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  1. Art can always be improved anytime during a project with minimal impact on other things...same with sounds(so often overlooked). There is still plenty of time for that to be worked on. I hope X2 is pretty as well
  2. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 March Update

    Cool, thanks for the update I hope everyone is well and as a backer I want to say that whatever you guys decide is best for the project is good with me
  3. odizzido

    Geoscape Strategic War

    I really like the ideas in this post. Also I want to mention in relation to taking control of the planet, UFO: Aftermath did a really good job with this with their biomass idea. I don't know if you played that game but I think that part of it was excellent. Aftershock(their second game) also had an interesting resource system that kinda worked as a take control of the planet type thing. Both were cool, just in different ways. If this game also has an interesting geoscape that would be really cool.
  4. odizzido


    I should watch more anime but I don't. A couple that I remember liking are 13 kingdoms, mai-hime, uhh....I know there are others. Oh tenshi na konamaiki is funny I think
  5. odizzido

    New Damage / Armour System

    Yeah, it seems decent. I would probably get rid of the levels and just have a "penetration factor". A weapon with 10 penetration vs armour with 40 penetration defense would give that -30% damage/suppression. Personally I think it is more intuitive, unless you're going to say in game exactly what the level differences do. In that case it's the same, but the level system is pretty rigid. Either way though it works and I feel it's decent.
  6. odizzido

    Xenonauts-2 January Update

    I am actually going to wait until the game is finished before I play. I don't mind waiting to get a better experience. edit---------- That being said I still enjoy reading dev notes/updates and such
  7. odizzido

    Phoenix Point - Gollop's new X-Com-like.

    This game seems interesting but looks like it has 500 DLC packs planned and isn't on GoG. I think I will wait until they finish working on it and it's on sale DRM free for a reasonable price.
  8. odizzido

    Modular Armour System

    Looks cool. I have a question though....how does a visor make your armour worse? Or is the helmet art not in yet? I am a little confused. Also Dagar that's a good idea to have bonuses for having below max encumbrance. I know in X1 I would always carry as much as possible with every soldier. It would be cool to make a decision on whether that's something I want to do or not.
  9. I voted that you guys should decide what to do. I voted that because I am not in a position to say what will work better with how the game is turning out. I personally would like multiple bases if for nothing other than being able to suffer the loss of that base without the game ending.
  10. X1 engine is 2D sprite based I believe. The X2 one is fully 3D. Good point about the suppression, I didn't think of that. Well with a large enough cone you would get that. Perhaps a suppressive spread mode or just playing without setting up the LMGs(what I assume you're talking about) would give you a pretty large spread.
  11. Since the engine is 3D now, couldn't you just have it so that each shot has a cone of fire and all bullets will be randomly placed in that cone? Then chance to hit would simply be the percentage of the target that is exposed in that cone? I can see a problem where the cone is smaller than the target, but maybe some way could be worked out that the best place to put the cone would be used? Maybe quick shots could randomly place the cone, sorta aimed shots could find the best cone, and aimed shots could reduce the cone size and find the best place to put it?
  12. It's great that this is being looked at early. It can take time to get things right and now is exactly the time to be trying things out. I haven't looked at this in X2 yet myself, but it seems to me that the weapons need to have their reasons for existing. Rifle can be general. Not the best at one thing, but okay for everything Shotguns could be higher DPS weapons with shorter ranges like in most games, but perhaps they could instead (also?) have high single shot damage for good close up reaction fire? A double barrel pump action maybe? This would make them more unique. Sniper rifles could be more reliable, but lower DPS. Something where if your soldier has the time they will almost certainly hit their target. LMGs should probably be the highest DPS if every shot hits. Maybe with this it would be best to have a hip/shoulder fire mode with low accuracy, but you can set it up somewhere for a nice boost. Maybe also make it so that once set up you cannot fire beyond something like 120 degrees without lifting the gun again. This could make it an excellent weapon, but at the cost of having setup time and having to choose where to set up so that you don't screw yourself(you won't be able to reaction fire someone shooting from behind for example). Perhaps this would make it a good choice for covering a section of a map that your team is exposed to while they work on something else. Looking at what I wrote I think there is an issue though. The LMGs could potentially compete with shotguns for close combat since accuracy wouldn't be as big an issue. The shotguns could still have their high damage reaction shots but the LMGs would potentially outperform them when it's the player's turn. I am not sure how to solve this. Anyways those are my thoughts on what I would probably do initially to try things out if I were to do the guns.
  13. I think the ideas you have posted are generally pretty good chris.
  14. This so much. It's my number one problem with the original game.