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UI Suggestions - Allowing multiple selections


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I don't know if this has been touched upon yet, but I would like to suggest a streamlining to UI that would allow for multiple items, or units to be moved or modified at one time, for instance, being able to select a group of soldiers to relocate instead of individually designating each unit to do so, or likewise being able to mass unequip or equip units for convenience. That would be great. Keep up the good work.

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Thanks for the reply Thotnkins.

I was referring to out of combat mass selections however, such as being able to designate large numbers of soldiers to relocate between bases, or mass equipping them on the item/squad selection screens. From what I've seen so far, to relocate a unit from say a North American HQ to a South American HQ, it requires clicks on each individual unit to issue a relocate order, then specify a target destination and finally confirm. If it were possible to select, or queue more than one unit to be transferred i.e. by clicking and dragging over a the names then equipping or moving them all at once, I think it would greatly improve interface.

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OK - there is a topic I can write few my "Give me that"s :-).

1. Zoom around mouse cursor in Global map would make Map navigation easier. Is it clear what I mean?

2. Soldiers names should stay, when edited, not disappear. Example - I want to add smth like "Sniper" to the soldiers name to make ID easier. But after I click his name to edit it - his name disappears and I have to retype his name completely. Which mean I should remember it...

3. Symbols "I" and "1" looks the same.

4. It would be nice to have small (not capital) letters. I'm interested in those like "b" "i". They are identical to "soft sign" and "i" in Russian & Ukrainian languages. In EU I always named my first base after my home city and it need to have "b" in the end, then it looks like written in Russian, while letters are English.

5. It would be nice to have a current possible range drawn around every craft on Global map, like in the game DEFCON - http://www.ag.ru/games/defcon/screenshots/182889. In that screenshot, there is a triangle aircraft under mouse cursor. Circles around it shows where it can fly (thats what I mean) and where it can shoot.

"Unergonomyc" situations with AP

6. On Tactical map I can set how much AP I want to reserve (lets say I want to reserv Aimed shot - 30 AP). But I can't do that, if I have less then that. So I have to remember what I want to reserve for that soldier and do that on the next turn. It should be possible to set any AP Reserv, no matter how much APs left.

7. Example: Shot=30 AP are Reserved, I have 40 AP. I need to shoot. But game won't let me to do that. I have to unset Reserve, make shot, then next turn set Reserve again (if I need it). This can be solved if there was way to "Override" Reserve parameter (without bothering with changing it), like 2xLMB, which will make shot regardless of what Reserve is set for.

8. Again - I have 30 AP, and they are Reserved for the Aimed shot, but I want to move. To keep me from picking with Reserve slider I just 2xLMB and my soldier moves.

9. When you during Tactical pressing RMB (Right Mouse Button) then soldier turns in that direction. Same happens even if you click RMB on the UI elements (like soldiers portrait below screen).

10. In Tactical combat droping anything to ground doesn't take any AP.

11. When some research results screen shows - there is no Start another research button.

Well, sorry for my bad English and if all this it is just stupid remarks. If not - I can continue :-).

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I do like the idea for a Start Another Research button for when your research ends, that made UFO:EUs research system much more streamlined, and it would for this game as well. I know that just now I went for three days without realizing I wasn't researching anything, because I never got prompted to begin some more (not that the prompt should replace common sense, but I was playing UFO:EU recently and was used to that system.)

I also agree with having lowercase letters, if possible. If it's not easy, then for me it's no big deal, but it would make things look better in some cases.

Also, with the name disappearing when clicked on when you edit a soldiers name (or any other text box, really) you could have it highlight the entire phrase, so that if you begin typing it'll delete the previous name, but if you want to save what's already there you can click on it again to place the blinking line thing (I cannot remember for the life of me what it's called. Cursor?).

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