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  1. The idea of giving magical stats to UFO when you send more interceptor is very lazy and wrong balancing method ever. This is arbitrary, this is cheating and this is non-sense. You can't punish a player if he just uses what the game offers him. I don't know why you did think this is needed and a good idea at all. You balanced it at X-1, many modders made it more balanced and more fun, and god knows at X-Division, we made it balanced with 200+ UFO's.. we never needed a magical buff for UFOs. We added unique weapon designs, as you did which is a good think at X-2, we add tougher ufos and gave them good escorts as the game developed. You can rise the difficulty as player gets better for whole game wise but not at tactical level like this. This is not realistic, not logical. Really why would a UFO suddenly get tougher if you send one more aircraft. Did you ever ask this question to yourself? At a realistic alien invasion simulation game?
  2. Yesterday I played several air battles in a new patch. I decided to create a topic to discuss our impressions of the new balance of air battles. I'll start with useful innovations. I liked the idea of separating the HP armor and body. I'm glad that sidewinders have become relevant, and that the player can choose which weapons for fighters he needs. What I didn't like: - The angle of attack of the early UFOs is too large. This can be too difficult for beginners. - The scout's attack radius is generally 360 degrees, which makes no sense at all, as it eliminates the need for the player to perform tactical movements. Each UFO should have a vulnerable area that a skilled player could use. - I do not see the damage inflicted on the UFO armor. Also, in terms of damage rebalance, I would like to see a current real indicator of enemy HP and armor. In the given video of fight against UFO Destroyer, the damage on his armor is not visible and there is an impression that he doesn't receive it at all, and then (when the armor is broken) it falls too quickly. Xenonauts_2_2021-03-05_02-16-44.mp4
  3. I don't have images or footage for all of this, but my best understanding of the sequence of events: Two Foxtrot interceptors caught up with a Scout UFO and air combat began. A popup appeared reporting that a ground combat team had reached their objective, offering a choice between abandoning the mission and starting it. I started the mission. The air combat mission was frozen with the ground combat mission drawn on top of it. (Edit: I think the "Paused" box would toggle whenever I hit the space bar - including while making my save file - but I don't think it actually ran when unpaused. I wasn't watching carefully but my screenshots and my video show the aircraft in the exact same places throughout the ground combat.) The ground combat mission proceeded as normal, with audio for both playing simultaneously. See Xenonauts - simultaneous air and ground combat 3.mkv. The ground combat mission was completed, resulting in the game returning to the geosphere with the air combat still in the background. See Xenonauts - simultaneous air and ground combat 4.mkv for this and the next. The fighters, without any player input, took down the UFO and the air combat ended. I'm not entirely sure what the non-buggy way would be to resolve these events - or two simultaneous air combats, if that should happen to someone - but I figured it was (a) pretty funny and (b) an issue y'all would want to know about, if y'all don't already. Edit: I just realized that I also hit "save" during this - I'm not sure what would happen if somebody loaded the save but here it is: 2021 easy casual 5 simultaneous air-and-ground combat.sav Edit 2: I checked the folder and grabbed the autosaves too: From eleven minutes before the above save file: Autosave1.sav From around the same time as the above save file: Autosave2.sav From shortly before my post-this-resolving save file: Autosave3.sav Post-this-resolving save file: 2021 easy casual 6 simul resolved.sav
  4. I'm trying to re-write the AM_* files from scratch and need advice on how to get alien missions to carry an escort. Thanks in advance.
