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Personal Armor Repair

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I have always found losing armor when soldiers are wounded or killed particularly expensive and time consuming in X-Com and I suspect it is going to be even more expensive in Xenonauts given the deadliness of the aliens. Rather than having armor be destroyed when your soldier is heavily wounded or dead, would it be possible to have the Xenonaut drop a 'Damaged Armor' item that could be repaired for a discounted price at base? This would make armor feel just as costly as weapons do in the game since they persist rather than more expensive because they feel like a couple use item.

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Each type of armour generates a different corpse so it should be possible to tie those in with a damaged armour item.

The first time you recover one of those items you could unlock a new manufacturing job that gives you a new suit of armour and uses a damaged suit and some Alenium/alloys as materials.

Giovanni mentioned that he had fixed it so that equipped armour was recovered from dead squad members in another thread though, not sure if that is intended or a side effect of fixing the bug that destroyed all gear on death.

Personally I prefer it to be either destroyed or rendered useless until repaired.

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We've set it so you just hand the next rookie the remains of his predecessor's armour and tell him to get on the dropship. (It's assumed the engineers just patch it up, I suppose)

This is mostly because the final armours are going to be quite an investment and losing them along with the soldiers would be pretty harsh.

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