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  1. Emily_F

    Xenonauts-2 July 2021 Update!

    Yes. Yes, I am dumb and failed to read the very first line. <Facepalm>
  2. Emily_F

    Xenonauts-2 July 2021 Update!

    Am I being dumb, or has this not actually been uploaded to Steam yet?
  3. This one annoying but it isn't technically a bug; you have to fit a standard canon, then add the allenium reactor, then put your laser weapons back on. It's a pain, but it can be done.
  4. The Gauss cannon appears to be really pathetic; only slightly better than the advanced ballistic cannon. Is that an error? While I'm here, a few battleships turned up just now and even 2 X55's fully armoured and packing advanced lasers and alenium missles got completely destroyed.
  5. I've not seen any UFOs since like June (its now October), and the largest UFO I've seen has been either a destroyer or an abductor (can't remember exactly which one).
  6. Chris said in a reply a few days ago that the armour and weapons only get destroyed if the soldier is blown up of liquidised.
  7. OK, here are two saves between turns. Whoever is making that noise starts it on this hidden turn and it remains during my next turn. Please, please make it stop! auto_groundcombat_turn_2_end-39.json auto_groundcombat_turn_3_start-40.json
  8. I killed the Destroyer over land using auto mode (because I'm not a fan of the minigame) but it disappears as soon as it finishes the mission, leaving no treasure!! It was repeatable for me, but I've attached the save from directly before the engagement. auto_strategy_before_intercept-31.json
  9. So, I think this may show what is happening with armour (and, by extension, other weapons that go walkies randomly). After this mission, I completed the 9 combat armour units I was making but when I kitted them all out in the dropship, there were only 8. That means I lost one during the mission. Two troopers died; both were shot (and weren't vaporised in the process), one with and one without armour. I have attached the save before the second one (with armour) gets shot by the last psyon hiding in the room of the building. The other two are saves from before and after the mission. auto_strategy_after_combat-2.json auto_strategy_before_combat-1.json auto_groundcombat_turn_7_start-13.json
  10. It first happens during an alien turn. It usually happens with the drones, but it has happened occasionally with walking noises. I've never had it carry on after the mission has finished though - that is a new one.
  11. So, turns out this wasn't repeatable - I loaded the game again and the wobbawobbaing had stopped. I found it and killed it, but the noise got stuck again. And it's poss the most annoying noise in the universe other than somebody eating. EDIT: Jesus H Christ - it's still present when I get back to the geoscape!!!
  12. After ending this turn, the aliens go into infinite "hidden movement". On an earlier go, the "wobababababa" noise of the drone thingies got stuck on permanently and after I killed what I assumed was the last wobbawobba the game didn't want to play any more XD auto_groundcombat_turn_4_end-79.json recording_8.rec
  13. I've not really noticed it until I've gone to equip a squad for a specific mission and then thought, "where are all my laser weapons? I am sure I had made four rifles".
  14. The allenium grenades are consistently doing less than 20 damage
  15. I don't know if anyone else is experiencing this, but I'm sure I have laser weapons and warden armour go AWOL randomly. I thought at first it was down to a soldier being vaporised but I haven't had that happen for a while yet I have had two laser shotguns, a couple of Warden armour suits and a rifle go missing. There's no save that shows it happening, but it appears to be down to a soldier getting injured - their kit gets taken off them and doesn't get added back to the stores correctly or something.