  5. RealAirCombatForXD V1.0 "It now remains hopes only on your skill. They are very well armed and have more powerful technology. They came here not to be substituted under our guns. And they do not forgive mistakes... " - from the speech of the Russian President, before the Kremlin was destroyed by the unexpected blow. Attention, this mod makes the game VERY DIFFICULT! First of all.. A VERY MUCH THANKS to the creators of the game "Xenonauts". And the creators of the original mods: kabill ( You Can't Take the Sky From Me - A Hard Air Combat Mod.) This is a really cool mod. Thanks for this such a good idea and its implementation. With your mod air combat has evolved from a routine .... in the event of the day Hope you don't mind that I use the concept and some of the settings to combine this experience with the X-Division. and of course Drages and X-Division Team (X-Division Guys, this is something special. The experience of playing now reminds me again first time watching the movie Aliens 2. Thank you for this great work on this mod. What does it do: Addition to X-Division It makes air combat more hardcore and more realistic. - Alien air forces even more dangerous and deadlier. - All your interceptors are able to maneuver(evade) as they can in real life. - All your air force have more realistic weapons, and more adequate amount of it on Вoard. - Made several bug fixes and changes (for example syper-puper havy ENRHYDROGENTORP in original X-Division0.98.2.7 caused only 10 damage... corrected, now 10000). - Now the air battles X-Division parameters consistent with the complexity of "You Can't Take the Sky From Me" mod. Feel the power of alien invasion in the air. And have the strength to say: "You Can't Take the Sky From Me". Installation: 1. Install X-Division and make sure everything works. 2. Install RealAirCombatForXD any way that you like more. (for example - сopy the contents of the archive to a folder on the path YourXenonautsGameFolder/assets/mods/) 3. Start the game and activate RealAirCombatForXD at Mod Manager. 4. Make sure the mod RealAirCombatForXD is in the boot list >>>has a higher priority than X-Division<<<. To do this, using the buttons "Move Up" or "Move Down" place RealAirCombatForXD on the desired location relative to X-Division. In the Mod Manager`s list it should look like: 1. RealAirCombatForXD 2. X-Division anyway, if that doesn't work, try the opposite If you did everything correctly, after starting the game, in the game options menu, on the right from the hand with list, you will see a picture burning and fuming UFO. 5. New game needed. Old save not supported. Aggrrressive installation: 1. Install X-Division 2. Just copy files: aircrafts.xml aircraftweapons.xml gameconfig.xml RealAirCombatForXD_README.txt and folder "backgrounds" (don't copy modinfo.xml in this type of installation) from the folder RealAirCombatForXD, which in my archive, directly to the folder YourXenonautsGameFolder/assets/mods/XDivision. Сonfirm the replacement and play NEW game (no saves). Like I said earlier, if you did everything correctly, after starting the mod, in the game options, on the right from the hand with list, you will see a picture of air combat with UFOs loser(that burns and smokes), but do not relax, now they will take revenge....... Sorry for my bad english. I speak rrrussian a little betterrr
  6. Okay, so I'm a modder and I started playing around with the Aircraft Weapons and suddenly realized that a weapon that a dealing 10,000+ Damage per hit should have caused a scout UFO to explode rather than crash. Or so the "Overkill Percent" variable in the "GameConfig.xml" file told me... I have tried this both with and without XCE and have encountered the same results--the UFO that should definitely have exploded simply crash lands. If someone can explain to me why this is happening it'd be greatly appreciated!
  7. Operating System is elementary OS: $ uname -aLinux luna 3.2.0-67-generic #101-Ubuntu SMP Tue Jul 15 17:46:11 UTC 2014 x86_64 x86_64 x86_64 GNU/Linux wine-1.6.1 game ran in fullscreen mode commandline output: http://pastebin.com/eBSgpmqS (crash occured on line 45 "wine: Unhandled page fault on read access ..." and despite all those messages the game ran flawless till then.) save file: http://1drv.ms/1CPwGQ8 (I cannot reproduce the crash due to UFO spawn randomness, though.) The game was in Air Combat when the crash occured (3 Condor vs 1 Corvette, no shots/missiles fired yet). Combat was paused to give orders and after unpausing the game went unresponsive and wine displayed a error window (sorry, I dont remember what it said).
  8. Is it possible to give Dropships a weapon so that way they can defend themselves a little when they're attacked?
  9. Simply put, sometimes I do not have a lot of time and sometimes I don't want to do yet another fight I have just done I like clicking auto-resolve. Yes, I know it is supposed to give less than going all out and less rewards but it has gotten ridiculous. I do not like the game forcing me into behavior when it givces the appearance of options. How does one vary the success % chance for aircraft to auto-resolve fights? I mean via modding... Two of my fighters plus Foxtrot versus a medium and two fighters should not result in a total loss when my fighters can go toe to toe with theirs. Any way to tweak the auto-resolve $$$ reward for air-striking landed craft? Thanks.
