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  1. It's too bad the new x-com games are too.....simplified?....for me. The presentation is quite good but it's all shine with no substance for me.
  2. oh okay. I just saw the 30 tile range on the knife and assumed. Unless we can throw them? I've never tried using them.
  3. odizzido

    Laser Rifle Balance

    hmm...that laser rifle....only being able to get off one aimed shot and one normal shot will hurt effective DPS a fair bit. I could see two hits with the ballistic rifle being better than one hit and one miss with the laser one...but I haven't tried it and I don't know how everything will interact(armour, damage type difference, actual HP of targets, etc) An example of what I mean is that if you need only one hit with the laser rifle to kill an alien but two with the ballistic rifle then that's great....but if you need two hits with both then the laser rifle is worse. I haven't played enough to have that information though.
  4. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    I think it's actually so that people don't feel the need to grind every mission and not to punish because they like punishing. I would and do feel the need to grind missions if it is the most beneficial. If the right balance is found I could potentially not feel the need to grind and enjoy the game more. I hope that with enough playing around a good balance can be found. One thing to keep in mind, bayonet12, is that a simple mod could remove stress from the game. This may be a good option for you. Depending on how things go I may or may not use it as well eventually. If it turns out I want to remove stress from the game I will post the mod for you.
  5. One thing that would be good is if descriptions actually pulled information from the config files like this... Accelerated rifle does the shooty things but better. Makes the things more dead more fast. Damage: accelerated.rifle.damage Range: accelerated.rifle.rage That way I am not always questioning whether the info is correct or not and it removes the chance that you forget to update the string when you changed the stats on the weapon. For a number of games I find I am actually using the game's config files to see the stats instead of the in-game info because the in-game info is just wrong. I don't know how the game is set up but hopefully what I wrote is understandable.
  6. There were only 55 reapers there. That's not that many is it? (this is sarcasm)
  7. That's fricky. I wonder how your text is so bad.
  8. odizzido

    Research Queue

    At the very least progress shouldn't be wiped. I was originally going to agree with you about having multiple projects, but then I considered lab space. How much lab space does it take up to research alenium? How much for laser weapons? I think you could make the argument that the lab has only enough work space to do one project at a time. I am currently on the fence about it. I think alienkiller said that in UFO:ET you could do two projects if you have two labs. That might be a good solution.
  9. I actually like that it shows how many TUs I have left after a move, I find it more relevant. I was a little sad that X2 has the same cover system as X1. I was hoping it would trace a line from the barrel to where you want to shoot and the % chance of block would be whatever it happened to be. For example a window blocks 30% of shots whether you're a single space away or 50 spaces away. I have never had combat training, but I am quite sure I can shoot through a big open window 1m away very easily with far less than a 1% chance I will hit the wall which is like 40 degrees to my right. I figured with a move to a 3D engine that would be a given but I guess not. Still, it's loads better than the totally trash cover system of the new xcom which is the exact opposite problem where nothing blocks anything. I had to stop playing new x-com...it's just awful. So far though there hasn't been the strangeness that was in X1 for shots though which is good. Sometimes in X1 you could get shot by aliens right by you that you couldn't see, and sometimes your shots would get strangely blocked by objects. I haven't played too much X2, but if it really is gone that will be a significant improvement. edit-------- The thing which stops me from playing around with the game mostly right now is the performance. All of the game crashing/breaking bugs I experienced before have been fixed. And some nice quality of life stuff has even been added which is cool. It's nicer to turn solders around at the edge of the map for example. Good stuff.
  10. Yeah I don't have that either. Something to take a look at is overscan(I think that's the term). TVs have a habit of messing with the information they're receiving which is annoying to say the least.
  11. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    One thing missing from that is that you pay extra upkeep for the buildings and personnel that are required to do every mission....assuming that's the case. New patch with reduced stress is out so I don't know how that plays yet.
  12. Welcome back toronto I had totally forgot I made a post about that quite a while ago. Also thanks for the patch edit--------- So just to update on stress, first mission was only 40 stress this time edit2---------- On the first destroyer I went from 0 to 49 stress compared to 0 to 100 last time. I got the same map though so I knew which way I wanted to go this time which saved a number of turns.
  13. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 December Update

    Maybe the ideal solution would be to just have stress as a toggle option. Balance the game around stress being on and make it the default, but allow people to turn it off. Some people will have an easier time then but hey it's their choice how they want to play. I think that would make everyone happy?
  14. odizzido

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Yeah sounds good. I look forward to seeing how the stress feels with a few changes. I really do like the idea of balancing out the game around a limited number of ground missions. I am one of those people who doesn't want to do them all. I did the first three I could because I was trying to get enough materials to upgrade my weapons.
  15. odizzido

    [16.1] Some Opening Observations.

    Ah okay. Well, I will start another game when the new hotfix hits and let you know how it goes then. Just so you know though there is no way I will play more aggressively than I currently do unless I have no other choice, at which point I will not enjoy the game as much(being forced to play in a way I don't like). I will always be hiring more soldiers as my way to mitigate the stress mechanic. I do understand the idea behind stress though and I do like the idea behind it. I also think right now is exactly the time to try things out and play around with different ideas. Just to mention I think an alternative could be to lower soldier cost and increase living quarters/training capacity. That way my base won't need to be nothing but soldier buildings.