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  1. Emily_F

    Xenonauts-2 July Update!

    I'm kinda sad that with each update, they revert closer and closer to X1. Actually, not sad. Angry. None of the suggestions I put forward were implemented so we couldn't even have a go at playing them to see if they were any good. X2 was meant to be different from X1, and it simply isn't. The orbital bombardment thing sucks; it's just an annoyance rather than a playable part of the game. The missions get really boring as there is basically one tactic-per-map that works well and everything else just doesn't work. There just feels like there is nothing that actually makes a difference in a game other than a bigger gun. I wish the devs had listened to, and acted on, suggestions earlier on. My feeling now is that without a major re-write of the game mechanics, it's going to fall on its face at launch. There, I said it. Sorry
  2. So, is there any news on the next update? The board has been eerily quiet for the last few weeks.
  3. Yes, many of the bugs are still there
  4. @Chriswill there be another hotfix prior to the next big-number upgrade? Is there a current rough date for the next update or hotfix?
  5. Wait, is Ares a squad weapon like the Mars, or is it an aircraft weapon? I thought it was an upgrade for the Mars rover
  6. I had this issue previously, except it would appear then disappear then appear again. Chris is aware of it
  7. Actually, I loaded the save game above and replayed it and saved it several times. It actually crashes as soon as soon as the pop up appears (you don't have to click "Close" - it just takes a few seconds but doesn't freeze the screen. I saved just before it happened (attached) user-3.json
  8. A message popped up telling me that the Aircraft Scatter Lasers I had been building were ready. I clicked "Close" and there was a CTD. Log attached. A save from a wee while beforehand also attached output.log auto_strategy_after_combat-45.json
  9. So, you CAN get weapons improvement, but no armour improvement? Can you take down a Destroyer with the improved weapons and heavy steel armour?
  10. Just upgraded alloy armour. Still not available in the Aircraft screen. Any chance you could do a quick hotfix on this issue? I can't be bothered keeping going as I can't defeat the Destroyers without decent armour and weapons. output.log user-1.json
  11. The AMES was the problem; it was also selling for $10k but costs $200k to make. Should sell for MORE than $200k if new (otherwise why would you sell it??)
  12. I've made these suggestions previously to @Chris, particularly the first three (which I have begged for repeatedly). At the moment, every mission feels basically the same. There is no scope for trying different tactics. The weapons are either too samey, or useless (the LMG is a waste of time at the moment as it almost never gives fire suppression of the targets, and is so inaccurate that it feels like your special forces soldier firing it is actually a Stormtrooper! And the flashbang is pointless at the moment - they don't seem to give any more suppression than a regular grenade, but don't do any damage). 1) I totally agree with the prone position being an option as it presents much less of a target for the enemy to shoot at, makes you more difficult to spot in the first place, you can make better use of cover (and the downside is sometimes you can't see past the cover e.g.walls), and you are MUCH more accurate than either standing or crouching. Conversely, getting up and down constantly is very tiring. (I was in the OTC at uni, so I at least know a bit about this! We spent a LOT of time on our belt-buckles!). 2) - I agree with you about additions like scopes and bi/tripods for the support weapons like the LMG and sniper rifle. You basically can't fire either of them standing. Also, things like infrared/night sights/NVGs/under-slung torches would be a nice addition for night missions. Extra support weapons like a 51mm mortar would be nice too as fire support. The grenade launcher was potentially a good idea but it is also useless 3) - Snipers aren't just about shooting long distances; they usually wear ghillie suits and are very difficult to spot so that should be reflected in reduced visibility to some of the aliens. Plus they can look through their scopes for longer distances so maybe a zone-scan for enemy units at long range for say 50% TP would be a cool addition. Again, it would actually make you think a bit more about what specialisms your soldiers have and what kit they can take. Other bits of kit would be things like a device to reduce your visibility to certain aliens, claymore mines that can be remotely triggered or tripwired (most useful in things like terror missions or base defence, esp against the dreaded Reapers), thermal camera, flares or (even better) shamoolies, bayonets for rifles, silencers... Stuff to mix the game up a bit and make it more tactical and varied. 4) I think they could have a look at TUs for shots for some of the weapons, particularly the laser rifles. Also, 40 points of damage for a knife hit, but 12 or something from a pistol. 5) The ability to shoot around a corner or throwing a grenade over a hedge still doesn't work. On the flip side, a hedge isn't going to stop shrapnel. For my tuppence-worth, I think these would be a MUCH better use of coding/designing time than the orbital strike thingy, which I'm not really fussed on because it's just there. It doesn't really add anything to the game IMHO. I just feel that if there aren't these sorts of changes then people who have been waiting for this sequel are going to be somewhat disappointed that the game itself doesn't feel any different to the original, and I think that would be a real shame. OK, rant over
  13. If it helps, the ones I've already made DON'T disappear; I just can't make new ones until they show up again.
  14. I unlocked "Advanced Laser Weapons" which gave me the required upgrade to complete in Engineering. Then it does update all the weapons as expected. And I can make them fine until they disappear (and it is specifically the Laser Shotguns and Rifles that go walkabout). If it is any help, they do announce their return on the geoscape with a pop up saying they are now available for building. And I'm sure it happens when I come back from a mission (so, for example, there will be a popup about some tech being available for research which sometimes I've already finished researching, then the next one will be about what I can now build in engineering e.g. the rifles and shotguns)
  15. If I get a CTD in a mission, I just go back to the save just prior to going on the mission and just don't bother going to it (doing an airstrike instead to get the dollar). I haven't had that many issues this time round though, in fairness. Like, two, maybe? That said, because none of the weapons upgraded, even with two Angels and a Phantom I can't take down anything bigger than an Observer.... I'm just going to wait for the next hotfix before trying again.