  10. Hey there I find that a squadron of three heavy fighters can be taken down by a single condor every time. The main reason is that the AI is not smart enough to ever do anything but fly the intercept course. Any thoughts on what can be done about this?
  11. Hey there I had a squadron of a mig and two condors chase down a bomber with escorts. They must have just reached them before the low fuel - returning to base pop up came up. My Pre-fight summary said the two condors had 0 seconds combat fuel, so I almost hit the disengage button. Then I noticed the auto-resolve said 100%. I hit the button, and, waddaya know? Perfect result. No damage to any fighters, about the right amount of ammo consumed. If I had manual controlled the mission, the two condors would have had to retreat immediately, leaving my foxtrot to get two alenium torpedoes off, not even destroying the bomber. And only maybe escaping the fighters.
  12. This is a very old bug, I remember reporting it a couple of years ago, I think. So: if you manually select a speed for your craft, then push the throttle all of the way forward again, you do not get full speed back. Maybe you have decided to leave this one alone, but it does take away from your options in air combat.
  13. Hiya I had a condor vs fighter air combat. We closed in, dodged each other's first missile, then I paused and armed my second. I realised that with combat rolls we had ended up out of range, so by the time the we closed and I fired again the fighter would be able to roll again. I quickly clicked the missile again (alenium missile, if it matters) and... CTD. My other armament was the laser cannon, but I have seen that fire with no problem.
  14. I know this is probably a much discussed issue, but I don't see a thread for v21+ so I figured it might be time to bring it back up. Concern: The balance between air combat and ground combat is skewed too far in favor of air combat. Reason: Air combat makes or breaks your game, I'm currently considering giving up a Hardcore(ish) Veteran game that has made it to February simply because I can't keep up with the air war. I'll admit that this is largely due to the micromanagement that air combat requires and that I lose too many planes. On the ground combat side, I am still able to win downed UFO missions against up to Corvettes with my B team, which has default weapons and hand-me-down armor (and a pulse laser scout car). Ground combat is quickly becoming merely a formality to increase my funds to buy more and better interceptors. This is where I have failed, I only have 2 labs and 2 workshops, I think I need at least twice that to keep up with the power curve, basically meaning that all my bases will have to be built along the same lines. Potential Fixes: UFOs land more frequently allowing for ground missions without interception. Faster repair times for aircraft Less micro for air combat, specifically options to auto-dodge and stagger fire Alternate ground missions, i.e. counter alien infiltration, attack alien sympathizers Reading through threads that basically say "Don't worry about ground combat, rush the air combat techs" seems to bare this out.
  15. I’ve been using Autoresolve for Air Combat, because I’m fundamentally useless at anything remotely real time. Using Autoresolve, sooner or later I run into trouble - basically as soon as heavy fighters start appearing, (December this time, not sure about other games), I can’t deal with them. Obviously this may be partly down to bad choices for resources and research etc., but if anyone can comment on the following it might be helpful. I should point out I’m playing “V20 Hotfix 08/01/2014” - it’s possible that all my questions are irrelevant due to upcoming changes! Feel free to say if you think I shouldn’t worry too much about air combat strategy until I’ve played a later release. Has anyone managed to play very far using just Autoresolve for air combat, or am I trying to do something that no-one else is doing? It would be interesting to know that it’s actually possible. For anyone who has played far enough to meet and defeat heavy fighters and does not use Autoresolve, have you noticed what sort of percentages for chance of success on the Autoresolve option you see, even if you don’t use it? If people are making progress by manually winning lots of air combats where the chances of success for Autoresolve are low, that suggests to me that using Autoresolve is not really an option if I want to make progress. In that case I can stop thinking about resource allocation and research priorities and think about what game I’m going to play instead of xenonauts. Regardless of whether you use Autoresolve or not, what do I need to deal with heavy fighters? 3 Condors won’t do it - would 3 Foxtrots? I haven’t managed to build enough Foxtrots to test this out yet, but it’s something I could aim for if it’s worthwhile. Would some Corsairs, which I’m currently researching, be able to deal with the Heavy Fighters? Do I just have to bite the bullet and accept that I’m going to have a period of time where I simply can’t do anything about UFOs accompanied by heavy fighters and let the aerial terror attacks go unchallenged? I know there’s no strategy that will guarantee 100% success, but it would be nice to know that there’s something I could or should do about the aerial terror attacks if I do things right. And I could say more, but this post is probably too long already. Comments appreciated.
