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  1. Emily_F

    Xenonauts-2 June Update!

    Can't wait for next update!! Sounds great
  2. Emily_F

    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    OMG OMG, I'd like to thanks my family....my agent... my dog groomer . . .
  3. Hi Chris, it was two separate lots of combatants. They just happened to arrive at exactly the same time.
  4. There are several downed battleships in the attached save game, all crashing on loading. output.log Testing_to_see_if_all_battleship_missions_crash.json
  5. I'm hoping that the tech tree will get bigger at some point and have bigger troop transport vehicles. I'm sure I read ages ago that there was only going to be one size, i.e. 8 troops only. Ever. Which, if true, really sucks. I've done a search of the boards, but couldn't really find much.
  6. Another broken map causing load screen to stick at 99%. Battleship in desert of North Africa, as per attached save. Problem_mission__crash.json Update: Actually, if you ignore the one that is currently downed when you load this save, and then wait till then next battleship gets down in the boreal environment, that stops at 99% too. output.log
  7. I totally agree (though a hedge shouldn't reduce shrapnel, so if you just lob it over a hedge that you're stood next to, you should take flak)
  8. Emily_F

    Will I ever not be a rookie??

    How do I not be a rookie any more? I have posted quite a few times now, and still I'm not even one rung up
  9. Emily_F

    New Combat UI Discussion & Feedback

    It would be useful if there were those things where if you hover the cursor over an icon, it pops up what you're looking at. I got a bit confused at first when the change happened as icons are often not as descriptive as a word. I still don't know what a couple of them actually mean. Would be useful if you could pull up a player's stats too. I've tried to do that today and discovered you can't (you could do it in X1, if I recall correctly).
  10. Aaaaaand I just saw that Wulf has already reported most of these problems earlier.
  11. Description: So, I saved a game during Ground Combat, and had several soldiers crouched at the time. When I went back to the save game a few turns later (after being crucified), they appeared to be standing up, and the crouch toggle had no effect. Also, some dead aliens were stood up (including one interesting-looking mashup of an alien and one of my soldiers on the same square), but still showing as dead when cursor is put over them. I have attached the save - it is the same one as for another bug I reported earlier. Problem_with_setting_charges.json
  12. Emily_F

    [V5.0] Aircraft vs UFOs

    Thanks Wulf. Sometimes those threads are a bit TL:DR
  13. Description: I had several sorties out chasing UFOs, and I clicked on "Commence Combat", and it kinda went like it refused to open the combat mission and went back to the asking me what I wanted to do. So I clicked on "Commence Combat" again and the Air Combat minigame opened, but my planes were non-responsive. What Happened: When I clicked on the fast-forward icon, it crashed to desktop. Further information: Log attached output.log
  14. Description: In the attached save file, if you look at the assault guy near the door, he can't place the breach charge as normal anywhere along that side (i.e. the side with the door) but everywhere else is ok What Happened: In this map with this UFO, the same problem happens every time. Further information: Save game attached Problem_with_setting_charges.json
  15. I'm not sure if this is a bug or whether it just hasn't been written yet, but I have a load of live aliens that I can't research, apart from a Sectoid solder (and when it was done it just repeated the autopsy report). And the Cementum (or whatever it was called) just came back as being Allernium.