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  1. The solution is obvious! Instead of sending 8 dudes, send 8 advanced battle robots - the ENFORCERS - to the field so that they can be upgraded with extraterrestrial technology! Imagine limbs blowing off due to locational damage! Perfect obedience! (Except when their wireless control signal has been hacked!) Need downtime because of metal fatigue! Self-learning AI that you can put into thousands of skill training simulation loops! And of course, no one will complain that robots does not have backpacks and can only change loadout in the base.
  2. Sheepy

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    Another reason is because it can be cool. Cue UFO's vision mode (Normal, Night, Infrared, Psi, and EM):
  3. Yes. Great job on the video. I actually downloaded the video and went through it screen by screen to see what has been implemented, and I see why you said what you feel about the various changes. Personally I think you did fantastic with so little resources and with much better communication with the community than many much bigger teams. Enjoy my kickstarter backing!
  4. Sheepy

    Xenonauts-2: Modding

    In a recent discussion I am educated that game interfaces can be done with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in Unity, with some third-party help. There are two solutions, one is more sophisticated and works on various platforms (such as playstations): https://coherent-labs.com/coherent-gt/ While the other is Mac and Windows only: https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/gui/embedded-browser-55459 Both are based on WebKit, and performance seems to be excellent. In both case the UI JavaScript can call and be called from Unity code. If X2 can use this approach, this should make modding the User Interface a lot easier, even easier than X1. I can't say development will really be faster, since it's a different skill set from designing Unity Interface, but it should be easier to maintain in the long term.
  5. There is a difference between shot once and move once. Phoenix Point currently do the first but does not do the later. You can move part by part, evaluating your options at every corner or, if you like, every grid. By the way, no, I don't think anyone is proposing that we add alien pods that acts when you see them, so don't worry about that. Edit: Ok... Phoenix Point does not limit your fire. Either they changed that or I was mistaken. Now it use a TU system and a fixed fire% that varies by weapon.
  6. Sheepy

    Xenonauts-2: Air Combat

    A perfect reason to replace Hanger with Air Command Center! Solves all scaling problem. Hanger is better for putting Engineers in, though. Air Command is more in the operation branch.
  7. I am sorry to break the news to you that Goldhawk is trying to move back to backpack.
  8. 1. Try UFO Afterlight. 11 years ago and it already shows your weapon mods in 3D, both in inventory and on the field. 2. UFO AL had a partial implementation (limited to enemy and all effects temporary); snipe head for autocrit, snipe hand for accuracy, leg for prone etc. Also locational injury of Phoenix Point is already working and a big part of the game. Edit: I remember that good old X-COM also had locations. But I can't remember whether they have additional effects beyond damage calculation. Does that count as locational injury?
  9. One thing you can always try, @_0_, is to re-download and re-install the game. It the game loads a corrupted sound or graphic a few seconds in, it may crash there. If the game always crash at exactly the same time or same action, definitely try this out.
  10. Sheepy

    Xcom apocalypse style play

    Pretty sure it won't. For that to happen, the ground combat must be built to run in realtime. Turn based play can be added on top of that, but not the other way round.
  11. Haven't seen report of that on this forum before. Any crash report?
  12. Selecting soldier or location at that level of intelligence would requires custom code or scripting for each, and can potentially be a whole new different level from modable Geoscape Events. (Which in many games are triggered by simple conditions like stress, skill, money, research etc.) A potential middle point X2 can do is to record the first kill of every weapon and armour, first fallen location, in a predictable naming so that the xenopedia can try to use them. But I suspect these fixed trick will get old quickly, and it sounds like something that can be modded in, assuming mods will have a way to store custom properties to a game. So, um, good idea but no I don't see how that is feasible or suitable for vanilla, esp. that the better mod support goal is unlikely to be met.
  13. Sheepy

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    I read that as Xeno abducting Saul of Tarsus to convert him to Paul the Apostle so that he'll funnel us the Alenium that his army "lost on field". Because that's more interesting a story.
  14. I think Chris must decides most of the directions being discussed here. Different players will draw the line differently - some of us like old schools, some want deep grey, some prefers light grey, and one game can't make everyone happy. For me, I don't like micromanagement, like streamline and decision of interlinked systems, so that is why I support Chris's ideas more often than not. I am against the idea to make base defence mission use a real map of the base, but only because it is not cost effective. Many Xenonaut base building should be pretty unique which is difficult to reuse, and if the buildings are upgradable you may not even see many of them. Big time and resources spend on a very tiny part of the game. Moving the defence mission out is a decision made not only by XCOM 2 but also by UFO Afterlight. (Aftermath and Apoc go the other way and give you many human building missions!) I'd rather the time be spent on, say, a marine tileset that supports ships and sea platforms, so that missions are not confined to lands. Or spend it on making the base 3D. Still easier than turning it into a battlemap.
  15. Yes that's a heroic effort. One thing I've been thinking about is maybe power does not need to be a hard cap. Perhaps you can use more than the max, but everything runs at a lower efficiency. For example you can divert an engineer or scientist away from the reactor to rush some jobs, which will work for that project because of the shear headcount boost, but all other job suffers. Alternatively, with all the ideas going on, perhaps we can keep it simple. Not every aspect of the game need five dimensions and interlinked with ten other systems. Make the base big enough to build anything the players would reasonably want, and let the player enjoy his/her growing home without worrying about power or space or bonus.