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Installing mods and some other things.

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Hello everyone, i'm new here so.. Mercy please :P I didn't know where exactly to put this so.. I downloaded Sathra's 'Little Mod' v4 figuring i'd give it a try, but I wasn't sure how to install it so I just opened the Xenonauts launcher and went into mod management or whatchamacallit, then pointed out where i'd downloaded it and hit 'install mod'. Just wanted to be sure if that'll make it work, the only other thing I got thus far was the community map pack.

And on another note, while i've played the 1994 X-Com, the 2012 Firaxis one, UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock, I thought i'd ask if anyone has any generalist tips to give out. Thanks in advance, and in general to the Goldhawk team. When I first saw Xenonauts on Kickstarter I was a little skeptic, but after an impulse purchase on Steam I am very glad I got it (and ignored the complaints on Steam's discussion forums).

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It's been a while since I used the launcher for mods, but that sounds decent enough.

Tactics: pretty much the usual

Cover is vital. Use it, even if it means you can't race around using all your APs

Grenades are very handy - don't feel bad about wasting some turns to use plenty of smoke or stun.

Use fire teams to ensure that your small squad support each other as much as possible.

Have a diverse squad. Each role can come in handy to give a mix of precision, firepower and gruntwork.

Always pick soldier #18 from the pre-generated list (li'l thothkins!)

Wait until day for a terror mission if possible! scary.

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So sorry, chose going for a cup of tea to typing the extra lines in the above post. Look where that got me.

At the start of your game, go to game options at the bottom right.


then enter your soldier numbers in the Custom Soldier part, separating them with ;


The numbers, and steps, can be found at the start of this thread.

So, you can pay tribute to some of the people who supported the game, or failing that, get the people you don't particularly get on with on the forums killed in their first mission.





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Ah, I see.. On an alternative note though, it appears the mod didn't install. Sathra lists fixing the "Weaponary" in the research screen bug, but it's still there :( Could I have some instructions for a stupid person on how to install mods, or atleast Sathra's?

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If only it was the alien snipers I had to worry about, Commissar :)

@ Daliena

Download Sathras Mod

Go to where your steam version of Xenonauts lives (mine lives in Program Files\SteamApps\Common\Xenonauts)

Copy and replace the files from the Sathra asset folder into the Xenonauts assets folder and you are done.

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Max's guide to installing mods until Giovanni fixes the mod launcher.

STEP 1 - Backup your files.

When manually installing a mod in Xenonauts, you overwrite the existing files in the appropriate directories. It is therefore very important to backup the files you are about to overwrite in case things go wrong. Otherwise you'll have to install and reinstall if things do go wrong. If you have used the mod launcher to install the mod, you will find all mods in the /mods/ directory. Naturally, you will have to drill down to wherever you put steam (e.g. Program Files/Steam/Steamapps/common/ ) before you even get to the Xenonauts directory! Check which files are going to be overwritten, and make a /backup/ directory, copy the original files to that directory.

STEP 2 - Copy and paste files

The mod launcher will unpack the appropriate files to the /mods/ directory, along with all appropriate directories. Simply copy the files from the /mods/ directory to the /assets/ directory. And you're done!

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Does the OP still want tips? Spoilered because it discusses technology.

A Eurasian base is probably your best bet. In fact, planting it in the middle east will let you cover Europe, Asia, Indonesia, Middle East, and almost all of Africa, only leaving 4 factions out in the cold. Building a base in America by November or October can offset the losses there. It also depends if you're lucky...if you build a base in Asia and they focus on the Americas, you're out of luck.

Go for the alien armor as soon as possible. This means researching alloys, fabricating alloys, and allenium. I think there was one other research but I forgot it. In a game where a laser gun can drop your d00d in one shot the protection is vital. I had Commander get hit by a single heavy plasma rifle shot and only lose ~20 HP, quite acceptable if you ask me.

Also get allenium explosives. It automatically makes all of your equipment great. And best of all free. No manufacturing.

Get stun stuff as soon as you can too. I think you need to research alien biology and stun stuff. Between Deus Ex stun rods and stun gas grenades and missiles, you can easily deal with threats. I like using the grenades to blanket an area in gas and knock out everybody. And its great for getting civillians out of harm's way. And stunning nets you more points and more funding at the end of the month.

If you're going on a night mission, it doesn't hurt to have one guy go with a pistol and just spam lights everywhere. it's easy to get more than 60 TUs, and the light will be incredibly helpful. Same goes with laying down stun smoke everywhere.

A note on grenades...they're fucking dangerous. You have a good chance of only throwing them a few feet and they'll even kill your guys. Even stun grenades are dangerous. A direct hit can kill a target (human or alien). So try to set the thrower apart from the rest of the group, in case he throws the pin and not the grenade.

And finally...recruit spam. Not so easy now that we only can have 8 people in the beginning, but try to have at least half of them be expendable. When you need someone to enter a room, or check out the UFO, or simply draw alien fire, you'll want to use a recruit and not one of your good guys.

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