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  1. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts 2 Tutorial

    Yeah, Goldhawk's budget is a big part of how the tutorial should be structured. I'm not sure if they have the budget to implement advisors to help carry out the geoscape for players during the first couple of months. I agree that the tutorial should not be too hand holdy because the target audience likely has experience with these kinds of games, but I've seen a lot of people on the steam forums that haven't really played this kind of game before and got confused with the ui and the controls. It would also be nice if Goldhawk could separate the tutorial between those who have experienced xcom-type games before and returning players who want to get strait to the newer stuff. Perhaps newer players can have access to advisors that help to manage the geoscape in the early months while returning players can get into the action of the geoscape immediately. I understand that the restrictions on Goldhawk would not allow them to implement things that I just described, though it would still be important to have a good tutorial. I'm struggling to see how a good tutorial would be structured in this predicament. Pop ups with a lot of words and clicking tutorials don't function all that well imo, so I'm wondering if the tutorial can teach the player how to play with hands-on experience like some of the examples in the video does. Perhaps a tutorial that tells the player the bare-bones basics of how to play the game would be effective as the player would have to get some hands-on experience with their various weapons and tactics. This would prob be an effective way to ease in veterans into Xen 2, but I'm not sure how it would effect newer players. I'll prob have to look for a tutorial for a tactical game that achieves this to see whether this kind of tutorial is effective for newcomers.
  2. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts 2 Tutorial

    I've recently been watching a lot of Game Maker's toolkit these days and I saw a lot of videos talking about the effectiveness of game tutorials (specifically for more complex games). After pondering this subject for a little while, I wanted to create a topic to discuss ideas for an effective tutorial for Xen 2. Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-GV814cWiAw Xen 1 and the more recent steam demo for Xen 2 in February have been criticized for a lack of a tutorial, and for good reason. Many strategy and tactical games are complex enough for players to easily get confused with the ui and mechanics of the game. This has been shown in the February demo when I saw a lot of topics about people not being able to figure out how to spend more time units for more accuracy or couldn't figure out how to shoot aliens at higher elevations. And with the addition of the geoscape and air combat as well, it is easy to imagine a new player getting turned off because they don't understand how to play the game. So my question is, what is the best way to convey all of this information to the player in a game like Xenonauts or its sequel? I have sat through many tutorials for several strategy and tactical games that just tell you to click this and click that and they don't actually tell me how to play the game that well and they bore me with all of the massive text boxes and arbitrary clicking. The firaxis Xcoms also turned me off a little bit when they did these same tactics and it felt really tedious to have that much handholding and that much reading and clicking. The difference of enjoyment when you choose to turn off the tutorial in those games are staggering. I heard that you guys over at Goldhawk plan to make a tutorial that plans to introduce the player to various mechanics of tactical combat and introduce them to the main threat of the Cleaners at the start of the game. I would like to know how you would go about making that tutorial instructive at teaching new and veteran players about the mechanics of the game and the threat the that cleaners pose to the survival of humanity while still keeping the battle engaging and fun for new and veteran players alike. Another important thing that the tutorial absolutely needs is to convey the design philosophy of Xenonauts as a whole. Xenonauts is a true simulation that allows the player to play however they like without any sort of handholding or being shown what to do by the game. The tutorial needs to show that sort of philosophy as well to introduce new players to the design and feel of the game while still conveying all of the important information needed to fully experience the game. Then there is the issue with the geoscape where the player would go from one tutorial to another in quick succession, which can easily become really jarring. The geoscape has an arguably more complicated ui than the tactical battles do, so I'm also wondering how you guys can convey this information in an engaging way while easing the player into another tutorial (or tutorials depending on how you structure it). Air combat a little afterwards might also be another hassle for you guys to overcome as well. Yeah, this is a pretty huge task for this kind of game. And with the high expectation of this game due to the success of Xen 1, this is easily something that can make or break this game. So, I'm really interested in seeing your ideas for this tutorial.
  3. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts-2 September Update!

