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  1. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 Temporary Builds Pause

    I hope you take all the time you need.
  2. So many good fixes Thank you for the update
  3. One thing I will say, for a baseline difficulty that terror mission I did was too hard. Again I don't mind that.....I think it might be interesting to reduce the penalty of failure so that retreat is a more viable option. It could give the feeling of getting your ass kicked, but then you gear out your soldiers and go back in and get that satisfying revenge. Just a thought, I have no idea how well it would actually work in the actual game.
  4. You could have alien fortress missions too where you need to plant a bomb in the control centre and get out. It wouldn't matter how many aliens you kill. Just get in, get out.
  5. odizzido

    Recording programs for Lets Plays?

    I use OBS but I have no idea if it does what you're looking for with water mark stuff. I do know you can change the encoding options to do whatever you want but that might not be user friendly enough? Anyways mentioning it as something to look at if you want to.
  6. odizzido

    [v18 Air Combat] rebalance

    I just wanted to make a quick post saying that I tried out the auto resolve for all but one fight in my last game until the end of march and I was happy with it. Of course I don't know the game super well and it keeps changing but it felt good to use.
  7. I don't feel it should be nerfed or anything based off of one example. It was just surprising for me to hit that wall so hard. What I didn't like is that the penalty for failure was +50 panic which is huge. Actually I think being put into situations where you are outmatched and the best option is retreat sounds interesting and fun.....but we need to also be able to manage failure instead of losing the region if you fail.
  8. It was the mind war that killed me. 50% of my team was killed by it in two turns. Apparently mind control shouldn't be lasting 3+ turns though so that didn't help. Gaining those people back would have certainly helped.
  9. I found the two 3-raid missions I did to be easy enough. It was that first terror mission that I was effectively dead by the start of turn three. I still had two people alive by turn 5, but the two who were mind controlled on turn 2 were gone still. I never saw them again. Again, I don't mind....I want games I play to be challenging. It's just the difficulty curve seemed massive. Maybe it was bad luck though? I don't know, I stopped playing because flares either were hitting knee high walls when thrown or crashing the game.
  10. Throwing desperately needs to be implemented....I tried my first night mission today and throwing flares was just awful with how it behaves like a gun.
  11. *Me from march 2021* So this is old and I don't know if it's still relevant, but apparently I never posted this way back when.... *2020 me* I was playing and noticed a soldier named Etsuko Ando that had a boys portait. I was fairly sure that was a girls name though I am not native japanese so I checked with an image search. I am pretty sure it is. https://www.ecosia.org/images?q=えつこ Pretty minor really, but I thought I would mention it since it was something I noticed.
  12. Geez that first terror mission for me. I plowed over everything up until this point, but this time on turn three I had three functional people. The aliens mind controlled two of my own who rampaged, and panicked two that ran in to death. I didn't even stand a chance, not even a small chance. And that will be +50 panic in the region too. That's pretty hardcore. I am not saying I don't like it, but it's not what I am used to. Also the mind control lasted for the duration of the combat? Is it just supposed to last forever? edit------ Flares keep crashing the game for me too....I don't get a crash report and my screenshot key doesn't seem to work for the block of red text that popped up before it CTDd.
  13. odizzido

    Platesiut (the first undersiut) [V.18]

    It doesn't give additional protection for combat armour either.
  14. ah okay cool Thanks for letting me know.
  15. I think having multiple raids is an interesting idea....but yeah we will see how it actually works out. I think it's great that you guys are adding things in to try and play with. I've probably said it before but I think now is the exact time to try things, actually play with them to see how they work, and then change/tweek/add/remove whatever to get things working well mechanically/fun wise.