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    V20 Stable Released!

    In the launcher is this build identified a certain way? It said v20 and was released on the 24th, but it took up 5GB still, and aliens had no grenades, and it crashed a lot. So I wasn't sure if I had an experimental version. I should have been opted out of experiments.
  2. Anon_Spartan

    V20 Stable Candidate 5 Released!

    All nighters or no, thank you so much for getting a real stable release set up. You guys are champions.
  3. Anon_Spartan

    Defense batteries

    You can? I thought the invading aliens could destroy your base components, so you had to move quickly to defend them. Now, if you could have all the doors in your base go on lockdown, or at least know which doors were being opened, that would be awesome.
  4. Anon_Spartan

    Is there a counter to "a feeling of dread"?

    I was just about to make this thread. I'm playing the old stable version, and finally got late enough in the game that these guys are popping up every base and making it a nightmare (for some reason, the Andron bases lag really badly, and I don't think it's my computer.) It soon becomes apparent who is getting the dreaded feeling, perhaps instead of a pop-up it could be a suppression-like symbol that appears for a moment? Even waiting 5 seconds is too long, it's not like we can't figure out what is going on. Besides mechanically changing it, were there any in-game solutions, like researching a live one decreases it's chances or working by 10%?
  5. I'd really like to see doors opening only via gunfire and damage, especially in base defense, to keep those little bastards from spreading so quickly.
  6. Anon_Spartan

    V20 Experimental Build 1 Available!

    Woah, thanks for the update. I'll miss having two Colonel Aragorns but this all seems worth it.
  7. And one more update. It appears that the two characters are intrinsically linked via the Equipment tab. So if one Aragorn drew out his stun baton, so did the other. I am not clear how TUs factor into this. I recall at one point I had moved Aragorn 1 all the way up to the point that he had lost his TUs, and Aragorn 2 couldn't use his equipment despite being at full TUs. Later, when one Aragorn died, the other Aragorn could not access his inventory any more, because opening it prompted the KIA message and he then lost all remaining TUs. Another crash got me so Im just going to try again.
  8. And it appears rapidshare is being garbage so here is a dropbox link which I believe should be public. I'm not good with filesharing. https://www.dropbox.com/s/b613daq34dx7wdd/New%20Folder%20%285%29.zip
  9. Aaaand there we go, crashed on me. I think it was two turns in after loading DDD. I had stunned a Harridan in the far right barn, and while my team took the left field to the north and encountered aliens behind the fence, one harridan decided to charge my team. I stunned him too. It was during the alien's turn that a crash BSOD'd my computer, but that shouldn't be much of a concern. This thing is a damn Vista, if I blow too hard on it it crashes.
  10. So I was playing a terror UFO mission when I noticed that I suddenly have two of the same guy. I now have two Captain Aragorns and Im not sure what happened. I only know that Sauron is screwed. First off, lots of things are wierd in the Shrike. I have only 10 guys but I am at full capacity. I think two injured people from the last mission were never allowed off, and that's probably an old bug. But here is where it gets cool. In save EEE you can see my base before I take on a massive UFO carrier. My flight list only has 10 soldiers, but the icon that lets me move them around has 11, and this is where the second Captain Aragorn appears. On the battlescape, when Aragorn 1 moves, aragorn 2 remains as a ghost, people move through him, but once I click on a number (i believe 7) it activates him and he acts as normal. I guess Shrikes are bugged really bad. There are some maps that the walls aren't even there on them. Anyway, files are included. DDD is a save during the first turn of the mission. Aragorn 1 and 2 are close to each other. The autosave previous to that is the start of the mission. EEE is back at base before the Shrike headed out. And the other autosaves and blank save are not too important. Also, it seems that loading the first three saves isn't a problem but trying to load once on the battlescape causes a crash to desktop. http://rapidshare.com/share/20E5277DD35B2FDF562FC5D1C188BE2A Manually adding files isn't working. Also my only regrets is that it didn't glitch and copy one of my good soldiers like Captain America or Zana.
  11. Anon_Spartan

    Losing is Fun

    There doesn't seem to be much of a middle ground in Xenonauts. If a city is under attack by alien forces and you engage, only to retreat, everyone is just as pissy at you as if you hadn't helped at all. I know that the politicians are already terrible people if they're nuking their own cities to stop a few androns from walking around, but I think this black and white play style only encourages savescumming or ignoring terror missions. I think the huge 60,000 financial loss for messing up should be mitigated by if you showed up and killed some of the enemies, even if it was just a few easy ones. On the subject of retreat, Im not sure if there could be a way of making retreating easier. Something like a 'Home' button that sends the selected unit back towards the dropship on a automatic path? Also, maybe the alien's turn could be sped up except for actions you can see, since besides movement and claw scratches there isn't much going on. My idea is just that when the shit hits the fan, people might just reload a save file than deal with it because of how painfully boring retreating is.
  12. Who would be dumb enough to put it in the corner? That just means they have fewer places to expand from. And there should be a chance for the alien's troop pod to appear next to it, because there is no reason for it not to. If anything, everyone would put it dead in the center. That way you could build the most off of it at once, with 8 points of contact. As it stands it's just needlessly placed. Wraith Magus is right, although it seemed that base invasions in oldCom were always limited to the hangars, since aliens never got further in unless you were really unprepared, like having your transport away. I wish there was a way to make our bases less vulnerable. Perhaps we could lock the doors and force aliens along certain paths unless they blow the doors open? With their super weapons it's certainly possible.
  13. I dunno about you guys but I had a base invasion in January that was a nightmare. Only one alien even made it into the central command area, but the rest of the punks were running around the base, hiding in my store rooms and in the missile launch bays. It was a tense mission with a few unexpected deaths so I'd label it a success. I even had two laser batteries fire on it for what little they did. But a group dedicated to destruction would be fun. It would make me want to pin the aliens down less and force me to be drastic to take them out.
  14. I never understood why the tech tree was supposed to be a mystery. X-Com was a game of improvement, where you do a little better each time, graduating to new difficulties as you master old ones. Similarly with Xenonauts, I've only just been able to produce powered armor and upper tier equipment for the first time (but that was because of unfortunate crashes ruining save files, luckily most of those are gone). But for me personally, playing X-Com/Xenonauts was about getting to a certain point and losing, then starting new, getting further hopefully before losing, then starting again and getting further before losing. I think there is still a sense of achievement when I research Stun Weapons for the first time in a game, or get Laser Weapons, or unlock the superior med kits, but not so much mystery. For a game meant to be replayed over and over (at least that's how I feel true X-Com veterans will feel, playing until they've mastered Impossible difficulty then gimping themselves with things like only human tech, or only one transport, or extremely remote bases), there should be emphasis on the tech tree's mystery but I would not base the whole game on it. As for point 4, yeah, the crap like a soldier shooting the ground when a target is 2 squares away, or shooting more than 45 degrees to the right or left to kill an ally who was not in range is crap, but Im glad that's mostly gone. There are plenty more hilarious things to make fun stories of in Xenonauts. Like the other night my scout ran across a blacked out field and was suddenly killed by a plasma shot, then four more aliens shot her corpse for the hell of it. It was hilarious.
  15. http://s93.photobucket.com/user/mercenario_2006/media/Xenonauts/realFighter_strip.jpg.html The third portrait in looks a lot like Ron Perlman to me, just with an awesome mustache. I think the top half of his face is leading me to think this way, although he has a really nice chin to him, too.