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  1. VERSION V4.1 19 APRIL 2019 Post: I had just come off a previous run to kill 8 Psyons (and taking care of funeral arrangements for one poor guy) when we got the call for a Dockyard Incursion back on our primary base continent. The description said 6 Sebilians and 2 Sebilian Brutes, I think. Low & Behold, there was one Sebilian conveniently waiting there at the landing site to greet us. Killed him and spread out accordingly, leaving some TUs for opportunity fire. Hit end of turn and ... Crash to Desktop. It might've done one eyeblink worth of thinking before it went straight off to Desktop Land, but then again, that might've just been me eye-blinking as this game's been eating into my sleep! No Mods Were Used Gameplay Suggestions I don't recall our soldiers doing anything particularly odd or unusual during that first turn of play before the CTD.
  2. Loving the new artwork and the exchange of gunfire when you first step off the chopper. Kudos for that, truly! My current quibble with the game is the doorway leading into that tiny alien ship you first encounter. Positioning on either side of the doorway doesn't help to get angular shots in at the defending enemy, the frame gets in the way. It also gets in the way if you'd like to lob a grenade from around the doorway from either side. It further gets in the way for people further back trying to take sniper shots through what would appear to be good LOS to the aliens inside. Short of positioning someone dead in front of the door and those a few squares back directly on the same path, there's very, very little chance of any angular interaction on the humans' side of things. Hoping this is just something you guys haven't had a lot of time to work on yet, and not a 'functioning as intended' thing. I'll try posting some pics later as 'for instances', once I can figure out why my Steam Screenshots doesn't want to let me do the standard 'copy-one-pic-link' that it usually lets me do ....
  3. Wyldefyre_CP

    [V 3.0 Alien base crash]

    Sorry to say, but the crash on turn 1 of Alien Base Mission is still happening to me after the new update.
  4. @wulf 21 Apologies on the wrong thread bit ... I don't think I'm completely awake yet ... I saw the 'Bug Reports' header and simply clicked after the last response, assuming they all went into one 'drop-box' if you will ... as for the ground combat thing, that's good to know - I only recently started replaying the early access, and haven't been following the forum all that closely, either.
  5. The desk I use came off some government auction ... I think my Dad might have paid $20 or $30 for it several decades ago ... it's huge, heavy as hell, and I'd swear it's probably made out of steel from an old Buick or two. This thing will still probably be finding use after I'm pushing up daisies somewhere. I can't complain, it gets the job done. And if I pound my fist on it in anger at something in a game, it's my fist that ends up wondering why I did that ...
  6. Sorry to say, but the crash on turn 1 of Alien Base Mission is still happening to me. The other thing is that attempting to save while doing an Alien Base Run doesn't work for some odd reason.
  7. Wyldefyre_CP

    [V 3.0 Alien base crash]

    Oh, good, it is happening to me as well, and I just started playing the EA again after months fartin' around doing other stuff, lol ...
  8. As a backer of both Xeno2 and Phoenix Point myself, this is one of the two things I'm curious about ... is Early Access considered what they've already sold to the backers as 'backer build One, Two, Three'? And Four, if it ever gets out .... /grumble If so, then, yeah, that one year of exclusivity will likely be gone before a huge fuss need be attached to it. The other thing I'm curious about is, say it IS going to be a few months or what have you after release before I see it on Steam where I wanted it - can I still redeem the backer key on Epic, play there for awhile, get any free DLC coming down the pipe, and then 'port it all to the Steam Store' once the exclusivity drops? More importantly to me, though - do I have to fill out any personal info to launch it on Epic initially if I already paid for it? Certainly, I won't have to provide any credit card info, will I? What I've been hearing (true or false) is that Epic's had issues keeping their customers' private info 'private'. I'd rather not have to worry about that, hence, my apprehension in using Epic.
  9. Wyldefyre_CP

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter completed!

    I couldn't really disagree more. The Phoenix Point game is shaping up quite nicely and is really interesting to me, which is why I'm also backing it in Early Access. They've already added the first of the vehicles, the Armadillo. Not only does it come with its own MG on top and a good deal of weapon-absorbing armor, you can also run over the smaller aliens with it, store your excess gear inside, put anywhere from 1 to all 4 of your squad mates in it, destroy about 1/4 of the structures on the map with it, and even ram the Queen Alien boss with the thing (although that last idea isn't always such a bright one ...) Grenade and rocket attacks do a pretty wildly randomized degree of damage on the creatures you hit them with, bullets actually 'riddle' the structures they impact with, you can place smaller, robotic turrets on the ground now to help shoot at enemy's that wander within their field of view ... it seems to have a lot going for it, and it's only on the 2nd Backer Build atm.
  10. Wyldefyre_CP

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Now Live!

