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  1. My English is so awful in my first message above... If it's not clear, I ended all my points referring to what was/would be used back in Xenonauts-1. In Xenonauts-2, will we be able to switch between two non empty magazines (at least for multi-ammo weapons), the same way we can exchange RPGs in a launcher (although RPGs are de facto "full magazines")?
  2. Rodmar18

    Persistent character traits

    I for my part doesn't like the "trait" system when it's literal. I'd rather have randomness or a hidden trait system emulating a consistent randomness. I mean that nobody gets a label on his back with his child trait written on it. However, I'd question the ability of multiple-severally wounded soldiers to still be fit to combat, given the technology level we'll have at the beginning of the campaign and then through research. Should he lose stats points or endure combat penalties (load capacity, movement, accuracy, reaction, physical or psychic resistance)? Even a minimal loss would stack to sizeable amounts for veterans, and that would just be realistic (given the nowadays technology). This could be somewhat balanced by a better (Survivor's) morale, and interesting effects for high ranking soldiers (better team morale (better than now), better research (?), better recruitment (?)), so that you wouldn't dismiss them when they become less potent through battlefield hazard. Think about aged officers too, and the Russian hero in the Crimson Dagger novel. Also, veterans, how impaired they get, could have further benefit their team: small bonuses in movement points and accuracy (on top of the morale boost), reflecting their tactical knowledge. This could also be a taught skill if this system is implemented. Let's say +5% per skill, and +1% per veteran level (linked to the number of effective battles). All of these would be capped, of course.
  3. I come with some ideas about how the Xenonauts-1 weapon system (weapon and ammunition definition files) could have been more sophisticated, still keeping the same general game mechanics. Feel free to append. Released game has not to use any of them, but the implementation could be done so that modders could use them if needed. Different ammunition for a weapon and/or a weapon's fire mode. We had it only for hand grenades and rocket-propelled grenades. Separate the suppression power into two terms: fire mode and ammunition, that would stack (or either have the ammunition's power supersede the weapon's power when higher). In Xenonauts-1, suppression fire would depend only on fire mode (excepted for hand grenades, but not for RPGs). For instance, an explosive bullet could generate more threat than a simple one, whether fired in burst or not. Assign several damage types to ammunition, as well as associated radius of AoE. We had only the possibility to generate smoke and fire, to deal EMP damage (an stun damage if proper flag was set) on top of the ammunition's damage type. Assign a range modifier to fire modes (and ammunition) as well. Only weapon would be associated with range and precision. Add more "radius rules" for AoE effects (I'm not sure here because I don't know how Xenonauts works with this). We had very small radius hand grenades, perhaps necessary to keep the fight fun. But what if the explosive radius is smaller than the kinetic (shrapnel) radius? While not too harmful for balance (?), that would be so more realistic when you consider the lethal radius of an irl frag hand grenade). Add more damage rules for AoE effects: lower damage with distance (energy, blast) and/or lower chance to get damaged with distance (shrapnel, fire). Also differentiate between centrifuge effects (shrapnel, irradiation, spray) that can be somewhat blocked by a shield and forward armour, and whole area affects (burst, fire) that can't. Implement a spray attack template, that would be useful to flame-throwers, not focused wave effects (sonic, energy...). Redesign some technological effects. This was discussed elsewhere and requires to be backed by enough technical knowledge, so that we feel a real difference between technologies. E.g. plasma should generate a slight EMP damaged (bullets), a fusion explosion should generate blast (explosive) and thermal damage, as well as EMP and chemical (NBRC) damage. I understand that balancing would be harder, but one mean to achieve this could be to ask oneself how well an armoured soldier (and buildings) would resist the global effect of a projectile/explosion: What if he wears a NBRC suit? A steel plate? Etc. Also, most heavy smoke should harm whoever doesn't wear a breather (stun or choking damage, chemical damage). Add a third secondary effects for some ammunition: contaminate tile. We only had fire and smoke tiles. Contaminated tiles would behave the same as fire tiles, except that the chemical/NRBC armour would be checked instead of the thermal armour. It would be better if there is no visual effect attached to these tiles, however.
  4. Rodmar18

    Backblasts and fire spread

    I think that weapons and ammos would benefit from a little sophistication, indeed.
  5. Rodmar18

    More flexible recruit system?

