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    Erm I'm Simmo and X-COM was my idea (honest)
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  1. Simmo753

    Xenonauts 2 - Update

    hey just stumbled across this after being away for awhile, can't wait to see it come to life.
  2. Simmo753

    Chain of command request

    yeah i have been hoping someone makes a mod for the ranks, i remember it being a much more immersive system when you only had one commander.
  3. Simmo753

    V20 Stable Candidate 4 Released!

    i'll dito that, i did manage to make a save after the mission but i can't go into any sub screens after that without it crashing, any chance of rolling it back to the last update?
  4. Simmo753

    V20 Experimental Build 7 Available!

    i've been playing the new build today and after 3 months it seems that not a single country likes me enough to increase my funding and everything costs more than i can afford, to top that i can't seem to keep up with the speed at which the aliens advance at, i'm missing the reward for doing the ground missions and it seems like the game has shifted its focus to air combat now.
  5. Simmo753

    Less top heavy rank structure?

    i hear you black cat, there are alot of us on here that believe that the system in the original game would work well in this game and make it look and feel more realistic looks like you'll have to hope someone can mod it in though as they;re not interested in weather you feel immersed in the game.
  6. Simmo753

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    i got upset with the after*** series and only played the first one alittle before giving it up. never played the others.
  7. Simmo753

    V19 Experimental Build 4 available!

    no hadrian the original series before those games had random maps mate.
  8. Simmo753

    Soldier Ranks: Change them, or no?

    i already change the name of some of my soldiers in the save files it would be easy to change the name of the ranks if i so wished as it is the names are not to important it's the advancement that needs to be altered and that is beyond my ability to change.
  9. Simmo753

    On Promotion

    yeah i think you got the meat of the problem there shabowie, i don't think capping the ranks would be hard to implement and the immortal interceptors is just to make it easier for them to balance, i don't think they care about immersion anymore just what's easier for them.
  10. Simmo753

    Indestructible interceptors?

    seems the less vocal of us hold more sway in game content? should we all just do a silent protest? or just shout about how much we like it?
  11. Simmo753

    Indestructible interceptors?

    i might be abit off the mark here but has anyone apart from Chris actually said they like this idea?
  12. Simmo753

    On Promotion

    yeah that is a concern of mine also, we all bought in to it to help make the game and to have an input to it's creation, now it's starting to feel like we've been robbed. i hope i'm wrong though
  13. Simmo753

    On Promotion

    yeah didn't mean to sound defensive, i was shocked about Chris's response regarding it, i had up until that point thought he was very openminded about the community's wishes, it seems now that he has little time for change and will only look at fixing. Sorry if it sounds like i'm blasting Chris btw i'm sure he has alot on his plate and i do hope that he becomes more open to it again once things are more complete.
  14. Simmo753

    On Promotion

    i understand that and i'm not suggesting that the dev's alter theres attention just that it can be reviewed/considered once the game is closer to a final build.
  15. Simmo753

    On Promotion

    by the response of Chris i guess i'll have to hope that the modders amongst us will make a mod to cap the amount of soldiers in each rank, i must admit that i'm disappointed that it seems to be a flat refusal to even consider it though.