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  1. Multiple strike group + Making characters more distinguished = crazy micro-management that is not fun for most ("average") players
  2. The company "Forward Defense" invented a a new rifle that has five barrels and can fire them together and rapidly. It can sustain a high rate of fire for a long time, by using ammo bin as firing chamber and jettisoning them, effectively using them as heat sink. There is no mention of ammo weight or jam handling, but that looks like a perfect fit for an upgraded Earth-Tech rifle in a game. It even use the new 6mm ammo to make things interesting. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a23552044/fdm-technology-four-barrel-caseless-rifle-army-prototype/ https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/01/jeremy-s/forward-defense-munitions-l5-caseless-ammo-5-bore-rifle/ Edit: Updated title
  3. If I remember correctly, the plan is no more builds until backer preview is ready, a few months before early release.
  4. Sheepy

    More vertical map design

    I'd say apocalypse and afterlight has the most impressive 3D battlescapes among the xcom clones I've played. Apoc has multi-story buildings that can cascading collapse in real time, which is still very impressive today, and afterlight has many, many, many truly multi-level maps, from human-build platforms to alien bases with caves or tunnels to dialect alien mazes (yes that's a plural). XCOM 2 has some nice 3D maps too, but they are not as mult-layer or as challenging to navigate as Apoc and Afterlight.
  5. Sheepy

    [Suggestion] Difficulty Options

    I can think of another very interesting option. It's just off or on. Alien Weapon Self-Destruct And if you set it to on, you better bring more stun batons!
  6. I think the problem with card game is that they are associated with and often rely on randomness in abilities, instead of randomness in numbers like a dice game. The advantage is that it keeps every game fresh, assuming there is a sufficiently large pool of variations to draw from. There is definitely strategy involved, and you often need to rethink your tactic on the fly. The disadvantage is I have observed that many turn based strategy game players don't like impromptu / ad hoc tactic revision, at least not frequently (turn after turn). Some like to make a long term plan and commit to it, some like to know all the factors so that they can make the "right" decisions. Card game is not bad by itself, but we don't see them often in turn based STG. This discussion reminds me of an old card-based fight game I played. The cards are a few basic moves, and a few special moves. That is normally not enough variety, but each basic moves has a strength number associated with it, that is part random and part decided by the state of the field when you draw the card (health, position, status etc.). It is still closer to a card game than an STG, but is less "dramatic" and has a more realistic feel.
  7. Instant full regen reminds me of one of those "I am invulnerable until you find the tricky way to kill me" bosses. Except that there is no tricky way from what I heard and you better pray that your sniper hits with her 60% chance shot and your machine gunner hits with most of his 38% shots. May I vote no?
  8. Perhaps we can rethink at the strategic layer? The UFOs are invincible. No fighters can fight them. No airbase, no radar base, no pilot and squard management for an auto-resolved mini-game. Since you simply can't beat them in early game, you can only assault a grounded UFO if you want the components. Eventually, when you collect enough, your brillent-arrogant scientist save the world again. A breakthrough that let you board a UFO mid-air. (Or mid-dimension!) Xenonauts has finally gained the ability to prevent a terror mission - by taking over the UFO and crash it somewhere safe. Or send it home, when the alien navigation system is no longer a black box. Instead of good old "kill everything" it can even be "capture the flag" (take and hold control room) or "hit and run" (kill all engines). They may be very hard and not necessary to finish the game. Sense of progression. No satellite or air game debate. More of what the game do best. Make sense?
  9. Sheepy

    Will Xenonauts be on IPad

    That's the approach that results in bad ports. Like multi-thread, translation, and modding support, platform support is best done early. For example, if the game use lots of windows-exclusive unity plugins, then it'll have a difficult time porting to mac and linux, much less consoles. That said, Xenonauts is not neo-XCOM or Rome Total War. I would like to see it done on PC first, but perhaps DLC is more likely to happen after that than console port.
  10. Sheepy

    Sidesteps in combat?

    I don't think there is plan to implement auto-sidestep system that clear lof beyond the grid you are in. I did ask for sidestep as a movement, however, which is another issue and I've heard of no plan to implement it either.
  11. While I agree that card game air combat is straying a bit too off, I think the real problem is that air combat is stuck in a awkward middle ground, complicated enough to be a mini-game but not enough to be a must-keep core experience. To be honest I see no problem in keeping X1 air combat. Reduce number of engagements and add more abilities / maneuvers can both be done without changing the system.
  12. Nope. But they do deliver personnel in copters, in real life: https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/aviation/a22698581/the-air-force-wants-helicopters-to-help-defend-nuclear-missiles/ I admit the skyranger shopping trip may not be very feasible with the switch back to real-time, though. Perhaps we can have two buttons when we buy things: one is "Standard Shipping" and the other is "Skyranger Collection"?
  13. That's the story of the silo, yes. In the story it is only a backup base in case things go wrong, a cheap refurbished silo built to hide from Russians, and is not the original main base. But things did go wrong, and Xenonauts fall back, and you can expect them to complain about the location too.
  14. (Sorry I replied to the wrong thread.)
  15. Sheepy

    mod me a 2x2 / 3x3 unit

    I don't expect pathfinding to be a problem, at least for 3x3. The modelling and animation and the base UI, however, may prove to be more problematic.