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  1. Wait what. Is that a goddamn Tentaculat I'm seeing???
  2. As a fellow developer, I strongly urge that you guys consider the decision to sign a deal with a publisher very carefully. This may come off as a bit trite, but in most cases that would be a make-or-break decision for any game project. Choose your partner wisely. Also congratulations to you and your family, Chris! And while you may be excited for your newborn child, please don't put him/her into the game!
  3. Backed! Good to see things are going super smoothly for Chris and the team. And nice to see you all on these forums again too!
  4. Your bio should say " If you're here TO spam adverts, go elsewhere." Just a heads up

  5. This is a test message :D

  6. Invision? Now this is oldschool. I remember the old days when vBulletin was far superior Thank you for the hard work!
  7. As long as this thread remains, I have no objection. http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/2059-Buddhist-Civilians
  8. Sort of but not really. By that I mean, the lack of direction is a direction in itself. No one wants to be the average Joe, and at some point Joe himself becomes his own personality. For the lack of a better analogy, the art in Xenonauts to me is sort of like real life in its truest and most naked state. Uninteresting and does not want to have any fun. Intentionally so. A bit of an irrelevant rant but I don't know how many times I've had to preface whatever I have to say with "I unironically love this" because the comments I have about things are neither flattering nor disparaging, but rather sincere. Nothing ever is on any extreme end of that spectrum. I embrace and enjoy the intentional badness and dryness a lot in things I consume. And British people are just the best people to do it.
  9. The art in Xenonauts lacks a lot of direction, and is very dry. But dryness in itself is a British thing, and that signature distinction is what I like about it. It's not easy to make something that looks uninteresting, unappealing and at the same time doesn't look bad. I remember some guy from somewhere said Xenonauts was like "an X-Com designed by a depressed British accountant" and I was like "that's fantastic. I'd play the hell out of that."
  10. I have read the post and I'll most likely give XDivision a shot. Will let you know what I encounter with it. Your previous post had a sincere apology for the unintended rudeness, and I appreciated it, so I don't see why you thought it was a good idea to delete it and proceed to use my own quote regarding your other post to describe it. It is far more annoying, in case you haven't realized that yet. I'll be closing this thread here as there doesn't seem to be much value since the XCE team has gone inactive in one way or another.
  11. There is a sense of elitism coming your post. Perhaps you didn't mean it that way. Just letting you know that it is quite unpleasant to read. If you haven't checked the savefile, which I assume you haven't, maybe even due to technical reasons, you can probably tell I'm playing on Insane (Honestman Insane though; don't wanna get screwed over by bugs and shenanigans). It probably means I've beaten vanilla Xenonauts enough times. I'm open to new strategies. Wouldn't have gotten to Insane difficulty otherwise I'd think. The problem with nerfing what was previously an exploit is that it could potentially (A) open up a different exploit elsewhere, and (B) make certain situations impossible to overcome. Vanilla Xenonauts had thousands of people either consciously or unconsciously testing, and I doubt XCE had as many as that (again, no offense meant to the XCE team at all; just my observation). The Long War mod of XCOM2012 could achieve the balance that it's achieved because hundreds of people from their community pooled their effort together for over 2 whole years. I'm not saying the design decision has no merits (despite what I said in the first post; I was frustrated after ragequitting). I'm saying it is rather unlikely XCE has reached the right balance that eliminates exploits and at the same time opens up for possibilities. It is not easy. Again, if you were able to see my savefile, you'd know that the doors to the cockpit are open and broken by Androns, making it possible for Harridans to reaction fire at anybody who appears from the teleporter from long range. This plus the fact that using the teleporter cuts a big chunk of a unit's TU down really hampers its Initiative stats, making it almost impossible to not lose 2-4 troops every single turn with everyone else either suppressed or panicking. You tell me how to do it.
  12. Sure. But if you compare the amount of successful games to that of failed ones, this still largely holds true. I'm a developer myself. But cool! I'll check it out then.
  13. Any good reasons why? The bigger, more commitment-demanding a thing is, the more I need to know what I'm getting into. No offense meant at all, but 1-2 people working on an ambitious project is sort of an even worse recipe for arbitrary design decisions and bugs. And I'm not exactly willing to spend hours only to confirm that. Unless you have human mechs.
  14. I will quit Xenonauts. Some very questionable design decisions from the X:CE team are present here. I don't know how you guys could allow telefrag, make the teleport cost an absurd amount, and sleep at night. Quic.sav Quic.sav
  15. If you've unlocked at least plasma tech and anti-gravity it should be fine. Thanks a ton!
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