    It's always nice to see your guys' progress month to month; its some interesting stuff to read through. The improving art throughout development is always nice to see and gets better every version; I think that the people on steam would appreciate it if the screenshots there would be updated to their improved forms after you guys finish your work on those biomes. I'm interested in seeing how the new air combat changes that are coming to v22 and beyond are going to affect the gameplay experience; it reminds me of that thread a few months ago that was talking about the air combat in v18. Perhaps this might open up discussion about the air combat again. Though there is one thing I would like clarified, what is the new equipment that you have in mind to give to the interceptors to widen their selection of equipment? It's a nice addition that scientist and engineers that aren't doing anything would generate small profit; I play through X1 and often times my engineers are sitting on the bench when they don't have any projects to do at the moment, so its great that this has a solution that makes sense in the game's lore. I'm excited for the stress system and how it presents challenges to the player in managing their soldiers in and out of battle; it adds a lot of strategic decision making to the game.
  4. Kamehamehayes

    [21] Laboratory Screen

    I believe in previous versions of Xen 2, you could not hire scientists or engineers; you would have to get new personnel by completing certain missions or building offices on the geoscape (similar to xcom 2). They may have switched back to this idea in v21. Do you see any offices that you can build on the geoscape? If you do, then this isn't a bug, but a feature. If you don't see anything different on the geoscape when compared to v19 and v20, then it is probably an error.
  5. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts-2 August 2021 Update!

    The additions that are going to be added to v22 really excite me. I'm excited for all of those varied missions that the "cleaners" create in the first couple months into the game. People have wanted these kinds of missions in Xenonauts for a long time and I'm glad that they are getting implemented. Will similar missions like this appear throughout the campaign even when the cleaners have already been destroyed? I think that many people would be happy about the mission variety if this is the case. It is pretty fair to say that Xenonauts 2 won't have the repetitive mission problem that Xen 1 had. Its nice to see that difficulty modes are being added into the game; however, I have a couple of questions about it. Will higher difficulties make the game harder by increasing alien stats on the battlefield or will it make the game harder by making the alien ai more advanced? I'm also curious about the difficulty customization; what kinds of things should we expect from that customization? Overall, great work this month Pog.
  6. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts 2: Soldiers & Vehicles

    I agree, the stress mechanic definitely fixes one of my main issues with xcom as a whole. Xcom is about a global organization with the support of all the world's nations defending the world from a seemingly unstoppable threat from above, but that contradicts most of the gameplay because you are sending in the same 8-12 guys every mission. With the stress mechanic, it feels a lot more like an army like something a global defense organization would have, not just 10 guys sitting in the barracks. It also reduces grinding, which should make the game better overall. However, I don't like how fatigue was imemented into tharacia 776. Fire emblem does not have any way if supporting units that are on the bench, which is meaningful when you are not gaining any stats or building weapon ranks while you are doing so, and it is completely built around funneling exp into a small squad of units instead of an army.. This is why I think a stress/fatigue mechanic only works if you have a soldier training mechanic there to facilitate it.
  7. Kamehamehayes

    Xenonauts-2 July 2021 Update!

    These are a lot of quality of life changes; every time I think you and your team impressed me, you one up it in the next update. Though I have a couple of questions. First, how are you guys going to handle harder/easier difficulties? Are you going to buff/debuff enemy stats depending on the difficulty or are you going to make the ai smarter and more cunning on higher difficulty modes? Secondly, do you think that the ai is ready to beat cheese tactics used by several of the closed beta testers that can trivialize maps (like how CaptainSPrice uses a lot of soldiers to gang up on one alien with reaction fire, killing it before it can shoot) or does it need a little more work to beat these tactics? Thirdly, how much will these alien special abilities affect gameplay? Will the abilities be used sparsely and will be a rare issue for the player to encounter or will the abilities appear pretty prominently and be a major part of the tactical gameplay? Again, very much looking forward to more announcements in the future. Also I'm looking forwards to more discussions about these topics; I feel that they have died down a little as of late.
  8. Kamehamehayes

    Mission Variety and UFO Progression

    Well, you do get to experience alien raids at the beginning of the game and throughout, which are like mini-terror missions that are a little harder than your normal crash sites and landing sites, that can help mission variety in the early game. You can encounter aliens and technologies in alien raids that you would not encounter until you fight stronger ufos weeks later (like wraiths and plasma weapons appearing in a raid before you encounter an observer ufo). The devs are also adding several story missions through out the game, like an earlygame base attack against the mysterious "cleaner" organization, so I think that the mission variety in Xenonauts 2 would be much better to Xenonauts 1. The devs are planning to have half of the terror and alien base missions not caused by ufos so that you still experience that mission variety even if you have an highly developed airgame, which may lead to different kinds of missions depending on if they were caused by ufos or something else. I still think that goldhawk will implement terror missions as missions of high-stakes, so I doubt that will change in the sequel except for maybe changing the city getting nuked.
  9. Kamehamehayes

    Alien lethality possibly too high?