    Instead of offering a few ├╝ber-rookies eligible for recruitment, as in some games, this could be a realistic mean to achieve the same goal. You could recruit (depromoted) corporals or even sergeants (very rare, and only if in high terms with their nation). They would simply have an initial experience, "slightly" better stats, and possibly skill points (if this is implemented). By "depromoted", I mean that recruited sergeants could well have had a higher rank before joining in.
  6. Rodmar18

    Fire support from landed craft

    How about an extra-inventory for the landing ships? Would this be truly unbalanced if you can transform your transport into a bunker (with open doors...)? In any case, that would look more realistic if you can bring along a few spare weapons, shields, and ammo (including rockets). This way, you could also keep on your soldier roles more than often. This extra space should be limited, could be dependant on the transport model, and/or be upgraded. However, that means an extra UI button.
  7. I understand when balance and fun shall take precedence over realism and "immersion power". However, I think that neutralizing one soldier for one turn to tend a severely wounded comrade wouldn't be exaggerated and shouldn't turn anybody (it's close enough to Xenonauts-1 system). I assume that there are two kinds of wounds: normal wounds modelled by a simple loss of HP/morale and severe wounds modelled by added crippling/bleeding effects. Moreover, a lightly disabled soldier could still be used as an over-watching unit, a scout, a medic, or a mule, depending on his impairment. Decius' suggestion is also interesting, along with a sophistication of the (automated) medical care back at base (and not only a doubled healing rate for 8 beds), but they both should connected to an adaptation of the recruitment system, to be fair. I think that the key word here, as with several aspects of a simulation game, is that the average player shouldn't refuse any complex level of simulation, as long as it is consistent, realistic, transparent enough, generating realistic results, AND it doesn't oppose the purposes of a game we all know. I get sometimes exasperated by some comments (not here!) from lazy players who sadly forget that their (respectable) taste is only educated by standardized techniques that result in standardized gameplay. Let take the rock-scissor-paper algorithm for instance: it was useful when technical resources were limited, to ease the balancing process, and to offer a simple meta-game for players who aim at dominating/exploiting the game mechanics (like a chess-player, because it's part of the game at chess). Now, in 2018, if a dev team achieve to design a highly efficient set of internal game rules and techniques, so that everything in game looks consistent, realistic, natural, balanced, yet fun, then it's okay with me, how complex the mechanics might appear. Really, the only good reason to keep the meta-game simple nowadays is to support the player who (admittedly) lacks any real-life experience (e.g. combat training), and (surely) lacks in-game awareness (waiting for virtual-environment!). So long as a medipack somewhat heal, and using a sniper rifle somehow get a higher range and precision, I am satisfied, even if I don't know for sure how things internally work.
  8. Rodmar18

    [X:CE] Geographic addition 1.1

    Hello! I confess i was playing another game. Axiomatic should receive the list in a few days.
  9. Rodmar18

