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    Thread: New Xenonauts Site Launched

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      Quote Originally Posted by iamkyon View Post
      The idea was to give each premium pre-orderer a chance to add a full name (a given name or a pseudonym, their choice) into a separate, hard-coded pool of soldier monikers. The resulting database would then be scrutinised by the community in order to prevent abuse.

      There was also talk about fleshing out these recruits by filling in more personal details (age, nationality, service history), or even by giving them fixed stats and physical appearance.
      I know what the ideas were, don't you worry =p I even thought some of them up. Still waiting on a final answer, but as I've said, there are a few complications too
      "What are you gonna do, talk the alien to death?"
      - James Cameron, on Sigourney Weaver's concern about the use of guns in Aliens

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      Quote Originally Posted by anotherdevil View Post
      I know what the ideas were, don't you worry =p
      Oh, I wasn't insinuating you couldn't recall what was discussed only a few weeks ago, that was merely a quote function fail on my part. My post was meant as a summary of the stuff that was brought up on the defunct forums, so that discussion could pick up from where we left off.

      Claiming partial credit for the ideas I showcased, however, was just mean! For a moment there, new forumites probably mistook me for a real thinker!

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