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Ufos landing in parking lots, And my comparision about the alein aircraft


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Now so far into xenonauts I have seen quite a few missions where there is no cover to approach the ufo from. At first I wasnt bothered by this then I realized the ai is currently dipstick stupid. Then I was terrified I foresaw plasma bolts cutting my squad to ribbons and was going to complain. Then I started thinking about how to approach the ufo with MININAL losses. Pop smoke, pop some flash if they become viable, thoose 250 hp riotsheilds I heard about, taking cover behind my ferret Big Bertha, approaching the ufo from the back. I fekt this same way in ufo defense the FEW tiem the times a ufo was in a field. Now I am filled with terror "What about if they land next to buuilding?!?!" I have missed this terror so much.


Will the ufos be able to land in a cluster of buildings?

Are the riotshields 250hp?

IS anyone else filled with fear?

Onto the aircraft


The scout is real easy to murderize. Firing one shot slowly after the other. 2 sidewinds make it crash.


REALLY REALLY annoying due to current bug or whathaveyou. attack poor ac 130 transports and things that move


Yeah I cannot deal with them.... If I get one really well equiped base i could but then my funding would drop globaly (ufos nosing around america, while im comffortably based in africa. I hate them with a deep passion...

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#1. All UFOs have their own submap. This submap could be surrounded by building submaps (I think there's one in the Map forum if you want to check). But if you mean a fusion of UFO submap and building submap, no.

#2. Regarding riot shields. Wait till beta.

#3. The light scout is supposed to be easy to kill. These are the introductory UFOs that ease you into the game. They vanish after 10 days or so.

#4. After a given point in time there are specific squadrons each wave of UFOs that go after human aircraft. They will go after aircraft that can't fight first then go after other aircraft that can. This is not a bug. If you want to transfer stuff either wait in between waves, or take out those squadrons first (it's really easy to tell - as soon as a fighter squadron is launched, they go after the fighter sqaudron). If you don't like lots of fighter squadrons appearing then adjust the onceperwave value in AM_AirSuperiority.xml and AM_GroundAttack.xml to "true".

#5. How do you mean, "I cannot deal with them"? Corvettes need Avalanches or Alienium torpedoes. Normal Scouts need Sidewinders or Alienium missiles. MiGs can catch up with either. Although it does take a bit of work if the corvette has a squadron (there are several threads in this forum that discuss dealing with UFOs).

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...attack poor c 130 transports and things that move...

Sorry, that was really bugging me.

Anyways, I'd say you're doing fine. Just blow all your money on another base at the beginning of the game to extend your reach. Remember, a large part of the financial part of victory is simply having lots of "good enough" units rather than only a few "UBERMEINCH" kill-craft.

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What I would do starting out is create two radar/inteceptor bases (two radar, two hangar), then later on upgrade the further one to dropship/soldier. I think air progression is bugged now, but that would at least let me take down most UFOs (if not recover them) and keep things fairly happy. I'd move some airplanes from my main base to the secondary ones as I make MiGs.

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Depends if the alien ship needs a runway or if it can land vertically right in between buildings.

Crushing a few walls wouldn't be much of a problem.

Oh and the name is Alenium, not alienium.

Not much of a difference but I think it does sound better :P

I just realized something...if I was in charge of "alien control" I'd have another set of aircraft to "take care of" UFO's that had landed or crashed while under observation by my interceptors. If you can't get a team to the crash site it seems to me that a 2000 lb. laser guided bomb could finish the job assuming it didn't crash in a populated area. Why let any aliens wander around the crash site if you have no intention or means to investigate on the ground?
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