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  1. Well DONE thothkins!! Many facts about X-COM I did not no.
  2. "Mec trooper" scary only your head is of human.
  3. WOW Jake Solomon do this onetoo?
  4. Max_Caine i want more grim fan art hehehehehe :-) and we can cycle change the HIDDEN MOVEMENT photos with your photos?
  5. I like if UFO land under home. and show burn down home around UFO.
  6. I dont like soliders. i better like Operatives hehehehe!
  7. Kool you can have fan art in that place too?
  8. I like thothkins idea keep as rookie but stats can be rising higher then normal??
  9. Ahh men i want to makemoney in black market and governments like X-COM. hehehehe those are cool touches of freedom we never see in video games., so no selling laser cannons hehehehe
  10. Looks very coool!. i love the X-COM human scientist looks very ugly like this one just to understand alien things. this is still nice but very clean. maybe we see early messy experiemnts hahahahaha! i love gritty and grim style.
  11. Hehehe human clones tak the place of the national leaders when the aliens control a country. or MINDCONTROL. iforgot what X-COM says what happen to country lost to aliens.
  12. I want more faces first. how much faces are in the gamenow? i want a hundred faces for each race in boys and girls!!
  13. No light citys in the night time? its ok if not maybe it is not important to see lights at night. only citys name.