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  1. I like the idea of a dedicated "room" for soldiers to perform daytime jobs, such as working out. I think it would fit that a soldier becomes stronger through training, and that's how you get a high TU, high STR soldier. Things like bravery would be earned on the battlefield. This way your soldiers organically become more combat capable because their dayjob is exactly that.
  2. @Conductiv I think you and Chris are saying a lot of the same stuff. In a tactical battle, a soldier unit would be good at combat, and a science unit would be good at some other thing. If a battle needs fighting, you would want soldier units; if a battle needs some other thing, you would want science units. And sometimes, if you're in a pickle, then your science unit might have to do some combat, or your soldier unit my have to do some other thing.
  3. He also mentioned you would pick up more staff through missions, and that if you did manage to lose all the staff available, then yes, you lose the game. Maybe not because you can't hire any more, but because you've been doing so poorly the aliens have now won.
  4. The danger of being mind controlled, or at least influenced, could be used as a reason there aren't many aliens on the field. Any direct contact with an alien could be dangerous, due to revealing secrets about the base of operations, or because the soldier could be otherwise influenced. Then after a mission, this same reason can be used as to why soldiers need to rest; not only physically, but mentally. They also need to be rescreened to ensure that the aliens did not alter their beliefs or whatnot. I'm thinking it's a really potent device that could up the fear factor of aliens, and made to lamp-shade a lot of minor details.
  5. @SteelGiant Maybe the twist ending of having actually been working for the aliens instead of against the aliens could be one of the multiple endings. Would probably be a stretch to make it fit though..
  6. @SteelGiant I really like the idea that the Xenonauts may very well be a mind controlled alien strike team. It could, at the very least, be made into a sub plot. It's always fun being told to question yourself and your motives. Regarding going public or not, I could be convinced that the aliens already have a foothold in media and politics, and that displaying alien bodies for the world to see is harder to do in the Cold War era, and may give away important information about the Xenonauts themselves; such as the aliens knowing which attacks you have been responsible for, and using that data to figure out the base location, or the odds of you attacking other places. Turns into the Imitation Game.
  7. You've discussed stats being described in a variety of ways. The "Big Four" stats you're talking about now could be described as Ratings, and the rating increases as the unit gains points in related skills. For example, the Science rating goes up while the unit masters Medical and Explosive skills. Having a high rating could impart perks, which will be achieved nonlinearly, given that the rating moves for many reasons. I also feel like the Soldier-Scientist dichotomy could present some interesting mind vs body problems, but I'm not able to think of any! Additionally, units could have a "personality" trait that can't change through training. Practically, they would be perks, but they come free of charge, for better or worse. Massive Chalice had a system like this, but you were able to influence these traits in various ways. One such way was a personality trait that really just mimicked whatever trait of the nearest unit.
  8. I look forward to seeing the lore behind knocking an alien out of the war; will they exhaust their supplies of that race? Or will the "leader" of that race bow out of the war, suggesting a sort of joint alien army?
  9. How big will the "big" alien be? I know you were hesitant to make 2x2 units due to the movement logic being such a pain. It sounds like capturing aliens alive will play less of an important role; will we be capturing human defectors? Are the local-government raids going to suggest non-lethal gameplay? That could be a fun change of pace. It also sounds like the intercept subgame might be axed. If stealth becomes an important mechanic, I hope it gets fleshed out well. Take a look at the game Invisible Inc., it had a very satisfying stealth mechanic. I look forward to seeing how this fits together! It sounds really promising.
  10. I hate to break it to you, but multi-tile units are not going to be in the game. This means vehicles might not be an option.
  11. The idea of exploring the Geoscape is kind of cool. Assuming no other changes to the game, I'm wonder what could be found. Cold War era bunkers stocked with experimental tech, or isolated science teams who have gone rogue and are also aware of the alien invasion, or army compounds that will lend aircraft and ground support when you airstrike a UFO, for some odd reason allowing you to salvage more materials. Maybe radar coverage of areas could give hints, and you have to send in the skyranger to investigate; sometimes it could be alien activity, or human activity. It would also be an interesting way to encourage the player to move radar installations around. I assume there will always be the "best places" for radar, but if putting them in suboptimal places for exploration reasons rewards the player, maybe it will shake things up every game.
  12. I wonder if calling it the "Heavy Cannon" as an homage to the old Xcom game might be enough. It won't fit in the lore of Xenonauts, but that might draw less ire than a grenade launcher not behaving as the user expects.
  13. Not the naysayers, but those who missed the point of the thread.
  14. When I play shooters, I have to guess if wind and bullet falloff affect my accuracy. It takes some time with the game before I learn that. I would be surprised to find these things in a tactical game; instead, I would wonder why my long ranged shot are simply missing. Maybe my unit was facing the sun? What else is going on? I don't expect your position to be "pure sim > abstracted numbers", but instead that some abstractions can be done away with, or some information hidden. For example, XCOM2012 shows enemy health bars, Xcom 1994 and Xenonauts do not. I would want accuracy to remain visible - but would it be better to replace it with "very/likely/unlikely to hit"? The game Frozen Synapse went one step further, and removed all %s; instead, it was Time to Kill. It took a gunner 1.0s to kill a unit, but a shotgunner 0.5s to kill a unit who was in range. Battles were deterministic; the whole idea of the game was running simulations. The game wasn't any easier though, as it made unit placement and cover very important.
  15. @desertoth Great write up, I agree with a lot of your points. Especially that not all aliens would be equipped to the teeth in all missions; this could provide some of the early game ease and mid-game rookie training missions. It's reasonable for a scout to expect to outrun an interceptor. Maybe some of the bigger UFOs would carry more specialized equipment, like grenades or stun grenades. Your approach sounds very much real, and it makes me realize that mine very much treats this as a game, as if both the AI and the player are gearing up for a tactical fight, and they have to try and guess what the other is bringing. If all your suggestions would be realized, I think we would have a robust Planetary Defense game, but it might not resemble Xcom or Xenonauts very much! @Ninothree The idea of forcing the AI to deploy advanced weaponry in order to capture it crossed my mind too! I love the idea of an escalation happening, where the draw backs of "going in too deep" is that the weapons get so powerful that collateral damage is unavoidable. Alien armor being so thick that you have to level a city block to penetrate it, or switching to puny lasers and melting it. The game AI War: Fleet Command is said to have a pretty robust AI, but I haven't played it enough to see it shine.