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  1. I might be one of those players. My objective is to shoot down every UFO I can with auto air combat. I remember needing a lot. Being able to bomb crash sites really helped and was nice and quick.
  2. odizzido

    Zoom level & other Q's

    If we could zoom in and our like you can in supreme commander I would be happy
  3. From my experience I like it when it means at least something, but I don't like it if I feel like I cannot lose people. For example x-com has it pretty good. You can get good soldiers and it can be beneficial to send in the rookies first into dangerous places but if the good ones die it's not game ending. In UFO:Afterlight you have very limited soldiers and losing anyone because things started going badly pretty much requires a reload. I really don't like that and it hurts the game enough that I stopped playing it despite playing through both aftershock and aftermath.
  4. Maybe the solution to that would be to have UFOs spawn that emit a special signal or whatever. The UFOs are rare themselves but are guaranteed to have the drop if you manage to shoot them down and do the mission. That way players don't feel they have to grind 500 missions while also still limiting drop rates. edit--------- The mission for those UFOs could be just to collect the item too. Just a thought. edit2-------- I just read about your logical way thing. I mean you could possibly explain it with a radar dish upgrade which allows you do to spectroscopy analysis of UFOs.
  5. Cool, thanks for the update
  6. I am not sure what level you need to have supported on kickstarter but I don't have access either on GoG. Mine also says coming soon. I am not asking for access, I plan on waiting until the game is as good as it will get, I am just saying it's the same thing for me.
  7. odizzido

    Locking Thread

    AK47 would be better for me because I am sure I would not know how to maintain a gun very well.
  8. When it's ready to be isn't an option so I didn't vote.
  9. Art can always be improved anytime during a project with minimal impact on other things...same with sounds(so often overlooked). There is still plenty of time for that to be worked on. I hope X2 is pretty as well
  10. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Cool, thanks for the update I hope everyone is well and as a backer I want to say that whatever you guys decide is best for the project is good with me
  11. odizzido


    I should watch more anime but I don't. A couple that I remember liking are 13 kingdoms, mai-hime, uhh....I know there are others. Oh tenshi na konamaiki is funny I think
  12. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    I am actually going to wait until the game is finished before I play. I don't mind waiting to get a better experience. edit---------- That being said I still enjoy reading dev notes/updates and such
  13. odizzido

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    This game seems interesting but looks like it has 500 DLC packs planned and isn't on GoG. I think I will wait until they finish working on it and it's on sale DRM free for a reasonable price.
  14. I voted that you guys should decide what to do. I voted that because I am not in a position to say what will work better with how the game is turning out. I personally would like multiple bases if for nothing other than being able to suffer the loss of that base without the game ending.
  15. X1 engine is 2D sprite based I believe. The X2 one is fully 3D. Good point about the suppression, I didn't think of that. Well with a large enough cone you would get that. Perhaps a suppressive spread mode or just playing without setting up the LMGs(what I assume you're talking about) would give you a pretty large spread.