    Fire support from landed craft

    It was discussed before: to have smoke grenades detonate near the transport's exit(s) (or all around), as if the transport had grenade launchers and prepared the landing zone, or if the team threw free grenades just when the doors open. Currently, each grenade costs a rookie's turn. If this would be implemented, then why not choosing the type of ground preparation? Figure gas grenades or even a limited bombardment to clear a few paces of landscape all around the transport (the same way the crash sites are quite cleared), but this would be more unbalancing and against the Xenonauts' policy (if the map generator doesn't know this and both foes and allies are next to the LZ).
  10. I don't like to lose team members but I find Xenonauts-1's medipack both too potent, and too simple. Granted, the HP model is what we want it to be (combat readiness and consciousness, and not real life force), but having half the wound restored with no penalty save a drop in morale (and added stun damage if a file is modded) is really like "spraying a magical healing stuff". Basic medipack would simply stabilize a wounded, stopping bleeding and preventing shock reaction. The wounded would be even so neutralized because he would suffer heavy penalties. The magic of alenium nanoparticles shouldn't come too early, and only then could the on-field healing process start, only as long as a medic is tending the wounded (rather than a power charge of life force, it would act as a slow regenerating factor). Upgraded medipack could also have more specialized uses: morale booster (exhilarating drug) to help a little against psychic attacks and demoralization/wound effects; pain-killer to allow a penalized wounded to forget pain and act with less penalties; stimulant to revive stunned soldiers and gain TUs. All these effects (stabilization/first aid, pain killer, stimulant, morale booster) would cost more or less charges (as currently), but they could have reverse effect and a limited duration (save for first aid), after which a reverse effect is applied: e.g. stimulant would cause stun damage, pain killer would cost HPs, morale booster would cost TUs
  11. I'm not sure to understand, but I, for myself, do mind much about game lore's consistency, and the background/settings. Because we play a sci-fi game, things can be just because the game master tells they are. If what we call lore and background are good enough, I could even play with wooden sticks and pebbles. Well, I used to. This doesn't imply exaggeratedly developed tomes of written knowledge (xenopedia) or a sophisticated meta-game. The more implicit, transparent, and integrated, the better. And you are right when you say that we have to feel like the game was thought by the dev from the very beginning. I start being frustrated and ousted from the game when more and more small details tell me that what is obvious and implicit to me was not to the dev (and/or beta testers), either by lack of time, means, or thought. What I call "obvious" is certainly what you call "making sense", even if our taste may differ. Non-Xeno soldiers should benefit from Xenonauts' research a way or another. In Xenonauts-1, they gain laser (tier-2) weapons at a given game advancement. They could also gain tier-2 (Jackal) body armour and have a bit more of HPs (In Xenonauts-1, a zombie's fist kills a soldier), so that they become assets on certain maps. Perhaps, this could be limited to allied nations but not necessarily (things can be complex, like the laser techno spying in Xenonauts-1 for all nations, plus a bonus for trusted allies). Increasing soldiers' HPs wouldn't be that harmful, I think, because they would die in one or two turns from bleeding if the Xenonauts don't heal them, anyways. At least, they could retaliate once. This would go well along with the fact of not being too much punished when aborting a mission. Fighting a full squad of war beats on the second month in the game? Have a lucky shot and kill an Alien, rob its weapon and run for the transport craft! Besides research, it would be possible to adapt most of these alien weapons somehow, reshaping frames, adding prosthetic handles, even hijacking some circuits to cut down the number of shots, etc. But they would require some engineering time (you are scraping alien systems, not reusing them right on the battle field), would have less precision ("racial" malus), and perhaps a chance to misfire. Such a practice could occur between each Terran weapon tier. As an addition, we would be dependent on the Alien for the ammo and have to retrieve them on dead Aliens. But a nation could expel those Xeno spies and feel like offended that a long-time, trusted ally and economic partner comes to such selfish and cynical practice, and calls fealty bounds a reciprocal alliance. Xenonauts-2 will take place in a "fantasy" Cold War, but let's remember Able Archer 1983 , a time when paranoia could have had dire consequences. What if the Aliens wait for such a climax in international relations to arouse one side and comfort it in its paranoia? But once Xeno is founded (or reactivated), that means that the founders agree for a minimal cooperation a-la SALT treaties (limited number of recruits, amount of funding and equipment each month), no matter the state of Cold War. Until the Aliens pledge more.
  12. Rodmar18

    More flexible recruit system?

    On the other hand, we don't recruit a full regiment of special forces. A handful of them would always be available if their nation is still founding the Xeno organization. So far, something that is implied in the game is that recruited veterans (that is, veterans allowed to join in by their hierarchy, the same that happens nowadays with UNO personnel) will be loyal towards the Organization. If Xenonauts-2 develops the diplomatic and (counter-)intelligence aspect, perhaps this could change a little. Or do we have them pass a psychological test to verify that their are not double agents? Likewise, if the Xenonauts are forced to recruit veterans to respond to the initial rush, perhaps they would prefer to recruit more flexible and loyal rookies, a few month before their real employment (hence an initial formation)? This would be quite cosmetic, though. @odizzido: A craft full of rookies... plus 2 NCOs, except for anti-terror missions and the like.
  13. Xeno1789, you should follow the instructions in the X:CE sub-forum to install X:CE first, and then those in the X-Division sub-forum to install X-Division (You'll find additional information about the mods in the Mod Pack). As Charon says, (FR) "mods" contain only translations that override the textual content of English mods, themselves overriding/ supplementing content of lower priority mods and X:CE base, themselves overriding/supplementing vanilla content. You shouldn't have any (FR) mod without its original version (e.g. 'Fire in the Hole (FR)' without 'Fire in the Hole'). Stay tuned because next version of X:CE should come out with a brand revisited set of all those (FR) translation files. In due time, I would be very interested by your feedback but just post in the right thread.
  14. Rodmar18

    [Mod] True laser beam

    Hello, I know that "Projetiles Overhaul" mod make use of it, and if you dislike this mod as a whole (for whatever reason), you could pick up the laser part an have your own mod.
  15. Rodmar18

    Fire support from landed craft

    It wouldn't if this mounted weapon is played like a static, #0 soldier, with same limitations as a vehicle in Xenonauts-1: only direct fire of, say, 8 shots, no reaction fire, and even a limited arc of fire. In most missions, the level of unbalancing would be akin to that associated with automatic deployment of smoke grenades all around the landing craft (basically saving a full turn for most rookies). This would be useful for the few first turns, would need a dedicated "soldier" button on the UI, but any kill would deprive the soldiers from experience, and missions when the Aliens rush at the transport could be cheated (terror missions). Perhaps, the weapon could have HPs and be targetable?