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  1. I had just placed matey in the circle there and set him to crouch. output.log auto_strategy_before_combat-15.json
  2. The sectoid in the middle of this pic was shot at by the heavy gunner at the 5 o'clock position. It said it was suppressed, but he carried on running to his end position here. I'm not sure how useful the saves will be. Have included logs too in case they help. auto_groundcombat_turn_3_start-14.json auto_groundcombat_turn_2_end-13.json output.log output.log.1
  3. I've always wondered what the point of the surviving civilian score was as it never did anything. It should definitely count for something in some way (a panic reduction or cash bonus etc). Maybe the answer to the abduction mission is to have fewer pods, but the aliens have to capture live people and carry them to the pods (maybe one species of alien is a designated catcher and doesn't have lethal weapons but has a high stun and armour rating, and can carry one or two civilians, and is defended by the other aliens)?
  4. @Chris when will we get to play past 180 days?
  5. What's the explosive radius meant to be? I'm pretty sure my dudes were 3 tiles away, were uninjured (straight of the side door of the chopper) and were exterminated by a ski mobile. Is the damage tapered down with distance? Vehicles tend to go "whoosh" with lots of flame and smoke rather than "bang" with shrapnel. And it's pretty hard to make diesel to do either unless it's already hot.
  6. Maybe a really small chance with kinetic weapons but more chance with thermal weapons? Would kinda offset some of the plus points of those more powerful weapons
  7. Yeah, I had two soldiers in warden armour and decent stats get wiped out several squares away from ground zero by what was apparently a thermonuclear jet ski disassembly after being inadvertently hit by a couple of accelerated machine gun rounds.
  8. I mean, apart from the fact I agree that the stealth armour looks like a Wish version of Deadpool's costume and totally breaks the look of the game, and is as useless as the HEVY launcher, in my experience the women in the military who would be anywhere near an infantry unit are masc lesbians who do not have curves.
  9. These internal glass doors within a domestic dwelling appear to be impenetrable to everything except light (though they don't let laser light through either). You have to shoot the door out first before being able to target the alien behind it
  10. Further to my last, this is actually a common problem; lots of scenery is failing to appear destroyed even though it actually is (i.e you can walk and shoot through it). Seems to only affect things like rocks, trees and other "props".
  11. The rock that this sebby is merged with was destroyed in the last turn and he has just walked into in. The autosave is from the end of the last turn and the manual one is after he's become one with nature. output.log user_day_65_crash_site_manual_save-2.json auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-119.json
  12. You flatter yourself; I have no idea who you are, and care even less. No, I'm not from Russia and, to be honest, I don't care about what is happening in Ukraine. We should keep our noses out of other countries' business; I'm tired of paying for Ukraine's defence.
  13. This is the most pointless, virtue-signalling thread ever. It was renamed Kyiv by the propaganda machine. And whoever it was who said there's no flights into Ukraine; my boss was at a pharma conference a month ago in Kiev. He's an old boomer who wouldn't be there if it wasn't safe and said it was pretty normal over there.
  14. Yeah, I figured that out last night lol. I just thought I would let y'all know in case anyone else got it.
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