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  1. Okay, well as long as some people find it useful that's all that is needed. It doesn't need to be useful for everyone.
  2. odizzido

    v15.1 Ground combat - missing tile?

    Yes the issues is there is a hole in the hedge, but it's a hole that you can't see past or walk through. A non-hole hole. An abyss. I didn't change anything, all settings are whatever the default is. Sorry I should have gotten the save but I figured you would know that map section. A bad assumption on my part.
  3. I was wondering what was happening. I couldn't figure out where my money was going.
  4. So I have only played three tactical missions but I have already dropped the light machine gun and I have no plans to ever look at it again. I find it has very limited use for my play style....am I missing anything? The issue I have with it is if I set someone up to provide cover I don't move them often. That means with either the rifle or the machine gun I can get off five shots. They do the same damage with the same accuracy and same range. The higher capacity of the LMG doesn't seem to matter in actual gameplay? The rifle offers aimed shots which are almost always better in terms of DPS. I understand that theoretically if you were to assault a position you could move up and also get off five shots with the LMG and it could have the edge over the rifle in that way.....but is that something people use? The shotgun seems a better option to me in situations where that I could, in theory, use the LMG to greater effect compared to the rifle? So do people use the LMG? Am I just not playing in a way that makes it useful?
  5. Now that the aliens are running around and feel like more of a threat tactical feels good. I like it. As to the armour thing in the equip screen I see how I can see the stats now. I think for me the thing was I was getting the info I wanted from tool tips for everything, but one didn't pop up for the armour and my brain was stuck on getting the info from popups. I imagine that's how I missed it on the actual stat sheet.
  6. The abyss returns even the boldest gaze.
  7. Cool thanks I was thinking I would have to wait a while for a patch for the AI to be out but that was super quick. Going to check out the game some more tonight now.
  8. @Chris Maybe I didn't notice the armour properly. It could have been a me issue. I will take a better look. What I was meaning is there are tool tips for all the weapons saying their stats but when I selected the armour nothing came up. Maybe I got stuck on not having a tool tip pop up like the rest of the items and I wasn't looking at the stat change properly.
  9. I am talking about when you right click to look around with your soldiers. It seems that you cannot right click outside of the map boundary to look in a direction, it has to be on an in-map tile. This was an issue for me because I was near the edge of a map and wanted to look towards the edge....but I only had a few squares that I could click on to do so. It would have been just a little bit nicer to be able to click anywhere in that direction to turn. It's not super important or anything and it's something I feel I could easily get used to, but as a first impression is was something I noticed. That's why I wanted to mention it.
  10. I wanted to give my first impressions as I am trying the game out since I will only have one proper chance to give them. First one, load times are not good. I assume this will easily improve though and doesn't concern me at this point. Second, the initial geoscape music I am listening to is great. I really like it a lot. Third, I am looking at the weapons to see what I might want to do and how they work and I notice I don't know what the armour does. I will need to load a tactical mission to find out I guess, which is minorly sucky. Fourth, tactical seems pretty solid so far, minus aliens not moving which looks like a new bug. Fifth, I would really like to be able to turn my soldiers around when clicking outside of the map. And I just finished my first tactical mission. Overall my impression so far is quite positive. Also I just noticed that Toronto, Canada seems to be in China
  11. Yeah I am noticing the aliens don't seem to be moving much, at least outside of the UFO...they kinda just hang out until they die.
  12. odizzido

    Xenonauts 3 request...

    It can extend beyond base building too. As many issues as UFO:Aftershock has it also has a track system for resources which I really like. Capturing particular territories could be for the resources themselves or to make your track system more efficient or resilient to disruption. It was nice to have a sense of overall purpose and strategy to ground missions beyond capture X alien or to get "terror points" lower in a region or something.
  13. odizzido

    Weapon Asymetry

    Why not have heat dissipate each turn? I don't know if you have modular guns but you could add heatsinks and heat shields and such much like real rifles which could help.
  14. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 October Update

    Cool. Thanks for the update as always I wasn't actually planning on playing this game until it came out but if you're planning on looking at feedback to help make the game better I might consider it.