    Is it my imagination, or have you guys already more than doubled your initial goal (with 27 days still to go !). Wow !
  11. Wyldefyre_CP

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Now Live!

    Happy to be a First Lieutenant Backer (yep, the decision to add Portrait Editor at that level won me over, lol ...). Shared on Facebook - hopefully some of my gaming friends will be enticed
  12. Wyldefyre_CP

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter coming 20th June!

    There you go ! To me, that's solid thinking, meaning more people will actually be able to enjoy something that they might get some real use out of, too - nothing beats really feeling the sting of losing a character that has one of your best bud's portrait on it, except maybe watching the rookie with your boss' pic take a full on laser blast (whoops, who said that ...). Along those lines, if you ever come up with an expansion / DLC to this new Xen2, adding portrait generator to it (for those who didn't cash in on the $50 original) wouldn't seem like a huge leap or slap in the face as it would if, say, you were only giving that out to +$100 investors. But that's probably a bit of cart before the horse. Personally, I was super stoked you made the effort to provide the free demo to Xen2 (even if it did mean I had to learn how GOG operated, haha). I've had a ton of fun playing through the stand alone battle, and have been really impressed with how far it's come in the past few months. I'd guess I've probably done a solid dozen runs from the onset to where you guys're at now. Really looking forward to the point where the end of that first battle brings you back to the base, hahaha ... nudge, nudge
  13. Wyldefyre_CP

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter coming 20th June!

    No harm done, t'was only a suggestion - I was just looking at it from the POV of people who would actually want to shell out that kinda dough, and something at least slightly useful they could get in net return. I certainly wouldn't want it to cause a ruckus game-balance-wise. That was kinda why I went with the idea of limiting it to a small assault piece of gear - those poor bastiches could use any help they can get. You could nerf it down to a Tier 1.5 item if 2.5 sounded too crazy (again, I don't know how many weapon tiers you were planning on, so the 2.5 was just an uninformed, off-the-cuff suggestion). Who knows? There might be a lot of people who would pay that much just to see their name on something. I can't be tempted past $50 on any game - Phoenix Point did try to push that, but what I wanted from them (early access to the game) was already offered at the $50 mark. I tend to be the odd-person-out, though, so my take on the subject (is there any practical or useful benefit I can get by spending a bit more money?) might not be the mindset of the majority of your backers. EDIT: Darn, now that I look back on what I get for $50 on Phoenix Point, I realize there's a whole pile of other stuff coming with - the hilarious bit is that I didn't even notice half this stuff before, I was only interested in what level of buy-in I needed to playtest their game while they worked on it (psshh, the rest is just icing !)
  14. Wyldefyre_CP

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter coming 20th June!

    Hrmmm .... for that much, I'd suggest one minor equipment piece 'tweak' out of the gate - and I'd suggest this even though I myself wouldn't shell out that kinda extra $$$ to get it, but b/c I think people who DID pay that much oughta have something at least minorly game useful for that much, w/o exactly sending the game into a huge pitch in their favor. I don't know how many weapon / armor tiers you're planning to have on the new game, but if, say, it's at least 5 tiers, I'd go with this. The backer gets choice of ONE of the following THREE items. A "Tier 2.5" Equivalent Assault Shield, Assault Pistol, or Assault Baton. "Tier 2.5" meaning a piece of equipment that is greater than Tier 1 or Tier 2 and only marginally less effective than a Tier 3 item (again, if you're going at least 5 Tiers here). Some flavor text might even come with the choice, explaining how you end up with one (and only one) such item, and why your engineering team isn't mass producing the things, like a) it was found in an alien base raid and appears to be an alien's attempt to make an equipment improvement on an item of ours (now, why would they want to do that .... hrmmmm) or b) it was a prototype equipment piece constructed by one of our best engineers, shortly before he left Xenonauts entirely due to an altercation with the Chief Science Officer, or c) it was a prototype made by an organization outside of Xenonauts located in China, Russia, Japan, the U.K. or what-have-you shortly before their base was overrun by aliens. Regardless of the reason, it'd give one really nice, useful bit of tech to one of your unlucky saps drawing the short straw and having to be first through the breach is how I'd look at it.
  15. "They're not ready to go in the game quite yet, but the Reapers aren't far off being ready." Oh, that looks like an angry, metal chicken ! Which sounds a bit like what the snot-nosed kid on the first Jurassic Park said, unimpressed, when he heard about the velociraptors, so I'm sure I'll be eating those words, lol