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  1. Emily_F

    Unrelated Advert Pop-Ops??

    What adverts? I've not seen any
  2. Emily_F

    The Market and You

    Actually, I reckon short term "production run" mini missions where a country orders some of your fancy new tech for a premium price to swell your coffers would be a great way to use your engineers when there is some down time. Each order would be time restricted so you it was only available for a short period of time.
  3. Emily_F

    [V1.6.37] Endgame Too Literal

    I don't actually see the point in the endgame anyway
  4. Emily_F

    Mind war balance

    ^ALL of this^
  5. Hi Devs, when is V7.1 coming out?
  6. I'm not sure if this is correct, but it seems Mind War = Mind Control all of the time. Went on a terror mission and half my squad were under mind control in one turn, which is a bit ridiculous. I think they should only be able to do MW if there is direct line of sight (even if it is by one of the lower ranks, unlocking it for the MC'ers. And there should be grades of MC; i.e. freeze, panic/beserk, low-grade MC (i.e. they are under MC but under suppression so only have half TUs) and high-grade MC where they get a full turn under MC. These should have appropriate TUs and chances of success. The current system is a bit pants.
  7. Alien terror mission; Psions. They'd just put a load of my troops under alien control and then on their turn there was a CTD. Save game for the mission and log attached. output.log Autosave03.json
  8. So, there are a few things currently that I'm not sure are bugs or just minor issues: 1) Is the composite armour meant to be so rubbish? I can't see the point in researching & making it if the only benefit is it's a BIT lighter than combat armour, but provides no more protection. 2) What is the "energy blade" I keep seeing in my retrieval list that I can't research? 3) I think the gauss weapons need a bit more than 20% improvement on the ballistic rifles. Again, once you've got laser weapons, there seems little point in getting anything else. 4) Will there be a benefit to catching other live aliens in the future? It would be nice if they were part of the story. Also, it would be cool if you could "chip" them and take them with you on missions to use as drones to send into dangerous areas to get killed first before sending your good troops in 5) Occasionally, I have had troopers walk through walls. It wasn't worth a full on bug report, and I think someone already mentioned it.
  9. The game just stopped during the Hidden Movement screen during the aliens' first turn. Didn't crash to desktop; just didn't finish their go. I've never known it do this before. If it helps, this was the first mission I took Mind Shields on (out of interest, does everyone have to have them, and do they have to be in the secondary weapon slot to work?). I have included the Autosave and Log. x output.log Autosave02.json
  10. Emily_F

    V6.3 Balance Thread

    I'm really liking most of the current balance. The only thing I've found is that I can have the gunner lay down two bursts and no suppression (on psions and lizards it seems 50/50 but wraiths and spiders appear immune like the androns and drones)
  11. During this mission, I'd sent 4 troops to the gap in the hedge left lateral from the dropship and the other 4 to the gap in front. I'd killed the alien to the left lateral side who was lurking to the left of the building on his own, and there were two on the right. Just after those two moved or during the second one's turn, there was a CTD. At the time I had one guy under mind war (does that always mean mind control, or can it just be panicking?), in case that caused it? Autosave03.json output.log
  12. Emily_F

    [V1.6.37] Suppression Not Suppressing So Good

    @Chris another blonde question, but how do I take screenshots in the game?