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  1. Music from that period is pretty awful, except for Pink Floyd, so I wouldn't bother. I'm very happy with the music style as it is. I'm pretty impressed with someone mentioning Suicide Commando though, that is (or was) one of my favorite artists But I wouldn't like that as much in a game, I'd keep some creepy style music like in Terror from the Deep. You catch atmosphere most with music imho.
  2. Lots of sweet stuff most people would like to see ! I agree with most except the intro movie. I know it give a polished look to the game but it's just a one time 2-3 minutes. I think the money could be invested in more 'reused' features. Also the Soviet weapons might not be worth the effort, this would mean more weapons that would be used less. I know it's not really possible but I still like to mention : 'Females' More music sequences would be nice (I really love the music so far !), also for the air combat.
  3. So deliberately choosing this approach to make it look retro is making it more time consuming than a 3D approach (to certain degree)? Wow I bet most of the people don't realise this, so I'm even more grateful for the retro looks now !
  4. Leto

    Xenonauts Posters

    I did actually look for that but I only found one paint font in cyrillic and I couldn't type all the symbols I wanted
  5. Leto

    Xenonauts Posters

    Yeh you're right about the opacity and the face not dripping, guess I'm just a bit lazy
  6. Leto

    Xenonauts Posters

    I'm afraid that's out of my league I'm just an amateur, not an artist. I love postapocalyptic manipulated pictures, wished I could do stuff like that though, it's very cool but very hard to make a normal picture into that. Check this guy out btw : http://alexiuss.deviantart.com/gallery/3239976#/d18h2us 40 hours in one piece and that's when you're talented I just like to take random pictures and put stuff on it
  7. I think the aliens were in the area and noticed a lot of water and oxygen here and just said : Hey guys let's take that one !
  8. Well I think it's refreshing to have it happen in the past really, it will have its own feel, it also fits the retro graphics style really well. And it hasn't been done a lot in other games I guess, so I think it's great they chose the cold war time area. But if this game is successful I'm hoping on a TFTD-style future timeframe sequel . Also TFTD was my favorite by far from the 3 original X-COM games, so under water missions would be awesome as well
  9. Leto

    Xenonauts Motto

    'We are all xenonauts' You can go all directions with this Like : forget the cold war, we have real enemy now !
  10. Leto

    Xenonauts Posters

    I just used the logo Chris posted in the other topic, so yeah that's like 100 pixels enlarged to 500 or more, not ideal hehe. I'll do some tomorrow, 1h30am here now
  11. Leto

    Xenonauts Posters

    I just took that wall + poster from some free website, didn't want to spend too much time on the poster itself I'll try some of these sprays, that's a cool idea ! Could use a higher res picture of that alien though
  12. Leto

    Xenonauts Posters

    I tried something fast just now, I'm not a whizzkid in Photoshop, Illustrator is more my thing but those take a long time to do, so I just tried to implement an idea I had.
  13. Leto

    Human tech upgrades ?

    Wasn't really a fan of the apoc equipment system (factions were cool idea but made it a bit too realistic, i'm more for all against the aliens ). Techs should be adaptations to battle aliens more effectively, some civilian manufactured junk won't really help out that much...