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  1. From what I understood, the met stretch goals are guaranteed to be in the game. The other stretch goals will either be "met if possible", provided there is time and money available, or will be "somewhat met", which means it will be included in the game but with only basic functionality.
  2. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2 October Update!

    As you said, player feedback is a scarce commodity. Have you considered asking players for specific feedback? If the Inventory issues aren't sorted by mid-November, you could always ask players to focus feedback in other areas, or provide a list of known issues for them not to duplicate reports.
  3. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    I have been intrigued by the possibility of non-lethal options in human vs human missions. Here is my take on a sub mechanic that could drive the non-lethal aspect. Lore wise, in a Xenonauts vs Nation mission, you don't want the Nation to know they were hit by a military group. If they do, global tensions will rise (is there still a DEFCON tracker? If so, that could go down.). Each time a Nation solder spots your Xenonaut soldier, a "Spot Tracker" increases; once it crosses a threshold, then the Nation knows they were hit by an organized band, and global tensions rise (to avoid being spotted, Nation soldiers will follow regular patrol routes or something). The Xenonauts have two options then: kill the soldier, lowering the Spot Tracker, or destroy the place at the end of the mission. Killing the soldier reduces the Nation's relations, and destroying the facility will act as if aliens infiltrated. Mechanically, this isn't very well fleshed out, now that I've typed it all out. But I think structuring the mission as a non-lethal mission, with lethal as an emergency out, could be interesting. It would be very much like the game Invisible Inc.
  4. I think mine would go: Reaper Hive Geoscape Situations Injuries Mod Support MARS Reading Betuor's interpretation of the Reaper Hive make me realize there is a lot of material to work with there. I also like the Geoscape Situations, because once the infrastructure is in place, then it's only a matter of writting text to add more content to the game. It would also be a cool conduit to deliver lore. Injuries sound great; I have been playing Darkest Dungeon lately, and managing stress, disease and mental quirks is a nice puzzle. Mod support and MARS are just more ways to add longevity and replayability to the game. While I like the idea of modular armor/weapons, I don't know how much micromanagement it would add to the game. I think the weather conditions would be neat, and would certainly look great, but I would wonder why, if I have been avoiding night time missions, that I don't avoid weather missions too. Orchestral soundtrack is a funny one. It's one of those things that people only notice when it is done poorly, so I don't actually know how much I will regret not having it. However, it sounds like you would simply exchange money for improvement, rather than spending money and time for improvement. If you've got funds lying around, but have maxed your dev time, I think paying for an orchestra would be a great idea.
  5. £100 is worth about how much dev time? While I think adding strings to the game via news ticker, reports, background etc is worth a reward tier, I don't feel like I would pay that much money to add a few sentences to the game. If £100 is not worth a lot of dev time, then maybe coding the infrastructure to display those strings is really all that can be done. I still think cosmetics, either through "hats" or decals for vehicles/guns, would be more exciting.
  6. A game like Starbound had players pick (design?) art for hats. I don't know to what end there will be soldier customization in X-2, but perhaps the backers could choose/design/provide input for some wearables. When the soldier named (or renamed to) Mr. Backer spawns, they also spawn with a silly hat, or super cool sunglasses, of their choosing. They may not have their portrait done, but they have a custom avatar, to an extent. I imagine opening the door to that sort of customization will make modders happy too.
  7. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: Air Combat

    I like the ideas you put forward @Max_Caine! The idea of having the squadrons level up is been put forward, and I think them leveling as a whole squad would be the simplest way to do it. And if you lose a ship, you lose 1/5th of the experience of the squad. You get hit with a penalty, but it's always surmountable.
  8. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

    I really didn't like the base building mini-game from XCOM2012, for reasons you mention. I wanted to maximize satellites in the sky, but I had to excavate, build a power plant, and build the satellite comm-link building; if I didn't start 23 days before the end of the month, I was out of luck! But I like the idea of being rewarded and "upgrading" the base, rather than feeling frustrated that I timed things incorrectly. Maybe there could be static ever-present missions where you need to raid a military base to steal required components. This way, your base expansion happens when you want it without needing a timetable; it also gives the player another reason to play with non-lethal weapons. The downside is you're spending readiness instead of currency to expand your base. Maybe you need to spend money to buy information of which base to plunder, or you need to bribe someone in order to purposefully leave a skeletal crew guarding the place.
  9. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: ATLAS Base

    I wonder if rebranding the excavation to be other things could be interesting. Given the shadow war aspect, maybe the ATLAS base isn't fully open to the commander. To get to the last floor, the commander has to research "Hack the Terminal" to open the doors.
  10. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    @RustyNayle Traditional forum etiquette suggests you don't make new posts if yours is the latest one. Instead, edit the post you've already made to add the new stuff you want to say.
  11. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: Air Combat

    Those ideas sound great, and easily abstracted.
  12. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    There was a thread where a user brought up the idea of sending soldiers on infiltration missions in order to gain intel, or requiring a soldier to be sent to scout missions before sending a dropship. This could translate to gameplay by having the Xenonauts recognize local forces before landing. No intel would mean everyone is seen as hostile, weak intel means you recognize the local forces, and strong intel means you arrive dressed as local forces, so they're your allies. I can't really come up with anything better, but I think the flavor of having spies in places fits well with the shadow war theme of the game.
  13. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: Air Combat

    With the setting being 2015, and with each personnel consuming power, I could see supercomputers and robotics being used by scientists and engineers in such a way as not to need x10 the personnel but still being able to figure out alien tech.
  14. Shoes

    Xenonauts-2: The Geoscape

    I'm digging a lot of this stuff. World building happens in this layer and it's what makes the world feel alive. Having undetected UFO throwing up news ticker things in X1 made the world feel alive. Regarding burning off threat, you mention framing the CIA; I think having names like that would go a long way to building the world. Naming these things also adds gravity to the actions. Literally seeing the US in shambles (missing 4 tiles) because you caused the destruction of the FBI, CIA, the Pentagone and the White House might weigh heavy on the player's mind; but hey, the end justifies the means, right? The more these areas are named and fleshed out, the more the world will feel alive.
  15. I think your links are messed up in your first paragraphs. The first link leads to the " Xenonauts-2 April & Kickstarter Update " thread, while the second thread is dead.