  16. I've referenced in several threads now that you can completely negate Heavy Fighter escorts by outflying them, but I never really went into detail on it so here it is. The basic strat is to have enough Foxes to kill the escorted ship with a single volley, light the afterburners, and directly at it. Just before entering the Fighters' missile range pause, then order your Foxes to execute a 90 degree turn. This will give them enough transverse velocity to dodge the incoming missiles. If you time it correctly the torpedoes will also barely be able to fire (works better with higher tiers as they have longer range). If a torpedo doesn't fire, generally you can burn out of cannon range and then still get your torp off. Then simply fly straight away from the Fighter and disengage. The crash site will spawn and the fighters will despawn from the Geoscape once their escortee is gone. Here's a quick video demonstration. One of these days I'll start adding audio commentary. [video=youtube_share;oskuOx0VGzw]
  17. In air combat the alien shots are very difficult to see because the are the same color as the field of fire arcs. Please change the color to blue, white or black or even green. My suggestion is white because that probably won't cause much trouble for color blind people.
  18. Hi all, I haven't played any beta in a long time, as I was mainly focusing on the translation. This week I had to start a few games to check any translation problem, and the first thing to do in the game is to shoot down a few UFO. Honestly I was a bit disappointed. 1) Once you create and lunch a squadron, you can't split the aircrafts anymore..... why??? 2) The interceptors consume so much fuel during the combat that unless you intercept the UFO right over your base, the combat often resolves in a retreat for low fuel. wtf? Does anybody know if there i any fix planned for these issues? Gam
  19. I managed my early game quite well up to the midgame. mostly fights with these migs. (btw autoresolve should reduce fuel properly its easy to abuse it for intercepting multiple targets) condors were not so important in early game. migs are quite cheap and the workshops are not that busy at the start, who needs armor for rookies, eh? (troops are cheap!). the early escorts are quite fun, using migs to shoot the middle is a nice strategy, these early light fighters (dont know the names there (light cruisers?)) are managable with condors, ok but they need more repairtime in general... its all fine in the game till better escorts join the fights. Ok migs shouldnt last till endgame, BUT dont really see what i should do by then. if i mass condors for them i have to wait for long long repair times most of the times, and if i stay on migs its allmost the same (trying to out manuvering the faster escorts is quite risky (as it should be later in the game)). Better aircrafts come quite late and cost quite much of that alien stuff. so it wont be enough for for a real change of the general tactics. there is the possibility to ALLWAYS relocate those 1-2 new aircraft to the nearer base, waiting for refueling and finally attacking... but come on! thats a load of clicks for one - two interceptions. And even then i dont really manage the the fights without taking any damage later in the game. shortening stuff: i dont really get the mid to lategame when migs arent enough. tech is very late and upgradecrafts cost very much of that alien stuff. how to solve the later escort aircombats`? if its intended to overwhelm the player with this stuff so that the player has hurry up and finish the game, then i dont really see the reason bothering with these expensive aircrafts, except to actually "see" them. Migs are enough to down any aircraft if you are willing to take some losses (just to get spacecraft tech etc.).
  20. The air combat retreat forced by running low on fuel is VERY bad. So bad that it's worse than if it didn't exist at all. I've lost more interceptors to it doing something stupid than to all other possible reasons combined. If I select 'Yes' in the out-of-fuel-retreat dialog, one of these things happens: - the aircraft gets redirected out of the air combat area in such a poor way that the exit point is so far that the aircraft runs out of fuel completely and crashes. I haven't figured out how exactly the exit point is chosen (it doesn't seem to be towards the base), but sometimes the choice is obviously wrong - I've had already a case where a far corner was chosen and the aircraft would need to fly at least 5 times the distance it was from the nearest end of the air combat area. - the aircraft gets redirected in a way that it'll get in the sights of a UFO that'll take down this sitting duck. As there's no way to cancel this retreat, the aircraft just has to take it. Presumably if there was a squadron of 3 Condors going after a single UFO and this happened to them, the UFO would just shoot them all down for without any hassle, even though it'd make much more sense to sacrifice one of the Condors to cover the retreat. - the aircraft actually manages to get away. Listed for completeness. I actually now usually chose 'No' in the dialog and let the aircraft crash, since that way it'll at least crash after doing something useful, such as shooting down the UFO, instead of just mostly crash after doing something stupid. Given that aircraft cannot stay indefinitely in the air combat even if retreat is chosen and the game counts down the fuel until the aircraft will crash, I fail to see why this is enforced at all. It just doesn't make any sense, as it doesn't add anything except for trouble. I suggest to alter the retreat the following way: - it is always possible to redirect an aircraft, even if it's retreating - possibly alter the automatic retreat dialog to just inform about the situation and suggest what to do That should be all the magic needed, problem solved.
