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  1. Multiple strike group + Making characters more distinguished = crazy micro-management that is not fun for most ("average") players
  2. The company "Forward Defense" invented a a new rifle that has five barrels and can fire them together and rapidly. It can sustain a high rate of fire for a long time, by using ammo bin as firing chamber and jettisoning them, effectively using them as heat sink. There is no mention of ammo weight or jam handling, but that looks like a perfect fit for an upgraded Earth-Tech rifle in a game. It even use the new 6mm ammo to make things interesting. https://www.popularmechanics.com/military/weapons/a23552044/fdm-technology-four-barrel-caseless-rifle-army-prototype/ https://www.thetruthaboutguns.com/2018/01/jeremy-s/forward-defense-munitions-l5-caseless-ammo-5-bore-rifle/ Edit: Updated title
  3. If I remember correctly, the plan is no more builds until backer preview is ready, a few months before early release.
  4. Sheepy

    More vertical map design

    I'd say apocalypse and afterlight has the most impressive 3D battlescapes among the xcom clones I've played. Apoc has multi-story buildings that can cascading collapse in real time, which is still very impressive today, and afterlight has many, many, many truly multi-level maps, from human-build platforms to alien bases with caves or tunnels to dialect alien mazes (yes that's a plural). XCOM 2 has some nice 3D maps too, but they are not as mult-layer or as challenging to navigate as Apoc and Afterlight.
  5. Sheepy

    [Suggestion] Difficulty Options

    I can think of another very interesting option. It's just off or on. Alien Weapon Self-Destruct And if you set it to on, you better bring more stun batons!
  6. Instant full regen reminds me of one of those "I am invulnerable until you find the tricky way to kill me" bosses. Except that there is no tricky way from what I heard and you better pray that your sniper hits with her 60% chance shot and your machine gunner hits with most of his 38% shots. May I vote no?
  7. Sheepy

    Will Xenonauts be on IPad

    That's the approach that results in bad ports. Like multi-thread, translation, and modding support, platform support is best done early. For example, if the game use lots of windows-exclusive unity plugins, then it'll have a difficult time porting to mac and linux, much less consoles. That said, Xenonauts is not neo-XCOM or Rome Total War. I would like to see it done on PC first, but perhaps DLC is more likely to happen after that than console port.
  8. Sheepy

    Sidesteps in combat?

    I don't think there is plan to implement auto-sidestep system that clear lof beyond the grid you are in. I did ask for sidestep as a movement, however, which is another issue and I've heard of no plan to implement it either.
  9. (Sorry I replied to the wrong thread.)
  10. Sheepy

    mod me a 2x2 / 3x3 unit

    I don't expect pathfinding to be a problem, at least for 3x3. The modelling and animation and the base UI, however, may prove to be more problematic.
  11. I know the perfect name... Xenonauts 3D
  12. Sheepy

    New game vs modding?

    That sound like it'll have the same problems with multi-tile units, unless you want your to clip pass each other when they are adjacent, or clip pass walls and cliffs. Making them multi-tile squares and have an odd grid size (instead of even) may be easier.
  13. Not wanting to derail a feature discussion thread so I'm opening a new thread here. A few differences. A new game is constrained by a vision and theme to maintain a consistent identity. All non-optional features it provide will be forced upon all players and must be explained, balanced, meet players expectations, not too tedious not too hard no death trap etc. The dev also needs to balance limited resources. Mods are less constrained by these factors. Mods actually have more design freedoms. Instead, mods are more constrained by technical issues. Some features are easier done in a new game by the dev team for this reason. Equipment addon and locational damage for example. Some features, like adding fragments and refining research tree and item/event triggers, are likely to involve more planning and balancing than coding, and in my eyes are better fit for mods. Then there is the issue of UI modding which I tried to raise but seems to be ignored. If you are a modder, I have a recent example. I just modded a game's resource loading engine to cuts its work by perhaps a factor of 10. Players are crazy. A quick hack on two low-hanging cpu bottlenecks, arguably easier done by a mod since a mod can be less stable. In other words, I can move faster than the dev. Everyone happy. But there is a whole tree above it. I didn't systematically rewrote its dependency management, and I can't feasibly make it load files asynchronously. The later, another factor of 10, would mean rewriting the initialisation code of every single data structure and the whole loading pipeline, and should absolutely be done in the development stage rather than by modding. Something a developer could have done before it is too expensive, instead of features that can be done in a later patch or by a mod. If you are not a modder, don't worry. It is hard to tell. Sometimes even to coders.
  14. I don't know. Stripping legs off the alien queen and popping its head do have some entertainment value more than the mechanical debuff numbers or as a mean to capture. Phoenix Point and BattleTech are both satisifying this way.
  15. I do play UFO clones including X1 like chess. That is how I enjoy tactic games. From my point of view, if I want the suspension of stealth, I play a game that better supports it. X1 does not have enough features to make stealth interesting; even UFO and XCOM2 do them better in different ways. And X2 does not seem to make any breakthrough in that regards, and there are a lot to be gained from discarding turning cost. I propose that X2 make them a custom difficulty setting like Invisible Inc. You want chess you turn off vision cone and turn on LoF preview. You want old school you enable cone (with manual turning TU reserve) and disable LoF. Both camps happy.