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  1. Nice video of the Shotgun history http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZigVi1q6F4Q&feature=related
  2. Self censure because some thing are better left not said.
  3. Indeed, I loved to have some of them. somtimes I would marry them with a team mate. It's the 70's folks. Time of change!
  4. 1993- 2004 I feel that in 2005 and up, games get so commercial and empty. I feel like i'm searching for a great game but never find one while in th 93/04 period, you just had to pick somthing at random and it was a hit! I truly lost my illusion when microsoft bough Mechwarrior and killed the franchise.
  5. 1-) X-Com 2-) Master Of Orion 3-) Wing commander 4-) X-Wing Alliance 5-) Operation Flashpoint (playing Arma 2 Atm)
  6. Yeah, ok let's say it DOES cost something but not much ... Don't feed the trolls, don't feed the trolls ...
  7. I included blast shape in the idea tread for the blaster launcher. See in first page. Dial a yield? Like 911 call to these coordinates? Dual yield? Nah, it's already a monster of a modding project there. I'm not even sure if it can be done and I know i'm not qualified to code it. Might help in other areas tough, but not coding. Havent touch that in over 12 years now.
  8. Sorry for my useless post, wil read harder.
  9. Maybe making a simulator for the commander to practice a little. Like a muck up town in wich the Xenonauts fire on soldiers from the base rooster. Or an arcade console in wich you fight aliens UFO using pre-generated aircraft. A little like wing commander. Gave you a basic of the mecanics.
  10. Do you play AI war? It's a great Indy, cost nothing and worth a ton of fun.
  11. As such, here is a basic concept of the weapon as I see it: The BL spawn a unit named [blasterBomb] wich is controlled as a player unit. Ennemy units react to [blasterBomb] as they would with any player unit. I think an average % to hit would be good. When it is destroyed, it explode in a large radius, destroying object and tiles alike. Persitant "radiation" damage could be implemented in the zone affected. The destruction of the [blasterBomb] is trigerred by the player, [blasterBomb] destruction by the ennemy or end of turn. Using the BL means a score penalty when the bomb explode (unit killed). To enable the self destruction of the [blasterBomb], the unit could have several properties like low healt and bleeding damage. The unit should be blind. Time units should enable it to travel far enough not to kill the shooter and close enough to require soldier placement. Probability of self destruction each time a command is issued after the first one.
  12. Excellent point! Also, there might be a point in having an disposable drone that cost around 25k. So the soldier keep being cheaper that way Yeah, I loved my rookies, especially thoses I named "plasma fodder".
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