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  1. Most of the changes sound good to me. And I noticed dropship instead of teleporter. Has it been decided whether the globe will be in real time or turn based, free roaming or board game like? I wonder, with an end-game staff of 10-15, that means some comparatively small squads after rotation and coverts, in addition to a high pressure of keeping soldier alive or find replacement of veteran soldiers. Will these affect the tactical experience like higher accuracy and/or wider view cone?
  2. Public test build have been paused until the strategic layer is ready for testing, because it is harder and harder to make a tactical only build (without causing bugs).
  3. Valkyria Chronicle get around that partially by making all "hit" rounds hit the center. That means your accuracy % stat is the guaranteed hit chance (assuming you aim correctly), and "miss" will be distributed evenly in the aiming cone - the bigger the enemy the more miss turn into a hit. It should also be noted that VC's accuracy is make up of two parts: soldier's accuracy stat, and weapon's cone degree. Accuracy is relatively low (~10% at level 1 to ~40% at level max), but powerful (=wide) weapons still has high effective hit% if you are really close (up to 100% if you can fill the cone). As a result, soldier class (weapon) selection and tactic (how to get close) is generally regarded as more important than stat grind.
  4. I am more interested in the cover and accuracy system. Sounds like they are going bullet trace and without giving exact cover % or hit %.
  5. The same reason that the rank of XCOM (2) rewarded/offered soldiers is associated with game time: to preserve the power balance of the game. Story-wise, you can imagine recruit rank as experience against aliens; in the beginning everyone has zero experience fighting aliens, so all recruits start at zero rank when the game starts.
  6. Not really. It's just that forum activity has slowed down after last few updates. Training I think has been proposed before, multiple times. Random soldier characteristic has also been lightly discussed. As for strategic layer, it is a part that we don't know where it is going or whether factions are in plan. It's in the scope of Phoenix Point and XCOM 2's Chosen DLC, not to mention UFO series, so faction does seem to be the trend, but whether it fits X2 I think it's hard to know at the moment. I think you can expect that, for the moment, X2 is just reusing X1 system which has been proven and can skip the design and adjustment phase.
  7. Sorry, Xenonauts is not scriptable, so we can only modify data and graphic. If the game hides some info, we can't make a mod to show them.
  8. I don't know whether there is a multiplier to set, but you can modify the "Unit Days" column in manufactures.xml. Update: there is a multiplier! See Axiomatic's answer below.
  9. The guide itself is certainly not a spam or scam; it points you to Cheat Engine which is a memory scanner / editor that does indeed allow you to find and edit numerical stats of most pc games. To get pass the AdBlock blocker, you can temporary disable JavaScript. Note that although there are malicious ads, most ads blocked by AdBlock are genuine. Software that stops only malicious ads are classified as anti-virus, and should not trigger hackerbot's adblock detection. As for starting money, you can simply edit game config without any specialised tools. (which may trigger anti-cheat detections of games; the more you have the merrier it goes...)
  10. For reference, the portrait generator preview is in the release note of ver 0.6. Some players posted images of the test tool and portraits there.
  11. Many things were planned for XN2, including replacing individual fighter with squadron, and switching the whole geoscape to turn based. The later will obviously affect many aspects of the game, including at least the interception phase of the air combat. If I recall correctly, the original idea is you'll match a squadron to a UFO before you end the globe turn and let it play out. There were some discussions on how to add depth to it, such as putting SAM sites on the globe which let player choice to intercept early with strong squad or intercept later with weaker squad. The actual resolution mechanism, or the mini-game itself, has not been discussed much however, perhaps because there are too many unknowns on the globe side. There is also the possibility that the experiments don't work out and the fund runs dry and Goldhawk decides to fallback to cloning XN1, which I expect to include the air combat. Either way, I expect air combat to be something decided later rather than earlier.
  12. I don't know. I think semi-automatic grenade launcher have always had a lower arc than hand thrown ones. I haven't watched much demo but those I saw are pretty direct shots.
  13. A problem with recoilless rifle is that they are universally single-shot, not to mention that they seem to fire much bigger shells.
  14. (Unless you hold both torpedoes and release only at point blank range, preferably from one of its side not from front or back.)