    Perhaps the solution to this problem is just to buff armor from warden to endgame. The tactical suit and combat armor can stay because they are as they are basic, modern technology, which does not protect very well against bullets going the speed of sound and concentrated bolts of plasma. Buffing all of the armors that contain alien technology will give the player a sense of progression to show how far they have come since the beginning of the war and allow them to have a better chance against the aliens. The 30% chance of reviving a soldier when you build a medbay is nice; however, it is too rng dependent to be reliable in any feasible run. Perhaps its upgrade can increase the chance of it happening to 50%, giving the player a reason to build that expensive facility when it is not worth it to build compared to advanced labs and advanced workshops.
  10. Wow, you and the team made a lot of balance changes, quality of life enhancements, and many bugfixes. Must've been a busy month huh. I have a couple of questions about the changes: When the stealthsuit is fully implemented, what will its affect be on the battlefield (other than making a soldier "stealthy" because that is not specific)? You said you set up the largest "non-unique" ufos in the tactical layer. Does that mean that there will be a unique ufo that you get to intercept and meet on the battlefield only once as a story mission? Speaking of psionics, do you think that player psionics will ever be implemented into the game? Overall good work this month. I look forward to every update.
  11. It's prob because it is a newer version and newer versions normally do not go into the stable branch. Whenever v20 comes out, then v19 will be pushed.
  12. Kamehamehayes

    Hanger Size

    Honestly I'm leaning towards having bigger hangars. A couple of months ago when we were talking about v18 bases, I was heavily against the idea of 2x2 hangars because the base was too small to fit most of the buildings that a player would have on an average playthrough. However, my opinion has changed slightly. These decisions will cause the player to make meaningful sacrifices in their base layout and make the game more interesting (for example: you can have more hangars, but you might have to sacrifice living quarters or other important buildings in order to build them). This keeps the pressure going on the entire game, which is an idea I really enjoy. This also requires you to change you base layout every so often, which directly attacks the Xen 1 issue of building everything in the base from the start. Perhaps a project to increase base size would be nice, but I don't think it would be needed if this is done well. I'm a big fan of the direction the devs are going. I love the implementation of stress, 3 simultaneous raids (that you can do more than 1 of), and I mostly enjoy the idea of the UOO-1. Each of these ideas try to force the player to make strategic sacrifices and make more varied choices and they keep the pressure on the whole game (that is my main issue with Xen 1 that these systems are addressing, the geoscape gets way too easy once you have significant coverage of the planet). Speaking of the UOO-1, I really do not understand why so many people are against it (mostly on the steam forums for some reason). I've read the entirety of Shade's steam thread and I do not understand most of the arguments posted there. Most of their arguments are attacking the fact that the UOO-1 is a "timer" even though it does not lengthen or shorten a playthrough that a player would take to complete the game, except if the player is doing poorly and suffocating against the monthly attacks of the laser, which meant it fulfilling its purpose of killing a run that a player was doing really bad on. There is also a whole lot of people saying that the laser defeats the purpose of this war being clandestine, which does not make sense to me because all of the stuff I've seen about the storyline doesn't infer or imply anything being clandestine at all (you can see the alien ships with a telescope for crying out loud). I think the idea can be improved a little bit (like maybe throwing a dangerous mission at you if you are close to losing, but it you win you get a small reprieve that allows you to dig yourself back up out and save your run), but I don't think this is remotely a terrible idea (unlike people in the Steam forum).
  13. Are you sure that the base always appears in Africa? I thought the bases could have be built anywhere on the globe (except for a couple of story missions). That last point is definitely a known bug; I believe it was fixed in v19 because I have not seen any reports of it as of late. Speaking of version v19, v19.1B is out on the experimental branch. I recommend you check that out if you enjoyed this version.
  14. You see, I'm not killing their soldiers; I'm just using the stun baton to give them a little nap, they must have been tired after all. Ok in all seriousness, I do get your point; there would probably need to be a mechanic dedicated to punishing you for your actions, thus maybe creating more trouble than it is worth. Though I would love for this to be explained through in-game lore.
  15. You could just take out the aliens first, knockout the local forces, then raid the alien ship. The local forces are not particularly useful for raiding crashed ships from what I've known from playing xenonauts and seeing some of the beta, so this strategy would not hurt you near the end of a crash mission. I guess this topic applies to aliens shooting down local forces as well, so should you retain weapons from looting the courses of the soldiers or should the weapon self-destruct like how the alien weapons work currently? If you are given a mission to deal with traitors, then I think their weapons should be blown up when killed so the player does not get a full squads worth of equipment from a single mission.