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  1. Your wish is my command. user-2.json
  2. This has happened a couple of times now about the same point in the game (mid-Feb); I select a UFO to intercept and I get a CTD. Attached is the log file directly after the crash. output.log
  3. Please, please, please can you listen to us loyal beta testers though? I just feel you ignore our suggestions as to what would make the game better, and help avoid it morphing back into XN-1.1 and/or being too "samey" in the combat missions (when you've played one, you've played them all and there is no room for diverse tactics)
  4. I forgot to report this one, but the Androns remain standing after they blow up, so you're not sure if they're actually dead...
  5. So, after my last combat mission all my Advanced Lasers got un-equipped in the load-out screen. I re-equipped everyone with the laser weaponry that was still in stores (no longer "Advanced") and went to the next mission, but no ammo is showing and I can't use them. I have the save from the strategy layer just before going (go to the one to the south, because if you go east to the destroyer you'll run into some fighters and die) strategy-74.json output.log
  6. @ChrisOne of these should be the last go on a mission. groundcombat-145.json groundcombat-146.json
  7. These are the ones I'm talking about; they have been all Androns and Wraiths since 11.2 dropped. They used to be Sebillians and Caesans.
  8. I agree with ALL of this. Perhaps there could be two options for grenade throwing - overarm (distance shot) or toss (ie short distance where you intend to run away to cover, ie into a room or UFO). Also, I concur with the HEVY being a missle launcher.
  9. It dissappears when you finish the mission. That being said, there's no way of telling if you're actually wearing it on the mission anyway.
  10. So, I just had my first proper terror mission. Too many Predators (can't remember what they're called but they make the zombies). I feel there should be a percentage chance they don't get thru your armour, and a percentage chance that when you kill the zombie they die outright. On another note, the grenade launcher is ridiculously inaccurate.
  11. Not sure if this is actually a bug or just bad luck but EVERY alien raid mission has been Androns, even as early as the first month when they're not meant to show up
  12. This bug where the armour sets to nil is still present...
  13. How do you assign scientists to the medical centre?
  14. Emily_F

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    What is the ETA for HF2?