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More flexible recruit system?

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Compare with other strategic changes, this should be pretty minor.  Thanks XCOM 2 for inspiration.


1. The candidates do not improve with time. New recruits take forever, if ever, to catch up to veterans.
2. Do the candidates all die at end of month?  Why do they all disappear so fast?
3. The recruit list is full of candidates we don't want, that we cannot remove, but we get free candidates whenever we hire.

Proposal for problem 1:

1. Make new candidates' stats improves with time. A training system may be needed to keep idle soldiers competitive,
    but they did stay in a safe base as the world went on fire.
2. Make veterans available at higher cost, as the game progress.

Proposal for problem 2 & 3:

1. Let the player get a new candidate by rejecting someone, perhaps at a moderate interview cost but with some free monthly quota.
2. To keep the pressure up, may be each candidate has a 10% chance to disappear at end of month.

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The Disgaea game has a system that might help with the first point. If X-2 has some sort of soldier perk system, along with stats, then the soldiers you hire could have stat increases over time, but still lack perks. They won't be entirely useless, but they will still lack notability.

Regarding point 2, I think X-1's system is already an improvement over the Xcom games. In the original game, you would hire a bunch, then fire most until you got the guys you want. It all comes down to the fact that there are soldiers you want, but are relying on the throw of a dice to generate soldiers. Maybe you could "request" or "head hunt" for soldiers proficient in certain stats, at a premium.

Point 3 is interesting. Being able to refresh the list at will would allow players to min-max their soldiers, at the cost of time and frustration. But if the list if full of nobodies, your options are limited. A whole minigame could be planned around this mechanic, where you have to leverage your political weight in order to draw more recruits from countries or something, but I think in the big picture, the X-1 system is a good compromise. Maybe you could build a building that serves as a recruitment facility of some sort (think of Men in Black), that doubles or triples the length of the list. Or maybe each additional base lengthens the list.

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I would say:

Point 1:  Maybe researches that permit increased stats, or only if nations really like you do they offer their prime soldiery?  Or different pools, with different costs.  Maybe mercenaries who are effective, but cost you political hatred of nations they've committed war crimes against?  

Maybe the soldiers can be "sent to training camp" for a fee and come back next month with slightly improved stats?  This also largely (2) keeps them alive and (3) clears the slot for a new soldier.  It also (partially) provides a mechanic for training soldiers out of combat addressed in other threads.

Point 2:  You think those men and women have nothing better to do than sit and wait for you?  The nations of the WORLD are competing to hire competent soldiery, who, incidentally, are dying by the scores if not hundreds.  You want them there for more than a month?  Pay them a retainer fee, and hope they don't die doing side jobs with the world's military.

Point 3:  I heartily second an expanding list with technology/national support.  Maybe an increased cost to hire to a base from other than local soldiery?  Maybe each soldier "rejected" decreases that nation's enthusiasm for XNO (Xenonaut Organization) by a small amount?

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