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  1. Cool, sounds like things are getting closer to being finished....exciting! I am certainly looking forward to playing this game
  2. As long as you can set it up and can leave it forever I think it would be fine. If it requires attention like that awful overdrive mode for the generator in Frostpunk, then yeah that would be annoying.
  3. Cool thanks for the update The power mechanic sounds cool to me as well. It could give a few options for people. Working on the base and seeing what I can do to make things work better is a nice strategic touch.
  4. I am a big fan of letting people enjoy the game in the way they enjoy it.
  5. Cool It's always exciting to see a new release and all the good things that are added to the game with them.
  6. Could always make the orbital bombardment an option you can uncheck much like redhook did with corpses in Darkest Dungeon. Then it's up to the player to decide what they enjoy. I don't think you need to worry about balance for anyone who unchecks it.
  7. Cool that all sounds good Thanks for the update as always.
  8. I also just wanted to mention that I am fine with however long this game takes to make. I am perfectly happy to wait another three years. Or longer. I should have around another 40 years of life or so so sometime between now and 2062 is good with me.
  9. I read this a couple days ago and I think I want to mention that I really can't see liking the UFOs gaining stats depending on how many planes you send at them. As long as I can mod this out I will be fine with it but I can't think of a single game I've played where something like that hasn't decreased my enjoyment of the game. If I can think of an alternative I will write another reply.
  10. I like frame rate limits and I use them whenever they're available. Often times I want to lower CPU temps AKA how hot my room gets.
  11. Cool I am glad you guys had time off.
  12. embertrizzer is a bot advertising a casino so there isn't much point in talking to it. And my font is huge?
  13. Best dog food is raw. A balanced raw diet is much better than a bag of cornmeal with vitamins added to it. Not that this bot cares what I write, its cold silicon heart has no concept of the fleshy world.
  14. Cool I hope you guys get some nice time off and are able to have a nice holiday.
  15. Cool Thanks for the update. edit--- I just want to say I am really pleased with everything. I am really looking forward to playing through this game in its completed state.
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