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Reaction fire suggestion


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all i gotta say is i love the kickstarter demo and definitely will be purchasing the game sometime around release day but one thing that irked me almost immediately and does effect my enjoyment of the battlescape enviroment is how aliens when faced complete opposite ways can turn and reaction fire soldiers that they cannot see at all (until after they turn) to me this kills a lot of the strategy of the battlescape (which should be manuevering and flanking) i can understand if they are within their 90 degree view radius cause that makes sense, but when an enemy can rotate on spot and fire any direction its just plain unfair... obviously i'd want the same restriction for my own units. now i can't remember exactly how it worked in TFTD or enemy unknown but i am almost positive they will not reaction fire unless they see you.

perhaps this was already mentioned to the devs, i dunno, i didn't bother to search the forums but if it hasn't been brought up I am at a loss for words as it only took me 1 battlescape play to notice this oversight.

EDIT: its as i feared, no one has posted anything about this issue before which is very vexing to me this is something that is a must have, otherwise it becomes less strategic to me and hopefully everyone else (so they fix it!)

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did search and was dumbfounded no one else mentioned this.
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