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  1. You need to report issues in the "Bug Reports" thread (and read the pinned thread at the top to learn how to do it right, because "The game crashes when I find a battleship" isn't helpful to anyone - the devs need the bug reported properly to fix it.
  2. Double-plus likewise! Waiting double-month is ungood. (Before anyone gives me grief, if you don't get the reference YOU'RE the reason bottles of bleach need to state "DO NOT DRINK")
  3. I've downed a couple of bombers and bombers with fighter escorts, and none of them give you any alloys when they should give you quite a bit. The bomber should prob give a bit of allenium too, given it is "Large".
  4. There is a zombie in the big building that everyone is pointing at. He comes out of the window and gets shot at a couple of times before getting hit and turning into a reaper, but there is a huge amount of red dev text and a CTD. auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-119.json output.log
  5. I think the sniper rifles need a MUCH longer range, especially since they only do a tiny bit more damage than rifles but cost way more TUs. And the suppression effects of the heavy machine guns needs a massive increase.
  6. This bug has been reported and Chris said he'll release a fix today
  7. Hey everyone, My company is developing a cloud-based SaaS product for the veterinary and human healthcare sectors and we've been repeatedly let down by our current (offshore) developer and are now way behind on our dev timeline. We want to use someone based in the UK from now on. Basically, we need someone who can code in PHP/Laravel, is used to APIs and databases. If you're interested, feel free to drop me a PM. Thanks
  8. I wonder if this is an issue with TU needed for turning before shooting? There may be enough TUs reserved if the target is directly in front of the soldier at the time they stop, but if they are off to the side (eg are seen by other soldier after they've stopped moving, and need to turn to shoot), in which case they won't have enough TU to take the shot.
  9. Is it possibly related to the other similar bug I reported where both aliens and my troops could walk through certain bits of wall? I reported it in [V23.5 - Combat mission] Non-existent wall which had a similar picture and save game.
  10. Trust me to have the really weird issue that only I get!!
  11. Right click the down-arrow to sell 10 at a time. But thanks for the heads-up on the sell-all thingy You're not the only one. I didn't like it in X1 either. But the auto-complete works fine so I don't mind it being there for people that do enjoy it. And, for some reason, they are really bizarrely equipped, given they might fire 5 rounds tops in the first few months of the game, but have 3 mags for the primary weapon and one extra for the sidearm. It takes me a while at the start of each game to unscrew all that up. I literally never use the smoke or flashbang grenades as they are a waste of time. I usually get rid of the heavy weapons too as they rarely hit the broad side of a barn even at point blank range This has been brought up recently. It is one of my biggest balance bugbears. Yes it is, once you have the medical bay. And it defo works That is a fair point and I agree
  12. I totally agree with this post. It's super frustrating when you're stood next to a target, switch to full auto, and none of the rounds hit. Also the point about being able fire around cover is valid and has been an issue for a while I think (I'm sure I remember a discussion about it from like V19).
  13. Interesting point. To be fair, I've never had an issue with ammo or reloading within a mission, and certainly wouldn't waste resources developing the Gauss weapons got my squad for that reason. The alenium grenade is remarkably underwhelming too while I'm thinking about it.
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