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  1. Emily_F

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Yeah, that is a balance issue, especially with what is written about them in the UFOpedia. They should have reduced accuracy, especially at range (and should have a short viewing distance and field of view). There are other aliens that have balance issues too. My most despised alien of them all being the Reapers.
  2. Emily_F

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    You have to be in prone to use a bipod.
  3. Emily_F

    Throwing really needs work

    Yeah, it's been noted over many iterations of the game, like you can't throw grenades over some walls or hedges. @Chrisis definitely aware of it but I seem to remember him going quite in depth about why it was such a tough problem to solve, though I can't remember for the life of me what the reason was.
  4. Here you go @Chris auto_strategy_after_intercept-148.json
  5. Yeah, my bad. It's working fine. The tool tip said it added HP.
  6. I'm fairly sure it was in August, straight after I destroyed the second alien base that housed the signal beacon. I'd had a few battleships show up before that and then nothing afterwards.
  7. After destroying the alien beacon base in Iceland, I haven't had any more UFOs. For, like, 8 months. But I can't get rid of the panic so I ended up losing because I ran out of ways to make the panic go down (because of the orbital bombardment). It was nice to have a bit of a break to get my interceptors back up to strength and to get rid of some soldier stress, but you end up losing by default
  8. Platesuit armour still doesn't add any HP but does increase weight
  9. There is a bug in the armour of the interceptors. Whenever you go on a mission, they come back and have zero armour. It doesn't regenerate. You have to go and select the armour again and then it only goes half full and never regenerates beyond that.
  10. The agents still aren't spawning, which makes the game unplayable by about July.
  11. If this is the one with Sectoids, am fairly certain that just before the crash there was a noise which is a new noise and I assume it is for mind war. Or it might have been a weapon going off if it was sebs. But someone was doing something in the darkness. If it was sectoids, I have noticed that when the troopers are mind-warred, the camera doesn't move to them any more like it used to.
  12. First alien turn, another CTD. No dev console text this time. auto_groundcombat_turn_1_end-91.json recording_3.rec
  13. I suspect the mechanism that spawns the agents has been disabled or broken because I only had one agent at the start of the game and had none since (it's like July now)
  14. Another CTD. There is a wraith alpha behind the hedge tailwards from the DS, then another normal wraith further tailwards in the distance. I think the sniper near the left hand door shot that one and there was a CTD with loads of dev console text that I couldn't get to read - some of it was missing object exceptions, but the rest was different to the other ones I've seen today and lots of it. content_manager.state auto_groundcombat_turn_1_start-89.json
  15. CTD on first go of terror mission. One of my squad went out the side door and shot one of the Sebilians to the right of the chopper. He hit him for 36 HP and the Seb turned towards him, then the dev con popped up and said the following: No HumanIKControl found for gameobject:alpha^default^default(clone) No HumanIKControl found for gameobject:alpha^default^reaper(clone) Nullreferenceexception: A fatal error occurred during update[] - Object reference not set I reloaded the save from the start of the game and could repeat it if I shot the same Seb with the same trooper. auto_groundcombat_turn_1_start-88.json resolve_layers.log recording_1.rec