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Thread: Build V10.2 Released!

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    Build V10.2 Released!

    Build V10.2 has been uploaded to Desura and has been released. Again, this is an incremental improvement on V10.1 but we've made a couple of significant bugfixes that should improve the gameplay experience a lot.

    - Loading a saved game should no longer screw up the Research tree
    - The double-weight bug after missions should now be fixed
    - The Hidden Movement camerawork has now been improved. AI controlled units should be displayed for the full duration of their move when they are in the LOS of the Xenonauts, and the camera should no longer cut away before Xenonaut units die if they are killed by enemy fire. There's still a few tweaks to make on this front but it is dramatically better than before already.
    - AI units don't spin on the spot quite as much any more
    - Alien Power Source research now has an image associated with it.
    - The Chinook now has 50% more speed and 12% more range than before.
    - The Industrial tileset new props (the outdoor crates etc) now have damaged and destroyed graphics too.

    This may be the last update prior to the public build, assuming no more major bugs appear. However, hopefully we'll add some "injury" (i.e. bullet impact) noises for the Ferret armoured car before then too, and we'll probably have a quick look at Xenonaut reaction fire as I'm not sure that's currently working as intended either. It remains to seen whether we can get those features in and properly tested before Wednesday though...

    EDIT - we've released a hotfix up to V10.21 to fix up the bug of alien UFOs retreating every time they appear in the air combat.
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    This is looking really good can't wait to play 10.2

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    great news. The first two will really make a difference.

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    Great bug fixes! Reaction fire should be in a public build since you have the UI for reserving time units... I'm pretty sure reaction fire isn't working as I haven't had any of my troops do it in 10.1 and others have mentioned the same.

    I suppose with the time limit the bug with the monthly budget bug isn't a big deal (having to pay monthly expenses before getting your UN paycheck).
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    Sounds great! Thanks for the update.

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    These are awesome fixes!!

    I have been playing around with the first few weeks using multiple bases to pick out alien spawns.

    geoscape xeno.jpg

    Above is how I laid out all the bases in 10.1- i changed item prices/build times to fund massive base development in 1 week.

    In the first month I general only get about 10 worldwide intercept missions. Things heat up quickly in July -25 so far in 2weeks.

    However mission spawns are random and it can make the first 4weeks feel a little slow, as my main base may be in Europe, but the spawns are in Asia, Africa and America. I have manged to play a few games with none or just 1 intercept mission in the first 4 weeks.

    My query/question is the following.

    Building multiple bases is expected over time, however is there a way to code the first few weeks of intercept missions to spawn around the initial base? The enemy may have intercepted communications and wish to test out and analyse Earths response team. You could even have a brief research project on it.

    Counter measures.

    The enemy have broken our secure communications networks and have pinpointed our area of operation. They have turned Earths satellites against us and they are using satellite imagery to track our movements. They have not yet pinpointed our primary asset, however, multiple scouts have been sighted within our vicinity.

    Work has begun on securing future communications. MIT and Cambridge have collaborated to help establish the foundation for new Cryptosystems and are improving our Cryptosecurity through the implementation of new encryption algorthmis.

    Allied bases are also implementing disinformation by broadcasting fake traffic-flow.

    Once we have fully secured communications, we expect the enemy will renew its efforts targeting our partner nations military assets.

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    I think it will be kept so that some things are out of your control towards the beginning.

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    Sounds great! That's my bank holiday Monday sorted then...

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    are all my savegames supposed to be gone? =/

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    Fantastic update! If these big ones stay down, I'd say it's ready for the public.

    Btw, you forgot to tweet the update. I'd gotten out of bed way sooner if you had.
    I would if I could, but I can't, so I won't.

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