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    Xenonauts-2 October Update!

    As you said, player feedback is a scarce commodity. Have you considered asking players for specific feedback? If the Inventory issues aren't sorted by mid-November, you could always ask players to focus feedback in other areas, or provide a list of known issues for them not to duplicate reports.
  2. £100 is worth about how much dev time? While I think adding strings to the game via news ticker, reports, background etc is worth a reward tier, I don't feel like I would pay that much money to add a few sentences to the game. If £100 is not worth a lot of dev time, then maybe coding the infrastructure to display those strings is really all that can be done. I still think cosmetics, either through "hats" or decals for vehicles/guns, would be more exciting.
  3. A game like Starbound had players pick (design?) art for hats. I don't know to what end there will be soldier customization in X-2, but perhaps the backers could choose/design/provide input for some wearables. When the soldier named (or renamed to) Mr. Backer spawns, they also spawn with a silly hat, or super cool sunglasses, of their choosing. They may not have their portrait done, but they have a custom avatar, to an extent. I imagine opening the door to that sort of customization will make modders happy too.
  4. I think your links are messed up in your first paragraphs. The first link leads to the " Xenonauts-2 April & Kickstarter Update " thread, while the second thread is dead.
  5. I hope this will be a non-issue, especially when you make the distinction between Closed Beta and Early Access. Long ago, you had hoped to have more reward tiers that weren't very art-dependent; are you still looking for more tiers, or are you happy with what you have?
  6. Shoes

    Make both site playable

    Xcom meets Dynasty Warriors?
  7. Shoes

    Correcting fire

    I think the TU system in place already abstracts some of the ideas presented. Burst firing would represent shooting multiple times for an aim bonus, while snap firing twice would be more like "shoot one, take time to make a decision, shoot again". I like the idea of stationary buffs. I feel like JA2 did something like that; if you did not use all your TUs, some carried over to the next turn. I wonder if focus buffs would make the game strategy narrower... everyone will focus on the breach door, and both sides will incur heavy losses. I think the variety could be fun though.
  8. Pardon if this has been said before, but it sounds like you want to tie laser damage to accuracy. I think that would be a really neat way to make the weapon tier feel distinct from others. Higher accuracy means the beam is landed on the alien for longer, dealing more damage. This could be communicated to the player by a "Time to Kill" calculation. If the door is opened to soldier stats boosting weapon damage, some weapons could deal damage based on strength/ability to counter recoil. I am not sure what other stats could benefit combat like that though...
  9. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2 February 2018 Update!

    Massive Chalice had a neat Trait system, where squad members could influence impressionable youth, and where an elected "Standard" conferred his traits onto the military. It was a core mechanic of the game, so I don't think Xenonauts can make a deep system of it at this point. However, depending if soldiers are organized by squads, a squad leader could be appointed for this very purpose. Maybe the leader only affects the mission (appointing a scientist as leader means looting more tech, an engineer means looting more materials, etc), or maybe they affect the soldier on an individual level (appointing a brave soldier as leader means other soldiers become brave, for the mission or for the duration of the game). This starts to conflict with the Xcom trope of dispensable soldiers, however...
  10. I wasn't fond of your ideas on laser weapons, but I find the idea of cover being extra effective against laser weapons very interesting. 100% hit change, but it's reduced by cover. Even if you field explosives, the smoke they could create would dissipate the beam and make it just as useless. It will really promote flanking plays or creative object destruction. I think it's novel, to say the least.
  11. I didn't google this for very long, but I didn't find any sources for this. The wiki doesn't mention anything of that sort. The tone of your posts are very "JA2 is the best game in the world, and I deserve to have you make me another JA2".
  12. @Xeryx, careful about calling arguments nonsensical, as we're discussing the effects of RL ammunition on entirely fictional beings. For all we know, these aliens don't have solid bodies, and so any sort of ballistic would be useless!
  13. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2 January 2018 Update!

    While we're on the topic of Geoscape, will there be any "council mission"-esq prompts? I imagine the answer is yes, given you wanted to do more than just UFOs all the time. I bring this up, because the games Massive Chalice and FTL have both done a simple pop-up no-battle events. In FTL, the results of choices were the same across games, and I think Massive Chalice has a % associated to each choice (75% of the time, choice A for event 1 was good, and 25% it was null). Massive Chalice also gave funny options, like "Dip the child in the chalice?". I could imagine an event like this: "A smaller than usual alien was found aboard the ship. It's a child! What should we do? A: Terminate, B: Study, C: Hold for ransom". Look at how funny that last option is! Oh my. Maybe option A results in a morale change to the soldiers, some up, some down. Maybe option B results in an interesting lore tidbit about how cloning among the aliens might not be unanimously supported. Maybe option C could be 50/50: the next terror mission is skipped, or it triggers a terror mission. These pop-up events could provide side-plots to conclude, or just add a bit of change to the normal order of how the game is played. Designing a string of side quests could also be a Kickstarter reward.
  14. OpenXcom has that. I never really played with it much. However, a minigame could be made out of it: a series of static maps that are meant to challenge the player. As you progress, maps get harder. Have some stats (shared globally?) about how many turns it took, casualties, etc. Stretches of maps could be themed, like pistols only or grenades only. A Kickstarter tier could be to design one of these maps for the game. Worms Armageddon's SP was pretty much this: a set of challenges for each weapon, and then a series of battles that get harder and harder. It added a lot of longevity to the game for me.
  15. I will point out that, in order to bugfix the game, devs need to be able to reproduce conditions that caused the bug; a saved game would save tons of dev time. I will also say that the goal is to create a fun game, and fairness/predictability/realism all contribute to that, but to a limit. Having the Geoscape time pass at a 1:1 scale compared to real life would be realistic. Waiting literal hours for your radar to pick up a UFO is realistic. But it's not fun... unless you're really into that, which I am willing to bet some people are! There are two games that come to mind that I wonder if you've tried: the first is Frozen Synapse; it is as predictable as it gets. There's no "50% chance to hit", but instead it's "0.5 seconds to kill". Due to the deterministic nature of the combat, you're encouraged to simulate scenarios while you're planning to really tighten your tactics. Take a look, any gameplay video should convey what I mean pretty quickly. The other is Achron, which would be the opposite of what you want; it's a meta-RTS game. You can rewind events and try them again, so save-scumming is built in. You are literally achronal, and able to manipulate time. However, so can your opponent.