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  1. Atleast I believe it's V18.. I got it from steam so it should be the latest version? Any attempt to tell the ogres in engineering to build a Corsair makes the game immediately crash. Tried it several times over the space of about a game week. Crashed every time. I've got Sathra's Mod 4.1 and the community map pack installed as well, in case it should help.
  2. I've yet to see a stunned alien wake up, myself. Guess the 1-4 stun gas grenades will do that..
  3. Any chance we could see an exhaustive list of all the changes over the various versions of the mod, please?
  4. Hello again =P Thought i'd drop by and ask.. I saw some people offhandedly discuss assigning soldiers combat roles, which I assume is referring to how your starting squad has assault troopers, a heavy, a sniper and so on.. Seems later on every recruit comes out as a rifleman though. How do I change that, if there is a way? ED: On a sidenote, I was choosing from the pre-set soldier list and typed in 18 for lil' Thothkins.. And got a pop-up saying that humanity was exterminated.. Thooooth..
  5. See http://www.goldhawkinteractive.com/forums/showthread.php/5509-Installing-mods-and-some-other-things for how to install Sathra's mod, if i'm not mistaken. I asked the same question and got some answers from the kind locals (and one from the Commissar acting like a commissar- *Is shot for heresy*)
  6. Thank you both. I didn't do a back-up since re-loading from Steam is fast enough with a decent net connection. I haven't tested it yet, but atleast it seems to have replaced the files.
  7. Ah, I see.. On an alternative note though, it appears the mod didn't install. Sathra lists fixing the "Weaponary" in the research screen bug, but it's still there Could I have some instructions for a stupid person on how to install mods, or atleast Sathra's?
  8. #18? You mean setting in "Hire eighteen soldiers" at once and it'll show up an avatar named after you in the list? xP
  9. Hello everyone, i'm new here so.. Mercy please I didn't know where exactly to put this so.. I downloaded Sathra's 'Little Mod' v4 figuring i'd give it a try, but I wasn't sure how to install it so I just opened the Xenonauts launcher and went into mod management or whatchamacallit, then pointed out where i'd downloaded it and hit 'install mod'. Just wanted to be sure if that'll make it work, the only other thing I got thus far was the community map pack. And on another note, while i've played the 1994 X-Com, the 2012 Firaxis one, UFO: Aftermath and UFO: Aftershock, I thought i'd ask if anyone has any generalist tips to give out. Thanks in advance, and in general to the Goldhawk team. When I first saw Xenonauts on Kickstarter I was a little skeptic, but after an impulse purchase on Steam I am very glad I got it (and ignored the complaints on Steam's discussion forums).
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