission for then to fly away, and you have a chance to intercept it before it goes back into space . Edit: I liked the idea somewhere in this thread to have a large building to clear, SWAT-style, but I think that'd work better as a separate type of terror mission. As long as the devs can implement it in a good way, of course. The ship missions in Terror from the Deep were certainly not popular.
  8. Correcting fire

    Would it make sense if a soldier who fired several consecutive shots at a stationary target (or even one that didn't move that much), would get increasingly better accuracy with each shot they fired? Logic being that you pop off a shot, see where it hits, and then correct your aim based on that shot?
  9. My suggestions for ground combat

    I like the idea of a proper first aid system . I don't know how many things and action sI would like there to be, but now that you say so, it would be cool to have painkillers and whatnot, and perhaps even having your medic give CPR, which would take several turns and have only a certain success chance. The first X-Com game had painkiller and stimulants in the medi-kit, after all . There is something about having a wounded man and having to cordon off his position and hold it while the medic or medics treat him or her that I like.
  10. Could soldiers develop persistent personality traits over time? I don't like naming examples because it easily turns into a discussion on whatever game I use as an example, , or like I'm just stealing ideas, but I'm thinking of Crusader Kings II or Darkest Dungeons-style traits that develop over time based on what happens around the characters. I'm using CK2 as an example because it has such a large selection of personality and physical traits. Both things such as "Slow", "Quick, "Genius", and "Hunchback", and personality traits such as "Trickster", "Arbitrary", and "Organiser", some of which are acquired over time. For Xenonauts 2, I think it would add a lot both to depth and immersion to have appropriate traits for your soldiers, both traits that are present at start, and ones that develop over time. You could even have temporary buffs and penalties such as fevers, high morale or pride following a successful battle, cowardice, disillusionment, complacency, and so on. You could also have injuries like losing an eye or getting a lasting hand or foot injury.
  11. Make both site playable

    I have no idea how this would be implemented, but an X-Com game where you play as the bad guys -- either aliens invading Earth or humans invading some other planet -- has been a dream of mine for a long time.
  12. I honestly had no idea what to call this suggestion when I was making the thread. So, when playing games like this you basically have to make a choice of how much you want to "save-scum". Some choose the ironman approach, which has even become an official setting in newer games, while others choose to reload missions and even turns if things don't go as planned. So I've been thinking -- how about an option to allow the player to save the game, but to regenerate certain things each time they do so? I'm primarily thinking of ground attack missions here -- you would be able to save the game, but each time you load the save game, the placement of aliens, civilians, and so on in the fog of war is generated again. This means that you would be able to "save-scum" by loading a mission if it goes badly, but that you couldn't do this to "learn the scenario by heart" to perfect your approach. Each time you reload, you're playing the scenario for the first time, especially if you were only allowed to save at the beginning of a ground assault mission when playing with this system. The map itself would be the same, but Of course players could use this system to repeatedly generate missions to make things easier for them by for example reloading if they find an alien in a good position, kinda like how you can start new games of Civ to get that perfect city spot with the exact resources you want and whatnot, but I think that it could also present a nice challenge to players who use it seriously, so to speak .
  13. Xenonauts follow-on?

    Just chiming in to say that I would really love a game where you fight aliens using War of the Worlds-era technology !
  14. Yeah, it's meant to be the other way 'round.
  15. I prefer for it to be a one-way thing myself. Gives the whole game far more of a grim feel. It's like when films and games kill of main characters; it only really affects you if he or she doesn't somehow come back to life.