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    I've been a gamer since acquiring a Sinclair Spectrum +2 128k as a child, and having the odd console such as a Sega Master System 2 (Rage-quitting Alex Kidd in Miracle World killed that console), Playstation, Sega Mega Drive, PS 2 and most lately, my Xbox One. but aside of that, I had the Speccy, the Commodore 64, Amiga 1200 and then a very basic PC that catapulted me into my PC Gamer hobby, where I now 'evolved' into having, what 6 years ago would have been called a Ultra-high spec gaming Desktop PC. It's still running well having paid enough to future-proof it for a few years.
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    Middlesbrough, UK.
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    Cosplay, Gaming (PC / Xbox One), Travel, Airsofting, Swimming, Cycling, Walking / Hiking.
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    Offshore Aquaculture Lead Chemist

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  1. @Chris This has happened again in another campaign of mine. I thought the 'end mission' was sorted out? (save gave attached) Regards, Compo. user_day_523_manual_save-9.json
  2. @Chris I'm finding when I have a shedload of save game files on my laptop (it's a bog basic laptop) it appears to be beneficial to clean up the past save game files from UFO encounters and that. I make Manual saves and bin the rest off until I know I'm not going to need them from then on. As for any prior cruiser mission, honestly, I can't remember sorry. I know I avoided a terror mission because the panic levels were so low. It had peaked to 50 and then slowly dropped back. As for the Eternal, yeah, it was from an alien base mission in Spain. Regards, Compo.
  3. @Chris I'm getting a crash to desktop on day 245 at time 01:04:00 for no apparent reason I can find. All is going well until that point. No manufacturing or research ends that day. Nothing jumps out at me as triggering the CTD. I've tried the same on all 3 time speeds and it CTD's at the exact time on the same day. Regards, Compo. P.S. That Stunned Live Eternal I always stun on a cruiser or observer UFO with the Wraiths never appears afterwards with the recovered items. You said I had to be further along in the game's storyline to do this? I haven't had any visiting battleships as of yet so it might be connected to the Battleship research? user_day_244_manual_save_before_ctd_at_d_245_t_0104-6.json
  4. @Chris Here's a manual save from during a cleaner intelligence hub mission where I have the required number of 10 data sticks and all of my soldiers are back on the Skyhawk awaiting dust-off. user_day_244_cleaner_intelligence_hub_manual_save-4.json
  5. @Chris I'm finding this as well on v23.5. I can return the soldiers to the ship and abort the mission but it deems it a mission failure. That said, the cleaner plot goes on to the infiltrator mission (where the abort mission upon the ship worked funnily enough) and then the headquarters mission but cleaner intelligence hub missions are still appearing. Regards, Compo.
  6. Chris, Another issue... The Advanced Laser Lance can't be obtained via research or manufacture and it's a prerequisite for the fusion lance, so the fusion lance can't be produced. Is there anyway the advanced laser lance prerequisite can be removed from the aircraft_lance_tier3.json? I've attached my save game so far. I've also found in another campaign and this one, stunning and capturing the ethereal commander (alive eternal?) isn't recoverable as an item. Regards, Compo. user_day_355_manual_save-10.json
  7. DreXav, I honestly haven't used the servosuit, but a good spot none the less for the devs to sort out. Regards, Compo.
  8. Chris, Apologies, I restarted a new campaign so I don't have the game with the Phantom CTD. Didn't this get reported before though in the forums, in a different version? I had it happen in 22.6 too. I'm being a bit more conservative with my aircraft on this campaign. I haven't been able to fathom out the Plasma Pistol issue but I managed to sort out the Gauss Sniper problem: in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Xenonauts2\assets\assets\xenonauts\template\strategy\projects\engineering' with the 'weapon_gauss_sniper.json', I scrolled through the gobbledegook and found where it stated 'resource_weapon_components.json'. I just changed it to 'alloys.json'. Regards, Compo.
  9. Chris, Thank you first for getting out V 23 out to us. I've picked up on a few issues so far: (Screenshots attached) 1, Plasma Pistol issue is still there. Even with sufficient alien alloys, manufacture not possible. 2, Gauss Sniper Rifle needs weapon components but these look to be now absent from the game. 3, Game CTD's when you try to construct more than 12 X-55 Phantom Interceptors. Made 4 per base, on 4th base, game CTD's during construction. Regards, Compo.
  10. Any update on the v 23.0 release, as Emily_F has mentioned? We're at the end of the 2nd week after a release date of 'w/c 7th March' was quoted. I'm still getting the v 22.6 when I download it off Steam. Regards, Compo.
  11. Chris, The Electroshock Rifle appearing after the stun weapons research worked in the Legacy Beta of v18.2 but wasn't there in v22.6. After laser and the stun weapons research, there's no 'advanced stun weapons' research option. Further to the above post, I ran a campaign on Veteran and 'cheesed' the game a bit my modifying the .json files to make it a bit easier for myself but I found if I ran the cleaner missions WITHOUT doing the cleaner autopsy and cleaner interrogation and it worked. I got it to 100% and did the mission based in Iceland. The sentry gun research kinda screwed up my MARS and ARES platforms mind: there was no body to the object, only the weapons and I couldn't change the armour from steel plating. I was a bit gutted that the plasma pistols are still unable to be produced as well. But back to Kalle's original post, I just saw your Kickstarter Update News today and I saw nothing about the issues with the Alenium / Plasma / Fusion rockets being sorted? Bear in mind, as I have said, I've 'cheesed' the game a bit but here's a save mission from about day 474 (174 days after the battleship invasion). I played the game out till day 999 and the game reset. user_day_474_manual_save-4.json
  12. I guess waiting on V23 is a better bet for any improvements in terms of dealing with the bugs.
  13. I've currently started a new campaign (I'm away with my job and I had the laptop) As mentioned in point 2) Cleaner HQ progress stuck at 75%. (Cleaner interrogation at 75% makes no difference too.) Here's a save game of so far. Any chance of sorting point 6) Can you please replace / reinstate the electroshock rifle please from the legacy build? I've done the stun research but it only gives the stun gun / pistol, baton and the grenades. Regards, Compo. user_day_86_manual_save-3.json
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