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  1. Perhaps it can be labelled Size or Volume?
  2. Sheepy

    Modular Armour System

    For -armour and +weight, perhaps they can be made a percentage. Or both. For example, a module can have -armor and -ArmorPerc. This opens more ways to balance items. e.g. Light = 20 Armour, Medium = 40 Armour, Heavy = 60 Armour. If Module = +2 Armor & -20% Armor, Light+Mod = 18 (-2), Med+Mod = 34 (-6), Hvy+Mod = 50 (-10) As for the user interface, may I propose an alternative? This drag and drop interface should work for primary and secondary too. For smaller modules like rebreather, would be nice if we can put them in backpack for on-field application. (Sorry I can't find know how to resize the video here. Not intended to be this big.) modular_armour.mp4
  3. Sheepy

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    That may be a good way to work around associating strategic performance with income, which leads to a negative feedback cycle. So, the worse you do, the more the world buys your tech, and you actually get more patent fee income, which allows you to recover from a bad month or two. On the contrary, the better you do, the less the world needs your tech, keeping the resource tension up as player consider selling some loots to balance things out. I think XCOM 2's random production has the best balance, enough to spice things up but not enough to upset the overall balance. Phoenix Point simply went another way and we'll soon know whether the paper rock scissor equipment game is a good design.
  4. Popular Mechanics did an in-depth follow up story of the 2004 Nimitz UFO encounter, interviewing several ex-navy officers for their experience. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/research/a29771548/navy-ufo-witnesses-tell-truth/ It is consist but comprehensive, from discovery to intercept, from onboard discussions to the removal of all evidences. It also has many links to previous leaked info, in addition to the verbal testimony, so it's a good starting point to the related story of the incident.
  5. Sheepy

    Xenonauts-2 November Update

    How about item teardown. Need a ufo engine for an advanced power station? Dismantle a Phantom! Sounds like an mid-range 2013 laptop. Mobile systems don't age well; they have less power than desktop systems of same age and price. 765M has about 1/5th the power of a last-gen GTX 1060, and 2GB of video memory (I guess) will have a hard time pushing most modern 3D titles. Have you tried lowering the resolution? X2 may not be real time, but that doesn't make it or the engine any less 3D - unlike X1. Otherwise, I'd say consider an upgrade. On Steam Hardware Survey, I eyeball that a few percent players have a graphic card that is on par or lower.
  6. Sheepy

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    Yeah. Would be cool if the xenonauts fighter fires a drone swarm that tracks the UFO, with its own hit points and firing cone and attack. Would not be so cool after a decade when it becomes the reality. Giving fighter the option of an energy shield vs targeting pod vs other gear(s) is also nice. XCOM apoc did that two decades ago and is still unmatched by clones. But I won't put it on my wishlist. I quite like the X1 air combat, the best since apoc, but I think it is not universally liked.
  7. 8-man team should be more friendly to a new comer. Less troops to manage, enough variety, and leaves more space for upgrade. Side door is very useful from my X1 experience. Glad to see it preserved. Tilt-rotor is cool. And offers an explanation of the continent-crossing speed. Just make sure it has three wheels instead of four. Both copter and fighters can be made flimsy or sturdy. Scout helicopter to Mi26, training plane to A-10. But on the map I think they are both thin walls, so that strikes me as more realistic. Personally I'd leave dynamic door for more advanced, ufo-tech-stealing crafts. Blame the slow hydraulic system of the low tech homo sapiens.
  8. Sheepy

    Your Xenonauts 2 wishlist?

    I'd like to see a community edition. Which may be more difficult this time because of the commercial Unity plugins involved. That should be moddable, if the game supports modding (or at least not obfuscate its binaries). Like giving rocket launchers a safety radius of 5 tiles - it goes dud if it fails to fly that far.
  9. Sheepy

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    I guess it depends on how research is designed. Yes sorry I remembered it wrong; apoc and interceptor had a parallel research model (one research per lab/base) instead of a queue. Aftershock, Afterlight, and Phoenix Point, which are newer (and not abstracted to a boardgame), do/shall have a queue. But the first two do have lots of researches.
  10. Sheepy

    [V9.0 Geoscape] research - queue full

    The research queue is in most similar games for more than the purpose of starting a new research. It give players a tool to plan future researches, remembering the decisions through game loads and save transfers. Example: play a while, go to holiday, come back after a week, check research & production queue to be reminded what was the plan. In addition, it allows the carefully planned research to happen in the background, so that it can be executed with minimal disruption. For example, when I want to wait for an UFO, mission, or manufacturing, I can mindlessly click "continue research" (focusing on the event I want), instead of browsing through all research projects again (and be distracted). Alternatively, imagine a game state where there is a backlog of small researches that you'd like to clean up. With research queue, you loop through the list once and throw them to the queue as you go. Unpause, dismiss popups until something interesting happens. Without research queue, you will be forced a screen jump every game day or two (or less), and you'll need to scan the list every time to pick the next research. The later is bad UX. The mental fatigue / frustration will add up. So... there is a plan to bring research queue back, yes?
  11. To be fair, Tftd is a bit more than a new coat of paint. Two-tier missions are far more common. Melee weapons. Engagements may happens both on land and sea. A bigger research tree... which messed up. The new coat of paint is also more than a high def repaint. The undersea tileset and the tight ships creates a more terrifying atmosphere, true to the name. So, yeah, I'd say X2 can use a few enhancements too. I haven't heard of any discussions of two tier missions in X2.
  12. Try UFO:Afterlight. I think they got many things right, especially its armour and weapon variety, diverse but not overwhelming. You need to switch both, kind of forced but in a sensible ("realistic") way. I am counting on X2's modular weapon and armour system to do the same, or at least lay a good enough foundation to mod the rest A seemingly minor system enhancements sometimes go a long way.
  13. I remember I was against the more radical ideas from the start, such as the abstraction of strategic layer. So while I feel the same, I think it is a good direction. The X1 formula may not be perfect, but it is tried and proven (esp. the air combat!), and has ample space for refinements. We may no longer see in-development screenshots like before backer builds, but the combat preview has enough improvements to keep my hope up. Yes, I also have reservations about the refinements - would multi-base plus rooms plus staff turns X2 globe into a mini-civ, for example? Well, since X2 is done in unity, its game logic will probably be much easier to mod. That is another hope, too. All that we need is for X2 to provide a good base and become a success (even a moderate one) so that enough modders will be interested. And if it fills the niche of xcom clones instead of the "new xcom" clones, X2 have my bet.
  14. Multiple strike group + Making characters more distinguished = crazy micro-management that is not fun for most ("average") players
  15. The company "Forward Defense" invented a a new rifle that has five barrels and can fire them together and rapidly. It can sustain a high rate of fire for a long time, by using ammo bin as firing chamber and jettisoning them, effectively using them as heat sink. There is no mention of ammo weight or jam handling, but that looks like a perfect fit for an upgraded Earth-Tech rifle in a game. It even use the new 6mm ammo to make things interesting. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a23552044/fdm-technology-four-barrel-caseless-rifle-army-prototype/ https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/01/jeremy-s/forward-defense-munitions-l5-caseless-ammo-5-bore-rifle/ Edit: Updated title