  21. So I should preface this post by saying I am a die-hard X-Com fan. I don't know when I first played it, 1995 or so, but I've been dusting it off every few years ever since. It's still loaded in my steam library, and since buying the newest update, I've got about 60 hours into it. That said, Xenonauts (v20.8) just feels ... wrong. I've seen it mentioned and alluded to in other posts, but this game as it stands is all about air superiority, and almost nothing else. Why are there SO MANY UFOs? Why do I need to have 6+ Hangars in each base just to keep up? And why were interceptors made into rock/paper/scissors? The Foxtrot is an "upgrade", but has the hardest time killing the easiest UFO? Why? What's the point? And now all of the favor has been moved to shooting down UFOs, so you hardly need to do ground combat at all. I'm actually finding it really annoying. The tedium of X-Com and doing ground missions you didn't really need has been replaced by the tedium of shooting down wave after wave of UFOs. There' just.. too.. many.. X-Com was a game about tactical turn-based ground combat. This is not. The ground combat is there, but that's no longer what this game is about. There are other things that could be fixed. I'm not sure why "manufacturing for money" was taken out. It was a viable strategy that added depth to the game. The early to mid tech-tree is so thin that there's no point in stacking scientists, which was a valid strategy that added depth to the game. But none of that matters if the game is not about ground combat and fighting aliens, and instead about massing interceptors and playing the waypoint, roll, launch missile game. I think it's great you guys took what was basically an afterthought in X-Com (air combat) and made it more interesting. But there is way, way too much focus on it right now, to the detriment of the core of what made X-Com (at least for me) a great game with so much to offer in the way of replays. If balance is so tight that you have to stack air just to have a viable economy, you take away many other ways to play. Those other ways to try to win are what keep people (or at least me) playing the game again and again. Is the single base tech rush strategy going to be viable in Xenonauts? There is a page on the ufopaedia about ways to handicap X-Com to make it interesting once you've mastered it. http://www.ufopaedia.org/index.php?title=Making_the_Game_Harder How many of those scenarios will be impossible in Xenonauts simply because the economy is based 100% around shooting down wave after wave of UFOs? I want to love this game, because I've played the Ufo games, and I've played XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and this game could be way better than any of them for an X-Com lover. But right now the emphasis of game-play is far too weighted toward air combat and interception. And (at least to me) that's not what X-Com was about. Turning a corner and seeing 3 little red squares pop up in the top right corner, or listening to metallic footsteps in an alien base, or hearing the high pitched whine of mind control is what made X-Com special. And the fact that you could play it several different ways is what gave it such great replay value.
  22. Hi, i would like to ask if air combat music is final one. I honestly hope not, because it is absolutely terrible. Every time i hear it i get so frustrated i have to exit the game immediately. It would not even fit amateur Japanese MMORPG, let alone an Xcom game. I wanted to simply resolve it by disabling ingame music and playing my own, but even when i roll music volume slider to minimum, music still plays (probably bug).
  23. I guess the sugestion comes way too late but here comes it anyway. If the Air combat map would be a circle. the retreats would be fairer. the map now often gives the worst possible exit strategy (the corners of the map). By the way, enemy interceptors need to be nearer to the own ships at the beginning of the combat. if they are faster on the global map why should i be able to turn and fly away? and they dont follow after the first interception, they would force crash landings if one would use the afterburner much.
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