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    Grew up with X-COM: UFO Defence, X:TFTD, and X:A, as well as other squad games like Fallout 1, 2 & Tactics. I have revisited the genre with UFO: Extraterrestrials, openXCOM, and now Xenonauts, and am also a big fan of the new ShadowRun games.
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  1. In the above thread, @drages suggested not only a different name for the game, but the force itself could be renamed. I honestly don't think it should be called Xe2. We have been referring to it as that in these discussions to differentiate it from Xe1, but if it's a reboot and not an actual sequel, then just calling it Xenonauts: [enter subtitle], with a different subtitle that reflects the new focus the devs are taking with this game compared to the first (like my example of "Xenonauts: Secret War") would be better. In that thread, @Sheepy even suggested something as simple as "Xenonauts 3D"
  2. Eh, it looked cool when he ran and knocked the door down, but then he was way too static. How easy would it be for someone behind cover to just shoot for his centre of mass or even aim at his head, he was only moving his arms moving around while standing completely still. 2/10
  3. The above thread already discussed the subtitle name for the game, I think @drages is saying that while the game might be called "Xenonauts: Secret War" (or something like that), the actual task force themselves should have a different name, in his opinion. So the secret organisation and its soldiers might be called something different. I don't think it's necessary, why change something that works.
  4. RustyNayle

    mod me a 2x2 / 3x3 unit

    Yes, it might have been voted down or the devs just made an executive decision not to include it in their vanilla game, but if they can make it easy for modders to enable their own art / units that would be a good way for them to support those that do want multi tile units
  5. RustyNayle

    [Suggestion] Difficulty Options

    I would say if enough people are actually interested in this then maybe the devs could make it easy for a modder to code in these variables as editable in a simple menu screen for those that want to enable the mod, but it shouldn't be part of the vanilla game.
  6. The other thing is that in a cold / secret war which may or may not progress to open warfare, the initial UFOs will be so small and/or have stealth capabilities that only by a complete fluke will anyone be able to detect them. The Xenonauts will be the most likely to do so, since they are dedicating their efforts to finding the aliens, but other forces might also develop the means to do so, especially if Xenonauts are working closely with them. With alien propulsion and inertial dampeners their craft are also very fast, so they can flee whenever any earth craft approaches. Until you research new tech and/or find ways to cooperate with other earth forces, the only way to attempt to capture alien tech is to attack a base or storm a landed craft before it escapes. One of your first grounded UFO missions might be one nation's military managed to detect and even ground a UFO, and they're inviting you to clear the wreckage and share the loot. Only after you have better means to detect / catch up with / ground UFOs can you actually start to slow the aliens' progress on whatever their main goals are. Then you need to decide just how much you are willing to cooperate with earth governments as that will have strings attached (sharing loot / developments with them), which is dangerous as they could end up as open enemies if entirely dominated, and/or renegade factions from them could steal resources / tech and fight you in other ways.
  7. RustyNayle

    Endgame theory crafting

    I like a game with many option variables which can be checked or left unchecked to try out different game modes. A sandbox mode with no pressure to end, a dynamic one where everything is against you and there is a very limited window through which you should hit Endgame (not too fast as you have to find your enemy first and earth tech will be no good, but don't take too long as all the nations of Earth will eventually be dominated and hunting you as well), and some other modes in between due to different options being checked or not. Obviously, the ability for modders to tweak these further will be a big boon towards replayability.
  8. RustyNayle

    Xenonauts 2 Development Overview

    Actually, other than cloning the original X-COM, one of the things that Xe1 did stylistically was have cold war era themed intro screen, general time setting, and a few things to read here and there. @Chris explained that the X-COM game itself is nostalgic for him, but so is Cold War Europe since he remembers it as a kid, so now that he's successfully cloned X-COM, it's time to take Xe2 more in the other direction. A lot of us support him 100% with this idea, as it turns Xe2 into something other than just an X-COM clone. He and his team have proven they can make a well-balanced game that supports the community's interest, but now they're flexing their creative muscles. I say let them! They are of course going to support modders, so perhaps there will be a mod that skips the initial secret war part of the game, and fast-tracks to the "hot war" part of it, for the sake of puritans such as yourself.
  9. RustyNayle

    Xenonauts-2 Kickstarter Stretch Goals

    Chris said with the funding they already have access to from the original sales of Xenonauts, they had the resources to fund a few of them already, they just wanted people to vote towards which ones to emphasise. It's a general guide as to what they will try and focus on, it's not like throwing money at something automatically makes it happen, they can't be sure how much time it will take to make each thing work in a balanced way, but the more people vote for something, the more pledges there are, they what to prioritise, etc
  10. RustyNayle

    Xenonauts-2: Ground Combat

    What if the rotors are spinning as the mission begins and visibly slows to a stop after the first round?
  11. RustyNayle

    Xenonauts-2: Soldiers

    If interrogating live aliens gives you plot progression in the form of mission leads, location of alien bases and such, then it's not just about R & D, but more reflective of why we capture enemies in real life conflicts
  12. RustyNayle

    Xenonauts-2: Research Tree

    After a research project begins, have a prototype come out halfway through, and the prototype has a random chance to fail while being tested in the field. Then perhaps it would be "back to the drawing board" for the project, and either they can't finish it, or they need something new (capture alien tech, synergistic research project completed, etc) to inspire a breakthrough that will allow the project to be finally completed.
  13. RustyNayle

    More RPG Elements

    I think it's good if you're going to share certain abilities between field techs and soldiers, that the techs start with very high values in their chosen skills and even though soldiers can also advance to some extent in these skills they never get as good as a specialised tech at the same level. Vice versa, the techs can advance in their combat skills, but will never be as good as a specialised soldier at the same rank (although they will be better than a rookie soldier).
  14. I like plotting nodes on move path as well, allows soldiers to do a big move while passing several cover points without having to stop and start (especially if you're going to use @Ninothree's idea, which I think is great btw). Soldiers could have cones of varying size while moving at different speeds, but when they stop it returns to 360 degree. Or maybe there's an action you can click on that lets them scan (rather than right clicking a few times)?
  15. RustyNayle

    More RPG Elements

    Civilian field scientist (former archaeologist / linguist) effectively wielding Beretta akimbo by the end of the first season of Stargate SG-1. End of argument He also gets pretty good at P90 and the Goa'uld weapons as well. He always pulls that funny face while doing it though, haha